FireSamurai: Well…seeing this brings back some memories.

Dragon and Sword Master: Agreed. Besides, wasn't this the story that started our friendship all those years ago?

FireSamurai: No, that was my Legend of Dragoon story. *shudders* It still makes me blanch every time I look at it…

Dragon and Sword Master: Why?

FireSamurai: So much is wrong with it…

Dragon and Sword Master: I see…well then, let's see what I can do with this story that you abandoned all those years ago, hm?

Chapter 1: The Dream of a New Adventure

A sigh emulated from my mouth as I watched the rain run down its impromptu path on the frosted pane of the window glass. It was raining in my dream as well… I thought to myself as I sighed once again.

Sorry, where are my manners? My name is Areku, but my friends call me Ark. Anyways, where was I? Oh yeah, I was thinking about this dream that I've been having for the last couple of weeks. The only problem was that in the coming weeks, this dream would become a horrible reality including not only myself, but also my friends. If only I knew how crazy it would become…or what I would find out. But that's way ahead of us. Let's start at the beginning, where all of this craziness started: My dream.

She was carrying something in her arms and running, running as if her life was depending on it…and in fact, it was. Ark didn't know what she was running from, but he saw that she was definitely running from something—something powerful. Not only was it strong, but it also scared the hell out of this female, if the frequent checks behind her indicated as such.

"What are you doing here?!" she exclaimed to a cloaked figure that was in her path as she slid to a complete stop. As some of the water sprayed upwards towards the cloaked figure, he pointed back towards where the frantic woman came from. Turning around, she gasped in horror at what she saw. Ark saw what caused the woman to gasp: demons. What made matters worse was not only were there small bat-like creatures with helmets on their heads, but also something that looked straight out of an old vampire movie. Ark saw the female move the bundle into one arm, ready for battle. However, she was startled out of her stance as the person, or what Ark assumed was a person, put a hand on her shoulder.

"Go. Go Now!" He shouted as he got into his own battle stance, ready to fight off the creatures that were coming after her and the bundle that she was carrying. "The Young Master must survive if we are to have a chance. Go. I will hold them off," he said in a commanding voice as the female scowled before nodding, knowing how important her mission was. Ark watched the male get smaller and smaller in the distance, and while he wanted to help, he already knew from past experience that he couldn't do anything in his dream. The last thing he would see before always waking up was the silhouette of a female standing in front of a doorway to a two-story house.

"-ku, -eku, ARK!" Sasami shouted into her brother's ear, causing him to lift his head off the bed, smacking his head into his sister's. Moaning lightly in pain, Areku rubbed his head gingerly.

"What did you do that for Sami?" he asked annoyed as Sasami glared at him.

"Ark…you know I hate that name…" Sasami moaned as Ark chuckled at her actions. Before he could ask his question again, Sasami pointed to his alarm clock next to his bed. "You forgot to set your alarm clock again dummy. Any later and we would have been late for school," Sasami stated. Looking at his clock, his eyes dilated as he realized how late it actually was. Oh crap, it's late! Ark thought to himself as he quickly rose to his full height of five foot nine inches. Quickly heading towards the bathroom, the young man's intent was to take a shortened shower (Everyone has done this at least once in their life…don't lie) Sasami just shook her head nonchalantly at his antics, telling her brother that she would be waiting outside for him.

Dressed in blue jeans and a short-sleeved, aquamarine T-shirt with the words, 'Yes I am a gamer, deal with it' in white words, she waited outside for her brother. She sighed lightly as she started thinking about what would have happened if their father was home since he would yell at Areku for waking up late just like he did that one time. The one time that led to their mother's death… Lightly tugging on her raven hair, currently in a ponytail, due to the stress of what was going to happen at school today. The fourteen-year-old knew of this habit of hers, but didn't care; pulling lightly on it helped calm her down, especially since she had a test today that she didn't study for and had planned to use the few minutes before school started to cram.

A few minutes later, Areku stepped out of the door, his snow-white locks still a little wet. The crimson T-shirt he was wearing had black stripes on it from the left shoulder to the top of his chest. He was also wearing a pair of blue shorts with multiple pockets sewn into the garment. After closing the door behind him, he was still putting on his sneakers as his sister just shook her head at his actions. "What would you do without me Ark?" She asked as she mockingly glared at him with her hazel eyes as he finished placing his foot firmly into the second sneaker. Ark double checked his left hand, more specifically his wrist, making sure that the bracelet his mother left him was there. It looked like it was made with real marble, except for the sphere of red quartz that rested on the backside of his wrist, although Ark rarely took the bracelet off to see the gemstone. Another unique feature of the accessory was that flanking both sides of the sphere were two angelic faces.

"Be late more often?" He asked as he rubbed his left shoulder blade as a bout of phantom pain hit him. He remembered when their father found out that he was still asleep…it was not one of his fonder memories, a fact that his crimson-colored eyes gave away. "Anyways, let's get going. Kit-chan is probably waiting for us…" he said as he chuckled awkwardly before both of them headed to school.

"Ugh…they're late. Again," a female with long wavy black hair mumbled to herself as she waited outside the gates of school, her school bag and her shinai in its own personal bag leaning against it. Leaning against the brick post, she scanned the crowd for a mop of white hair with her forest-green eyes. "It's most likely Ark's fault too…" she mused as she stepped away from the post, coming to the full height of her five foot frame. She wore a dark blue windbreaker over a white shirt, as well as wearing a set of faded blue jeans. Sneakers matching the color of her shirt and having stripes of blue as well, finished her outfit. Just as she was about to enter the school building, she turned around one last time. Shaking her head silently, she was not surprised to see both Areku and Sasami rushing towards the building.

Areku raised his head after getting his breath back from running the last few feet to the school's ground and stared right into the forest-green eyes of Kitomi "Kit-chan" Yuuki. The girl was currently glaring at him, something that he, sadly, was used to. "Kit-chan…" he started saying before she interrupted him.

"Again Ark? Someone needs to get you a better alarm clock or something…you promised that you would help me set up today. You know how annoying it is to wait for you all the time?" She asked as she continued to glare at her friend.

"I'm sorry Kit-chan," Ark started to say before the school bell went off, signifying the start of the day. He knew that the conversation wasn't over, but it would have to wait until lunch for them to pick it back up, knowing that a "sorry" wasn't going to cut it, not this time.

"I finally found him. After all these years of searching…I finally found him," a voice said as he saw a white-haired boy heading into a building. As he tried entering the same structure that the human did, he found that he couldn't get inside. Growling lightly, he looked at the place more closely, noticing a small pink barrier that surrounded the building itself, ending just below the roof line. Sighing to himself, he bid his time. He had waited fifteen years to kill the warrior that the prophecy stated would overthrow him, a few more hours wouldn't be that much long of a wait.

"Soon...soon I will have your head and that stupid prophecy will be completely worthless," he spoke out loud, knowing that no one could hear him. Even if they did, then all they would do was look at him funny. Ah…the price of human ignorance. If they only knew… he thought as he waited for an opportune moment for him to attack the crowned prince of his world.

He used his wings to gain altitude in order to observe the young man that had a prophecy attached to him, a prophecy that stated this young man would defeat him. Perhaps I should get some more information about this boy…

Areku rubbed the back of his neck unconsciously, wondering what was going on, especially since the hair on his neck stood up right after he took his hand away from the area. Halfway through the midmorning lecture, he noticed the warning sign of dread on the back of his head. Looking out the window for a few seconds, Ark blinked, thinking that he saw someone floating in the skies. I must be seeing things…he thought to himself as he missed the bell signifying lunch.

"Guess who?!" a feminine voice said into his ears a few minutes later. He was unaware that the time passed as he pondered over what he saw, and if it was real. Outwardly though, he smirked evilly, instantly recognizing his sister's voice.

"I think this is someone who still sleeps with a night light," Areku said nonchalantly, as he felt the person tense up yet still keeping her hands over Ark's eyes. "And if she doesn't let go within the next few seconds, everyone in school will know about it," he added in the same tone. Once she let go, Areku looked out the window again, but the mysterious person was no longer there, although the hairs on the back of his neck were still standing up.

"You wouldn't dare," Sasami said as she saw her brother turn around to face her, wearing a smirk on his face. "Brother…" she warned, looking at the smirk that was planted on his face.

"Try me."

"Gah, you're impossible, you know that?" she finally said after staring at him for five minutes. She would have stared longer at her brother in annoyance, but something caught her eye. Glancing down at Areku's left wrist, the bracelet that her brother wore everywhere seemed to be…glowing? Shaking her head before looking at it again, the bracelet was back to normal causing her to wonder if it was just a trick of the light…

"Sami-nee, are you okay?" Areku asked as he caught her staring at the piece of jewelry. He had a feeling that she was here for a reason other than just messing with him as the younger sister.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Kit-chan and I were just wondering where you were," Sasami answered, also telling her brother why she was here in the first place. Getting a response that he would be up there in a few minutes, Sasami left the classroom and headed back up to the roof where they usually had lunch.

Once she left, Ark glanced back towards the window and where he thought he saw that mysterious man before, yet no one was there. 'Who was that…?' He mentally asked before scratching the back of his head in irritation, especially since he didn't know what was going on with him today. Heading out of the classroom, he stopped at the door before glancing back…still feeling as if he was being watched. 'Weird…' he thought as he headed up the stairs and out towards the rooftop. Opening the door, he saw Sasami sitting down enjoying her lunch as well as the legs of who he assumed was Kitomi.

"Sorry I'm late," he said quickly as the brunette jumped off of the door's roof. Once she regained her balance, she turned towards the only male on the roof before sighing dramatically.

"What am I going to do with you Areku-kun?" she finally asked as Sasami let a soft giggle pass her lips before saying that she asked herself that question several times throughout the day causing Ark to just sigh in response. He didn't know why he slept so late or forgot about setting his alarm clock, it just happened, explaining it that way to his female friend. As Ark and Kitomi sat next to Sasami, both females shared a look, somehow knowing that there was just no hope for the white-haired male. Before the trio of friends could say or do anything else, the hair on the back of Ark's neck stood up as the feeling of him being watched returned, much stronger this time.

"Aniki?" Sasami asked, noticing that her brother was starting to act strange…well, stranger than usual.

Areku was about to say something but was cut off as a large voice echoed throughout the area. "So you are the one destined to save the digital world from my evil…how pathetic. I can't believe a weakling such as you has been prophesized to defeat me."The figure that Areku spotted earlier reappeared in the sky. As he said all this, several things were going through the young male's mind. What is he talking about? A prophecy of defeating him? And the digital world? As these questions ran through the boy's mind, the robed figure lowered himself to the ground in front of the trio.

"Well, thanks for sharing that and all, but I'm pretty sure you got the wrong guy. Come on you two," He said as he tried pulling them towards the door, trying to get all three of them out of this crazy mess. However, when he tried grabbing their arms, something stopped them from moving.

"What did you do to them?!" He shouted out as he looked at the person in front of him, the distance between him and the others slowly shortening. Getting in front of the two girls, he stared down the mystery opponent in front of him, taking in his appearance. While he couldn't see much due to the robe, Areku could sense that this person…no, thing, was not human. The pair of white horns on his head made that quite obvious. The bone-white pendant he was wearing was also drawing all types of warning bells from the young man.

"Making sure that you don't run from me little boy, or stop my plans…" the robed figure said as he raised one of his hands, dark fire starting to form on the palm of his hand. Surprisingly, the fire wasn't hurting him, nor was it spreading from his hand to cover the blood-red robes that were covering his body.

"Now die. Evil Inf-"

"Star Shower!" a mysterious voice shouted out, as several spheres of pure energy shot down from the sky and hit the robed figure. Explosions occurred the moment that the energy bolts came in contact with the robed figure, disrupting his attack. During all of this, Areku covered the girls to the best of his ability with his body, willing to take the damage for them. As the smoke cleared, Areku looked back towards the fight, seeing a new figure standing in-between them and the figure in the robe wanting him dead.

From the sound of the voice coming from the kitsune, Areku assumed that this fox being in front of them was female, but wasn't a hundred percent sure just yet. Getting back up on his feet, Areku noticed that she had glanced back at them for a few moments with a look of…relief in her river-blue eyes? Ark wasn't sure if that's what he saw, and thought it was only a trick of the light. As he stood there watching, he took in several features of the fox creature protecting them from whatever it was that was attacking; her snow-colored fur, broken up by the color of a clear sky that decorated the tips of her ears and tail. However, before he could determine what she was doing, or anything else about her, the vixen jumped towards the robed man once again, trying to attack him while he was distracted with taking care of the smoke from her earlier attack. Tsk'ing lightly as she dodged from the attempted backhand, she landed once more before wondering what else she could do to keep the Devil King from her charge.

Seeing her back on the ground, he was able to take in more features of the female creature, as he noticed the dark gray fingerless gloves that covered her clawed fingers, or what he assumed were fingers, with one half of the yin-yang symbol sewn into them, the yin part to be exact. However, while all of this was interesting to the male that was still watching the fight between the two, one thought was going through his mind: Why did she look relieved when she saw him?

"What are you doing here, Kitsune?" the robed figure asked as the smoke cleared, showing that the barrage of energy didn't faze him in the least, nor did the attempted physical attacks either. Ark noticed that the kitsune wasn't surprised that her attacks failed and turned to face him. Ark was about to say something to the kitsune before he noticed that Sasami was tugging on his arm.

"Aniki, what's going on?" she asked as both she and Kitomi were broken free of the trance they were in. All they remembered before this happened was them getting up on the roof then this mysterious robed figure showed up and stared all three of them in the eyes. His dark-green eyes frightened the girls, making them feel so cold and lonely…as if nothing could change the desolate feelings they were sensing, causing Ark to turn around and look at them.

"Are you two okay?" He asked, glad that whatever happened to them was broken. Seeing them nod in response to his question, he then asked what happened to cause them to black out like that in the first place.

"We're not entirely sure what happened but…that robed freak over there seemed to have paralyzed us just by staring at us," Sasami responded as a thought came to both girls: Why wasn't Ark affected?

"I hate repeating myself Kitsune. What are you doing here?" he asked as Ark watched the battle going on, rooted to the spot as the vixen dodged several attempts of the man attacking her. Whereas the robed freak had power on his side, the vixen had speed. Ark wondered if the two knew each other somehow and had just used those lights as a warning for him to stop. However, that thought seemed wrong…especially since she hadn't tried harming Ark or the girls when she had the chance to do so with those bolts of hers, whatever they were.

'Ugh…what's going on here? None of this makes sense at all…' Ark thought, and while he wanted to leave, he was unable to look away due to how powerful these two beings were.

"Poor little kitsune, you think you can take me on? You're just a rookie while I am a mega,"
the robed figure said as he batted one of her attacks away as if it were an annoying insect. Soon, dark fire wrapped around his hands as he started speaking, "you think those little sparklers will be enough to even leave a mark on me? Here are some real fireworks kitsune. Evil Inferno!" The robed figure shouted as a wave of black fire shot towards the kitsune.

The kitsune jumped out of the way, using another one of her Star Shower attacks as she spoke for the first time since she arrived. "Areku! Get yourself and the girls out of here! I'll hold him off for as long as I can!" She shouted as she landed on the edge of the rooftop, the smoke from her fireballs just starting to clear. Ark was about to say something but was beat to the punch as the flying demon in front of them spoke.

"Not so fast," the robed figured said as two devil/bat-like wings appeared from the back of his robe and extended to their full length. Areku guessed that the length of said wings were about twenty meters from the tip of one wing to the other. Before Ark or the two girls with him could move, he started flapping those malicious looking wings. "Evil Flapping!" He said as the wings started beating faster and faster. Strong winds started emitting from them. The wind was so strong that the protective railings on the roof flew off. However, the three students and one kitsune weren't moving from their spots, causing the robed figure to growl lightly as he beat his wings faster. The kitsune grunted as she dug her claws into the cement of the roof while the other three were gripping onto the overhang of the roof. Although with the strengthening of the winds, both Kitomi and Sasami felt their grips starting to slip and when they tried to readjust so as to get a better grip, they both lost their holdings.

"Areku/Aniki!" both shouted in alarm as they both started going upwards due to the wind before they started to fall back towards Earth and to their demise, but they were both surprised when a pair of arms wrapped around them. "What are you doing?!" They both shouted at Areku once they noticed that he let go on purpose so as to catch them. The two girls closed their eyes so as to not see the impending doom that was coming towards them; they also did not see Ark's bracelet glow a bright white as two angelic wings appeared behind him…

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