Disclaimer: I am not Rick Riordan or George Lucas.

Here are the characters in this story:

Percy Jackson - Luke Skywalker (age 16), Jedi demigod

Hazel Levesque - Tahiri Veila (age 13), Imperial demigod

Frank Zhang - Jagged Fel (age 16), Imperial demigod and general

Reyna Ramirez-Arellano - Tenel Ka Djo (age 16), Grand Admiral of the Imperial Remnant

Nico di Angelo - Kyp Durron (age 14), ambassador of Lord Vitiate

Octavian - Thrackan Sal-Solo (age 18), Imperial senator and seer

Annabeth Chase - Mara Jade (age 16), Jedi demigod

Thanatos - Xanatos (immortal), god of death

Gwendolyn - Etain Tur-Mukan (age 17), Imperial demigod and general

Dakota - Wedge Antilles (age 17), Imperial demigod and general

Bobby - Wes Janson (age 17), Imperial demigod

Tyson - Lowbacca (age 16), general

Gaea - Abeloth (immortal), mastermind

Juno - Lumiya (immortal), Queen of Tython

Neptune - Vader (immortal), King of Kamino (mention only)

Chiron - Yoda (immortal), director of the Jedi Praxeum (mention only)

Thalia Grace - Jaina Solo (immortal), Witch of Dathomir

Zoƫ Nightshade - Akanah Norand Goss (deceased), Witch of Dathomir

Jason Grace - Jacen Solo (age 15), Grand Admiral of the Imperial Remnant

Piper McLean - Danni Quee (age 15), Jedi demigod

Leo Valdez - Ben Skywalker (age 15), Jedi demigod

Grover Underwood - Corran Horn (age 33), Lord of the Wild

Pluto - Vitiate (immortal), King of the Netherworld

Jupiter - Zonama (immortal), King of Tython (mention only)

Mars - Yammosk (immortal), god of war

Bacchus - Ulic (immortal), god of wine (mention only)

Ella - Qwi Xux (age unknown), Omwati

Iris - Tionne (immortal), messenger goddess

Sally Jackson - Shmi Skywalker (age 45), mother of Luke Skywalker (mention only)

Porphyrion - Shimrra (immortal), Supreme Overlord of the Yuuzhan Vong (mention only)

Mrs. O'Leary - Drang (immortal), vornskr

Lupa - Vergere (immortal), Imperial instructor (mention only)

Hylla Ramirez-Arellano - Teneniel Djo (age 21), Hapan Queen Mother

Bellona - Augwynne (immortal), goddess of war (mention only)

Alcyoneus - Shedao Shai (immortal), Yuuzhan Vong

Sam Valdez Senior - Anakin Solo (deceased), ancestor of Ben Skywalker

Polybotes - Tsavong Lah (immortal), Yuuzhan Vong

Arion - Tikk (immortal), uvak

Cerberus - Tuk'ata (immortal), guardian of the Netherworld

Festus - Falcon (age unknown), mechanical dragon

Marie Levesque - Cassa Veila (deceased), mother of Tahiri Veila

Emily Zhang - Syal Fel (deceased), mother of Jagged Fel

Charon - Scourge (immortal), ferryman of the Netherland

Fleecy - Siri Tachi (age unknown), beldon

Terminus - C-3PO (immortal), guardian of Bastion

Phineas - Q'Anilia (deceased), seer

Stheno - Baritha (deceased), Dathomirian

Euryale - Barukka (deceased), Dathomirian

Medusa - Garowyn (immortal), Dathomirian (mention only)

Saturn - Sidious (immortal), Sith Emperor (mention only)

Gray - Mnah Ra'at (deceased), undead warrior

Scipio - Rancor (age unknown), aiwha

Otrera - Ta'a Chume (deceased), former Hapan Queen Mother

Michael Varus - Vilim Disra (deceased), former Grand Admiral of the Imperial Remnant

Minerva - Taselda (immortal), goddess of wisdom (mention only)

Apollo - Yavin (immortal), god of prophecy (mention only)

Hercules - (Anakin) Skywalker (immortal), god of heroes (mention only)

Grandmother Zhang - Zena Antilles (age 77), grandmother of Jagged Fel

Don - Droma (age 25), Ryn

Argentum - Chromium (age unknown), mechanical vornskr

Aurum - Aurodium (age unknown), mechanical vornskr

Nereus - Jorj Car'das (immortal), sea god

Kinzie - Shada D'ukal (age 26), Hapan warrior

Julia - Amelia (age 6), Imperial legacy

Gaius Vitellius Reticulus - Valenthyne Farfalla (deceased), Force spirit

Hannibal - Tarkin (age unknown), bantha

Ma Gasket - Mezhan Kwaad (immortal), weapons manufacturer for the Yuuzhan Vong

Lulu - Chelik (age 24), Hapan warrior

Hank - Cal Omas (age 17), Imperial Senator

Larry - Sien Sovv (age 16), Imperial Senator

Doris - Alyssia (age 23), Hapan warrior

Cato - Lord Hoth (deceased), Force spirit

Jacob - Vitor Reige (age 18), Imperial demigod

Hippolyta - Ni'Korish (deceased), former Hapan Queen Mother

Wheat - Tarfang (age unknown), Ewok

Barley - Chirpa (age unknown), Ewok

Sorghum - Logray (age unknown), Ewok

Millet - Paploo (age unknown), Ewok

Oats - Teebo (age unknown), Ewok

Julius Caesar - Jonash e Solo (deceased), former Head of State of the Galactic Empire (mention only)

Octavian / Caesar Augustus - Berethron e Solo (deceased), former Galactic Emperor (mention only)

Shen Lun - Bail Antilles (deceased), exiled Imperial officer (mention only)

Periclymenus - Canderous Ordo (deceased), Revanchist (mention only)

Sung Guo / Seneca Gracchus - Soontir Fel / Carib Devist (deceased), warrior (mention only)

Xu Fu - Corellia Antilles (deceased), xenoarchaeologist (mention only)


Camp Jupiter - Imperial Remnant (New Rome - Bastion)

Camp Half-Blood - Jedi Praxeum (mention only)

California - Outer Rim (San Francisco - Braxant sector)

The Underworld - The Netherworld of the Force

Fields of Punishment - Chaos

Elysium - Alderaan

Isles of Bless - Zonama Sekot

Fields of Asphodel - Lake of Apparitions

Portland - Ossus

New Orleans - Tatooine

Seattle - Hapes

Olympus - Tython (mention only)

New York - Coruscant (mention only)

Alaska - Hoth

Othrys - Korriban

Canada - Chiss Space (Vancouver - Nirauan)

Manhattan - Galactic City (mention only)

Wolf House - Baanu Rass (mention only)

Argo II- Millennium Falcon


Human - Human (Mortal - Mundane)

Faun - Ryn

Olympian - Je'daii

Gigantes - Yuuzhan Vong

Titan - Sith (mention only)

Centaur - Chironian

Cyclops - Wookiee

Hellhound - Vornskr

Pegasus - Aiwha

Earthborn - Rakghoul

Harpy - Omwati

Aura - Melodie

Hunters of Artemis - Witches of Dathomir (mention only)

Horse - Uvak

Automaton - Droid

Gorgon - Dathomirian

Laestrygonian - Gundark

Amazon - Hapan

Nebula - Beldon

Spartus - Zombie

Karpoi - Ewok

Hyperborean - Phlog

Gryphon - Dactillion

Basilisk - Amphistaff

Protogenoi - Celestials

Lares - Force spirit