Chapter 3

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With the moonlight shining down on them, Tina and Rentaro crept out of the prison. They were nearly out of the fence that surrounds the prison when they were caught by a guard.

"S-stop o-or I-I'll s-shoot!" the guard shouted, hands shaking, which betrayed his fear and inexperience with these type of situations.

"Get behind me." Tina muttering, stepping in front of Rentaro and pulling out her rifle. Both Tina and the guard was at a disadvantage, but since the distance between the two was approximately a feet, the percentage of either missing was low, about 2%. However, the factor that contributed to the 2% was it was dark, making it hard for the guard to see where he was shooting, and for Tina, the fact she had to make sure Rentaro doesn't get injured.

The sound of two bullets being fired echoed through the silence of the night.

Both shot at the same time and it looks as if the 2% chance of missing wasn't achieved. All the light faded from the guard's eyes instantly, after being hit directly in the heart. However, the guard either couldn't bring himself to kill Tina, or that his hands were shaking so much, probably the latter, that he missed Tina's heart.

The guard didn't miss by much through, he manage to pierce one of Tina's lung, when the bullet still stuck in there. "TINA!" Rentaro shouted, catching Tina before she hit the ground. "You'll be fine! You just need a-" he said frantically, while trying to stop the blood flow.

Tina reached and managed to take ahold of one of Rentaro's hands "….st..op…its…no…"

"Tina save your breath! Come on keep your eyes open." Large salty tears spatter on Tina's cheeks.


"Who is her?" Rentaro already knew the answer, but he felt no anger towards the frail girl in his arms that lead him to being betrayed.

"P..le..ase..for..giv..e..m..e.." after saying that Tina close her eyes, knowing it was the end of the line for her. With a combination of lack of oxygen and losing too much blood, Tina passed away.

"TINA! TINA! I FORGIVE YOU! PLEASE COME BACK" Rentaro shouted while shaking the limp girl in his arms. True it was her fault the whole mess happened to him, but in the end she came back to save him. She was really a true friend, unlike Enju and Kisara, who ditched him the moment he was arrested.

Finally, with the stress of day catching up to him, he had a seizure before passing out. Right before he passed out, he caught a glimpse of two figures on top of the roof.

The clock tower nearby stuck twelve times, indicating it was midnight, and the beginning of a new day. As if it was their cue, the two figures jumped off the roof. One figure was taller that the other.

As the moon slid across the sky, their faces became illuminated. The taller one had a white mask designed with a mischievous smirk covering his entire face. He was Kagetane Hiruko, former Promoter, with a former IP rank of 134. The shorter figure looks like a young girl, around the age of ten, with two swords strapped on her back. She was Kohina Hiruko, a Model Grasshopper Initiator, with the former IP rank of 134. The pair's relationship with each other is father and daughter.

Kagetane Hiruko picked up Rentaro and slung him over his shoulder like he was a sack of potatoes. He then turned to his daughter "Kill everyone here and leave no witnesses".

This might seem to be an abnormal, even absurd idea to give to a ten year old girl, but to Kohina, it was like her father had just given her a present. Her eyes glowed red and she unsheathed the two swords on her back.

"Hai papa!"

After a few minutes, every guard and witness has been killed. The whole place was painted in red. The pair walked out of the fence, without a single glance backward, with one Rentaro Satomi with them.

"The stage has been set."

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