So when Natsu let her lips go, she kissed him again. Twirling her fingers into his surprisingly soft hair, she experienced something she had read about a thousand times but never even been close to experiencing.

Hello guys! This isn´t the epilogue, but Lindzii and TheCaptainOfShips asked for a chapter with the guild´s reactions, so that´s what I´ll give you now. I couldn´t stop myself from writing this.

"Just try it, okay? It´s fun, I promise."

"Oh, fine", Lucy sighed and as Natsu kicked the door open like he always did, Lucy screamed with all her lungs might: "WE´RE BACK!"

Closing her eyes when screaming, she had them opened in time to see the guild members reactions; Erza dropped her fork with her cake on, Gray stopped with his shirt half-taken off, Elfman jumped in surprise and grabbed the closest thing near to him which happened to be Evergreen, Evergreen then hit him so that he ended up on the floor. Mirajane dropped her tray, Lisanna stopped with her hand in mid-air and mouth open, revealing that she had been right in the middle of telling her sister something. Similar reactions were seen all over the guild, the only one who didn´t react was Levy. She seemed to be in the middle of a sentence in her book, unaware (or maybe she was simply ignoring it) of the noise around the guild. Finishing her page, Levy closed her book and looked up. If it hadn´t been a precious book, she would have dropped it, but now she was sitting frozen and staring at the couple by the door.

Natsu laughed like a maniac, fire being seen in his mouth making him look a bit like a demon. Lucy remembered having seen it before. But he didn´t look like a demon to her, and she could not help but to giggle a little as she watched him.

"Come on, Lucy", he said and pulled her along. "I´m hungry."

Lucy rolled her eyes. "You´re always hungry."

He simply shrugged as an answer. Lucy felt the whole guild stare at them as they walked towards the bar and she was starting to feel rather uncomfortable. No one moved other than them.

That was until someone in the back yelled: "Natsu´s holding hands with someone?!"

And suddenly, it was as if time started moving again. Mirajane and Lisanna squealed, Cana laughed and said something inappropriate making a lot of the guild members laugh as well, Levy stood up from her spot, coming to talk with Lucy and Erza did the same, though she seemed to be aiming for Natsu. And the two of them weren´t the only ones, more and more members circled them.

"Explain", Erza said.

"Lu-chan, what happened?"

"He went after her!" squealed one of the Strauss´.

"He caught up in her in time!" the other Strauss sister continued.

Many more comments were thrown at them, but no one was giving them a chance to answer. Natsu suddenly jumped up on the bar and then pulled up Lucy to stand next to him.

"Everybody shut up!" Surprisingly, they actually did. "Lucy´s my girlfriend so everybody – keep your hands off!"

Everyone was staring at them in shock, making Lucy blush slightly from all the attention. The silence was broken by an unexpected source, however.

Erza broke it. By squealing.

Now everyone was staring at the redhead. She, however, pretended like nothing, stepping up next to the pair and banged both their heads into her bust in an affectionate hug.


And now the congratulations were raining down. Everyone seemed to be happy for the couple. The second they stepped down, Levy hugged Lucy tightly. She hadn´t expected so much power from such a little person.

"I´m so happy for you Lucy! And this means you´re going to stay, right?"

Lucy chuckled. "Yes. I won´t leave. Ever."

"You´re a true man Natsu!" Elfman´s voice brokw off whatever Levy had been planning to reply. Lucy looked over at the big man to see him cry as he pounded Natsu in the back as a way to say congratulations. "A true man."

I´m not sure whether I´m happy or not that he still uses that expression all the time…

"Never expected you to score a girl like that, flamebrain."

"What did you say?!"

Lucy squeezed his hand and he looked over at her. She gave him a look telling him not to start a fight now, and he smiled at her as he put an arm around her, pulling her (and Levy) close to him.

"You´re right, stripper. I don´t get it either."

Lucy smiled and kissed him on the cheek. "I get it, it´s as clear as day."

Natsu raised his eyebrows but before he had a chance to say anything, squealing got in the way.

"Scoot over Levy!" Mirajane said as she hugged Lucy.

"Move, Fullbuster!" and Lisanna came on the other side, giving her best friend a hug.

"You guys better tell us everything!" they said with one mouth.

Lucy and Natsu looked at each other before they gave out a short laugh.

"Later", Natsu said.

"We have a lot of catching up to do", Lucy continued as she smiled at Natsu affectionately.

"Aye", Happy said as he dropped down on Lucy´s head. Lucy had asked Natsu about Happy when the two of them were walking back to the guild and apparently, Natsu had told Happy about everything, leading to Happy practically knowing Lucy already. "And we need fish too!"

But she knew him too. Lucy chuckled and so did most of the guild members. Reluctantly, Levy, Mirajane and Lisanna let go of their friends and the couple walked out of the guild hand in hand with the burning eyes of the guild members following them.

"Let´s go home", Natsu said as he pulled Lucy along.

"Oh no, we´re not going to your place. It´s way too messy, don´t think I´ve forgotten. We´ll pick up some fish for Happy and then go to my place."

"Your place?" Natsu asked. "Your old apartment?"

Lucy nodded and leaned closer to Natsu as she said: "With the most comfortable bed."

Natsu looked at her and she saw something she never had seen before in those onyx eyes. Suddenly Lucy realized the sexual implication in her voice and she blushed madly.

"I didn´t mean it like that!" she yelled in a high-pitched voice and flailed her arms around widely in panic.

Natsu laughed and caught her arms. He pulled her close and kissed her. Then he whispered in her ear: "I´ll remember you said that."

Lucy blushed deeper and looked down to the ground. "Just get going you pervert", she muttered and pulled him along by the hand. He just laughed.

After getting some fish for Happy, the trio headed to Lucy´s apartment. Settling the cat by the table in the kitchen with his fish, Lucy and Natsu went to sit in Lucy´s couch.

"Natsu, I just have to ask you about this", Lucy started, uncertain if she really wanted to know. "Loke?"

Natsu´s face turned a bit grim. "He never joined the guild."

"And Karen? Is she alive?"

Natsu shook his head and Lucy felt tears rise in her eyes. Natsu pulled her close.

"That doesn´t mean anything, Lucy. Maybe she never had him as a spirit."

Lucy nodded, but sobs escaped from her. Natsu rocked her gently, stroking her hair and humming calmingly. He was trying to comfort her and after a couple of minutes, her crying had stopped.

"We´ll check it out, okay?"

Lucy shook her head. "It doesn´t matter, we can´t do anything about it anyways…"

Natsu frowned and Lucy stroke away her tears. She pressed forward a smile. "Let´s talk about something else. I have to ask you about the nickname you gave me in some of your letters."

Natsu laughed sheepishly. "Oh. That. Well, I kinda… I don´t know. I thought I called you that…"

Lucy smiled at him. "I like it."


Lucy nodded. "It´s a nice nickname."

"Luce. Yeah, it is."

But the way he said it sent a shiver down her spine. He seemed so much more mature now than what she remembered him like.

"Lucy, Natsu! My fish is gone!" whining, Happy came flying into the room and landed between the two.

Lucy scratched him behind his ears. "I´ll better make us something to eat then, right?"

After the dinner, Lucy and Natsu sat on her bed telling each other about everything. They talked for hours, until they couldn´t keep their eyes open and beyond that. Being too late for Natsu and Happy to go home, they stayed the night. And being too tired to move, Natsu lied next to her in her bed as they continued to talk, until all their sentences became nonsense, being interrupted by their yawns. The last thing Lucy heard before she fell asleep was the voice of an old friend.

"He´s fine, old friend."

Lucy smiled knowing her friend was safe and snuggled closer to Natsu´s warmth.

There it is! And I got in the parts I wanted but couldn´t get in last chapter ^-^ so yes, Loke is alive if anyone wondered. The Spirit King remembered what Lucy had said in her other life. To him it´s the same life though, but it´s because the time is different in the Spirit Realm and, well, let´s face it. He´s kind of a god XD.

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