Lucy sighed and walked to her window. She opened it up and then brought her book as she sat in her stool by the windows. But she couldn´t concentrate as her gaze kept going back to the letter.

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Chapter 2

Lucy gave an irritated sigh. If she wouldn´t finish reading that stupid letter, she wouldn´t be able to do anything else. She slammed her book closed and left it by the window as she rose and went to her desk. Once again, she picked up the letter and read it, her frown deepening as she did so.


Dear Luce,

You don´t remember me. Or I don´t think you do.

We don´t know each other, not in this world. Do you remember anything about what happened? Do you remember anything from our lives together? I guess you´re no mage now, because then you probably would have been by my side and I wouldn´t be writing this letter.

Should I tell you about the life you and I lived? It haven´t happened in this world because we changed the past. But at least our mission was a success.

You and I met in Hargeon, when I broke a charm spell that had been put on you. Unfortunately for me, the other girls around hadn´t and they got really mad at me when I didn´t want to accept that guy´s autograph, so they threw me away, I guess you could say.

Off topic, anyway, you came after me and bought me and my friend Happy lunch. I remember that your face was priceless when you saw how much I ate. You talked to me about joining a mage´s guild, but I didn´t really pay attention to you. Sorry.

After that we parted ways, and I hadn´t really expected to see you again. But when I went after that guy with the charm-spell since he had said to people he was me, I met you once again. I made Happy take you away from the ship so I could fight the enemies, which was stupid since I have extreme motion sickness. I don´t know how, but the ship got flushed onto land. I think you had something to do with it. And after that I beat the crap out of the guy! He would never claim to be me again.

But after that, the magic council came with rune knights, so I grabbed your wrist and dragged you with me. You wanted me to let you go, but when I told you I was going to bring you to my guild, you changed your mind.

I brought you there, and even though I fought with that stripper, I still paid attention to you, at least some. You were kind of frightened, but you fell in love with the guild soon. Even though you were so new, you still loved the guild just as much as anyone else.

We did lots of crazy stuff together. I´ll never forget our first mission – I tricked you to form a team with me and Happy and you were really pissed at me when you saw that I needed a blonde for the mission, but I pointed out to you that since promises were so important to you, you couldn´t break that promise. We stole a S-class mission once, or well, me and Happy stole it, but you joined us at the mission. And then that stripper joined too… and later even Erza… that's how our next team came to be formed, with the five of us; you, me, Happy, Erza and the stripper.

Do you remember anything from the games? They games don´t exist in this world, though. But I´ll start something like that someday. And then, maybe you´ll see me again.

I´m not the only friend you had here, but I´m the only one who remember you. Maybe because I was with you when it happened.

I´ll send more letters to your family estate. I have no idea where you are now, but if I knew, I would go after you. But I think you´ll return there one day.

Good-bye, Lucy. I wish you the best for now.


Lucy put the letter down onto her desk. Someone was joking with her. But… who would possibly come up with something like this? And who would do this to her?

But come on,

Lucy Heartfilia in a mages guild? She wasn´t a mage and she didn´t know anyone who was that either.

I´ll send more letters to your family estate.

Were more letters coming? And wasn´t there any way for her to trace the letters so she could get whoever that idiot who did this to stop, since it wasn´t funny and only wasting paper and their time.

Lucy shook her head. She needed to clear her head and to relax.

"I need a bath", she mumbled to herself and left her room to ask ms. Spetto for help with the bath tub.

As Lucy sat in her big bathtub, just relaxing and breathing in the hot steam, she felt herself calming down. She had been a bit upset over the letter, something she couldn´t quite explain, but a bath was always good for her nerves. Lucy opened her closed eyes and saw some kind of shape in the steam.

"Plue?" she said and surprised herself as she did so.

But the steam went away and she saw that it hadn´t been anything other than steam. Feeling uneasy about it, Lucy realized that the relaxing effect seemed to be gone and thus she stepped out of the bathtub.

Plue…what is a "plue"?

Lucy shook her head as she dried herself and put on her clothes again. She wondered how she was going to spend her day. She had no classes since it was weekend, but she didn´t really feel to read. She remembered the letter she got.

Hargeon, huh? I never even been there, how could anybody come up with us meeting there? Is it even a town?

Lucy decided to check it up. It probably was, because nobody would make such a mistake, even if they were joking. They would want to make it as believable as possible. Not that she believed any of it! It was ridiculous.

As Lucy had believed, it was indeed a town. It was a port town and it wasn´t very far from Lucy´s home actually. She could probably go there by train in an hour or something. Okay, more than an hour, but it wouldn´t take very long.

Maybe I should go there?

Lucy closed the book she had in her lap, the book where she had found information of Hargeon and rose. She should question her father about it, she wouldn´t want to trouble her mother about it. If her father wasn´t too busy of course. She looked at her clock. It was about lunchtime now and he always took a short break to eat by then. If she went to the dining area right now, she would be able to catch him.

"Papa!" Lucy just managed to arrive in time, since he just rose from his seat and was about to leave.

"Ah, Lucy! How are you? Have you been sleeping well? I missed you at the breakfast."

"Good day Papa", Lucy said as she went to him and hugged him. "I´m fine, I´ve slept well and I´m sorry about this morning but I ate with Mama", she let go of him so they could watch each other as she spoke. "Would it be okay if I went to Hargeon over the day?"

Her father´s eyebrows shot up higher than she´d ever seen them. "Hargeon? Why eould you want to go there?" he father asked her surprised.

"I would like to see the city, I read that it´s one of Fiore´s oldest and most beautiful cities. And I rarely leave or home, I think it would be a good experience."

Her father smiled. "That´s my daughter, always coming with good reasons to convince me. Alright, but will you bring someone with you? Bring ms. Spetto, I wouldn´t want you to be alone in a city."

Lucy nodded, a big smile on her lips. "I will, thank you so much Papa!"

She hugged him again and then left to find ms. Spetto.

"Be back in time for dinner! And change clothes, I don´t want anyone to recognize you!"

"Yes Papa!" she replied over her shoulder as she left to find ms. Spetto.

Ms. Spetto and Lucy left half an hour later when Lucy had changed into some clothes that stood put less. She had no idea where ms. Spetto had found them, however, but right now she was wearing a skirt that was a bit too short for her to feel comfortable with it, a shirt that was a bit too reveling for her taste and a pair of high heeled, knee-high boots. Her hair was down instead of up as she usually wore it, but she had a little pony-tail at the side of her head that matched her shirt.

"You look very normal", ms. Spetto said to Lucy, which made Lucy laugh.

"Thank you ms. Spetto. Now, how will we get to Hargeon?"

"By train, but we´ll take a carriage to the train station first."

Lucy nodded. "Alright."

As they went to the carriage, Lucy suddenly remembered something. "Ms. Spetto, if more letters from unknown people come to me, can you please just place it in my room? I don´t want Mama to find out about them."

Ms. Spetto looked concerned. "Of course, but may I ask why, Lucy-sama? Are you in trouble of any kind?"

Lucy shook her head. "It´s nothing like that. I believe it´s some kind of joke."

"Then would you want me to throw away the letters?"

Lucy considered it for a moment but then shook her head. "No, I want to figure out who´s behind them."

Ms. Spetto nodded. "Okay, Lucy-sama, as you wish. But let me know if you change your mind."

"Of course", Lucy smiled and then they stepped into the carriage.

As they rode with the carriage, Lucy was looking out the window the whole time, taking everything in. It wasn´t her first time riding one, and neither was it her first time leaving their grounds. But since she did it so rarely, she looked at how much had changed.

That tree was just a sprout… there was no house there… oh, the children there have grown a lot!

Lucy couldn´t hold back a small sigh as she saw it all. She couldn´t help but to feel a bit dejected as they travelled. Sometimes she wished she didn´t live so closed in. She got to see so little and she never really got to play as a child when she grew up. It wasn´t like she disliked her life. But sometimes it was a bit lonely.

Hey Luce, want to play tag?

Lucy blinked surprised as she heard a male say this. She looked around in the carriage, but she was alone in there with ms. Spetto who had fallen asleep.

What was that just now?

She shook her head and turned her gaze out the window.

"Luuuuuuusssssssssssshhhhiiiiii! Come and play with us!"

"Alright, I´m coming!"

"Lucy, Happy just went missing!"

"What?! But he was here a moment ago!"

"Yes, well were playing hide and seek, so count and then find me."

"I´ll never be able to find you."

"Just follow my scent."

"I´m not an animal, Natsu!"

Lucy woke up with a jerk and looked out the window. They were at the train-station now. But she didn´t feel as excited anymore. She just felt very lonely and empty, like something was missing.

"Ms. Spetto", Lucy said gently and shook the woman carefully. "We´re here."

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