Maddie's POV:

"Maddie! Maddie, I don't think that you're even listening to me," Mackenzie whined as she sat on my bed, rambling on and on as I comb through my hair.

I gazed at her reflection in the mirror as I said, "Mackenzie, not to be at all rude, but I'm not really listening to you. At least not enough to know every little word that you're saying." I turned around in my chair, and the look on her face was priceless.

"You may say that you're not being rude, but quite frankly, you are. You know what mom would say about this," she stated, rising up from the foot of the bed, and crossing her arms.

"Mackenzie, one, it was a joke. Two, please don't bring mom into this. Please," I firmly said to her, tears clinging to my eyes.

"Okay, fine. Anyways," she started, plopping back to where she was sitting previously, "what are you wearing to dinner tonight?"

"This," I said, pointing down at my simple green drees, with a pink satin bow tied just below the bodice.

Mackenzie looked as if I was saying the most insensible phrase in the world. "You're kidding, right?"

"No, I'm wearing this dress, and my hair will be as it normally is. Why?"

"Maddie, this is the Titanic. You are not wearing that to your first class dinner," Mackenzie stated, shaking her head, apparently disappointed in my sense of style.

"Well, what else am I supposed to wear?"

Immediately, Mackenzie rushed to my suitcase packed with clothes, and sorted through them, shaking her head at most of them, and setting aside the fanciest gowns that I own.

"Mackenzie, no, I'm not going to wear those to dinner."

"Whatever, just be prepared for humiliation," she said as she exited my room, and entered hers.

I shook my head one last time, and smiled as I sat back down at my vanity. As I run my comb through my light brown locks, I stared into the mirror, and recalled what my mother looked like. Beautiful blonde hair, brown eyes, and a heartwarming smile, so radiant and glorious, that the whole world could admire her. I closed my eyes, and shuddered, and then I continued on with getting ready.

After some time of waiting for my over-the-top sister to emerge from her room, I became impatient, and decided to walk out on the top deck, rather than just sit here, and do absolutely nothing. So, I knocked on her door, and I explained what I was doing through the oak, and she yelled "Okay!", and I went on my way.

The walk up to the deck required going up one of the most beautiful set of stairs that I've ever laid my eyes on; the Grand Staircase. I marveled at the beautifully crafted handrails, and the gorgeous clock that sat at the top of the stairs. I reached my hand out, and I ran it around the edge of the face of the clock. The wood felt like silk, it was so smooth. I finally snapped myself out of this trance that the beauty of the clock held me in. I did have seven other days to marvel in its magnificence, so I headed up another way-less-spectacular flight of stairs, and before I knew it, the wind was whipping at my face, pushing my hair behind me.

I sat down on a bench near the rail, and stared out into the mass of blue before me. And after a few minutes, someone sat next to me, and when I looked over at him, I noticed that he was very handsome, with olive skin, and chocolate brown hair that was cut just perfectly.

"Hi," he said, his voice radiating through the space between us.


He lets out a small laugh, and reached out his hand. "I'm James Milton, riding third class."

I accepted his hand gracefully, and before I introduced myself, I stole a glance down at what he was wearing, and it was very shabby indeed. "I'm Madison Ziegler, but I usually go by Maddie." I smiled at him, and before I could say one last thing, Mackenzie tapped my shoulder, and I said to him, "Meet me here tomorrow at eleven?"

He nodded, and I go on with Mackenzie. In the few words that we shared, I felt electricity spark within them. I knew that I was technically not supposed to talk to him, but who could stop me?

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