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Irey shook, standing in the center of the room as shadows danced around her. Voices whispered to her, taunted her, the shadows tugged at her hair and clothes until one pushed her to the ground. When she looked up one of the shadows had materialised into a man. He was wearing a yellow version of her father's suit, a black circle witha red lightning bolt and glowing red eyes in seemingly hollow sockets.

" Time's up little girl. Speed can't save you now." His cackles rattled the room and the shadows closed in on her, showing her horrible images of her family and friends, all dying in some painful way and then showing her twin brother Jai with a bloody knife and a sickening smirk, his eyes the same as Zoom's.

" Look what you made me do, Irey."

Irey shot up in her bed, screaming. Her heart was practically trying to get out of her chest, thundering against her ribcage and she panted, tears falling from her eyes.

She could hear feet outside her door and Damian busted in, looking as though he'd ran from the top floor where he dwelled. Lian, Mar'l, Nell and Milagro were the next to appear.

" Irey what is it? What happened, we heard you scream." Nell asked, stepping up beside Damian.

" She's fine." The team leader turned to the girls, " I'll deal with it."

" Irey's obviously not fine." Lian snapped back at him, gesturing to Her speedster friend who was sitting on her bed furiously wiping away tears.

" It's okay Lian." Irey choked out, " It was just a nightmare. Go back to your rooms I'm sorry I woke you all."

Milagro was the first one to retreat back to her bed, " get some sleep Chica."

Mar'i put a hand on Damian's arm before nodding to Irey and mouthing somthing, her and Nell followed Milagro back down the hall. Lian gave Damian one last dagger fillef look before turning away aswell.

Damian swiftly closed the door and made his way over to her bed, clambering under the blankets and pulling her into his lap, nuzzling her hair. " Are you alright?"

Irey nodded her head, lying through her teeth, " yeah, I am. I'm just being stupid."

" -tt- You are not stupid. And I know you are lying I can feel you shaking in my arms." He rubbed her back, " Tell me Iris."

Irey broke down and ended up telling him everything that happened in the dream and he held her the entire time until she calmed down.

" can you stay?" She whispered after a while, " I don't want to be alone again."

Damian pressed a finger under her chin, tilting it upwards and settling his lips against hers in a chaste but loving fashion. Irey responded by sitting up in his lap, pushing him down by the shoulders onto her mattress. The kissing continued and Damian flipped them over, kissing her in a way that made her grip the sheets and become breathless when he pulled back.

" I love you, Damian.." She mumbled against his neck.

" I love you too, Iris." He rolled off of her, but held her waist as she curled into his chest and the two heroes fell asleep.

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