Nick quickly walked inside the loft and made a detour to his bedroom.

Looks like it's time to drown my sorrows with my good friend Jack Daniels tonight!

While he made his way to his room, he heard the main door slam. Jess had now entered the loft. Just when Nick was about to touch the handle to his bedroom door, Jess stopped him.

"You can't just tell me all of that and just leave me there and act like nothing has happened Nick! We need to talk about this now!" Jess' voice cracked.

Nick turned around to face her as soon as she finished what she was saying. He saw her walking up towards him and stopping in between her room and his.

He looked at her appearance for the first time since leaving the elevator. Her eyes were now bloodshot due to her crying, he also noticed the deep bags that were hiding behind her frames. She looked exhausted, and he just added on more stress to her life.

"I pretty much told you how I felt during our break up and how I'm currently feeling Jess. Can we just leave it now and let me go to bed, please?" Nick asked calmly, not wanting to stress Jess out even more.

"No Nick, I can't let you go until I have told you how I have been feeling too! You don't get to tell me your feelings and not hear mine! That's not fair!" Jess yelled as she was on the verge of tears.

Nick sighed, he wasn't looking forward to hearing her reject him. His heart couldn't take it, it was damaged enough.

"Every single day since we broke up, I have regretted it." Jess admitted and noticed Nick's head shot up to look at her.

"I thought too much about the future than the present, and you wanted to be a trucker in Mars, but I can no longer bear being apart from you anymore Nick, picturing you with someone else kills me. You were my future Nick, and with you in my life I just know that everything will be okay and we'll be-..." Nicks lips were on hers. As soon as Jess realised he was kissing her, she didn't hesitate to throw her arms around his neck and kiss him back.

Nick placed one arm around her waist, pushing her against him with all of his strength. He stroked her cheek lovingly with his other hand. He loved how her ivory skin felt so smooth against his palm. Jess heard him moan after she slid her tongue into his mouth. She couldn't help but stroke his hair with one hand and his neck with the other.

Four months of heartbreak and sexual tension were all released into that one passionate kiss.

Nick and Jess' breathed heavily as they pulled away. They leaned their foreheads together while waiting for their breathing to regulate. Nick opened his eyes and noticed Jess' were still closed. He leaned forward and kissed her eyelids and saw her beautiful blue eyes.

"I missed you so much Nick." Jess whispered as she stroked his scratchy cheek.

Nick pulled Jess into an embrace, breathing in the old familiar floral scent he had missed so much.

"I missed you too Jess!"

"And I am not letting you go, and I mean it this time!" Nick promised himself.

"We'll be okay now, won't we?" Nick asked with hope.

"Yeah Nick, we're gonna be okay." Jess' smile widened, she was so happy to have Nicks muscular arms around her again, they always made her feel so safe.

Nick stepped back a little and held on to both of Jess' hands and said "Maybe okay will be our Always?" Nick winked and then chuckled.

Jess' eyes widened "Did you just quote 'The Fault in Our Stars' just then? How do you know that quote? You've never read the book?" Jess asked in awe.

"Yeah, I kind of lied about not reading it. Before you moved into the loft I started reading it, and it was a beautiful book. And you were right Jess, their love is pure." Nick couldn't help but smirk at Jess' face, she was so shocked.

Nick was about to ask if she was okay until he felt her grab his collar and feel her lips smashing against his. He returned the passionate kiss on the same spot where they had their first kiss, where they thought their relationship had officially ended and now the spot where they have rekindled their love for good.

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