Tattoos. I love them. I have been obsessing about them since I saw the most of my favorite drummers and singers have them when I was a teenager I even save for one but I end up buying some really expensive sneakers. Still as the years past the idea of having one almost disappear I couldn't see myself having something permanently in my arm.

Sure when the My little pony episode happened Cam and Kirsten bought Adam and me temporary tattoos of our pony of choice. Adam didn't use his but I did put mine on sure nobody ever got to see it because I put it on my chest and at the point Cam and I weren't in the best terms of our relationship but the idea of having a tattoo grew on me again.

One day while waiting for Cam at the cafeteria I saw a couple of guys that were in one of my labs talking very enthusiastically about something, I made my way to them just as one of them raised his shirt and show the other a tattoo from a Grimm Reaper on his back. "Dude that's sick!"

Both of them turned to look at me while nodding. "Moose! What's up? Thanks, man, is pretty awesome right? I was telling Tyler that I luck out with this. I send an email to Ink Master last year to see if maybe I could be one of the people that get the tattoo for free but nothing happened. So, before this season started, I send another one telling them that I would be a blank canvas and I got chosen. Pretty awesome, right?

"So you didn't choose to get the Grimm Reaper?" I said while telling him if he could let me see the tattoo again. The way it was made was tattoo was scary accurate to a lot of pictures I had seen on the internet so I was more than impress.

"Well, they told us about different themes and one was Grimm Reaper and I was like me choose me, please. And when I talked to the artist that made this he was like what way do you want it because I'm thinking this, I saw his portfolio and I was relieved to see his work." We talked for a while until Cam came and then I said my goodbyes to the guys.

That day I searched for the show online and I saw that there were many seasons, this season was one when the tattoo artists were competing not only for the $100, 000 prizes but also to win against one specific rival. Each week they would tell people to vote online for their favorite tattoo and I was hooked. I saw David and Tyler in the next lab and they told me that his artist was going to be in the finale and David had managed to get three tickets so they asked if I wanted to go and I was ecstatic.

The final was amazing, to say the least, and David's artist was crown as the new Ink Master, we all cheer and I decided right then that I was going to get a tattoo. From that moment on I knew that I needed a plan to make that happened. First, I need money because tattoos from amazing artists are really expensive and after seeing the quality of David's tattoo I couldn't conceive just going to any tattoo parlor I wanted one of the guys of Ink Master to tattoo me. Sure I know I can't afford a winner but maybe a runner up.

The search for the perfect tattoo artist began and also the mockery from my adorable girlfriend that couldn't contain how funny she thought me getting a tattoo was. One night while Cam was doing some homework I lay on her bed belly up surrounded by Inked Magazines. "Are you still thinking about getting a tattoo?"

I lower the magazine and nod once not really wanting to get into the same discussion that usually end in her telling me that I wouldn't be able to endure it. Trust me no guy likes that her girlfriend uses that phrase in any scenario, just a thought that I'm going to leave here. "Moose honestly please just stop with that. You keep buying that magazine and searching online and I saw the twitter poll about which style of tattoo is best."

"Well, they are a lot of styles and I like more than one but I'm not going to tattoo all my body. Look, Cam, you made it completely clear where you stand with me getting a tattoo but I'm still going to do it. I'm taking my time because I don't want to regret it later, whatever I'm putting on my body is going to stay there forever." I raised the magazine as a clear signal that the conversation was over.

However, she came to sit on her bed and took the magazine out of hands and tossed it to the side. "We are not done talking about this Moose. I get it you saw some guy with a great tat and now you are really interested in this thing but the process of getting a tattoo is painful, also If you don't do it in a proper place, you can get sick."

Before she could continue with this I stop her and tell her that I was well aware of all of this, I have told her about my plan several times. For the first time since she heard me talked about a tattoo she looked defeated, I guess she thought I was going to forget about. "Fine, but I'm not going to go with you to do it."

"I wasn't expecting you to go Cam." Just so she understood that I wasn't mad about it, I lean and gave her a kiss on her cheek and then started to search for my discarded magazine. She waited to see if I acknowledge that she hadn't moved but I knew that if I did Cam would go back to the same argument so I didn't and she went back to the desk eventually.

A couple of moths later I finally had enough money and have chosen an artist that could make it. I had read a lot about how to choose your artist, you should not only look for a capable artist but for one that masters the type of school you want to have ink. So with that, I made an appointment and I have to admit as the days went by and the time to get inked got neared I got more pumped about it. I had asked David about his experience and he admitted that it hurt but it was important to get into a zone where you ignore the pain and concentrating on what the tattoo would look like when is finish helped a lot. "Also, don't move. No matter what don't move at all because they that can be the difference between an awesome tattoo and a relaxed artist and a horrible thing and a very pissed off guy."

The day came and I didn't tell Cam about it, Adam knew though and wished me luck while he walked me to the tattoo parlor. I had to admit that seeing the artist again, I met him when I went to get the appointment because no matter what you see on tv is always better for the artist to have time to get the concept you want right.

With that in mind, I went to two sessions of 3 hours and I finally had my tattoo, the hardest part for me was to stay still. Yes, it hurt but I didn't mind the pain I just put some music on and then off when the artist told me that I was moving. After the last session, I said my thanks and went home, for those two weeks I had barely been to Cam´s apartment not wanting her to see the work before it was finished. The day after my tattoo was finished she was going out of town to see Ty so I was going to go the next day early before she went to the airport to say goodbye however I overslept and didn't even heard the phone when she called me to say goodbye.

I felt horrible after that, the fact that I wasn't staying at her house those couple of weeks before her trip had Cam wondering if I was because upset about her constants efforts to stop me from getting a tattoo. So when I was sure that she had already arrived at her brothers city I called her but she didn't pick up, so I left her a voice mail and send multiples text apologizing for not being there that morning and telling her that I would try to call her again later.

Later that day Cam called me and said that it was ok and not to worry she would be back in a week and I promised her to do something special. We hang up because Tyler wanted to go with her and Nora and he said that Cam and can see each other every day so he was banning cellphones from that point on. Cam told him that it was fine and that she called before going to bed while I could hear Tyler explaining to Cam the meaning of ban.

I´ve grown up a lot since the first time Cam left me to go on a trip with her brother, for example, this time, I didn't guilt her into taking me. I think it all has to do with the fact that we are more secure about our relationship that is not to say that she ever invites me to go with her I wouldn't jump at the opportunity but I don't see Tyler accepting that in the near future. Maybe a more distant one, who knows? Anyway, I wasn't about to tell Cam about my tattoo on the phone so hopefully by the time she came back it would look more awesome due to the skin already being completely heal.

Two days before she arrived and without any reason Cam started to talk about me getting a tattoo, well actually it did have a reason. Tyler´s best friend was a guy named Oliver and the dude has a lot of tattoos and I mean a lot, he had all his chest and half sleeves in both arms. Oliver was lucky enough to be friends with a local tattoo artist and the guy gave him discounts for his tattoos because they knew each other since forever, he had also helped as a canvas when the guy was learning the craft. Going back to Cam, well she sent me a picture of her with Oliver where he was showing his tattoos, because you know boyfriends love pictures of their girlfriends with half undress men.

Anyway, his tattoos were amazing so I told her so and that open an entire discussion about why I shouldn't get my tattoo. Without even meaning to I found myself video chatting with Ty, Cam, Nora, and Oliver listening to Cam explaining that I wanted a tattoo but how much of a bad idea that was. Now, what happened next would go down in history books as the most bizarre scene ever.

When Cam turned to the rest of them to tell them to backed her up everyone look at each other and shrug and then said that it really wasn't a bad idea. I could see Cam´s face go from happy to shock in a second and my go for boredom to happiness at the same time. Now I wonder if I should take this opportunity to showed them my tattoo. Oliver asked me what my plan was and so I told him about the research my new obsession my Ink Master at that point Cam mention that at least that one was more normal that the one I have with My little Pony.

Of course, Nora and Ty knew this because Cam had already made fun of me about this in front of them several times but Oliver was new to the group so for him it was a surprise. He did a double take and asked if I was going to tattoo a My little pony on me, which of course made the rest of them laugh and I could see how excited Cam was of having the rest of them on her side for a second. The jokes went on for a while the best one came from Ty, who asked me if I was inspired to get a tattoo because the ponies had one too. After everyone had calmed down I explained that cutie marks weren't tattoos, there was a huge difference between them because nobody ink the cutie mark on the ponies it would appear when the pony was ready to aware of their gift.

However they did represent how the ponies are special in each way like most people like to show something that makes them feel special or that means something to them, but I got lost a little in the explanation. Still it seemed that I had manage to make a point because Oliver told us about his little sister obsession with the show and how he sometimes watch it with her and then I realized that when he asked the question, he wasn't making fun he was honestly asking me that. Sure as a brony that type of tattoo would make a great conversational topic at any convention but I guess I never thought of it before now.

Ty talked about his tattoo and Oliver told us about some of his so then I decided that it was time to share mine. So after they explained theirs I told Oliver about how I did my research and then I took my shirt off while Tyler shouted at me to put it back and Nora laughed. Then I turned and I showed them my half sleeve and the room went silent for a second after that Oliver and Ty started telling me how amazing it was. Nora also commented that it was great and she also told us that she had a little tattoo on her wrist that was usually cover by her bracelets but that it symbolize great things for her. Cam was the only one that was quiet and when I asked her what she thought she just said that she couldn't believe I had done that without telling her and went out of shot.

The moment turned really awkward and Ty said it was best if we just ended the chat now and I agree. To my surprise the next morning, I was awake by a called from Cam and before I could even say hello she was apologizing for the way she had been behaving with me about the tattoo. Apparently, she had a long talk with Nora last night and finally came to realize why she so upset about me getting a tattoo.

"I guess is because I'm insecure. When I go to see you in competition, all this girls dancers are always trying to get your attention because you are the best dancer. So now you are becoming this other persona outside the dancefloor that you usually only were there and I'm a little worry about it. " I can't believe that Cam is insecure about us, a very tiny part of me is flatter but the rest is dumbfounded because there is no way I would able be to even look at another girl if she is not Cam.

I assure Cam that there was no way that I would ever look at any other girl because I only have eyes for her. Yes, I know that was corny but hey I'm head over heels for this girl and if she were near me right now, I would be proving not only with words but also with actions how much she means to me.

Finally, the day that Cam came back was here and I went to the airport to pick her up, I saw her luggage first and I went to pick it up and then stood there waiting for her. Suddenly I heard someone calling my name and when I turned I saw Cam walking my way and I lost any coherent thought and I just run towards my girlfriend and pick it up twirling her around while kissing her face. She laughed and called me silly but I didn't mind I put her back on the floor on kiss her first slowly but when she deepened the kiss I was so happy to be with her.

"Hey, I miss you. How about we go back to the apartment so I can get a really close look at that tattoo." The way she said it maybe excited for what was to come, maybe my next tattoo should be her name, I know the rule usually is to never put a name on you because relationships end but no way that is going to happen to us. I can't conceived my life without Cam and I look forward to many years together.