The Queen and her Savior:

Chapter 1:

Regina had made the decision to go over the town line and on to Boston, where she would often purchase her designer power suits and dresses. Simply because it gave her a break from the constant repeat of the day the curse began day in and day out.

She had grown weary of bumping into Snow white every day and besides the stores in Storybrooke are very much stuck in the eighties. Which was around the time frame that the world without magic was in when then town appeared in the middle of the Forest in the state of Maine.

Storybrooke is also the town Regina had created in the dark curse given to her by Rumplestiskin. Regina had cast it 17 years before now to appease her need for vengeance against Snow white, who Regina blames for her beloved Daniel's death. Regina's mother Cora was the one who ripped out his heart in front of her and crushed it to dust and ash.

Cora's response to her daughters obvious distress and the hurt in her every being, was that it was in her best interest. This curse robed the occupants of the enchanted forest that had been brought over with the curse had been ripped of their memories of their lives in the enchanted forest. For the most part the true love couples were kept together with brand new memories and identities.

In particular Snow White and Prince Charming are now Mary-Margaret and David Nolan, they have no memory of ever giving birth to Emma who just as the curse was beginning was put into an enchanted wardrobe and sent through to the world without magic on the side of the road. Emma has been raised in the foster system, and was passed from foster home to foster home until Emma turned 17 and took off for Boston to start out on her own.

Emma found herself a small one-bedroom apartment in the city and a job as a waitress in a small coffee shop/café. The café was located close to the designer clothes store Regina just happens to frequent on her shopping stay once a year. Whenever Regina goes to Boston she would stay for a couple of months to get everything she needs for the year back home in Storybrooke as the town's mayor. Emma at 17 wears a pair of thick black glasses on her face sporting the café's uniform. It is at this café that Regina first meets Emma.

Regina upon looking up at Emma felt an instant attraction, a kind of magnetic pull she couldn't explain to herself. She ordered a coffee and a club sandwich. Emma replied that she would be back with her order. When Emma comes back with her coffee and sandwich, Regina asks Emma a few questions about the café and if she likes to there.

Emma sits down on the chair opposite to Regina as Emma answers Regina's many questions. Regina is a little surprised by this, upon noticing Regina's reaction to her sitting down, Emma promptly tells Regina that it is time for her break. So Emma and Regina proceed to ask questions back and forth until Emma asks Regina if she wanted to meet up after she had finished up her shift at the café. Regina agrees and proceeds to pay her bill leaving a generous tip for Emma.

As Regina gets up to continue her shopping for the day, she can feel a strong sense of anticipation on seeing Emma again later that afternoon. Regina was contemplating on whether she had ever felt this nervous before in her past relationships. She knew that she never felt this way with Graham as it had always been about physical satisfaction, as he no longer had his heart in his chest thanks to her. She most definitely hadn't felt this strongly for Leopold, as that was an arranged marriage that she never wanted.

The only person she can think to have gotten close to feeling this way about was Daniel. Regina then mentally laughed at herself when she realized that she had only just met Emma and hadn't even begun their first date yet. Besides what did she have to be nervous about it wasn't like they were back in Storybrooke or the Enchanted Forrest about to embark in a true love's kiss. As far as Regina was concerned her chance for true love died with Daniel.

It was the reason she cast the curse in the first place and had for the last 17 years lived by herself in her big white mansion. Regina hadn't always gone to Boston to do her clothes shopping it was only recently that she had felt a strong desire to go to Boston. It was as if an invisible force was drawing her to this city. Normally she would go to Augusta in her home state as it wasn't all that far of a drive from Storybrooke.

She was feeling that force again as she felt Emma walk towards her while Regina stood outside the café waiting for Emma to finish her shift as was planned earlier during lunch. Emma upon seeing Regina leaning up against the brick wall in front of the café had a huge smile on her face she too could feel that strong invisible force pulling her towards the raven haired beauty.

Emma was sure that Regina wasn't going to be there when she had left work, as she was certain that Regina wasn't all too confident about the date. Considering that they had just met. Emma was all too happy to feel any worries when she saw her waiting for her. "I hope you haven't been waiting too long?" said Emma in a breath as her nerves was starting to get to her as well.

Regina replied with "no not really I only got here a couple of minutes ago, after I dropped of my shopping bags back at my hotel." Emma responded in a shocked tone "you're staying at a hotel? What hotel? I thought you lived here you seem so at ease at being here." With an amused look upon her face Regina responded in a mumbled rush "no I come from a small town named Storybrooke in Maine. I am staying at the Ritz-Carlton for the duration of my stay here in Boston I am not entirely sure how long I will be staying for though."