*In the hokages office*

"Well this is a very interesting matter" the hokage stated. "Yes it is isn't it" Emori said after telling him thau he wants to teach Naruto for a while he's not sure exactly how long they will be before returning in at least two years and why he wants to.

*later at ichi raku ramen*

"So Naruto are you all packed and ready". "Yup" Naruto stated slurping his forth bowl of ramen. "Good good I'm going to teach you everything you need to know so by the time you're twelve you'll be chunnin level at least plus we're going to find you a meito". "Whats a meito?" " a famous or good quality sword but thats only after your kenjutsu training". "Alright then lets go" Naruto said after paying for his ramen and thanking the old uman.

As the two were walking to the gates Emori noticed a lot of people were whispering about and pointing at him and the boy. 'Must be kurma' but people were even pulling their children closer towards themselves. Mean while Naruto had noticed that Emori noticed the villagers whispering and pointing, again.

"Hey kid" Emori said breaking the silence. "Yeah old man". "One I am Not old and two can I ask you a couple questions?" "Sure". Naruto was grinning his famous smile no one had ever taken interest in him before "As long as I can ask you some". "Alright I'll go first, do you hate this village and it's people?" "No although they hate me for who I am I can not and will not ever return the hatred. Ok my turn, seeing as the Uzumakis are a clan does that make you clan head?" "Well technically yes but when you are at the right age you will be the clan head, ok my turn Do you miss or hate your parents?". "I have never known love of a parent so I can't say I miss them but I don't hate them they died saving me saving this village. My turn did my mum know about you?". "Now thats a sad and long story, ok put simply we were separated as children because she was bought here to be the nine tails container" Emori grit his teeth as he said that. "Ok kid seeing as you don't have your parents, Do you have any precious people, and are you sad to leave them?". "A few, most people hate me, yes I am sad to leave them but I will be strong enough to protect them in a few years" By now they had already the village gate and were about to tree hop away when...

"Uzumaki where do you think your going?" "I'm going training with my uncle" Naruto stated as if it were the most obvious thing ever. " What are you talking about? You don't have an uncle! " The guard snapped back . "Yeah I do found out yesterday he's the guy behind me with the killing intent." Naruto grinned. "You shouldn't presume that people are lying guard-san, Yes we only found out about each other this morning but it doesn't give you the right to accuse him without any proof". By now the guard was very intimidated by this 'un-known' man.

Fortunately for him a curtain one eyed ninja poofed next to him in the nick of time. "Message for you from the hokage: Uzumaki Naruto and Uzumaki Emori shall be let leave the village" kakashi stated in monotone. The guard sighed "Alright then, go". "Whoop," Naruto cheered " Come on old man". Naruto ran out the gate Emori in toe.

To be continued...

Character Bio - Emori

Name : Emori Uzumaki

Age: 28

Height: 6 3"

Outfit: Black ninja sandals, black long sleeved under shirt, white short sleeved t-shirt with red clan spiral ,baggy black jeans and red fingerless gloves with metal plates on the back.

Ninja Rank: Jounin

Clan rank: Clan head until Naruto is ready

Specialisation: Kenjutsu, sealing and clones

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