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Enter Luke, among the other Jedi at the Jedi Praxeum.

Luke. [aside] That evening is the last night of the Praxeum: the bead ceremony. Cabin nine has designed the bead this season. It shows the Imperial Palace, and etched in tiny Aurebesh letters, spiraling around the image, are the names of all the Jedi who died defending Tython. There are too many names, but I am proud to wear the bead.

Luke places the bead onto his necklace.

Yoda steps forward.

Yoda. Never forget this summer. We have discovered bravery and friendship and courage this summer. We have upheld the honor of the Praxeum.

As Yoda smiles, Luke notices for the first time Jabitha tending the fires of the Praxeum, as she has done every year.

And now early to bed. Remember, you must vacate your cabins by noon tomorrow unless you've made arrangements to stay the year with us. The cleaning Omwati will eat any stragglers, and I'd hate to end the summer on a sour note.

Exit all but Luke, Mara, and Gaeriel, atop the Manarai Mountains.

Gaeriel prepares to depart for Bakura.

Gaeriel. Goodbye.

Mara. You'll do great.

Mara and Gaeriel embrace.

Gaeriel. I hope you're right. I'm a little worried. What if somebody asks what's on the next mathematics exam and I start spouting a prophecy in the middle of geometry class? That would be embarrassing.

Mara laughs.

[smiles] Well, you two be good to each other. May the Force be with you.

Exit Gaeriel.

Mara. I'll be staying here on Coruscant. I received permission from my parents to attend a boarding school in Galactic City. That way I can be close to Tython and oversee the rebuilding efforts.

Luke. And close to me?

Mara. [sarcastic] Well, someone's got a big sense of his own importance.

Mara laces her fingers through Luke's.

Luke. You've been thinking about Gaeriel's prophecy?

Mara. [frowns] How did you know?

Luke. Because I know you.

Mara. Okay, so I have. "Seven demigods shall answer the call." I wonder who they'll be. We're going to have so many new faces next summer.

Luke. Yes. And all that stuff about the worlds falling in storm or fire.

Mara. And foes at the Doors of Death. I don't know, Luke, but I don't like it. I thought . . . well, maybe we'd get some peace for a change.

Luke. It wouldn't be the Jedi Praxeum if it was peaceful.

Mara. I guess you're right. Or maybe the prophecy won't happen for years.

Luke. It could be a problem for another generation of Jedi. Then we can kick back and enjoy.

Mara nods.

Race you to the road?

Mara. You are so going to lose.

Luke and Mara race down the Manarai Mountains.

Exit all.