Alex looked around at his former hideout. Everything lay where he left it, the plans to destroy the man he thought had killed his father, when all along, it had been his father's plan all along to discredit Superman. He picked up one of the plans and looked at it to see what diabolical plan he had come up with. It turned out to be the blueprint for the christmas tree attack in Trafalgar Square. In disgust, he tore the paper in half and screwed it up tight in a ball, throwing it at the wall in frustration.

"Temper, temper," a voice said coming from the shadows. Alex jumped as he realised someone was in the room with him.

"Who are you, what do you want?"

The voice moved out into the light where Alex could get a better look at him.

"Hello, my name is the Doctor," the voice said holding out his hand.

"Doctor who?"

"That is a good question and one I won't be answering today."

"What do you want?"

"To say well done. You have been fantastic in helping Jason, Wally and Ben defeat your father's plans, despite the fact you had originally wanted to, how to put it nicely, destroy them."

"How do you know about that?"

"I see and know everything. I know what has been, what is and what must and is to come. I have helped those three before and now it is time I helped you."

"You are making no sense."

"I hardly ever do. You have a bright future ahead of you and I want to help you achieve the goals that I know you can and will."

The Doctor moved forward and produced a small box and a rolled up tube and placed them on the table.

"What are those," Alex asked worryingly.

"They are a little present for you. Ben, Wally and Jason have all had this, but you get a little extra. Open the box first and look inside. It is perfectly safe."

Alex moved over and lifted the lid up. He peered inside and got a little shock. The box was bigger on the inside, it was huge.

"How have you done that, am I dreaming?" he asked amazed at the massive space in a tiny box.

"It is a little science from my home planet," the Doctor said.

"Wait, you're an alien?"

"Yes, does that worry you?"

"But you look human."

"No, you look Time Lord. That is the name of my race. I won't get into that now, it is a long story."

"So what is this box for?"

"It is a portable lab to allow you to do your experiments and keep them top secret. Here you will need this."

The Doctor reached over and handed Alex another small device.

"This will help you disguise the box as an ordinary one, but also allow you to gain easier access to it. Place the box on the floor and press the top button."

Alex followed the instructions and as soon as he pushed the button, the box expanded rapidly to form a doorway that from a side view, seemed to lead to nowhere. He looked through into a room larger than the one he was standing in now.

"Go through, it is perfectly safe," the Doctor said.

Alex looked at the doorway hesitantly, but decided to trust the mysterious Doctor and walked through. He entered into this new room and was amazed at the detail and thought gone into producing the perfect laboratory for his needs. It contained all the latest kit and much more he didn't recognise to allow him to build the best gadgets needed by the four of them.

"This is just amazing," Alex said in awe of what was around him. "Why are you giving this to me?"

"Because you have demonstrated that you are capable of using this equipment to help your friends and work against the evils of this world and beyond. I have saved this planet countless times and I grow older every day. With the increase of villains, it is becoming impossible to be in two places at once. I can't cross my own time stream, so need people to help me continue the good work of saving earth and its people."

"What do you mean by crossing your own time stream?"

"I travel through time, hence I am called a Time Lord."

"How is that possible?"

"That is a story for another time. Now over here there is a clever bit of machinery that I got installed for you. It is a symbiotic costume maker. Basically the suits worn by Ben, Wally and Jason all are organically grown and developed by this machine. Why don't you try and make one for your self. Press the screen to say you want one suit and then press enter. It will develop a blank suit which when you put it on, will change and develop into a suit just for you with your specific needs catered to."

Alex pressed the screen as instructed and the machine whirred into life. Within about a minute, there was a small ding, and the machine went silent. A flashing light appeared half way down the front side and then a draw began to open. When it had opened fully, Alex peered inside and saw a neatly folded pile of black material. He reached in and lifted it out.

"There you go, that is the base suit. Put that on and it will automatically convert itself to match the needs of the wearer. It will also pick a design that best reflects the powers or lack of powers of the wearer."

"That sounds cool," Alex said.

"Try it on," the Doctor said encouragingly.

"How, I don't see a zip?" Alex asked as he unfolded the suit and looked all around.

"Use your thoughts to create an opening, it responds to mental processes."

Alex did as he was told and the suit did as the Doctor said it would.

"I'll turn my back and you can try it on."

The Doctor turned round and waited whilst Alex stripped down and pulled the suit on. When he was finished, he coughed to let the Doctor know he was done. The Doctor turned round to see Alex wearing his new skin tight suit.

"Now what do I do, I feel so strange?"

"Think about the design of the suit you want, it will adapt to what you need and want."

Alex thought for a moment and then felt the suit adapting. It became similar to the costume he wore when he was going against his new friends. There was a skintight, long sleeved, black top, brown cargo trousers, brown boots and a white lab coat over the top. A set of goggles also appeared on his face, to try and hide his identity a little.

"Know that looks and feels better doesn't it?" the Doctor asked.

"Yeah, it's great. Thanks."

"I also see that you have bigger pockets in your lab coat."

Alex looked down at his coat and put his arm in the pocket. He kept putting it in, until the pocket was up to his shoulder.

"Bigger on the inside, more Time Lord technology."

"What can I say, but thank you." Alex told the Doctor.

"It is no bother, you deserve it. Just go forward in all you beliefs and prove to me that I was not mistaken in mind to give you these gifts."

"I will show you and everyone that I can be trusted. I hate what I did and I want it never to happen again."

"Trust me Alex, what you did was nowhere near as bad as what I have done in my long life. When you have lived 2000 years and wiped out your own people from the face of the universe, then you can really complain to me. But now I must go. This is the first and last time we shall meet. I am no longer able to influence the time stream that the four of you are involved in, I have fiddled to much. Good luck, I know you will all be brilliant."

With that, the Doctor turned and walked out of the hideout, leaving Alex alone once more. Alex could now see the time for regretting was over and now it was time to go and help save the world.

That is the end of the story. I hope you enjoyed reading it. Jason, Wally, Ben and Alex return in New Justice, go over abd take a look.