Alright, so this wasn´t supposed to be but I got a review from a guest saying that they felt like there wasn´t enough closure, and to be honest I was planning on leaving it to your imagination, but since it was requested I might as well explain. The reviewer asked about Lucy´s parents and where Gajeel and Juvia came from.

This won´t be like a chapter, I will just explain.

Jude and Layla are doing fine at the moment. Layla´s health and their economy are both stable and they´re still living in Heartfilia Konzern. Jude´s friend (the father to Lucy´s ex-fiancé Charles) lent the Heartfilias some money until their business will go well again and whenever Lucy take well-paid jobs she sends her parents some money. She used the wedding, which will be held at the Heartfilia Konzern, as a cover-up, claiming the money to be wedding money but really she just wants to repay her parents a bit.

About Gajeel and Juvia, they met Natsu, Lucy and Gray at a mission quite soon after Lucy joined. They didn´t have the best start with each other…
A while later, Phantom Lord got disbanded for breaking several rules set by the Magic Council and the two were then guild-less. Juvia suggested that they could go to Fairy Tail but Gajeel was against it, probably because of how he´s taunted their ideals and such. However, he changed his mind later and Juvia didn´t know why.

I might as well add that the epilogue took place some months after Lucy and Natsu announced their relationship to the guild.

So I hope that cleared out some questions for you guys, and if you have any more questions I´ll gladly answer them, I hope that it´s clear now and so on. If you wondered what happened after this too, then you´ll just have to leave it to your imagination ;)