We are MuffinClan

The ones who are

Not afraid to


Not scared to


Not hesitant to


And fight for one another

We are loyal, faithful

Paw-steps following

After our leader

Swift as a bolt of light

Through the sky

Silent, a quiet

Shadow in the dark

Playful like the splash

Of a falling cherry

And proud of who we are

Now come, follow us

And we'll lead you to a place

A place with laughter

And silence and

Everything in between

Rest in the shade of

The hazel leaves

And listen to the song

Of a churning creek

We'll sleep under the

Blue sky and dance

With the breeze

Like the feather of a lark

Drifting, alive and free

Soak in the amber sunlight

Close your eyes by

A silver stream

Hum a soft lullaby

Under swirling, freckled leaves

A dusk is falling

A dawn is coming

Do you see the willows

Kissing the wind

Do you hear the whispers

Rising again

Do you feel the fire

The falling of cinders

Let embers fill the night

And sparks dance

Before your eyes

We are an echo

In the stormy air

And a brighter future's

First trickle of light

We are us

Imperfect as we are

Blurring reality

Illuminating the dark

We are daring

Not fearful of trying

Yet we are still

Each other's family

And we are proud to be





A poem for the awesome forum/Clan MuffinClan! MuffinClanners, if you can, try to find where I mentioned you in the poem, then find others too. I didn't put everybody because there are too many members, and I put mostly the ones who've been active (although very sorry if I missed some of you because I still needed the poem to be at least decent or not horrible). XD I might've used your Clan name, username, etc. I forgot to mention there's murder as well in MufClan, but oh well, some things are better left unknown. XD