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Enter the Jedi High Council: Yoda; Jacen Solo; Jesmin Tainer, a fair-skinned woman with blond hair; Saba Sebatyne; Mara Jade; Dorsk 81; Ben Skywalker; Danni Quee; Chak Fel; Gavin Darklighter; Zekk; Fi Skirata; Todr Fel, a bearded man with black hair and blue eyes; Tavia and Bink Kitik, identical twin girls with black hair; Zak Arranda, a white-robed boy with dark brown hair and brown eyes; Ajai Fel, a dark-haired woman with blue eyes; Numa Rar, a blue-skinned woman with twin lekku; and Gaeriel Captison.

As they wait for the meeting to come to order, Numa is practicing her Sith magic on Jesmin, Chak is mischievously setting shockballs on fire, and Zekk is placing styluses in the sleeping Fi's nose.

Yoda. Let's come to order. [to Numa] Numa. Please give Jesmin her nose back. [to Chak] Chak, if you'd kindly extinguish the flaming shockball. [to Zekk] And Zekk, I think twenty styluses is really too many for any human nostril.

Numa, Chak, and Zekk do as Yoda has requested.

Thank you. [to all] Now, as you can see, Jacen, Danni, and Ben have returned successfully . . . more or less. Some of you have heard parts of their story. But I will let them fill you in.

Jacen, Ben, and Danni fill in the details of their quest. When they have finished, Jacen adds his most recent conversation with Lumiya.

Mara. So Shira was here, talking to you.

Jacen. [nods] Look, I'm not saying I trust her . . .

Mara. That's smart.

Jacen. But she isn't making this up about another group of demigods. That's where I came from.

Saba. Imperials. You expect usss to believe there iz another place for demigodz. But they follow the Imperial formz of the Je'daii. And we've never even heard of them.

Danni. The Je'daii have kept the two groups apart because every time they see each other, they try to kill each other.

Saba. This one can respect that. Still, why have we not ever run acrosss each other on questz?

Yoda. Oh, yes. You have, many times. It's always a tragedy and always the Je'daii do their best to rub clean the memories of those involved. The rivalry goes all the way back to the Clone Wars, Saba. The Republic invaded Haruun Kal and burned it to the ground. The Separatist hero Jax Pavan escaped and eventually made his way to Bastion, where he founded the kingdom that would someday become the Galactic Empire. The Empire grew more and more powerful, worshiping the same gods but under different names and with slightly different personalities.

Jacen. More warlike, more united, more about expansion, conquest, and discipline.

Chak gags.

The Jedi look uncomfortable by this. Saba, however, shrugs.

Mara. And the Imperials hated the Republic. They took revenge when they conquered Republic worlds and made them part of the Galactic Empire.

Jacen. Not exactly hated them. The Imperials admired Republic culture and were a little jealous. In return, the Republic thought the Empire was barbaric, but they respected its military power. So in the Dark Times, demigods started to divide: either Republic or Imperial.

Mara. And it's been that way ever since. But this is barvy. [to Yoda] Yoda. Where was the Empire during the Sith War? Didn't they want to help?

Yoda. They did help, Mara. While you and Luke were leading the battle to save Coruscant, who do think conquered Korriban, the Sith base in the Outer Rim?

Chak. Hold on. You said Korriban just crumbled when we beat Palpatine.

Jacen. No. It didn't just fall. We destroyed their palace. I defeated Darth Krayt myself.

Mara. The Braxant sector. We Jedi were always told to stay away from it because Korriban was there. But that wasn't the only reason, was it? The Imperial Remnant . . . it's got to be somewhere near there. I bet it was put there to keep watch on the Sith territory. Where is it?

Yoda. I cannot say. Honestly, even I have never been trusted with that information. My counterpart Vergere is not exactly the sharing type. Jacen's memory, too, has been rubbed.

Jacen. The Remnant heavily veiled with the Force . . . and heavily guarded. We could search for years and never find it.

Gaeriel. But you'll try, won't you? You'll build Ben's ship, the Millennium Falcon. And before you make for Corellia, you'll sail for the Imperial Remnant. You'll need their help to confront the Yuuzhan Vong.

Saba. Bad plan. If those Imperialz see a warship coming, they will assume we are attacking.

Jacen. You're probably right. But we have to try. I was sent here to learn about the Jedi Praxeum, to try to convince you the two of us don't have to be enemies, a peace offering.

Gaeriel. Hmm. Because Shira is convinced we need both to win the war with the Vong. Seven heroes of Tython: some Republic, some Imperial.

Mara. [nods] Your Great Prophecy . . . what's the last line?

Gaeriel. "And foes bear arms to the Doors of Death."

Mara. Abeloth has opened the Doors of Death. She's letting out the worst villains of the Netherworld to fight us. Alema Rar, Warlord Zsinj — there will be more, I'm sure. Maybe the line means that the Imperial and Jedi demigods will unite, find the doors, and close them.

Saba. Or it could mean they fight each other at the Doorz of Death. It doesn't say we will cooperate.

Mara. I'm going. Jacen, when you get this ship built, let me go with you.

Jacen. I was hoping you'd offer. You of all beings - we'll need you.

Ben. Wait. [frowns] I mean that's lubed with me and all. But why Mara of all beings?

Mara and Jacen exchange looks, both realizing the same thing.

Jacen. Shira said my coming here was an exchange of leaders, a way for the Jedi and the Remnant to learn of each other's existence.

Ben. Yeah? So?

Jacen. An exchange goes two ways. When I got here, my memory was rubbed. I didn't know who I was or where I belonged. Fortunately, you guys took me in, and I found a new home. I know you're not my enemy. The Remnant . . . They're not so friendly. You prove your worth quickly, or you don't survive. They may not be so nice to him. And if they learn where he comes from, he's going to be in serious trouble.

Ben. Him? Who are you talking about?

Mara. My boyfriend. He disappeared around the same time Jacen appeared. If Jacen came to the Jedi Praxeum . . .

Jacen. Exactly. Luke Skywalker is at the Imperial Remnant. And he probably doesn't even remember who he is.

Exit all.