Long Time Coming

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Damian always knew having a child with Iris would be difficult. With her connection to the speedforce, her body wasn't really the best to carry a child. She'd need to consume more food than she already did to support the baby and there was also the issue if she'd be able to concieve at all due to her accelerated aging.

They hoped for the best. Damian took every chance he got after patrol to be with her, even after months and months of planning and trying there was still no result. Irey grew more depressed with each negative pregnancy test she ended up staring at. Damian reasured her every time that if it was meant to happen it would.

It was the night of their third wedding anniversary and Damian had taken Irey out to dinner at a new restaraunt. The pair came home late, Irey bouncing up and down on her tip toes, since she was wearing flats, and peppering Damian's face with kisses. Eventually the young man gave up and grabbed her around the waist, holding her light weight form to him, to give her a proper kiss. Irey in turn tangled her fingers in his black hair and scratched her manicured nails gently along his scalp. Damian walked forward, dropping Irey onto the couch.

" Dami, this is no way to treat a lady. Don't I at least deserve special treatment on our actually bed and not the leather couch?" Irey questioned with a grin.

" I suppose not, Beloved. But, " he paused and leaned over her, a hand on the middle of the couch and the other on the arm rest, " ...It could be fun."

She booped his nose and Damian made a face, the almost stern and grouchy hero, disappearing. " Bed. Now, please." Irey pleaded.

Damian rolled his eyes and picked her up once agian, this time bridal style, "So demanding, Mrs Wayne."

" I did say please, you know." She curled and uncurled her toes as Damian walked up the stairs

" Yes, of course you did."

" I did!"

" I know, I heard you the first time, Iris." He smiled, turning his head to look at her once at the top of the stairs.

" You're tone was sarcastic." She nuzzeled his chest and Damian kissed her hair, dipping through the doorway into their dark bedroom. The covers of their bed still lay strewn from the morning so messing up the bed wouldn't be a problem. He dropped the red head onto the bed and set about getting himself undressed. Irey giggled and suggested a stip tease and Damian shot back that he practised his burlesque routine, which made her laugh more. After he was just in his boxers he took care of her clothing and made a pile on the floor. Irey pulled him under the covers gently and kissed him. Damian lifted up the covers and hauled them over their heads, laughter following.


" Damian?"

" Yes, Iris?"

" Are you dissapointed in me?"

Damian sat up and looked at her quizically, " Why the hell would I be?"

" But...I can't give you a baby." She placed her hands on her stomach and tried to imagine a bump, " You want a baby, but it hasn't happened yet and I'm scared that it'll never happen. Y'know..." She paused.

" I'd give up my powers if I could just have one."

Damian stroked her cheek and pulled her to him, " I love you, Iris. I used to think that getting an heir was all that mattered, to win my mother's approval. You changed my mind. I only need you in reality. A baby would be a great thing, but if nothing happens, then nothing happens."

Irey snuggled into his chest, " I love you too. It's just...everyone else seems to be having kids by now; they're rubbing my face in it. Unintentionally, of course. Doesn't stop me going green with envy."

" We can always adopt a child," Damian suggested, didn't have to be a baby, just someone they could love and give a home to.

Irey smiled at the idea, " I'd like that...even if we get pregnant naturally, it could be an option for a sibling." Damain hummed in agreement, eyes falling closed.


Damian was alarmed when he got home from work to hear retching from the bathroom, " Iris?" He rushed up the stairs and stood in the doorway, pushing it open to reveal his wife gripping the toilet bowl. " Beloved..." He set his briefcase down and kneeled behind her, taking her hair in his hands and rubbing her back. She groaned and sobbed dispite his reasuring touches.

" Damian...I think it worked." She whispered.

" What worked? Wait- are you-?" He spied the plastic test on the bunker and nabbed it. It was positive and even one of those tests that told you how far along in the pregnancy you were. It read 4 weeks and Damian balked. " The symptoms are just showing themselves now?"

" I think so, it's weird. I was sitting reading and I just really needed to be sick so I ran to the bathroom." Irey shrugged in her position.

" How long ago was this?" He put the test back on the bunker.

" About two hours ago, I was too scared to leave the bathroom..."

Damain sat down, his knees getting sore from the tile and the fact that he and Iris might actually get what they wanted. " I can't belive you're pregnant. We have to tell your parents and my Father and Richard- God, He'll freak out."

" I know. My Dad'll have a heart attack. I'll need to phone them."

" Hey Mom. How are you?...Good, me too...uh well I have some good news but first I need to ask you something...Okay what do you want to be called, Grandma or Grammy?"

Damian heard Linda's ' Oh my god!' Loud and clear over the phone.

" I know, me and Damian were caught off guard...yeah sure put Dad on."

Irey explained the same thing to her father and Irey laughed turning to Damian and mouthing ' He's crying.'

" No...We haven't told anyone but you so far. Don't mention anything to Jai, I want to tell him." She twirred her hair between her finger, " Right. Love you, bye." She put the phone down and squeeled.

" Oh my god, we're having a baby!" Irey bounded into Damain's arms and the man held onto her and swayed gently.


After months of goodwishes, name picking, room painting, prenatal classes and ultrasounds. Irey finally went into labour.

Damian ran around like a headless chicken, whilst Alfred helped carry the over night bag to the car and allowed Irey to lead on him.

Damian finally got himself together enough to get Irey into the car and drive to the hospital. Irey called her family and told them where to meet her. Wally told her he would pass the message on to Dick and Roy.

Damian gave her glances now and then and wanted to offer his hand but needed to work the gear stick. Irey cried out in pain when a particularly strong contraction hit.

" Breathe, Iris, just breathe." He moved his hand to pat her knee, eyes on the road, " Remember what Stephanie told you." He instructed.

" Damian it- it hur-hurts." She sobbed, knowing full well that this wasn't the worst of it. " Are we even anywhere near the hospital?"

" Just a bit to go, I promise."


" Push! Push Irey!"

" I ca-can't! It's too much, I can't do it."

" Yes you can, we've gotten this far you can't quit now." Damian brushed her hair out of her eyes and kissed her forehead. " One more big push, Beloved. It'll be worth it." He squeezed her hand.

" Okay, last push Mrs Wayne."

Irey screamed and fell back against the pillows, the baby's cries filling the room.

" It's a boy."