How would he describe himself? That was a loaded question and one that he might have answer different a year ago,now he had a more clear view about who he was, still why was this teacher giving them that assignment. Anyway he should probably start writing it, maybe he should start with the obvious his name and how he actually like to be call. His nickname was a mystery to most people and part of him wanted to it to stay like that, he thought it was pretty obvious why he was call that but a little intrigue around him was funny.

So yeah who was he, well he was a dancer and an engineer in no particular order actually those things were equally him so he found it weird to try to put one above the other because he was equally both of them and the best example of it was the battle at the world jam. He danced his heart out with the rest of the pirates but he felt more represent in that battle than in others, he was there in his dancing and also in the effects the lights gave in the end.

The battle, that was an amazing moment in his life he had finally reconcile the idea of the things that he love in one perfect moment and the victory was the cherry on top. Also the battle was the start of this new beginning, ok if he was being honest with himself the battle was part of it but the new true start began a couple of days before. How many times did he saw a couple saying hello or simply some girl walking up to a guy to say hello, but this particular couple made his heart sink.

He was sitting next to a huge window reading, he would have been talking to some friends of his class but all the times he had to leave class to go to rehearsal with the pirates meant that he never talk to any of the people in his class. It was ok at the time because he was busy, but now he realize that it would be nice to have someone to talk at uni, he never had this problem before. In MSA he was part of the crew and outside of them he had Cam. Cam he really miss her.

There were a couple of guys talking near him, he wasn't sure if they were in his class but they seemed to be discussing something really interesting because one of them was doing a lot of gestures with his hands. Maybe he could talk to them, they seemed nice enough he started to watch them closely trying to make out what they were saying one of them laugh and the other one blush a little. Suddenly one of them turned and Moose follow his eyes, he saw this girl, she seemed nice, walking up to the guys and the one that blush said his goodbyes to the other and move to greet the girl.

Any plan to go talk to the guy flew out of his head, he focus his eyes on following the couple that walk away holding hands was the first time he felt like he had to do something because he felt empty, the amount of things that left himself feeling hollow was to much to bare. Anyone would have thought that he first thought was to go find Luke and do something to start dancing again, but he wasn't complete or maybe he wasn't brave enough to do it without someone telling him that he matter.

Cam again appear in his mind, he was part of him and he was sure that he was part of her, but how big of a part? He knew he wasn't going to able to move on without her and as he started walking towards her door rom he hoped she felt the same about him. Hours later he found himself looking at his mirror, for the first time in a while really wanting to look good, he was Moose a secure guy in many aspects but now he needed to look good not only in his eyes but in her eyes. He sighed and walk out of his dorm not wanting to be late for they date, was it a date? maybe he should called it appointment just to give it the importance that it had.

Earlier that day he had walk to her dorm just to found a rather annoyed Kirstin who obviously wasn't happy about him being there. After talking to her for a while he finally convince her that was just there to made up with Cam and that he didn't have any intentions on hurting her anymore. Finally Kirstin agree to tell Cam to meet him near some cafe that they used to frequent of course he had no idea where it was because he was never with them anymore but he goggle it and was pretty sure that he was going to be able to get there at time.

The second he turned into the street he saw her, she was beautiful which was strange for him to say, not that he didn't think she was pretty because he wasn't blind of course, Cam was pretty but that was never the first thing that came to his mind when he saw her. He stand as tall as he could and started walking towards her.

He should've brought flowers, wait what? flowers? what was he thinking about? He finally reach her and spoke with this heart, after they made up he felt secure again and went to find Luke and the rest of the pirates. The rehearsals meant that he spend more time with her, he love how in tune she was with the rest of the pirates and even though she made it very clear that she wouldn't be joining the pirates she still seemed to fit them perfectly. After the battle he saw how excited she was about the win, he could see her glowing and when they hug he felt a little warm spreading over himself.

Every time he thought about it the scene play in his mind, he lay on the floor of the battle before jumping up to celebrate with the rest of the pirates and then he hug her, he hug her and his entire world change. It was like suddenly someone turned the switch on in his mind and all the light only show her, Camille. He managed to get the university to accept his double major, of course she was there to celebrate with him and later when they went to said goodbye to Luke and Nat he saw how happy and in love they were and he couldn't take it, he had to do it, he kissed Cam.

Once again things in his life started changing at a rapid pace, they went back to the pirate house and he wasn't sure about what to do or how to act, if he was true to his feelings he would put his arm around her shoulder and kiss her. It had been a little kiss but he was dying to do it again, he try to read her expression to see if she would be ok with that. Cam was dancing in the middle of the speaker room with Monster and Cable no doubt they were talking about MSA and what were they doing now and they seemed to be having a great time, he focus his eyes on her to see if he could make her turn around.

He saw her turning around while still talking to the guys, she smile and nod his way, ok the smile is a point for him but the nod? The conversation about feelings is going to have to wait because as brave as Cam makes Moose feel he doesn't feel that brave right now. He walks her home that day and ponders if he should go for the good night kiss but before he can think about it the door is opening and Kirstin is telling Cam to come inside because she has so much to tell her, he waves goodbye and Moose really hates Kirstin right now.

A week pass by and neither of them brings the subject into any conversation, Moose ponders why is so hard to talk about it, they talk about everything. He worries about what Cam feels for him and then wish that he could act a little more like a boy and go for it and Cam could just, nah forget it she is perfect. If this wasn't about Cam he is sure he already had an answer he would just text Cam and she would tell him what to do.

He actually thought about texting, he went as far as writing the text but thankfully he send it to Andie instead. The response was a mix of jokes, told you so's and finally a simple tell her or I will because you two are perfect. He was pump about it so the next morning he woke up early and went to find Cam in her dorm, he knock and a sleepy Cam appear just then he notice it was barely 6am. She seemed confused and worry, she was adorable he would think she would be mad at him because it was way to early but no, she seemed worry.

Before he lost his nerves he lean and kiss her, just slowly and tender at first but later when he felt her responding he try to depend the kiss but she stop him. His heart sink, god this was the end of there friendship maybe he could tell here that he was drunk and he didn't know what he was doing.

"Sorry morning breath" she said before smiling and then he was flying high "don't care" was the only thing he said before he leaned again to kiss her while she put her arms around his neck. Yeah that had being a perfect beginning for their relationship, he came in and they kiss and cuddle for a while and he thank Kirstin for staying quiet and leaving them alone as soon as she could. From that moment on they've been together, he is actually planning to ask her to move outside the dorms next year but he doesn't like to pressure her. He loves her and she has help him discover more of himself by loving and accepting him just as he is and he is grateful about it.

" Five minutes left guys" What? He looked at his clock, oh no, he had being daydreaming the entire hour. Actually if he had to complain about something it was the amount of time he daydream since they were together, sure he love his reality but when he wasn't with her he tent to daydream about her or they're latest kiss..ok it was almost always the kissing.

"Ok just give me your papers before you leave, see you next week". again? he daydream about daydreaming, he was going to get in so much trouble for this,ok he decided to write a quick sentence before giving his paper to the professor.

My name is Robert Alexander the third, but I am Moose. I'm a dancer and an engineer who finally found his other half, so things are good.

He was definitely going to fail but at least he was honest and above all a petite brunette was waiting for him outside and there was no way he was making her wait a second.