Title: Bonds of Time III: Age of Consent
Book 3 in the Bonds of Time Saga. Bond-Mates Harry and Ginny Potter thought the worst was over when they emerged victorious after the Battle of Little Hangleton. How very wrong they were. Now they have to deal with the Soul-Bond's True Power. Unpredictable, surprising consequences arise due to their Bond. To make it worse, an old enemy appears and turns everything upside down for Harry, Ginny and their friends.

Rating: M
Warnings: Book 5-7 Changes, Time-Travel, Soul-Bond, Character Death; Graphic Violence, Mature Sexual Themes Involving Minors; Other individual warnings labeled with each chapter

Ships: Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Sirius Black/Amelia Bones, Remus/Tonks, Neville/Luna, Draco/Astoria, Dobby/OC (Melina), Bill/Fleur, George/Angelina, etc.

Disclaimer: J.K Rowling owns the characters and the world of Harry Potter. I do not. I just like to play in her sandbox. No copyright infringement intended.

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Chapter 1
Spies, Lies and Stolen Kisses

June 25th, 1995

The scenery of lush, green hills and forest passed by at high speeds as the Hogwarts Express continued its journey toward London, taking students home after the end of term. Most of the students were currently napping. It had been a rather late night the previous evening for many of them. The Gryffindor Common Room had been the scene of an end-of-term party, and many of the students hadn't gone to bed until nearly two in the morning. So it was probably a common occurrence on the train, that these Gryffindors were catching up on some sleep during the long train ride home.

In the Marauder's Carriage, six of those students were asleep. Harry Potter, one of two who were wide awake in the carriage, was staring out the window at the passing scenery. Next to him was the love of his life, Ginny Potter, though most of the world knew her as Ginny Weasley. This would soon change in a few months time. Her head was in his lap, and occasionally Harry would mindlessly brush her hair with his hand.

At the far end of the carriage, Harry's best friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger were also asleep, nestled close together On the other end, Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood were also asleep. Across from Harry, Astoria Greengrass was curled up in a ball, also asleep. Next to her, Draco Black was the only other one awake. He was currently reading a book, the occasional turning of a page was the only sound coming from his direction.

Harry's mind ventured to the events of the last few weeks of term. After the funerals of Professors Albus Dumbledore and Severus Snape, the atmosphere of the school, and the students and teachers inside it had slowly recovered from the grim mood that had settled. Even the victorious defeat of Voldemort in the Battle of Little Hangleton could not lift the spirits after the loss of two of the Professors.

The last month and a half of term had gone rather fast-paced however, as the Professors prepared the students for the end-of-term exams. Harry, as a Triwizard Champion, was exempt from the exams, but that hadn't stopped him from doing his best in the lessons.

The new Potions Master, Horace Slughorn, who had replaced the late Severus Snape, had used Snape's curriculum for the remainder of the term, but assured the students that he would have his own curriculum next term. Slughorn was a big hit already. At first most students thought he would be just like Snape, favoring the Slytherins and taking points away from every other student. But instead of favoring all of the students, he had quickly favored a handful of students from every house. He didn't even try to hide it. It was obvious he was already trying to pick out the group for his famed Slug Club in the next term.

Harry wasn't surprised that Slughorn had favored him right away during the first Potions lesson the man had taught. He was, of course, the Triwizard Champion, and the vanquisher of Voldemort. However Slughorn was quite polite about it, and didn't ask any questions about the recent events ending with the Battle of Little Hangleton. Harry knew this would probably change by the time September came around. Slughorn was sure to talk all about it. And he would have new ammunition, of course, once the news of the summer's events would reach his ears.

Harry smiled at this thought, though he also couldn't ignore the nerves running through him. It was sure to be a very exciting summer, ending with his own wedding to his Bond-mate, soul-mate, and the love of his life, who was currently sleeping peacefully with her head in his lap. However, the wedding and the honeymoon that followed was only the final piece. He had quite a few plans, some of which he wasn't exactly ready for, others he had looked forward to for quite a while.

As these thoughts crossed his mind, he realized something he needed to do. He and Ginny had discussed this very thing a few nights before before falling asleep together in Harry's four-poster bed in the Gryffindor dormitory. Now seemed like the best time to bring it up.

"Hey, Draco?" he asked, looking at his platinum blonde-haired friend.

"Hmm?" Draco asked, still looking at his book.

"What are your plans for this summer?" Harry asked.

Draco put down his book and adopted a thoughtful look. "Well, Mother wrote to me earlier this week and told me that we're no longer required to live under the protection of the safe-house, now that Malfoy is dead."

It was odd to hear Draco talk so easily about the death of the man who was his father, though he hadn't considered the man such a relation for well over the past year.

"She's been looking for a new house," Draco said, "though she mentioned she wanted a house that was a lot smaller than Malfoy or Black Manor. So I suppose my summer is going to consist of house-hunting and possibly eventually moving. It'll be nice to get out of that house. It had a rather depressing atmosphere to it. Why do you ask?"

"Well," Harry said, "I have a couple of big events I am planning by the time summer ends, and I wish to invite you and Astoria to both. However, I cannot exactly reveal the latter plan without what happens in the first, or you would be very confused."

"I'm afraid I'm already confused, mate," Draco said, a smirk crossing his lips.

"Well, it is tough to sum it up in words, I suppose," Harry said, with a shrug of his shoulders, "Let's just say Ginny and I have been keeping some secrets from some important people to us. Including you and Astoria."

Draco raised an eyebrow. "What kind of secrets?"

"Big ones," Harry said, "And as you are both friends of ours, you deserve to hear them. However, we only wish to explain it once. We are planning on holding a event sometime before my birthday at the Burrow. I assume you remember the Burrow?"

"Yeah," Draco said. "Alright, I'm in, if I am not busy. Can't speak for Astoria, of course, but I'm sure she'd agree. Send me a letter when you figure everything out and I'll see what I can do."

"Deal," Harry said.

The possibility that Draco and Astoria would be present when Harry and Ginny revealed their deepest secret to Ginny's family didn't help Harry's nerves very much. Harry had a few plans how to reveal it, and if it went exactly how he thought it might, Draco would surely find out exactly what type of person he might have been had things gone different for him. He didn't know how the boy would react to his alternate's self dark history. Sure, the Draco Malfoy Harry had known had redeemed himself somewhat at the end of the war, and the years that followed, but he was still quite a pompous arse before then.

Draco returned to his reading, and Harry stared out the window again as these thoughts invaded his mind.

That was very nice of you, Harry, she said.

Harry raised an eyebrow, and looked down at Ginny. Apparently she was feigning sleeping at the moment.

Exactly how long have you been awake? he asked.

Long enough to hear your conversation with Draco, Ginny said, Your thoughts are very loud sometimes, did you know that?

I believe you have mentioned that before.

Ginny yawned rather loudly, making a show of waking up, and sat up next to Harry.

"Mmm, how close are we to London?" Ginny asked.

"A few hours still," Harry said, "The snack lady should be making her rounds soon."

Across from them, Astoria stirred and woke up.

"Good timing," Draco said, as he put down his book, "I was just thinking of going to find the snack lady. And perhaps stop to visit our fellow Slytherins."

"What are you up to, Draco?" Ginny asked.

"We're still playing our roles of spies," Draco said. "With a little luck, perhaps we can eavesdrop on some of the Death Eater spawn and see if they've heard anything about a possible incident this summer."

As much as Harry wanted to tell Draco it was best if he didn't do this, he knew that it might be a fruitful plan. If there was a chance to stop the inevitable attacks by Death Eaters before they started, then this was a nice start.

"Be careful," he warned the Slytherin, "You're not exactly going to be welcome company."

"I know what I am doing, believe me," Draco said, "Though if we're not back in an hour, you might want to send a search party. Come on, Astoria."

The pair of Slytherins stood and exited the compartment. The slight noise they gave off opening and shutting the door, woke all of Harry and Ginny's friends from their slumber.

"Whozair?" Ron mumbled as he straightened up in his seat. "Hermione?"

"I'm right here, love," Hermione said, before yawning.

"That was Draco and Astoria leaving," Harry said, "Sorry, I should have told them to be more quiet."

"It is okay," Luna said, "It was a very nice nap. Thank you for being a pillow, Neville."

Neville blushed and smiled. "Anytime."

"Has the snack lady been by?" Ron asked, as he rubbed a hand on his belly, "I'm hungry. Breakfast seems like hours ago."

Ginny lifted Harry's arm up so she could see the wrist-watch she had given him for Christmas.

"It was hours ago," she said, "It is going on three-o-clock, already. We'll be in London in a few hours."

"I'm sure the cart will be by soon," Harry said, before reclaiming his arm and wrapping it around Ginny's midriff, bringing her closer to him.

"Someone distract me then," Ron said, "So the time goes by quicker."

"If everything goes well," Harry said, "Draco and Astoria are going to be part of the conversation when Ginny and reveal the secret of our time-travel to your family."

Ron raised his eyebrows. "Are you sure that is a good idea, mate?"

"Sure," Harry sad, "They're our friends."

"Well," Ron said, "Alright."

The expression on Ron's face told Harry that his best mate still didn't completely trust Draco. Harry couldn't blame him for that. He could understand Ron's prejudices.

"So you're going through with it then?" Hermione asked.

"We basically have to, don't we?" Ginny asked, "If we don't explain to them that Harry and I aren't exactly as young as we look, they may not support our wedding plans."

"That will be an interesting conversation," Neville said. "Are you ready for it?"

"We have to be, Neville," Harry said, smiling.

"When are you planning on having the discussion?" Hermione asked.

"As soon as possible," Harry said, "So it will give everyone enough time to prepare for the wedding. Why?"

"I'd like to be there to support you," Hermione said, "But next Saturday, I'm going on holiday with my parents for two weeks."

"We'll try to schedule it at a point where you're here then," Harry said.

"Thanks," Hermione said, with a smile. "I'll try to work something with my parents and see what we can do. Yet another thing I have to do. I'm also planning on introducing Ron to my parents. As my boyfriend I mean."

Ron spluttered. "Wait a tick! When did I agree to that?"

"This morning," Hermione said, "I told you my plans, and you said 'yeah, that sounds good'. Remember?"

"This morning?" Ron echoed, "When? Before breakfast? Because I was still trying to wake up. I must not have heard you correctly."

"That's your fault for staying up so late," Hermione said.

"It was the end-of-the-year Gryffindor party, Hermione!" Ron said, "I was having too much fun. You should have stayed up longer and joined me."

"I was up long enough, thank you," Hermione said, then frowned. "Ron, you do want to meet my parents as my boyfriend, don't you?"

Ron cleared his throat. "Of course I do. But does it have to be today? We have all summer!"

"Well," Hermione said, "I'm sure you'll want to see me off before I go on holiday, yes?"

"Yeah, of course," Ron said.

"Well, if you can come over on Friday," Hermione said, "we could have a date in Oxfordshire, and we can tell my parents then."

"Well, alright," Ron said. "I'll see what Mum says. I'm sure she'll allow it."

"Good," Hermione said; she smiled and kissed his cheek, causing him to blush as red as his hair. She then gasped and turned back to her friends. "Hey, I just remembered! Didn't Sirius and Remus say we could start our Animagus training this summer?"

"Yeah," Harry said. "While you're away on holiday, we'll figure out a schedule so we can get together and start training."

"Alright," Hermione said, grinning, "I'm so excited!"

"Blimey," Ginny said, "Animagus training on top of wedding preparations and figuring out how to tell the rest of my family about our secret. Going to be a rather busy summer, huh?"

"Yeah," Harry said; he turned to Neville and Luna. "What about you, Neville? Are you going to go through with the training? I know you originally had some doubts when we first discussed it a couple years ago."

"Well," Neville said; he frowned and looked at Luna, "What do you think, Luna? I am sure Remus and Sirius will let you join us."

"I've always wanted to change into an animal," Luna said, "I will join if you do, Neville."

Neville smiled. "Alright. I'm in."

"Me too," Luna said, "I wonder what I'll be."

"Maybe you'll be a Snorcack," Ron said.

"Perhaps," Luna said. "I would be happy if I was some kind of bird, however. I always wanted to fly without a broom."

"How long do you think it will take before we complete the training?" Neville asked.

"When the Marauders did it, took them about two years," Harry said, "However, they were doing it on their own, in secret, and with no adult assistance. We'll have Remus and Sirius helping us. II wouldn't be surprised if we're Animagi by next summer. But we'd have to put in a lot of work. That means studying and training during breaks at Hogwarts."

"But next year is our OWL exams!" Hermione said.

"I know," Harry said, "I'm sure we can come up with some kind of schedule to allow both as well as whatever else we'll have to deal with."

"Don't forget Quidditch!" Ron said, "That is returning next year, yes?"

"Yeah," Ginny said, then whistled, "Well, there goes any chance of it being a boring year."

"Oh, now you believe me," Harry said, with a smirk.

Ginny tapped him on the nose. Hush you, prat.

Harry's smirk turned into a grin. Ginny rolled her eyes and relaxed against him. As his friends continued their own conversations, waiting for the snack cart to come by, Harry stared out the window again, losing himself in thoughts about what the future would bring. as the scenery continued to pass by.


"Draco," Astoria said, "I'm starting to think that maybe Harry was right. Maybe this isn't a good idea. We may not be welcome company with the Slytherins right now. I mean, we're friends of Harry Potter, the boy who took down V-Voldemort."

Draco and Astoria were currently traveling toward the portion of the Hogwarts Express usually reserved for the Slytherins. Draco couldn't blame his betrothed for feeling the way she did. He too was a little unsure of what he was about to do.

During the majority of his past two terms at Hogwarts, he had slept, as well as did most of his homework in one of the guest rooms of Hogwarts, instead of the Slytherin boy's dormitory. He had rarely been with his house-mates, except for classes, and the occasional meal-time when he wasn't sitting with Harry and his friends at Gryffindor table.

He knew this was going to be tricky. His fellow Slytherin year-mates, even Crabbe and Goyle, weren't stupid enough to ignore the fact that Draco and Astoria had been friendly with Harry Potter. Ever since Harry had defeated Voldemort, many of the Slytherins, especially those Junior Death Eaters, and children of Death Eaters – which were usually the same thing – had acted toward and spoken quite ill of Harry Potter. Though they had been careful about it. Everyone else around Hogwarts still praised Harry occasionally when they saw him for his victory over Voldemort. It had become quite easy to tell who didn't support Harry Potter, though most of the Professors and students didn't seem to catch it. Draco and Astoria had however.

And now they were about to walk into a dangerous section of the snake-pit.

Draco swallowed back the fear that had come with these thoughts. "I know what I am doing, Astoria. However, you need to promise me one thing."

"Alright," Astoria said.

"Whatever you hear me say in there," Draco said "Do not contradict me. If our house-mates find out we're spying on them, it might get dangerous."

Astoria looked fearful. She frowned and nodded. "Alright. I promise."

Draco smiled and clutched Astoria's hand fondly to reassure her. But it was also to reassure him of his plan as well. Because he wasn't exactly sure it would work.

As they approached the usual Slytherin section of the train, Draco saw the snack lady traveling with her cart along the corridor. Draco smiled as a plan formed in his mind. He bought a few items from the cart, and soon found his destination: Vincent Crabbe, Gregory Goyle and Millicent Bulstrode were sitting in a carriage. Draco tapped on the glass, and the three Slytherins looked up at him. He could tell already from the looks on their faces that they weren't sure they wanted to talk to him.

He showed them the handful of sweets and snacks he had bought from the cart.

"I come bearing gifts," he said.

Predictably, Crabbe's eyes widened in delight and he stood up and opened the door. Draco and Astoria walked in and sat down next to Crabbe. Draco set down a few of the snacks, and Crabbe and Goyle both took a few.

"What are you doing in here, Draco?" Millicent asked, "I thought you were hanging with Potter."

"Yeah," Goyle said, as he opened up a Cauldron Cake package; Draco was surprised he could talk and unwrap a snack package at the same time, "Everyone knows you're friends with Potter and his gang."

"Well, then everyone is wrong, Gregory," Draco said.

"What is that supposed to mean?" Millicent asked.

"Let's just say," Draco said, "I've been spying on Potter and his friends for a long time. It became quite fruitful after the Third Task."

"You mean when – when the Dark Lord died," Crabbe said.

"Exactly," Draco said, "Do the three of you really believe that a fourteen-year old kid could defeat someone as powerful as the Dark Lord?"

"He's the reason the Dark Lord was gone all those years, Draco," Millicent said.

"Yeah," Goyle said, "You saw what he did against that dragon. That fourteen-year old kid did better against the dragon then three seventeen year olds could do."

"And it was against the most dangerous dragon out there," Crabbe said.

"And he won the Triwizard Tournament," Millicent said, "when everyone thought he'd get killed in the first task."

"Isn't it quite strange though?" Draco asked, "How could a boy that young win against three more stronger wizards?"

"They weren't that strong," Crabbe scoffed. "Delacour's a pansy, and Diggory is more talk than fight. I could beat him up if he wasn't always surrounded by his friends."

"And if the rumors are to be believed," Millicent said, "Krum wasn't really Krum. He was one of the Dark Lord's followers."

"I see what Draco means," Astoria said, "Barty Crouch, Junior – he was posing as Krum, right? He must have helped Har – ahem – Potter somehow in the tournament. He wanted Potter in that cemetery. The Triwizard Cup was a Portkey. He wanted Potter to grab it first."

"Exactly," Draco said, quite proud of Astoria for doing her part.

"So what are you saying, Draco?" Millicent asked, "Potter didn't defeat the Dark Lord? A bunch of Aurors saw him do it, Draco. Potter's own Godfather, Sirius Black saw him -"

"Exactly!" Draco said, "Black's like a father to Potter. He'd say anything."

"I don't know why any of this matters," Goyle said, frowning, "The Dark Lord is dead, along with a few of his followers. My father, Vincent's father, both were lucky to get away. Your father, Draco -" Draco winced at the term he had hated for so long – "Snape killed your father."

"Yeah," Crabbe said, "And if rumors are true, Potter is responsible for -"

Crabbe was interrupted by someone clearing their throat. Draco looked up and saw Theodore Nott standing there, the sliding door of the carriage wide open.

"Hello, Nott," Draco greeted.

"Looks like I walked in on quite the discussion," Nott said; he walked into the carriage, shut the door behind him and sat down next to Millicent. "Please, Crabbe, continue."

Crabbe looked down at his half-eaten Cauldron Cake and shook his head.

"Say what you were going to say," Nott said. "Or should I say it? Potter is responsible for killing my father!"

The carriage became very quiet as Nott narrowed his eyes, looking around at everyone. Nott then looked directly at Draco.

"It is funny, Draco," Nott said, "Over the past few weeks, I haven't exactly seen you too torn up about your father's death."

"He kidnapped me, Nott," Draco said.

"Kidnapped?" Nott scoffed, "Sounds to me like he was doing it for your own good."

"He kidnapped me," Draco repeated, "He took me from Durmstrang, and kept me in a house hidden in a forest for months, and he didn't allow me to leave. I wasn't willingly there."

"And that gives you the right to not have to mourn your father?" Nott asked. "You wouldn't exist if it wasn't for him."

"You don't know what he did to me," Draco said, "None of you do. I am glad that bastard's dead!"

Millicent gasped, and Crabbe and Goyle froze in the middle of eating their snacks. Nott scoffed and shook his head.

"If he could hear you right now," Nott said.

"He'd kill me, right?" Draco asked, "Exactly. Because after he was arrested, I was nothing to him. Just a means of getting him back to power."

Astoria squeezed Draco's hand, and he looked at her. She looked rather fearful. He then realized what she must be thinking. His role as a spy was breaking apart right now thanks to his emotions toward Malfoy. He had to do something now.

"Do you really want to know why I hate him?" he asked Nott, "It isn't because he kidnapped me. No. Potter told me -"

"Yeah?" Nott challenged, "What did he tell you? You're sure chummed up with Potter and his gang. Quite friendly with the boy who defeated the Dark Lord."

"He told me that my father was killed on the Dark Lord's orders," Draco said, "Because he didn't choose to look for the Dark Lord. He betrayed the Dark Lord. That is why he's dead. So no, I'm not going to mourn him. I'm going to hate him."

Nott's steely expression quickly became soft. "I see. I didn't know that, Draco. If my father betrayed the Dark Lord, I'd hate him too."

"Your father died fighting for the Dark Lord," Draco said, "You should be proud."

"Yeah," Nott said, "Thanks, Draco."

Draco relaxed for the first time since entering the carriage. It seemed his ploy had worked. He was back exactly where he needed to be. Now, he needed information.

"So," he said, opening up a Cauldron Cake package, "What are your plans for this summer?"

(Harry – an hour later)

Harry and Ginny were walking along the corridors of the train, approaching the Slytherin carriages. It had been over an hour since Draco and Astoria had left their carriage, and the pair hadn't returned from their own adventure into the Slytherin carriage. The Bond-mates had left their own carriage fifteen minutes prior, after having their fill of the snacks Harry had bought for his friends from the snack cart.

Soon they found their destination. What they found surprised them. Inside a carriage, Draco and Astoria were talking to Crabbe, Goyle, Nott and Millicent Bulstrode. They all seemed to be having friendly conversations. Draco was even playing wizard's chess against Goyle. Nott looked up in time to see Harry and Ginny standing there. He narrowed his eyes, stood up and opened the sliding door.

"What do you want, Potter?" he snarled, "Don't you know this is dangerous territory for you?"

"You win, Gregory," Draco said, knocking over his own King, "I'll take care of this, Theo. Stay here, Astoria."

Draco stood and brushed past Nott, and walked out of the carriage. He shut the door behind him, then turned to Harry and Ginny.

"Follow my lead," he whispered, then took his wand from his robes, and said loudly, "Go away, Potter. You heard Nott. You're not welcome here."

Back up, Ginny, Harry said, I think he wants us out of hearing range from the Slytherins.

Harry pulled Ginny away from the Slytherin carriages. Draco followed him.

"What are you doing here?" Draco asked, when they were a few yards away.

"You told us to send a search party," Harry said.

"We're fine," Draco said. "You could have messed up everything showing your face. They believe I am still one of them."

"Have you learned anything?" Ginny asked.

"Yeah," Draco said, "Goyle is a bad chess player."

"You know what I mean," Ginny growled.

"Ease up, ginger," Draco said, "I know what you mean. No, I haven't learned anything. If Crabbe and Goyle's fathers are up to something with the other Death Eaters, they haven't heard anything about it."

"Alright," Harry said. "Are you going to join us back in our carriage?"

"No," Draco said, "I need them to think I hate you for taking down... Voldemort. That I was just faking being your friend."

"Alright," Harry said, "How long are you going to keep that up?"

"As long as it takes," Draco said. "I'll be by later to get my things."

"Are you still keeping your plans we discussed earlier?" Harry asked.

"Yeah, sure," Draco said, "Write to me when you figure out your plans. You better go before they get suspicious."

"Yeah," Harry said, "See you."

Draco nodded, turned and headed back to the Slytherin carriage. Harry and Ginny turned and started back toward their own.

I hope he knows what he is doing, Ginny said, He's back in the middle of the snake-pit.

He'll be alright as long as he keeps up appearances, Harry said.

Yeah, but for how long? Everyone of those Slytherins knows he's been hanging out with us.

If he's smart, he'll make them believe he was spying on us. Making us believe he was being friendly because I saved his life when Nott attacked him.

There's another point! Nott was not entirely friendly to him this past year.

Well, they seem to be on good terms now. Give him some credit, Ginny. I'm sure he knows what he's doing.

Yeah, alright. I just hope we don't regret this.

Harry nodded. He had to agree with that.

Half-way on their journey back to their own carriage, Harry stopped Ginny as he found someone else he needed to talk to. Or rather, two people. Fred and George were sitting in a carriage with Angelina Johnson and Lee Jordan. Harry tapped on the window, alerting the four older Gryffindors. Fred stood and opened the sliding door.

"Can we speak to you and George for a moment?" Harry asked.

Fred nodded and he and George left the carriage and shut the door behind them.

"What can we do for you lovebirds?" George asked.

Harry reached into his robes, and removed a large money bag: his prize winnings from the Triwizard Tournament.

"I'd been meaning to do this for weeks now," Harry said, as he thrust the bag into Fred's hand "But never got around to it. Take it."

"Harry," Fred said, "This – this is your Triwizard winnings! There must be -"

"A thousand Galleons," Harry said, with a nod, "Take it. I don't need it. I have loads of gold."

"Are you sure, mate?" George asked, as he stared at the bag.

"Just do it, idiots," Ginny said, "If you don't take it, he's liable to throw it all down a toilet."

"This is your starting money for your joke shop," Harry said. "Use it wisely."

"I don't know what to say," George said.

"I do," Fred said, "Thanks, mate."

"Just do me a favor," Harry said, "Don't let your Mum find out."

"Deal," Fred and George said in unison.

"One more favor," Ginny said, "Be sure to finish your schooling. Take your NEWTS even if you don't need them."

"Er... sure, sis," George said.

"Yeah, why wouldn't we?" Fred asked.

Harry and Ginny exchanged looks, as they shared a grin.

"Just making sure," Ginny said.

Fred and George thanked Harry again, before they made their way back into their carriage.

You know, Harry, Ginny said, as the pair started off through the corridors once again, We could have used that money for a honeymoon.

Fred and George need it more, Harry said. Besides, I already know what we're doing for our honeymoon. And before you ask, no, I'm not going to tell you. I'm keeping this behind lock and key.

For a moment, Harry thought Ginny might be angry at this. To his relief, she only smiled and gripped his hand fondly.

I'll allow it, Ginny said, If it is anything as good as our last honeymoon then I'm sure it will be perfect.

Harry smiled as he thought back to their last honeymoon. He had surprised Ginny with a seven-day cruise on a luxury ship before spending two weeks touring several locations along the Atlantic Coast of the United States.

Well, he said, It won't be as grand as our last honeymoon. But we'll be together and alone for a week.

As I said, Ginny said, with a smile, it will be perfect.

Harry returned the smile. Ginny pulled him against her and kissed him soundly on the mouth. He passionately returned her kiss, gently pushing her against the window of the corridor.

Feisty aren't we, Mr. Potter? Ginny asked, as she deepened the kiss.

You started it.

Ginny growled playfully as she backed away. Just wait until August until I can show you how feisty I am.

I look forward to it.

Ginny smiled, and pecked him on the lips once again. Before he could return the kiss, she took his hand and they continued their journey back toward their own carriage.

And so ends the first chapter of Bonds of Time III: Age of Consent, and the beginning of what will be an eventful summer!

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