"Come on; I only need you to help me with this for two more days." I knew that Cam was not going to be happy about my social project, but I didn't think she was going to hate it so much. When the professor said that we could make any type of a social experiment, I honestly thought about writing something, but a group of guys said that they had taken the class last semester and the best project was to videotape your life and analyze how people change when they are in front of the camera. I took the opportunity to do something fun instead of just writing and investigating which I usually do for every other class.

However, when I came to Cam's apartment with the camera in front of my face, I saw that it wasn't the best idea because I didn't take into account that the people I usually spent my time with wouldn't be on board with me doing this. Kirsten opened the door making the usual rude comment about him stalking Cam, but when she turned to see the camera on my hand, she seemed startled, before she got to asked me I told her about my project. Without saying a word, she went into Cam's room, and I could I hear them talking a couple of minutes later I knocked on Cam's door, and they went quiet. "What are you doing with a camera?"

I knew at that moment that Cam was not going to be happy about my choice of project, so I sighed and tried to explain what I had just told Kirsten a couple of minutes before. "Can you turned it off for a second?"

I agree, and Kirsten came out of the room mumbling that I was such a creep. Walking into Cam's room, I saw her sitting on her bed with her arms cross looking at the floor. "I know is going to be inconvenient but is only for two weeks. My professor accepted the idea today if I tried to change it he is going to deduct points, and you know that I'm counting on this class to raise my GPA so I can get that job with Professor Lawyer."

Her nod was almost imperceptive, but I could see the realization behind my words was hitting her hard. I asked her if I can turn the camera on, but she shook her head. "I want to understand this. You are going to be recording our daily life for two weeks, so every time I see you, you are going to be recording us."

When the words left her mouth I was suddenly dreading doing this, but there was no turning back "Is only going to be for two weeks and if at any point you don't like it I can leave."

After giving her a look telling her that I needed to turn on the camera the two weirdest weeks of my life started. Kirsten would barely speak when I was near which I take as an advantage to having a camera, but Cam was also very quiet when I had the camera. Cam had giving me a key a couple of weeks before just like Kirsten had given one to Adam so we could get into the apartment when they needed help or just to see them. So the second day of the experiment I came in talking to the camera and didn't notice that Kirsten was getting out of the bathroom dressed only in a towel, she started screaming at me, and I didn't notice that the camera was aiming at her. Kirsten did notice that and tried to take it away from me by launching herself at me, as an instinct I moved away from her grab, and she started yelling things like how much of a pervert I was until Cam came out of her room.

Cam looked mad, and she yelled at both of us to stop it, Kirsten turned towards her and even though she stopped yelling it was obvious that she was still mad. Kirsten told Cam that she better control me or she was going to make me pay when Cam asked her what she meant the girl told her that I had purposely video her with nothing but a towel. I defended myself; I told her that I was walking into the apartment and hadn't even noticed her until she shouted at me, Kirsten started arguing with me. Finally, Cam told us to shut up; she told Kirsten if she really thought I was doing something like that and for the first time since everything started I could see Kirsten understanding that things weren't as she had initially thought they were. Still, Cam told me to stop recording that instant or to leave the apartment.

I turned off the camera, and Kirsten turned towards me, but before she could even open her mouth, Cam told her to go to her room and get dressed, reluctantly she did as she was asked, but I could see from the corner of my eye hat she was giving a nasty look. "I understand that this is important for you. Trust me I would never even think about asking you to stop the project, but you do need to think about how the others react. Yes, that is part of your project, but Kirsten, Adam and I are going to still be in your life after this, so you need to be more careful with that camera."

I nodded, and Cam released a sighed. "Is better if you leave, I don't think Kirsten is going to like having you here anytime soon. You should probably talk to Adam about this before she does so you can get to explained to him what happened. Kirsten isn't bad but she is annoyed with you, and she is going to want to talk to him about this, for the sake of your friendship with him let him have the other side of the story."

Honestly, I hadn't thought about that, but I was grateful Cam was telling me this. I wanted to stay, but Cam asked me to leave because she wanted to have a conversation with her friend "I don't want Kirsten to think that I'm mad or that I don't understand why she was upset. I know you need to keep filming, but I'm asking you to erase this footage, please Moose could you do that?"

"Of course, I wasn't going to use it I would never do that to Kirsten. If she prefers it, I could erase it in front of her, but I need some of the footage from earlier for my video." Cam nodded and after giving me a quick peck she disappeared into Kirsten room, and I left the apartment. The conversation with Adam was unpleasant, to say the least, but I showed him the footage, and he erased it which was fine by me I rather have a witness of this when the time came for Kirsten to accused me of trying to use it.

Two days later when I saw Cam again, she was calmer, but not even near as Cam I was used to hanging out with before the assignment. Our kisses would be quick, and if I try to deepen them she will go stiff, and I had to stop because I knew she was uncomfortable. By the end of the first week, I was barely going to her apartment because I always felt like I was making everyone uncomfortable, Adam was pleasant, but he wouldn't joke around with, that's not to say that If I say something he would ignore it. Adam was a true friend he made an effort and joke with me, but he would not go as hard as we are used to with our jokes, I understood and thanked him for at least trying. Kirsten would go into her room whenever I went into the apartment and even though at first, I saw that as a positive now I was missing my quarrels with her.

On the other hand, there was another part of my friends or just people I sometimes hang around that love that I had a camera. They would make comments or start a conversation, play dumb games showing themselves in front of the camera as much as possible. Although it was fun to get to know more people I have to admit that I rather hang out with my low-key group, playing scrabble with them made me happier than going out drinking with this guys.

Four days before my due date, my professor asked me for previous of my assignment, and after watching a couple of minutes, he asked me who were Cam, Kirsten, and Adam. After explaining my relationship with them, he told that I needed to have more of them in my videos for the assignment to be a true representation of my life, which was the purpose of the assignment. "I thought the purpose of the assignment was to see how people reacted to being film? They didn't like it so that is a reaction and I don't feel comfortable forcing them to do it."

"Moose you have more than an hour of film of people that obviously love being film or at least they bear it. Have you asked your friends why they don't feel comfortable? If you don't have at least 20 minutes of them, I'm going to give you and F." With that, he left me sitting in front of the computer in complete shock wondering if there was any chance that I could change projects without failing the course.

Walking around I found myself sitting in front of a secluded bench near a pond I used to visit with Cam, and I felt nostalgic thinking about the moments we used to have there. Leaving the camera on the bench, I sat in front of it on the sidewalk and started to open up to it, it was weird to think of it as a diary, but at that point, I didn't really want to talk to anyone aside of Cam. After I finished ranting about how unfair things were being and how I was probably going to fail in the class no matter what I did I saw in camera that someone was behind me. Turning around I found myself looking up at Kirsten, and for the first time in my life, I was happy to see her, no matter what our issues were I still consider her a friend.

"So things are not exactly going great with you, huh?" I shook my head while chuckling it was nice to hear the old Kirsten; I can believe that thought just crossed my mind. I was going to turn off the camera, but she put her hand over mind and told me it was ok.

"I know that I wasn't exactly the best sport about your assignment but I think is about time I tell you why and I'm giving you permission to use this footage. When I was fifteen I had this boyfriend, he was a dream come true for me. I thought he was the one, and I know that sounds ridiculous because I was just fifteen."

I cut her off that moment "Hey, I know Cam since we were pre-teens and I know that she is the one, so age doesn't matter. Sometimes one just knows, but I guess that the story doesn't have a good ending. I appreciate that you are trying to help me but is ok not to tell me this with the camera on."

Again I tried to turn the camera off, but Kirsten stopped me again. "Nobody ever told you that is rude to interrupt people when they are talking?. Like I was saying I thought he was the person I was going to be with for the rest of my life. We were together for two years, he was older than me, and when he went away to college, he convinced me that having some picture of me would make it easier for him to be faithful. Let's say that he wasn't the only one that saw them but lucky for me I had a cousin studying in the same place that made sure they were destroyed, and well he made it clear to the guy that if someone else ever saw them, he was going to end up like the pictures."

I felt awful for Kirsten, but I didn't quite understand what that had to do with me. "I know I was lucky that I didn't send the pictures as a file and that my cousin happened to be there to stop him from spreading them with other guys. Still to see you with that camera gave me the worst feeling no matter how much I trust you it just send me back to that time."

I understood then her reaction when I accidentally recorded with the towel and again made a move to turned off the camera, but she hit my hand away. "We should go to the apartment, I know Cam misses you. She knew about this, but I made her promise not to tell you."

"I get it; this is your thing." We went to the apartment, and after she explained that we were cool, I finally enjoy some quality time with my friends. Adam came over, and the four of us spend a normal afternoon, well not completely because Cam still wouldn't let me properly kiss her. I spent the night, I slept in the living room but was glad to be woken up by beautiful girlfriend filming me snoring and laughing about it.

"You have to promise that you are going to put this footage on your assignment, is not fair that they don't see the real you." We played around, and I walked her to class and then decided to visit the Pirates but made it a point to have a real conversation with them in front of the camera. Some of them were also shy, but they knew this was important to me, so they made an effort. With only one more day to finish this, I tried to take Cam on a romantic date, so I could show how I change every time I was near her. I was always Moose, but I know for a fact that I'm my best self with her. That's how I found myself pleading with her to let me take her on this romantic getaway and to let me tape it.

"Please is only for tomorrow. What I promised is that is going to be a great one." Cam came out of her room and groaned complaining about my so-called puppy face; she hated the effect that it had on her, but I have to admit that I feel very grateful that it has any effect at all.

The next day we spent it going to all the places I knew Cam love in the city I made a point of filming more about the places and only showing Cam when she was ok with it. By the end of the day, we were both having a blast and Cam was even making some jokes and taking the camera to show some embarrassing things I do when I'm with her that I know to make her happy.

We finished the date on the bench park near the pond talking about everything that we did that day, the alarmed of my clock beep and I knew that I was finally time to turned off the camera. I was about to press turned it off when Cam stopped me. "I think we need a big ending."

Before I could ask her what she meant she kissed me like before this project started, and I was so excited that I let the camera dropped to the floor so I could have both hands free to bring her closer to me. When we finally stopped kissing Cam asked if the camera was ok, I picked it off the floor and noticed that the lens was a little scratch but I didn't care. Later that day I delivered my project to the professor and went to pick Cam from her class, we went to her apartment and then the four of us started preparing dinner.

In the middle of it, I notice how we were having a good time, and I was so happy that my relationships with them didn't suffer in the end. Noticing that I was a little lost in my thoughts Kirsten asked me what was I thinking.

"Nothing. I was just thinking that maybe it was a good idea if we start vlogging." They all looked at me with bewilder expressions I wanted to laugh. "What? We could start a youtube channel, and we could daily vlog, we each could have a day and.."

Soon enough they were throwing food at me telling me to shut up and making several threats against my well being if I so much as there have a camera near them and I just couldn't stop laughing I love my friends.