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Toothless had come to a decision. He was going to tell Stormfly how he felt. He loved her and if she rejected him, so be it. He would respect her decision and move on.

The first place he decided to look was Meatlug. She and Stormfly would always meet each other in the morning and have a decent talk.

"Hey Lug, have you seen Stormfly?" Toothless asked as he walked over to the Gronckle by the docks. "No. As a matter of fact, no one has seen Stormfly or her kids at all today. Not even Astrid." Meatlug replied.

This got Toothless worried. Stormfly was the first thing Astrid would see every morning. So if she didn't see Stormfly, something was horribly wrong.

He had spent hours searching the island for the beautiful Nadder with no results. He finally found himself heading for the cove, the one place he hadn't looked.

She's probably just showing her hatchlings around the island. Besides we're different species, how could it work out? He thought as he neared the birthplace of his friendship with Hiccup.

He quickly shook his head.

Get a hold of yourself Toothless this is exactly why Spineslash got with her before you did!

As he reached the cove he found the cerulean nadder sitting by the lake. But something was wrong...

She was crying.

Toothless dove into the cove as fast as he possibly could and ran up to her. "Storm what's wrong!? Are you hurt?" The Night Fury asked as he began inspecting her, only to find no signs of pain. "*sniffle*It was Spineslash" she croaked as she continued to cry. "What did that Bastard do!?"Toothless yelled in anger as he realized that neither Violet,Eirik nor Trip were in the cove.

"I was giving my hatchlings a tour of the island, I showed them the cove last and when we got there, Spineslash came at us from the sky *sniffle*and he *sniffle*" She found herself unable to speak any more and hugged Toothless who returned it. She needed comfort, and Toothless would provide it.

Slowly, Toothless pieced it together: her kids weren't with her, she was crying despite not being in pain, she stopped talking when she mentioned Spineslash arriving and realized...

The bastard took them! He took Stormfly's hatchlings! I'll kill him!

Toothless let go of her and looked her in the eyes. "Don't worry, I'll bring them back." He told her as he walked to one of the coves walls and got in a sprinting position. He took one last glance at Stormfly and made a dash to the opposite wall and made a great leap that would make a flea proud.

Don't worry kids, I am coming to save you.

He had been running for over an hour. His were bruised and ha dseveral thorns stuck in them but he didn't care. He was going to save Stormfly's hatchlings or die trying.

Soon in the distance he saw a terrible sight, Spineslash was looming over Violet with blood at his maw and claws. Toothless then spotted something about Violet. Something that made his heart crumble...

She was missing a leg.

This is the end for me. The bad man is going to kill me and I'll never see Eirik, Trip or Mama again. Violet thought as she curled her body in a futile attempt to hide herself.

Spineslash opened his bloodied maw, ready to make the killing blow. Violet wanted to run, but she couldn't. Not with a missing leg.


Toothless rammed into the Nadder and bit into his wing, tearing at the membrane. Spineslash kicked him off and shot several spines at toothless' forelimbs, only three of them successful in hitting their target.

Toothless attempted to hit Spineslash in the face with his tail but Spineslash closed his jaws around the Night Fury's prosthetic and ripped it off. Toothless simply stared at where his fake tail-fin once was.

Hiccup made that for me and he ruined it!

Toothless jumped at Spineslash and clawed at his face. The Nadder retaliated by slashing at his face with the talons on his muscular legs.

Toothless opened his mouth to fire a plasma blast but nothing came out.

Dammit Hiccup! This is exactly why you don't train in the morning!

Spineslash took this opportunity to kick his opponent onto his back and bite at his stomach. Toothless then grabbed his spine crown with his jaw and tossed him away, breaking two of the spikes on the Nadders crown. In the blur of battle, Toothless realised that Eirik and Trip weren't with Violet. He grabbed The Nadders neck with his claws and pinned him to a nearby tree.

"Where are they you son of a bitch!" Toothless yelled as he clawed at Spineslash's face. "What are you talking about!?" Spineslash yelled back as slashed at Toothless's stomach with his talons. But Toothless refused to let go. Instead, he slashed a Spineslash's face with even more force than the last. "You know what I'm talking about you sick bastard! Stormfly layed three eggs which hatched into a beautiful little girl and two handsome little boys! Violet is over there with a missing leg! Now tell me where Trip and Eirik are before I rip your eyes out and shove the down your throat so you can see me tear your sorry carcass open!" Toothless yelled in pure rage. He was still going to kill the sorry excuse for a dragon. But he needed to know where Stormfly's sons were.

Just then, Toothless noticed a movement in Spineslash's eyes. It was subtle but it seemed to be hinting at something, so he turned to find something that made his blood boil. The bloody, mauled corpses of...


Toothless was frozen. Not from fear, but from shock. How could someone have the heart to do such a cruel thing?

Spineslash took this opportunity to bite at Toothless's neck and claw at his face with his talons.

Toothless snapped back to reality and took a look at Spineslash's eyes. They were not the eyes of a dragon. They were the eyes of a monster. What did he want? He attacked Stormfly, he kidnapped her hatchlings, he ripped off Violets leg and to top it all off he murdered two innocent young Nadders.

One of them was going to die today.

Toothless bit Spineslash's left wing and snapped it, he wasn't flying away from the wrath of a Night fury. He bit extremely hard into the Nadders neck and simultaneously clawed at his underbelly.

"You actually think you have a chance with Stormfly?! You'll never be with her!"Spineslash ranted despite how things were turning out for him.

"Is that really what you think I care about?! Yes I love her! But as long as she's happy I'm happy! I'm doing this to avenge Eirik and Trip!You never cared about her! You only wanted to be with her for her body and you walked away once you were done with her instead of being there for her when she layed her eggs! I want to be with her for her personality! You will never hurt anyone like you hurt her ever again! Because I!" He began to twist the Nadders neck"Shall!" Spineslash let out a cry of pain. "KILL YOU!" He roared as he used all his jaw strength until a satisfying crack was heard and he dropped the corpse.

"Walk away from that you son of a bitch."

He stared at the dead body of the monster. It was over. Spineslash will never hurt anyone. Not Stormfly. Not Violet. Not anyone. Ever again.

He turned towards Violet. She was in a traumatised state to say the least. She was curled up with her face covered by her wings and was shaking uncontrollably. Toothless sighed. No child should ever have to experience something like that. But it had to be done. There was no way he would let Spineslash live.

He walked over to the young Nadder and licked her leg. Hiccup recently discovered that Night furies saliva had healing abiltities so he was going to do all he could to help her. He was no doctor, but he knew a certain two-limbed viking that was. So no matter how much pain he was in, he would get her there as soon as he could. Two hatchlings died today. Toothless was not about to let it be three.

And that wraps up this chapter so sorry it was gory at some points but I couldn't find any other way to do this chapter. So the next chapter will be about Toothless getting Violet to Gobber and another side of Hookfang will be shown. BTW another reason I did this was for the sake of Violets character development. How do you guys think this will change her? Will she be scared of everything or become very serious?