hey this is my first httyd fic so yeah and I think people should write more stormflyXtoothless fics cause I love the pairing but there isn't alot of it so yeah enjoy!

Toothless had never actually gotten to know Stormfly. So far the only thing close to them interacting was when they both thought the Red Death. And even then they never even glanced at each other.

Even after the battle he never met her because he was by Hiccups side for several days until he woke up.

Toothless decided that it was about time he got to know her. After all, he couldn't only be friends with humans right? If he was, who would he have to talk to?

Toothless walked over to the Hofferson house looking for Stormfly. And he found her standing outside the household looking rather bored.

"Hi there"Toothless greeted and Stormfly turned to see who had just greeted her. "Oh hey...Toothy is it?" Stormfly asked not really knowing his name. "Actually it's Toothless" He answered a bit awkwardly. There was a long silence "So ,if I may ask, why did you come here?" Stormfly asked breaking the silence.

"Well I decided I should get to know you because if it wasn't for you and the others we never would have never made peace with the humans"Toothless answered.

"I barely did anything .All I did was just carried my rider and yours around I didn't attack the Red Death or anything."Stormfly replied not giving herself enough credit. "Come on, you were a great help, I mean you practically saved my life."Toothless said earning a sceptical look from the Nadder "How exactly did I save your life?"Stormfly asked looking back on the memory of the final fight not remembering her saving Toothless.

"Well you brought Hiccup to me and Stoick saw him and then saved me so if it wasn't for you Stoick would never have seen Hiccup trying to help me and wouldn't have gotten me out of my restraints"Toothless explained as if what he just said wasn't complicated.

"Wow...I never realised how much of a big help I was"Stormfly said in awe of what how Toothless saw what she was doing during the battle "So what have you been doing since the battle with the Red Death?"Toothless asked "Well I've been flying around and enjoying my freedom since all I was able to do for several moon-seasons was just stay in a cage for days and when I did get out a bunch of teenagers were there trying to kill me"Stormfly replied looking back on her memories of fighting in an enclosed area for so long.

"You sure had a rough time didn't you?"Toothless said sadly looking at the ground"Yeah, but I'm still alive aren't I?"Stormfly said cheerfully giving Toothless a friendly nudge. "You want to go see what the other dragons are doing?"Stormfly suggested.

"...Yeah.. I should get to know the others, I mean that shouldn't be hard. I already made good friends with you...That is if you would we're friends...Are we friends?" Toothless asked a little hesitant.

Stormfly gently shoved him with her wing in a similair way to Astrids punching"Of course we're friends! Lets go"Stormfly said laughing a little as they walked of.

Thor...she sure is amazing...Wait! What did I just say!?

So yeah I enjoyed writing this and I hope you enjoyed reading this