Fights are normal in a relationship. Some say that fights even make relationships stronger because you can work some issues and the reconciliations are pretty amazing too. Still I hate fighting with Cam and when I say hate I mean HATE. We usually are pretty straight forward about what we are feeling so we don't get into a lot of trouble with each other but this relationship can be tricky.

A month after we finally got together things were going great, well technically I thought things were going great but in reality things were ok or maybe a little less than ok. I made a habit of picking up Cam from her classes every wednesday so we could go and have lunch together. So there I was waiting when she finally appear talking to Kirstin and so that horrible experience began.

"Hey Cam! Over here" I waved to her and Kirstin from the other side of the hall from where I was watching the door waiting for her to come so we could go eat something. She look up from her conversation and wave, she turned to say something to Kirstin and came to meet me.

"Moose hey, how are you?" she hugged me and gave me a little kiss on my lips. I put my arms around her waist and brought her closer to me. I try to deepen the kiss but she let go of me and took a step backwards or at least try to too because I was still holding her. "What's wrong Cam?"

"Nothing is just that I promised Kirstin that I was going to eat lunch with her today, it was a last minute thing. I'm sorry I didn't tell you before" I had to admit that I was surprise, this little dates were our thing. Sure we saw each other almost daily but still this bother me. I didn't want to fight so I just nod and told her I understood and we said our goodbyes. The rest of the week pass without any chance to see each other, then Wednesday came and went without seeing her because she had some assignments that were urgent. The same story repeated itself the next week and the next, so basically three weeks went without seeing my girlfriend. Sure some texts were exchange but even when I tried to call her she was too busy to answer.

We usually didn't see each other on Thursdays because we had classes almost all day but I really missed her so I went to find her in one her classes to say hi. I walked to the little window in the door of the class and try to find her but I didn't see her, I turned around a little confuse, where was she? Just then Cam appear around the corner with some books in her hand and talking to some guy that seemed a little older than us. She was laughing by the time she was near me so I couldn't help myself and said "What's so funny Cam?" she stop and look up to find me almost towering over her. "Moose!, what are you doing here?" she smiled at me and I let a out a breath that I hadn't notice I was holding till then. "I'll see you inside Cam" said the guy that was with her and took the books she was carrying until that point and walked inside the class.. "So, you didn't answer my question. I thought you had classes all day today." she said still smiling at me.

"I do, but I just missed you too much so I thought that maybe we can, and is totally up to you, miss one class and go out for a little while?" I put my best pleading face just to assure that she was going to say yes but of course Cam being all responsible said no. "I've missed you too Moose but I can't miss class today, sorry. How about we go out tomorrow night? We can do whatever you like."

Oh she really shouldn't say things like that now that we are dating because a lot of ideas and scenarios come to my mind and not all are innocent. "What are you smirking about?" she asked raising an eyebrow at me and I couldn't help myself and gave her a little peck on the lips. She smile at me before she started to walk away "I have to go in, see you tomorrow." She walked inside her class and I was tempted to stay there and wait for her to come out but I had classes too.

The next day I was so eager to see her all day, that I barely paid attention to any of my classes, the thing is that even though we saw each other on Fridays it was usually a quick half hour thing because Cam had classes early on Saturday's but today she promised we could go and I was walking on air. I was finally going out with her again and we could have a proper date after so long, honestly I just wanted to cuddle with her and kiss her senseless but I decided to go with a romantic date instead.

I put on a blue t-shirt and black skinny jeans with black high tops, I wanted to look presentable well more than presentable. I planned to take Cam to a little dinner were Luke used to worked, I would take her to a fancy restaurant but I didn't have the money, I should probably start looking for a job. I walked to her dorm and knock two times and waited for a while and then knock again. After 10 minutes of knocking I finally gave up and try to call Cam on her cell but was send to voice mail every time if I'm honest her voice mail was getting annoying by now.

I slide down her door and let my head fell against the door, what is happening to us? I felt asleep and before I noticed someone was shaking my shoulder "Moose?, Moose" I rubbed my eyes and focus on the petite figure in front of me. "Cam? I'm sorry, I was a little tired and I just felt asleep while waiting" Just after saying that I began to remember that the reason I fall sleep was because I was waiting for her.

"Moose is ok, I'm sorry. I was studying and then time just flew by. I..I'm sorry" How could I get mad with that face? I mean she looked so adorable and I missed her so much. "Is ok Cam, I understand. How about we just go out to eat now?" I asked full of hope for what the night still had for us. She looked a little worried as she looked at her cell. "Moose I know I told you we can go out today but is really late and I have classes…"

Ok NOW I'm mad, so I basically fell asleep for 3..3?…yes 3 hours in the middle of her hall just for her to come here and tell me that we are not going out!. I raised myself took a deep breath and look at her straight in the eyes. "I understand that you need to study, we are both in Uni and have heavy workloads…"

"Moose please don't be upset you have to understand that.." I cut her off because for each second that was passing I was getting angrier. "Cam, like I was saying. I understand still we are in a relationship and I'm making all the effort here." She looked upset for a second but then I could see her getting mad. "I think you are being very unfair Moose" she said while crossing her arms across her chest.

" I feel the same way about you Cam, have a good night." I turned and walked away without looking back. I got into my dorm changed into my sweat pants and an old t-shirt I laid on my bed. I hated the fact that I had such high hopes for tonight for them to come crashing like this, God I'm acting like a teenage girl ugh!. Sleep didn't came easy that night partly because I had already slept 3 hours but mostly because I thought about what had happened earlier with Cam.

It was wednesday again and we hadn't talked since Friday, I missed Cam but I was tired of being ignore and I needed time to calmed down. I was sitting taking notes in class when I heard "Moose? hey moose?" I turned with a very confuse expression to face Sheldon. Sheldon who had actually told me to shut up when I sneeze while having the flu a month ago was talking to me in the middle of class. "Yeeeeehsss?" he gave a note and look back to the teacher. I raised an eyebrow and started reading the note, I put in my notebook and continue to look at the teacher but my mind was a hundred miles away.

Finally class ended, I put my things away and took deep breath before I walked outside. Cam was waiting next to the door. "Hey" I said and she turned to me, she seemed hesitant for a second but then took a step forward "I'm sorry" she said before hugging me tight. I buried my nose in her hair and we stay there for what felt like hours. She let go and I could see a few unshed tears, so I lower myself and peck her lips and I felt myself longing for a longer kiss but we needed to talk. I took her hand and we walked outside the building, I thought she was going to ask me where we were going but she just kept quiet and tighten her grip on my hand.

We arrived at the little dinner I was planning to get Cam weeks ago and opened the door for her, we found a table and sat down in front of each other. Cam was quiet while she looked at the menu, I can sensed she was nervous so I stand up and push her lightly so I could seat next to her. The waiter came and I turned to Cam but she just shook her head so I order for both of us. "I'm not mad anymore" I could hear her releasing a long sight.

"I won't lie to you, I was mad but I missed you too much to stay mad at you." I gave her a sad smile and I saw her biting her lip to stop herself to hopefully give me a smile. "I'm still sorry Moose, you know me I get to focus in school and is like everything else stops. But I know I was wrong and I actually got mad at you. God I'm really sorry about that too" She was getting upset and I hated seeing her like that.

"I understand Cam, I really do. I have a double major and time is really tight" After saying that I saw her eyes grew and began to fill with unshed tears and I cursed myself. "I didn't mean to make you feel worse, honest". She shook her head and brush the tears off her eyes " I know, I know you would never do that, is just that you have less time and still you made time and I'm just.." The waiter choose that moment to come with our fries and sodas, she looked at Cam and then she gave this look that scream that she was going to kill me for whatever I did to Cam and proceed to walk away. I couldn't blame her if I saw Cam crying like that I would kill whoever was making her feel like that.

I hug Cam tight and start giving her little kisses all over her face and finally I kiss her and I try to say how much I missed her and loved her threw the kiss. We enjoy our fries and ended up ordering more food and talking for hours and by the time we walked out of the dinner the waiter was smiling at me. Cam had to go grab some books from the library so I walked her there, we sat for a while trying to worked in our separate assignments. Cam was really focus on this graphic or schedule she was doing and I try my best to focus on my lecture but I just spend my time looking at her wondering how long would it be until I saw her again.

After she broke down in front of me I decided that at least until she felt more secure about her courses I should give her more space. She looked up from her notebook and smiled at me " So I was thinking how about we study together?" i was taken aback, she usually didn't like studying with me because I get bored easily and never let her concentrate. "Are you sure? Cam, is ok if we don't see each other as much…" She shook her head and put her hand up to made me stop. "Is not ok Moose. We are in this relationship together and I want to make an effort for it because if we are being honest I miss you a lot when we don't see each other" That made me grin like an idiot. " So I was thinking, I'm not sure about your schedule but if I'm right this should work for us" She then show me the schedule she was working on and on it was her classes and my classes with times for us to be together.

"You make an schedule for us to date?" She blush and look down "No…I mean yes.. Ok it was a dumb thing to do. I know I'm to organize but I wanted to.." I pretty much launch myself to the other side of the table and crush my lips with her, she was to adorable not to kiss. " I love it, you are amazing" She blush some more, we talk and look at the schedule as I walked to her dorm. She opened her door and turned to said goodbye but I kissed her instead, she smiled into the kiss. "Goodnight Moose, I see you tomorrow".

Just as she was about to close the door I put my foot so she couldn't "Moose?" I lean in gave a little peck " I love you Cam" she blush " I love you too". We look at each other for a while when a voice coming for inside her room broke the moment "I like both of you but could you close the door cause the light is hitting me in the face and I want to sleep!" We both chuckle and said our goodbyes.