Hey guys! So this is my first fic, and I have quite a few fic ideas in my head to write about Ness, so depending how this fic goes I may turn those ideas into stories. And another thing I should tell you is that I am British and I may use the wrong wording or spelling sometimes. If I make an error then feel free to review or PM me and I will happily edit it! :)

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Nick walked through the main building doors after an exhausting day at the bar. He couldn't wait to crawl into his bed and enjoy his free weekend. He walked up to the elevator and pressed the bottom floor switch. While waiting for it to arrive, he couldn't help but think about a conversation he had with a certain blue eyed brunette...


Michelle and Nick started talking after Nick and the gang came back from the disastrous, yet eventful cruise they all went on. She was like another 'guy' friend to Nick, with female body parts. After they started they started talking, he found out that she too was a fan of the Chicago Bears and the Bulls, she also liked to drink whiskey on a regular basis as well.

Today at the bar they were talking about him and Jess. It had been four months since they broke up. Nick was explaining to Michelle how he has almost recovered from the break up and how happy he was to have his friend back.

That was a load of crap. Inside he was still hurting.

Michelle had asked him if they wanted to get some dinner tonight, it sounded nice to hang out with a friend instead of being cooped up in his room thinking about Jess, but the tone of her voice sounded seductive almost. Did she want to get dinner, like a date?

A couple of years ago Nick would've asked Michelle out in a heartbeat, but a couple of years ago, a beautiful brunette with bewitching blue eyes entered his life and stole his heart.

Thinking of Jess in that moment made him decline kindly to Michelle's offer, he felt bad at first but he couldn't do that to Jess.

Finally the elevator landed on the bottom floor and the doors opened.

"Am I overthinking it? What would Jess say if I did accept the offer?"

"Dammit Nick stop thinking of her! She must've moved on by now, you haven't spoken to her for weeks!" He argued with himself as he entered the elevator.


Nick managed to keep the doors open for the hurried woman.

"Thank you so- Oh...hey N-Nick." Jess said breathlessly while entering the elevator.

Nick just stared at her as he was too distracted by her beauty. She looked very dishevelled, but still so beautiful in her navy blue polka dot dress and her framed glasses, which made her blue orbs look impossibly bigger. After being apart for four months he still found it difficult not to grab her and kiss her whenever he saw her.

He missed her so much.

"Nick? Nick! You okay? You've been staring at me for some time now." Jess chuckled nervously, breaking him out of his thoughts.

"Yeah...yeah I'm fine Jess, just...shocked to see you I guess, what with you having to work late at school and everything." Nick said avoiding her gaze.

"Ugh! Being the Vice Principal is so exhausting, especially with this school year coming to an end. Principal Foster just gave me more paperwork after I just finished off the last load. I feel like he is punishing me for not firing Coach!" Jess said while adjusting her glasses.

"Have I ever mentioned that I hate that guy?" Nick said sarcastically, with hint of anger.

Jess couldn't help but smile, Nick is cute when he is sarcastic. She remembered a time when he said the same thing a while ago when he was addicted to eating dumplings.

That was just after they made it official being boyfriend and girlfriend.

They both remained silent while looking at the closed metal doors. Painful silence took over.

"Is it me or is the elevator not moving?" Nick asked in confusion.

Jess looked at the corner where the floor numbers were and giggled.


"You didn't press the fourth floor button after I entered the elevator Miller!"

Nick also looked at the floor buttons. "Son of a..." He muttered and aggressively pressed the button.

As he leaned forward to press the switch, Jess couldn't help but look at him for the first time properly since she entered the elevator. He wore a long sleeved, maroon Henley shirt, it complimented his biceps really well. He looked so good, really good actually. The smell of old spice hitting her nostrils wasn't helping her unwelcome twirlness either.

Jess looked at his face and noticed that he had a three day old stubble, she remembered when it always tickled her face when they used to make out, which was a lot when they were a couple. The memories made her twirlier even more now, she had to get out of this elevator and fast!

After pressing the fourth floor button Nick stood back next to Jess and before they knew it, it was awkward again.

"Wow, this is a slow elevator." Jess chuckled. Nick glanced at Jess and just smiled at her.

"Can you imagine if it just suddenly stopped?" She added.

The lights flickered and the elevator jolted to a stop.

Nick turned to glare at Jess.

"I spoke too soon didn't I?"