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Chapter 1


"He´s not breathing!"'

Levy. Who´s not breathing?

"He´s gone…"

Why is Porlyusica here?

"No! I won´t accept that!"

"LAXUS! Please, stop it!"

Mirajane, why are you crying? Why are they all crying?

"Just realize he´s gone, you idiot!"

"He can´t be gone!"

Erza… Natsu…

Fragments of memories, like broken shards from a mirror flickered by.

"Come with me for a moment."

Erza, what´s going on?

"Do you see how things are now? It can´t stay like this. Restore it back, Natsu, Lucy."


That was her own voice, whimpering in sorrow.

"You can do it."






Lucy opened her eyes with a gasp. She sat up and looked around her. Where was she?

She then recognized the fabric under her hands. She used to feel it all the time before… before…

Her head pounded. The room was to dark, she couldn´t see. She rubbed her eyes.


Lucy flung the cover of her body and went to the window, pulling the curtain aside.

Why does this feel wrong? Why does it feel as if this isn´t what I´m supposed to see when I look out my window?

A picture flashed by her eyes, but she couldn´t really catch it. A canal or something.

She suddenly felt dizzy and gripped the cupboard hard, so hard her knuckles whitened. What´s going on?

Lucy shook her head, trying to clear her thoughts.

"I had a dream", she said to herself. "And there were people in the dream. People I don´t remember. They were sad. It was a sad dream. But it was a dream. And I´m home, I´m in my house, in my room that I´ve lived in since I was a child."

And Lucy left the window on slightly shaking legs, leaving the view of the Heartifilia estate grounds behind her.

"Lucy-sama, you´re up already?" ms. Spetto asked when Lucy stepped out of her room.

"Yes, I just woke up but I´m completely rested, so don´t worry."

Ms. Spetto nodded. "Breakfast is already served, your father is eating at the moment."

"And Mama?" Lucy asked concerned. "Has she eaten anything today?"

Ms. Spetto nodded, seemingly happy. "Layla-sama has been eating much better lately, and she´s been more energetic too, I think Lucy-sama has noticed that too. I have faith in her recovery."

Lucy smiled, feeling relieved. "That´s terrific, ms. Spetto! I´ve noticed it too, but I haven´t really dared to get my hopes up. But if you believe so too, then I think Mama will be fully recovered soon."

Ms. Spetto smiled. "Would you like me to make sure your breakfast is prepared when you come down?"

Lucy nodded with a smile. "Yes please, ms. Spetto. I´ll just go and check on Mama."

Ms. Spetto nodded and the two of them headed in different directions.

The Heartfilia Manor was huge, but Lucy knew the place as good as she knew the back of her hand. After all, she had been living and growing up there for all her life. So finding the room where her mother was resting wasn´t hard at all.

Usually her parents shared their bedroom, as most parents that lived together did. But a time back now, Layla had fallen sick and thus she got a room where she could rest in peace all the time. The doctors advised her to sleep as much as she could, eat regularly and keeping her windows closed, lying in bed all the day if it was possible.

But for Layla, it wasn´t possible. And she was a little rebellious, so she often went out to the garden as soon as she had energy. But not without help, of course. Lucy always helped her, or one of the servants that kept checking up on her. No matter what the doctors said, it was healthy with fresh air, Layla claimed and that was the only argument that had been able to make them let her out of her room. Layla often kept her window open as well, but not a window close to her bed and she was always under layers of cloth so she wouldn´t be cold.

As always, Layla had more light into the room than the doctors would have recommended, since her window was open. But it was the window furthest away from the bed, and there were several windows closer to the bed. In the corner of the room, the corner closest to the bed but not to close, and furthest away from all the window, was a fireplace with a little fire burning. It would probably die out in an hour, but Lucy would feed it if her mother was going to stay in her room when Lucy left later. Heavy, burgundy curtains were hanging by the windows, but only three of the curtains was pulled away from the window, letting light into the room. Other than the fireplace and the bed there was only two more pieces of furniture – one big book case and a table with two matching chairs which could easily be moved so they were next to the bed. Whenever Lucy´s father visited Layla, he sat in one of those chairs, holding her hand gently.

Lucy knew this since she once had seen him sitting like that with her mother when she was about to ask her something. But she knew that her father still sat like that, still gazed at her mother with his eyes filled with love and concern, just like they did the time she had seen him. Her father was a very kind and loving man, despite the fact that she didn´t really see him that much since he had to work a lot.

"How are you feeling today, Mama?"

Layla chuckled. "You ask me that every day, dear, and I always say the same, don´t I? I´m better than ever."

Lucy smiled and walked to her mother´s bed before she sat down on the bedside.

"You do, but I´m still a little worried."

Layla smiled sweetly, and Lucy thought as always that she was just as beautiful as always.

"I´m your mother and you´re my daughter. You´re not supposed to worry about me."

Lucy smiled back. "I know you think so."

"But you disagree?"

"No, but I think I´m allowed to worry about you, Mama."

Layla chuckled again. "Of course you are. But it´s not necessary. I´m a tough one. I won´t fall yet. I will soar like a fairy", she said and blinked.

Soar like a fairy…

Suddenly, a picture flashed in front of Lucy´s eyes. It was a news-paper headline: The fairies who soared, despite all odds!

Lucy was brought back the next moment.

"Will you help me outside, Lucy? It´s so beautiful now. I´m longing till I can gardening again."

"Of course, Mama. I´ll eat outside with you."

Ms. Spetto was waiting outside the room, as if prepared for the two women that headed out.

"Layla-sama, Lucy-sama", she bowed slightly, showing her respect to Layla.

"Ms. Spetto", Layla said and smiled at the old lady. That lady had been taking care of Layla since a long time back and Lucy had known her for as long as she could remember. "Would it be a problem if Lucy eat with me in the garden?"

"Not at all", ms. Spetto said as she smiled. She and Lucy´s gaze met and ms. Spetto nodded almost unnoticeable at Lucy´s silent request. "It´ll be out in a couple of minutes, just you wait outside."

Lucy smiled in thanks towards ms. Spetto before the small woman left and then Lucy led her mother down the stairs and out to the garden.

"Where should we sit, Mama?"

Layla was silent for a moment, looking as if she was thinking about it even though they both knew where they were supposed to go.

"How about… under the Sakura-tree?"

"That´s an excellent idea, Mama", Lucy answered and they laughed a little as they walked over to the tree.

The Sakura-tree had always been their place, for as long as Lucy could remember. Layla always took her there whenever they spent time together, whether she was teaching Lucy to read or just playing with her. There was a bench there now, that hadn´t been there back in the days, before Layla gotten sick. Close by was a fountain with a roaring lion and a mermaid who was pouring water from a vase. Layla had a long time ago explained to Lucy that it was from the constellations, the lion and the water bearer. Layla had always been interested in the constellations and told Lucy everything about them. Lucy was just as fascinated as her mother when it came to the constellations and she had read every book she could get her hands on about them. She knew just as much as her mother did, maybe even more.

Lucy lead Layla to the bench and the two of them sat down. Layla breathed in deep. "Do you feel this? The fresh air? That´s a sign that summer is coming", Layla said as she smiled, her eyes still closed.

"Lucy-sama, here´s your breakfast. Enjoy."

"Thank you so much, ms. Spetto", Lucy said smiling as ms. Spetto rolled the cart to in front of the two women.

"Oh, that looks delicious!" Layla said with a smile. She then took a piece of Lucy´s fruit and as Lucy gave her a look, her mother smiled sheepishly. "I was just going to taste."

Lucy shook her head with a smile, allowing her mother to take as much as she wanted. After all, she had requested to ms. Spetto that she would add some extra so her mother could take too.

"Ah, I almost forgot!" ms. Spetto said and dug in her pockets. She then held out a letter towards Lucy. "Here, this came for you."

"Thank you, ms. Spetto", Lucy said and the older woman nodded before she bowed and left.

"What is it?" Layla asked curios.

"A letter", Lucy teased her mother.

"I mean what kind of letter and you know it!" Layla said grumpily. "Who is it from?"

Lucy looked at the letter. Lucy Heartfilia, Heartfilia Manor was all that was standing on the front. She looked at the back of the letter, but there was nothing else than a wax sigil to keep it closed.

"I don´t know."

"Then open it!"

Lucy shook her head. "Nu-uh. It´s time to eat now, I´ll read it later."

And with those words, she put the letter down next to her and ate her breakfast together with her mother in peace. After finishing her breakfast, helping getting the cart back inside and telling ms. Spetto to keep an eye on her mother since she stayed in the garden, Lucy retreated to her room. When she got up there, she remembered the letter.

"I wonder who sent it?" she mumbled to herself as she stroked her name on the letter with her finger. She then turned the envelope and used a letter-knife to cut open it open. She grabbed the letter and started to read.

"Dear Luce", she started with a mumbling but that was all she said. As she continued to read, she shook her head in disbelief and threw the letter down onto her desk. Such bull-shit wasn´t anything for her to read.

Someone´s trying to be funny.

Lucy sighed and walked to her window. She opened it up and then brought her book as she sat in her stool by the windows. But she couldn´t concentrate as her gaze kept going back to the letter.

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