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This happened a week before he get into Seidou, Sawamura Eijun as usual being obviously loud, strolling down the corner. It's been a while since he caught up with his friends. Wakana had been yelling at him quite s lot lately. Since his visit to Seidou, he had resolves himself into getting into the school. On the other hand, he had a big problem, the grades. His worst enemies in years, well that is something that should not be overlook off. Day by day, Wakana had been tort...sorry tutoring him so that he can at least get a decent grade to be in that school.

But, today is an exception he got free time since Wakana is busy with her families visiting their house. He strolled down the pavement, humming songs from an anime that hit the tv big time. While in the road, he had been smiling none stop. Although it's a holiday the people aren't crowding as it usually be. Suddenly he saw something across the road. An elderly woman is trying to cross the road although there are too many things in her hand. At first,Eijun think that someone will help her but the crowd seems to ignore her.

Quickly, Eijun crosses the road towards the elderly.

"Good morning, obaa-san, can I help you carry your luggage"

He asked her sincerely. The elderly smile at him.

"That is sweet of you child, would you help me crosses the road"

"Ofcourse obaa-san, let me get your luggages for you"

Eijun grabbed two from three of the luggage and haul it over his shoulder one. The other one, he put them by his side. Carefully they crossed the road. Eijun once more offer his assistance to carry the luggages for her to her home which she accepted delightedly. The elderly told him stories of her when she was young to him. It is nice to hear about it from a walking dictionary. Well to be precise a walking dictionary is define for the elderly since they were born before us and had many experiences in this world. After a while, they reached their destination, before he left, the elderly give him something that he put them away into his sweatshirt pocket.


~time skip, a few weeks after the event~

The atmosphere at Seidou had tend to be lighten thanks to a certain first year student. His cheerfull attitude, idiotic figurrs had made the baseball team a bit merrier than usual. It's hard to believe that an idiot like him would make it inti the second string, moreover the fact that he had been pastering on Chris-senpai to catch the ball for him is common occurrence at Seidou. Miyuki sighed deeply, that boy is truly one in a million for being such a dumb.

People may not know about this but Miyuki Kazuya isn't' the type to fall for someone so easily. But, this time its a special case. He, Miyuki Kazuya had fall for an idiot whom to dense to realized that he had been in his center of attention ever since the trial day when they met for the first time.


Sawamura is fidgetting. Why did Bakamiyuki been staring at him like a lion clawing for its prey. He had been feeling uneasy for a while now.


On the other side of the line, Chris chuckles at the action he get from both of his kouhai's. They are totally oblivious of their own feelings. He had caught Miyuki staring at Sawamura. When he asked him about it he quickly denied the accuses.

"You know Miyuki if you don't act soon someone else will take him from you"

He said it to him. Miyuki shuddered at the thought of Eijun in someine else arms. Quickly he ran out of the practice room, leaving Chris whom smiling at his reaction. As fast as possible he pace himself in search for Eijun at the dorms. Once he arrived at Eijun room he swung it opened only to be revealed by an unofficial boxing match at the center of the room. Well his fellow classmate Kuramochi Youichi is a severef case ofcourse.

"Sawamura, a moment please"

He walked out of the room to Miyuki.

"What is it this time BakaMiyuki"

"Meet me tomorrow at the cafe near the convenient store"

After saying it he left Eijun whom confused by a sudden invitation.


It is Saturday morning when Eijun woke up after having a headache last night. He checked his phone a message indicating the time that he should met Miyuki. Quickly he took a bath. He grabbed his black khaki pants, his favourite sweatshirt and his converse. He took a final look in the mirror and head out.

After 10 minutes walk he arrived at the cafe and saw Miyuki calling for him. It seems that Miyuki had pick a table that is secluded from the others. The waitress put plates of strawberry shortcakes and 2 cup of white coffee.

After she left Eijun quickly get into his serious mode.

"What is it that you want Miyuki"

He smirked at him and sipped a bit of the beverages before saying anyting. He pick up the fork and start to massacre the shortcake.

"Do you put you brains on your knee or something... Its a date Eijun"

Eijun is shocked at the satement.

"What do you mean Miyuki, are you kidding"

"No Eijun i really meant it"

Eijun blushes at the confession that Miyuki just made. Although it is only a plain confession with no dramatic events he is happy to know that he is love.

"So Eijun go out with me"

"Yes Miyuki, my answer is a yes"

The rest of the day they spent on going to places and when it is late they stopped at the park. Miuki put his arms around Eijun's waist and pull him closer to him only to disturbed by a plastic like sound. Eijun reach into his pocket and pull out a fortune cookie wrapped in plastic.

"Fortune cookie"

That is when he remember getting it from an old woman for helping her. Miyuki pull him closer towards his body.

"Crack it opened Eijun"

Eijun break the cookie into two and a thin paper slipped ot of it. Both of them read the words engraved on its when Eijun started to smile and Miyuki pulled him for a kiss.

"Your happiness is right beside you all the time"

That is the word that is carved upon it. Together they opened up a new page of their life this time only that it would be fill with loves.

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