I usually have a policy never to do this in my stories – 'this' being write a Author's Note mid-story explaining WHY I am having issues with a story. But it has been a long time since my last update, and over the several months I've gotten so many requests for update. I've decided to screw my policy and do this.

The truth is, I only have a third of the chapter done.

I WANT to continue this story. Believe me, I do. It is so very popular, and I know so many love it. However, sometimes, I wish I just stopped at the end of Fighting Fate, and made an epilogue, and that was that. At the time, I had so much of a story left, and since then, I've forgotten most of my plans. But I refuse to abandon a story. People keep accusing me of abandoning this story, and that is the furthest from the truth. I want to finish it! I do! But writer's block is a pain.

Maybe some of you don't believe in writer's block. If you've never had writer's block, you aren't a writer. Writer's block, to me, is this. Staring at a WIP chapter, such as the one I've been sitting on, and having the creative section of my brain absolutely shut down when I stare at the chapter. I WANT to continue it. I just am not able to because of severe writer's block. But I am not going to give up.

Below this is what I have written so far in the next chapter, the first third of it.

The morning rays of sunlight broke through the window curtains of the topmost bedroom in the Burrow, and crept over Harry's face. He grumbled softly, cursing the sunlight. He turned away from the window, and searched blindly with one hand until he found his glasses. He shoved them on his face then sat up.

It was Saturday, one week after Harry and Ginny had revealed their secrets of time-travel to Ginny's family, Draco and Astoria.

Looking around, he found Ron still asleep, the cozy corner of the room in which his bed lay shaded from the windows, so the sun's rays never threatened to give him an early wake up. A loud snore emitted from Ron, and Harry snorted. He thought about waking him up, to stop the racket, but he chose not to.

In the nearly two weeks that he and Ginny had been at the Burrow, it was these few minutes in which he was usually awake before Ron that he was able to think the most, usually without Ginny overhearing his thoughts. Even then, he made a quick mental check to see if Ginny was awake or asleep. He grinned when he found her taking a shower, and concentrating on such. But he decided to ignore his temptations of using sight-share – the little anti-desire rune on his necklace helping with such. Even then, he and Ginny were going back to Potter Manor the following day, and even in the record-breaking summer heat, a relaxing bath with his Bond-mate sounded good as of late.

Ginny wasn't the only one counting how many days until their wedding now. Twenty-eight days. Four weeks exactly. Mrs. Weasley – or as he had taken to calling her, Molly instead of Mum, as she had requested, after finding such title a little awkward – was also completely looking forward to the wedding. In fact, Harry thought she was probably looking forward to it more than Ginny and himself. She seemed even more excited than the last time around. But that might have only been because she had only had a total of a little over a month to prepare for the wedding, instead of over a year like the last time around.

Harry, Ginny and Molly had spent at least three – if not many more – hours a day over the past week going over plans for the wedding. The first day they had gone over what Harry and Ginny had already planned.

At first, Molly wasn't sure about the small guest list. She was hoping to invite some of Ginny's extended family. But Harry and Ginny explained to her why that was a bad idea. First, there was the fact that they would only appear to be barely fourteen and fifteen. It was hard enough that they were going to have to deal with their peers' reactions at Hogwarts, they did not have to want to deal with extended family. Molly had reasoned that the extended family would get wind of it once the Daily Prophet did – which they surely would since he was the Boy-Who-Lived and the vanquisher of Voldemort – but they replied that it was just fine with them if the extended family knew after the wedding where they could deal with it with the post, instead of face-to-face on such an important day. After that, Molly was fine with the guest list – family members, friends, a Professor or two, and in addition, close family of the guests, or in other words, chaperones.

Molly was also agreeable with Harry and Ginny's idea of combining the wedding with Ginny's birthday, centering the event around both. She thought it was an adorable idea, especially since the theme centered more around the innocence of two supposedly young teens getting married. At one point, Molly had even used the term "innocence", and Ginny had to do her best not to snort loudly in reaction. Both Bond-mates knew that the Weasley matron was having a bit of trouble with the whole intimate part that would be happening.

When there wasn't wedding chatter, Molly was focused on welcoming her first grandchild to the Burrow. Charlie had agreed to bring Hope to the Burrow on Saturday, one week after the revelations from Harry and Ginny. Charlie had made his mother promise not to make it too much of a big event. He said Hope was rather shy, and meeting new people might upset her. So Molly had agreed not to make it such a big deal. Charlie and Hope would arrive in the early afternoon, and there would be a mid-afternoon meal with the family. Molly had even invited Sirius, Amelia, their twins, Susan, and Remus and Tonks over. Charlie wasn't sure about this at first, since it was a bigger crowd then he expected, but he gave in when Molly said they would soon be Ginny's extended family. Harry had been in the vicinity during that discussion, and it made him feel a bit tingly inside when Molly had said this.

It had been a week since he and Ginny had revealed their secrets of time-travel to Ginny's family, and Draco and Astoria. For the first couple of days after the "family meeting", it had been rather awkward around the Burrow. All of the Weasleys, aside from Ron, were now having to get accustomed to the fact that Harry and Ginny were – well, to put it in odd terms – different than they had expected. Oh, they never used terms like "different", even to the point of assuring Harry and Ginny that everyone saw them just the same as they always had. But Harry knew this was not exactly true. Still, there hadn't been any additional questions from any of the Weasleys concerning what they had seen in the Pensieve. Harry and Ginny were quite relieved at that.

Draco had been a bit quiet after his discussion with Harry and Ginny involving what he had seen in the Pensieve. Harry had wondered how the boy's summer had gone so far, and what he was doing. But he hadn't been able to find out. So Harry had written him a letter. In the reply letter, he said he and his mother were looking for a flat to move into. He also said he was making progress with the events that had taken place on the Hogwarts Express, but said he couldn't say much about it. Harry had invited him and Astoria to his birthday party, as well as the wedding, so he figured he'd get more information then. How much could happen in a few weeks anyway?

Harry? Ginny asked, Are you awake?

Yes, love, Harry said with a smile, I am about to get dressed

Put on something nice. We're meeting our niece today, if you have forgotten.

I have not forgotten, dear.

Good. Is Ron awake? Hermione wants to know.

I'll wake him up.

Alright. She also says to tell him to dress in his best as well.

'Kay. Did you have a nice shower?

I should have known you were watching me.

Only for a moment. I'll be happy when we go back to Potter Manor tomorrow.

Me too. See you soon.


Harry closed his mind-link partially so he could still feel Ginny if she need anything, then proceeded to get dressed into his nicest shirt and jeans. He put on his trainers, and kicked the end of Ron's bed.

"Whozair?" Ron mumbled, sleepily, "Hermione?"

"You wish," Harry said, "Ginny says your better half wanted to know if you were awake."

"I'm awake, yeah," Ron said, blinking his eyes open.

"Ginny also said Hermione wants you to dress in your best today," Harry said.

"Huh?" Ron muttered, "Why?"

"Hope is coming," Harry said, "Remember?"

"Hope?" Ron muttered, "Oh, right. Sure – yeah – in my best."

"I'm going to go downstairs," Harry said. "Don't go back to sleep or I'll have Hermione come in and wake you up." Harry paused, realizing this might not have been much of a threat. "And I'll tell her to bring a bucket of water."

"Git," Ron said, with a smile, "Remind me when I am getting my room back to myself?"

"Tomorrow," Harry said, "Though I do believe Sirius is going to finally ask for permission from your Mum to let you begin Animagus training. So, who knows? You may be spending some days over at my place."

"That'll be brilliant," Ron said, then he sat up straight, and looked panicked. "Wait... Sirius needs Mum's permission so I can begin?"

Harry nodded. "Amelia's making him do it. So you better find a way to chum up to your mother today. You know... help her with lunch or something."

"Yeah, probably a good idea," Ron said, nodding. "Alright. Tell Hermione I'll be down in a bit. Or better yet, tell her to come up... without a bucket of water."

Harry made a face of disgust. "I've seen you and her snog more than I want to lately."

"You won't be in here to see it!" Ron said, grinning.

Harry sighed and shook his head. He threw his pillow at Ron, then hurried out of the room before Ron could retaliate more than just a loud "GIT!" Harry chuckled and hurried downstairs. As he reached the landing near Ginny's bedroom, Hermione walked out from the bedroom. She smiled when she saw him, then looked at him questioningly.

"Ron's awake," Harry said.

"Thanks, Harry," Hermione said, "Ginny's already downstairs. Or did you already know that?"

Harry only smiled. Hermione rolled her eyes, chuckled and walked up the stairs. Harry made his way down the rest of the stairs and into the kitchen.

That's it. That's what I've got. It is a third of the usual length of chapters I post. I've been staring at it off and on for a long time, hoping to go back to it. I think I wrote most of this chapter a few days after I uploaded the last chapter. Then I had inspiration for other stories, wrote those, hoping to go back to this, and I never could.

I could simply write a summary of the story to give you an ending, and be done with it all. But I don't want to do that, because of all the great support and reviews I've had in the past for this series. I want to continue it. I can't say that enough. But if you want me to give you a summary of my ideas instead of waiting for... what could be another year... for me to continue this story, I'd be happy to do it.

I'm sure when some of you read this (especially those of you who were excited to see a new update, that turned out to be this and was disappointed!) you'll be asking yourself - or me - what's the point of writing this then, if it isn't a new chapter. I did this because it is the only way to tell each and everyone of you what the status is of this story, something I'm sure all of you wanted the answer for.

I can't say it enough. I am thankful for all the reviews, comments, criticisms, and love that this series got.

Thank you.