Things you should know before reading this:

Ward is not part of Hydra

The Avengers were told by Fury that Coulson is alive

Roughly takes place before all the Hydra business but Hydra will still be involved

Skye will be special but is not an 0.8.4 in this story

Also this is a Ward/Skye/Steve fanfiction I haven't decided when one Skye will end up with yet but I will soon

Phil Coulson and his team had special orders from Director Fury to meet at the avenger's tower in New York for a debrief on an important mission

"Director Fury gave me limited information about this mission" Coulson states

"Well it must be bad, if he wants us to team up with the Avengers...not that I mind, Captain America is hot" Skye says while everyone looks at her with judgy eyes, everyone but Grant Ward who looks super jealous

"What just stating a fact" Skye says holding her hands up to surrender

"Let's get back on track" May cuts in "yes, let's... I expect everyone to be on their best behaviour when we get there" Coulson says staring at every one but stops on Skye "especially you" he says "I promise I will try but, I make no guarantee" Skye says

"As long as you don't hack Stark industries am sure everything will be fine" Fitz says

"Fitz, stop giving Skye ideas" Simmons says making Fitz shut up

"Aright everyone we land in an hour, so get ready" Coulson says watching his team leave the debrief area to their rooms

"I can't believe we are about to meet the Avengers" Skye happily whispers into Jemma's ear when they finally landed in New York and are on their way to Stark tower

"I know... I can't wait to ask Dr. Banner questions on some of his scientific theories" Jemma says squealing "you know Skye you can always join me, it could be fun"

"Thanks but I think I'll pass" Skye says "come on were falling behind" Skye grabs Jemma's hand and pull her to the front with Agent Coulson and Agent May

"Why don't you just ask her out" Fitz says to Grant since they were so far back no one could hear them

"Ask who out" Grant says turning his eyes from Skye to engineer "oh come on Ward, you have a thing for Skye it's obvious" Fitz reply's

"I don't its jus..." Ward is cut off by Fitz "you can't deny it; you look at her like she is your whole world"

"Ok fine, I may have a thing for Skye" Ward finally admits

"Then what are you waiting for ask her out already" Fitz says encouraging Ward

"I can't... and she would hate me if she ever found out what is happening between me and..." Ward stops

"Between you and who?" Fitz asks curiously

"Nothing forget it, I'm just not good for her" Ward says looking at Skye laughing with Simmons

"Well for what's its worth I think Skye feels the same way" Fitz says

"Can I help you" the secretary at the front desk says when she sees the six of them walk in

"Hi my name is Phil Coulson, my team and I are here to meet with Mr. Stark" Coulson says politely

"Oh yes, take the elevator to the top floor Mr. Stark should be up there" she says with a smile

"Thank you" Phil says leading his team to the elevator

"Remember everything I said" Coulson says when they get into the elevator, everyone nods "good"

When the elevator reached the top floor Skye was the first to start walking down the hallway when she bumped into someone's hard body making her fall on her ass "oh my gosh, I'm so sorry" Skye said she could hear her team mates from behind her and heard Jemma gasp "are you alright mam" she heard a man say from above here that sounds familiar. Skye looks up with wide eyes "mam... are you alright" he asks again "umm yeah I'm fine" Skye replies the man helps her up "I'm Steve Rogers" he says "Skye... no last name" she says holding out her hand for him to shake which he does "you part of Coulson's team right?" Steve says with a smile "yeah I am" Skye says. When they looking into each other eyes they felt an instant connection to one another but there connection was broken when Coulson and the rest of the team came

"Skye you shouldn't have ran off" Coulson says scolding her like a child

"I'm a big girl A.C" Skye rolls her eyes

"Steve" Coulson says when he notices who Skye is with "Phil, it's nice to see you alive" Steve says gently hugging Phil

"Oh my, it's Captain America" Jemma gasps out walking next to Skye to get a better look at the hunky avenger

"Please call me Steve" he says holding out his hand for a hand shake, Jemma places her hand in Steve's giggling and mumbling words no one understand.

Skye walks up to Wards when she sees his hard expression "come on robot lighten up, we just meet an avenger" she says happily

"Were not here for fun and games Skye, we have a mission to focus on" Ward says crossing his arms

"I know but that doesn't mean we can't have some fun, come on were in Stark tower think of the possibility's" Skye says trying to persuade Grant

"No Skye" Grant says "fine I'll fine someone else to have fun with, maybe Cap is available" Skye says in a flirty voice

"I'm sure he has better things to do Skye" Ward says trying to keep his jealousy in check

"We'll see" is all Skye says before going back to stand next to Steve

"Still thing Skye has a thing for me" Grant whispers to Fitz

"So what level field agent are you" Steve asks while they walk to the main room where they will meet the rest of the avengers "technically I'm still an agent in training, but I've been and lots of missions" Skye replies

"She's are teams hacktivist" Ward cuts in surprising Steve "yeah I guess you can call me that" Skye says giving Grant the evil eye "that's cool, I suck at anything related to computer" Steve replies "I could always teach you a few things, never know when they will come in handy" She asks "I would like that" Steve smiles

Steve and the team make it into the main area on the top floor where they see Tony, Natasha, Clint, and Bruce sitting on the sofa "Capsicle I see you brought some friends" Tony says walking up to Coulson "it's good to see you Phil" he says slapping Phil's shoulder "It's good to be alive" Coulson replies "you know you could have called, texted even instead of leading us to believe you were dead" Stark says in an joking manner "yeah well I was kind of busy" Phil says before going into boss mode "Natasha, Tony, Bruce, Clint this is my team Agent Ward, Agent May, Agent Fitz, Agent Simmon, and Skye" Coulson says pointing at each of his team mates

"Skye" Clint says in disbelieve "I can't believe it's you" he says walking up to her and hugging her. Skye makes a confused face not sure what to do about the man hugging her "umm I'm sorry but how do you know me" she asks pushing away from the man "your joking right, you don't remember me" he says Skye shakes her head no "am I support to know you" She asks him "I'm sorry... just forget it" Clint says before walking way upset

"What just happen" Skye asks looking around searching everyone's face for answers

"I'll go check on him" Natasha says before leaving

"Have you seen him before" May asks "No, I've only seen him on TV and S.H.E.L.D's database" Skye says

"Are you sure" Ward cuts in "yes, I'm sure I have amazing memory I would know if I meet him" Skye replies

"Maybe he mistaken you for someone else" Steve says "yeah maybe" Skye says not truly believing her own words. Right then Director Fury decides to make his entry "where is Agent Barton and Agent Romanova" he asks looking around "we have a mission to talk about" just then Agent Barton and Agent Romanova come back to the room "YOU LIED, YOU SAID SHE WOULD BE OK" Clint yells angrily at Director Fury "what are you talking about Burton" Fury says "YOU WIPPED HER MEMORY DIDN'T YOU" Clint yells getting right in the Directors face "I don't know what you're talking about" Fury says "YOU ERASED MY SISTERS MEMORY" Clint says making everyone in the room gasp and Skye freeze "what" Skye whispers in shock

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