Yes, I am writing about Perry's origin. Yes, people have done that, before. Don't worry. Mine is a little different.

Warning: Contains murder, blood, cursing, violence, and general dark themes.


You know what I never understood? All of you just assume that I've always been the good guy. Well, you're half right. I am currently the good guy. What you people fail to comprehend is that I'm not perfect. I never was, and I never will be.

I make mistakes. We all do. It's not a big deal, is it? Well, that depends on the mistake.

I've read about what you think I am. Your stories are accurate enough - well, some of them - but they only capture who I am, today.

A lot of you have created stories about my upbringing. Oh, how I wish those stories were true. I wish that worst thing that ever happened in my childhood was losing my parents or being bullied or whatever.

Like I said, I make mistakes. Some are bigger than others. Some I didn't make a big out of, when they happened.

Some I wish never did happen. Those are the ones I wish I could forget.

I promise the chapters will be longer.