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Naruto decided he was going to take a walk around the woods to get his mind of what happened at the academy.


'Where are you guys going?!' Naruto shouted at three kids his age. 'Away from you! We were only your friend to get food anyway!' Replied the leader of the trio. They then ran of laughing. Naruto stopped running right now he needed to be alone.

Today Naruto is wearing his black t-shirt with the ukumaki clan symbol on it and baggy green shorts. He was on his normal walk just outside the village when in a small clearing he saw a man meditating Naruto could feel his powerful aura so hid behind a tree and watched the strange man. However as soon as he was hidden he felt a blade at his neck.

"Ahhh!" He screamed. The person behind him said "who are you? What do you want? And why is there an evil aura coming from inside you?" ( in this story Naruto found out about the nine tails when he was 3) Naruto breathed and stated as calmly as possible "Uzumaki Naruto I am 5 a Hidden leaf resident and I don't want anything the evil aura you said about is my friend". The man was intreagred so sheathed his sword.

"Uzumaki Emorim" the man said putting out his had for naruto to shake. "Uzumaki?" A astounded naruto questioned shaking this mans hand. "Yes it's surprised me too". "Y...You can'..t be a ukumaki! I'm the only one left!". "How do you know this, boy?". "The hokage told me that before the ukumaki clan was destroyed my mum moved here then the rest of the clan was destroyed in the war then I was born both my parents died protecting me". "Hmmm I see... Boy what was your mothers name?". "Uzumaki... Kushina".

Emori stood straighter and said to Naruto "Would you like me to train you". Over joyed Naruto agreed. They started to walk to the hokages office when Emori enquired "So who's your friend you know the one thats in your tummy?" "Well." Naruto replied "since you are going to be teaching me... The nine tailed fox kurma". If Emori was surprised he didn't show it. "Anyway I answered your question, so whats bad about my mum being called Kushina?". "Well that was my sisters name so basically... I'm probably your uncle".

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