Eren heard the door slam and then a series of pitter-patter footsteps echo through the apartment, a tired groan soon followed the sound on a body collapsing on to the couch. Eren quickly finished up in the bathroom before exiting to discover his companion. He had spent only an hour before it was due for the older man to return from his work, he would of come sooner had he not had to sneak. He had been forced to wait for Mikasa to go to the bathroom so that walk out of the door and not be immediately dragged back. He had left a note so that she would at least worry a little less, but guilt still gnawed at him. Sometimes he wished he really was an only child. Sometimes he wished he lived on a rocky hillside where no one could find him. Sometimes he wished that his mother would return to him.

Most of the time his wishes remained unanswered.

Eren walked into the living room and even though he was expecting the view he was still a little surprised to see Levi sitting on the couch. His head was back and his eyes closed, his jacket abandoned over the back of one of the chairs and his dress shirt rolled up to his elbows. He was breathing hard, must of been on hell of a day at work.

"Bad day?" Eren questioned cautiously. Levi slowly raised his head to look at him. At first it seemed like he didn't recognise the teenage boy standing partway into his kitchen, but then he lowered his head once again and sighed.

"My coworkers are idiots" his voice sounded drained and it was only one in the afternoon. Poor guy. Eren noticed his forearm was bandaged. White fabric swirled thickly around his arm. He was holding it protectively to his chest, even though he didn't seem to realise it. Eren had to resist the urge to reach out and take the arm to inspect the damage the older man must of done to himself, but instead he merely eyed it like it was an intruder.

"What did you do to your arm?" He didn't bother hiding the disapproval in his voice. He figured that Levi didn't have the energy to glare at him and it seemed that he was right. The older man only waved his non-bandaged arm in a meek attempt at foreboding.

"None of your business, brat" Eren really should of expected that.

For the rest of the day Levi switched between drinking, tinkering, welding things and watching Tv. For a short, skinny guy he could drink quite a lot. Eren watched him for the most part, occasionally inquiring about this and that. Sometimes he got an answer, sometimes he didn't. They ordered pizza for dinner and Eren spent his time going through Levi's movies and later watching them. Of course he forced himself into a few hours of homework for good measure as well. He had sat down at the table with Levi and had buried himself in his work. Every now and then he would ask the older man about something he needed help with. Just like every other teenager he figured that anyone who was no longer within the public school system knew everything worth knowing and more. Thankfully it seemed that Levi did, in fact, have this knowledge and Levi, while snappish, sarcastic and irritable, apparently found nothing wrong with sharing his knowledge with the student. Halfway through his homework he had accidentally asked something about chemistry and he would of painfully regretted this had he not found the lecture actually interesting. He grinned at the thought that he was now going to ace chemistry just from listening to Levi speak for an hour.

After dinner Eren had settled down to play Mario kart until the wee hours of the night. He had already texted Mikasa saying he wouldn't be coming home and he knew he didn't have to tell Levi. After a little while the black haired man had come and watched him play, as if he was surprised he even had the game. Eren wouldn't if been surprised if he had forgotten about its existence, let alone that it was in his home. After a second he had left and soon returned with a six pack of beer and a six pack of juice boxes. At some point Levi had ended up in pyjamas pants, which had revealed to Eren that he had abs that wrestlers would've drooled over. He had slicked back his hair so that he could compete with Eren for the Mario kart title. Eren, on the other hand, had ended up in only his boxers, as he felt most comfortable. The reason why they had both ended up half naked was because air conditioner had broken on a ridiculously hot setting and they were essentially in a sauna. Needless to say they had ended up playing Xbox games against each other until it was 4AM and the older of the two was slightly drunk. They had collapsed asleep on the floor where they had been sitting, controllers still in hand, one of them snoring loudly, the other merely snoozing.

Both with troubles cast aside for the moment.

Someone was banging on the door, yelling. Eren couldn't quite tell who it was or what they were yelling about, but he dearly hoped they would stop. The noise was a little too disruptive of his safe haven for his taste.

All he could see was the television, the wall and a pair of feet matching his own, only not stretching as far. He looked across to see who the feet belonged to, a lazy expression clouding his face. He almost gasped as what he saw there. He hadn't really been able to look firmly at the man since they had met. He had been too embarrassed to even think he wanted to, but he could see now that his first assumption had been correct. Levi was adorable as fuck. Especially when he was sleeping. His hair fell in his face, his mouth all askew. He was leaning gently on Eren's shoulder in his deep sleep. For once the scowl had fled from his beautiful face, leaving only sometime like peace in place on his somewhat soft features. Eren let his eyes trail down the smaller man's body. He had been to ashamed to even glance the night before. He wasn't going to lie to himself on this one, he thought that Levi must of been one of the most beautiful men he had ever met. He ought to of been a model or something, in the teenagers opinion at least. Levi had a strong body. Muscles on his arms and chest proved that, he was someone built for combat and yet… he was a scientist and from what Eren had gathered a good one too. He wanted to run his hands all over this man, he wanted to discover every crack and crevasse and he wanted to know the stories of his scars. And yet he knew he couldn't.

Because men and brats weren't in Levi's target range.

Eren had known about his own… preferences for a long time, since he was thirteen and he still hadn't told anyone except Armin. His father and Mikasa he still kept in the dark. He just didn't know how to tell his family that he liked guys. He just didn't know how he would put it. He had told his mother about it before she had died and she had hugged him tight and told him he would be fine, Armin for the most part had done largely the same thing. He had told Armin first because he trusted the boy beyond all else, but also because he was smart and Eren vaguely understood that when you're not quite sure about something you ask someone who might be sure about it. It had turned out quite well. He was gay. He couldn't really do much about that, so he had decided to just let it go. He had never had a boyfriend nor had anyone ever really interested him before, and yet weirdly enough here he was in a strange man's apartment suddenly wanting to know him better. It was… unheard of.

The someone banged on the door again and went back to yelling, pulling Eren out of his trance. With no small amount of reluctance he pulled his eyes away from the older man face to try and decipher the words. Levi wasn't even stirring at the wild sound emitting from door way and Eren decided he wanted to keep him that way. He would go and dismiss whoever it was and then he would stare at the man for a little while until he got his feelings figured out. He got up after steadying Levi and wandered sleepily towards the door. Slowly he opened the it.

"What do yo-" he was cut off by arms abruptly encasing him. They must of been aiming for someone much smaller because they only seemed to embrace him from the shoulders down, he got a face full of hair.

"Levi!" The person squealed excitedly.

"Eh?!" Eren tried to step back out of the woman's embrace, but only succeeded making her pull back. She looked at him in surprise and they finally got good look at each other. The woman was of average height, just shorter than he was, with mad curly hair and rectangular bulky glasses. She was very pretty, but also seemed to be very mad.

"You aren't Levi" she stated, grabbing his chin and inspecting his face. "Who are you?" She demanded forthrightly. The boy had to fight the urge to do a runner then and there, but he could abandon his own mad scientist with this woman. One of them would just have to end up dead.

"I'm Eren" he squeaked uncertainly. Just then he felt a hand land on his shoulder.

"What's going on, stupid brat?" Ah, so the beast had woken. Immediately the woman pushed past him in favour for the smaller man.

"Levi!" She yelled once again, the neighbours were going to be pissed with all this noise. The woman pounced upon Levi, making the tackle she had given Eren look like a friendly hug. At this Levi had given out a hoarse scream as he tried to protect his injured forearm.