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Maddie's POV:

I try my best not to act completely dumbfounded as I confront James about his sudden appearance. "What the hell are you doing here?" I whisper into his ear.

"Well, after you left, that lady who was in the pool when we left, Twila I think was her name, anyways, she asked for my name, and more about you and me."

For just a split second, I forgot about the dilemma with James, and I just felt pure happiness that there was an actual him and I. But then I was brought back into the reality of the situation, and I kept my voice as quiet as possible as I said, "What are you even going to tell her? I mean you are riding third class, and you're here, outside the first class dining hall. James, what are you doing?"

"I don't know, Maddie, I just want so badly to be with you." Tears begin to form on the surface of his eyes, and before they can drip down onto his cheeks, I press my lips against his, savoring the taste of him.

As I inch away slowly from him, I keep my arm on the nape of his neck as I whisper, "James, I love you."

I get lost in the whirlwind of colors in his eyes, as I hear him reply just softly enough for me to hear, "I love you, too."

Before we can escape into each other once more, Twila McDermott comes up behind James and says in the most irritating tone, "Fancy seeing you two again!"

"And I you, Twila," I murmur, clearly annoyed by her sudden entrance.

James just nods in her direction.

"What table do you normally sit at, James? Maybe you can join us this evening," Twila says.

"Yeah, that'd be spectacular," he replied, a smidge of fear in his voice. His hand slowly reached for mine, and I grabbed it, calming the shakiness in his voice.

"Alright then. I'll tell them to set an extra place; what's your full name?"

Instantly, all the color is drained from his face.

As soon as he started to stammer a reply, I jumped in for him and said, "I don't think you'll need it. Just tell them to set an extra place."

"Oh. Alright, then." And with that, Twila walked away.

I waited a minute before saying, "James, I hate to say it, but they are going to find out."

All he said before we strolled into the dining hall, "I know, but I need to try."