Am I doing a One-Shot for Halloween on Halloween? Of course I am. XD

This is before Remy arrived at the mansion, so it will not be featuring him, sadly. : ( Maybe next time.

Also, to note, the title is based off of a REALLY stupid scary story my Uncle Jack told me once when I was eight. And I mean really stupid story. I will explain more after you read….

Tales of the Hairy Woolly Mouth

"That's gross, Blondie!" Emily exclaimed horrified; alerting her family to look up in the eighteen year old's direction. Bobby was mid-way of putting another inside chunk of pumpkin goop inside his mouth, and asked "What?"

The eighteen year old shrugged at his X-men family's disgusted faces and continued to string the long piece of seed covered orange piece of pumpkin into his mouth. Rogue made a gagging noise and turned away, exclaiming "Oh gawd, Bobby! Yer gonna make meh sick!"

Even Logan shook his head, wrinkling his nose partly up at the strong smell of pumpkin coming off the teen, his facial expression oddly resembling Emily's. The feral snorted his nose hard as Bobby ingested another piece of pumpkin innards, Logan chuckling "Ah hell, Popsicle. Ya ain't supposed ta eat that!"

Bobby was the one who gave them all incredulous look, slowly smirking and put another piece of inside pumpkin in his mouth to prove his point. He teased "Of course you can, it's nutritious."

Kitty turned up her nose at him, edging away slightly from standing next to him. She muttered "There is like, something seriously wrong with you."

Bobby grinned at her annoyance, making a point to wiggle the next piece of stringed pumpkin as he placed it in his mouth. Forge laughed at his friend while the others groaned. Yet, just as the teen lifted another piece to dangle from his mouth, Emily scrunched up her nose and said "Ya look like ya eatin orange vomit."

"And now I'm done." Bobby stated, slowly lowering the stringed pumpkin to the table and flicking it away with his fingers. Logan chuckled amusingly as the teen appeared paled and grimaced at the now de-appetizing orange goop. The feral looked to his offspring, ruffling her hair, saying "Good call, Half-pint."

Emily giggled, smiling at her father and looked over to see Bobby frowning at the two of them. She stuck her tongue out, which Bobby returned but quickly looked away when Logan jerked his head in his direction. The playful banter went around the table as people continued carving their masterpieces into their pumpkins; Emily and Tildie only drawing out the designs on theirs. The little ten year old got up on her knees on the chair and watched her father curiously as he cut into her finished sketched pumpkin with a knife. She looked up at him, asking "Why don't ya just use your claws?"

"Because the last time used his claws to carve pumpkins…" Emma smarted, smirking to the frowning Logan. She winked towards Emily, smarting "It ended up all over the ceiling."

Emily giggled as her father gave an annoy grunt, the feral knowing the telepath had taken a peek into his memories without his permission again. The temptation to play on that little invasion of privacy was too much and Logan looked back at Emma with a feral grin, teasing "I wouldn't go sneakin around my thoughts, Frost…."

Logan quirked an eyebrow towards the White Queen, adding in a flirting voice, "Never know what I'd think back."

Emma huffed at him, yet he could see her still when he thought of some very dirty images in regards to her body figure and what he could do to it. Emma looked up alarmed at him, faltering when Logan smiled carnivorously her way, Emily looking at each of them confused. Emma seemed to narrow her eyes, slightly gasping at Logan when seeing the images, her cheeks tinting a hot red. Logan chuckled darkly, smiling more canine like, teasing "That a blush on ya cheeks, darlin?"

Emma gritted her teeth under her lips, her face tinting more red at being caught. She quickly brushed the access pumpkin off her hands, muttering "I'm going to find some candles."

Emma scurried out of the kitchen before anyone could make a comment and answered the others perplexed looks with a hot glare…the look daggers and fire towards the dirty minded feral. Logan chuckled more darkly, turning back to carving his child's pumpkin. That had been too easy. So Frost was really little Miss Prim and Proper…Logan could work with that. Emily meanwhile scrunched up her nose to Logan and then towards where Emma had left, her child like mind oblivious to the innuendos that had been thrown around. She sighed, shaking her head, stating "Ya always frownin at each other…."

Logan's earthy laugh erupted at her innocent statement and he stopped carving to grab her in a playful hug. He grinned towards Emma's absent seat as he convinced his child that he and Emma were just 'playing around'. Logan smirked to himself…the game he and Frost were playing could have no not gotten any more fun.

xxx xxxx xxx

"Where's our costumes, Blondie?" Emily asked nicely as she looked around perplexed in the living room. Bobby laughed a little at her confusion, tossing the Wal-mart bag towards her, answering "Right there, Barbie doll…"

"Thanks!" Emily replied happily; Tildie smiling too as both girls grabbed up the bag to head upstairs to get ready for the nights trick or treating. Bobby grinned darkly towards Forge, who returned the look, the teenager glancing back to the little girls leaving. Though they sort of knew that there might be hell to pay afterwards….they couldn't resist the temptation. With one more encouraging nod from Forge, Bobby leaned back into the chair. He pretended to give a sigh, saying ominously "Just watch out for the Hairy Woolly Mouth tonight, girls."

Both Emily and Tildie stopped, looking at her other confused, and it took everything for the older boys not to laugh. They stifled it with clearing their throats, giving good poker faces when the girls turned around. Emily asked back confused "The what?"

"The Hairy Woolly Mouth." Bobby replied as if it was a known animal. When both girls widen their eyes, Forge pretended to look shocked, asking "You don't know?"

"Know what?" Tildie replied, looking back at Emily, then to Forge. It was Bobby's turn to fake surprise, leaning up from the couch and asking astonished "No one ever told you?"

"Told us what!" The little girls answered in unison, both frowning in annoyance at the semantics the boys were playing. Forge and Bobby gazed at each with dark smiles, looking over to the girls. Sure the old joke had the threat of Logan's wrath hanging in the air….but they just couldn't resist.

"We'll tell you…" Forge began ominously. Bobby nodded, looking to the girls seriously, stating "But you'll have to keep it a secret."

Emily and Tildie bobbed their heads up and down quickly in response, saying "We promise!"

The cats that ate the canary wouldn't have looked more ridiculous than Bobby or Forge at that moment. Each looked at each other with dark smiles, closing in on the girls and motioning them to sit on the cough. Emily and Tildie obeyed; both erect and ready to hear the story of the unknown monster. Bobby started off the tale by giving a dramatic wave of his hands, explaining "Long ago…just when Xavier was building this mansion…there lived a creature by the name the Hairy Woolly Mouth!"

Emily and Tildie's eyes enlarged at the beginning just as Forge jumped in, leaning over the couch between the girls. He explained on "It looks like a giant ball of brown hair but has no eyes or nose or teeth….only a big mouth…"

Bobby interrupted, leaning in towards the girls waving his fingers, exclaiming "Which it uses to suck on toes!"

Emily was the first of the duo to pause in their jittery excitement to give the older teen an unconvinced look. She raised an eyebrow, questioning "Toes?"

"Yes…" Bobby replied; unaffected by her disbelief. He reached out for her biggest uncovered toe, playfully grabbing at it, adding "He sucks them right off!"

Emily jumped at the motioned, grabbing at her feet and pulling them up on the couch; tossing a glare at Bobby. Yet the teenager could see he was reeling her in and gave an unnoticed nod to Forge; who grinned darkly and slid into the shadows behind the couch. Bobby turned back to his wide eyed victims, explaining more ominously "And every Halloween, The Hairy Woolly Mouth somehow manages to escape and roams the halls all night long…"

Bobby jabbed at Tildie's uncovered feet this time, tickling them quickly, exclaiming in a creepy voice "Looking for the perfect little toes!"

Both girls gave equally little yelps and Tildie pulled in her legs together just like Emily; both girls giving each other wide eyed stares. Bobby grinned and made a circular motion to Forge in the dark; unnoticed by the little girls. The teenager motioned them closer to listen, adding "The only way to know if the Hairy Woolly Mouth is near…is the sound of sucking of the lips…."

Of course, as if on cue, a deep sucking nose of lips crept out from the darkened shadows of the large living room. Bobby pretended to be alarmed; holding back his laughter as both girls quickly jerked around and up from the couch. The sucking noise came closer and both girls dared to climb up the couch to look over. Both gave a high pitched scream as Forge came popping out of nowhere, the genius giving off a dark growl and snarl.

Emily and Tildie literally climbed over each other to get away, the latter her eyes starting to glow red in anticipation of an attack; both glaring hotly as the two teenage boys reeling in laughter on the floor. Emily marched up to them both, punching Bobby hard against the shoulder, exclaiming "That's not funny!"

"You're lucky her dad wasn't here to hear that!" Tildie barked up; she took smacking at the convulsing Forge next to her. Both teenage boys shook their heads, breathing heavily to regain their laughter and sat up on the couch to face to two glowering girls. Bobby smirked, chuckling at them, "Consider yourselves official X-men kids now…"

"What are ya talking about, Blondie?" Emily chipped back; she crossing her arms with a frown. Forge snickered, adding "The older X-men teens tell that to the new kids every year."

Bobby looked to Forge, who wiggled a smile, and both started convulsing into laughter. The eighteen year old pointed to the frowning girls, exclaiming between snickers "And you're faces were the best out of all of them!"

"So it's not real?" Tildie asked; Emily telling a faint nervousness in her tone. Quickly the two boys sobered up and smirked darkly at the two little girls. Bobby shrugged his shoulders, saying ominously "We didn't say that…."

Emily and Tildie blinked a few times in surprise and the teenage boys gave both of them darker smirks. Without a word, they left the two little girls to their own imaginations and headed upstairs to change for the nights outings. Emily slowly looked up to Tildie, her soft blue eyes sharp and wide. She coughed, trying to make a 'pft' sound with her mouth, saying in a unconvincing brave voice "It's not real…"

Emily glanced to the dark shadows, then back to Tildie, her voice cracking nervously "Right?"

Tildie didn't have a chance to answer when a bump from upstairs made both little girls yelp and grab unto each other for support. They looked to each other wide eyed, and then slowly back to the large shadowy darkness. Quickly, they each grabbed for their outfits and held onto each other's hands tightly as they raced out of the living room and up the stairs towards Emily's bedroom to change….avoiding all the darker parts of the hallway.

xxx xxxx xxx

"Ya almost ready, Half-pint?" Logan's commanding voice called up the stairway. He frowned when receiving no answer, placing his unlit cigar back in his mouth and instinctively inhaled in through his nostrils. The feral could smell the scent of Sweet and Rugged close by and followed the track towards the other side of the foyer next to the hallways. When having the smell permeating his surroundings, but no little girl in sight, Logan raised a curious eyebrow. He turned, calling out "Half-pint?"

A soft shuffle of feet told the feral to turn back around, just in time for a short black figure to leap out from the shadows and give the most adorable growling sound anyone could have heard. Logan tired not to laugh at the sight of his ten year old daughter, dressed in her most favorite animal, a Panther, complete with a painted nose and plastered on whiskers. Yet when Emily tried to show off her fake fangs, her costumes tail on backwards and ears set a little too forward, Logan couldn't help but smile. He crossed his muscled arms, his presence dwarfing the little creature looking up at him. Logan removed the unlit cigar from his mouth, smiling more at his daughter, saying amused "Cute, darlin."

Emily frowned at the comment, crossing her arms as well, complaining "I'm supposed to be scary."

At that moment, Emily's headband ears decided to slide forward and land on her whiskered nose; making Logan chuckle out. He slowly lowered to one knee, helping the little girl put the ear and tail in place; picking her up to set her on his hip. He tried to sound convincing, saying encouragingly "And ya are scary, Lil' Half-pint."

When Emily scrunched up her whiskered nose to him unconvinced, Logan choked on his voice and put the cigar back in his mouth, adding in a slight chuckle "Very scary."

Sadly, Kitty came in at that moment into the foyer, taking one look at Emily and made a soft cooing noise. She clasped her hands together, crowing out "How adorable!"

Emily glared back at Logan and the feral chuckled deeply; pinching at his daughter's costumed arm in play before setting her back down towards the door. The little girl giggled, looking over to see Bobby come in dresses as a typical vampire and Forge beside him being a little more creative with making himself into a cross between a cyborg and a Frankenstein. However, the most peculiar thing of their outfits…was the Halloween styled bags for candy hanging in their hands. Emily tilted her head curiously, asking "Why do ya both have a bag in ya hands?"

The little girls question made a sexy princess version of Kitty turn around and instantly sigh at the two grinning fools beside her. She shook her head, muttering "Ah, like, not this year…"

A Zombiefied Rogue also clicked her tongue, pointing at the empty bags, chastising "Ain't yer a little old, fellas?"

Forge and Bobby made soft scoffing noises and replied with smiles, "You're never too old for free candy!"

Logan grunted low through his cigar, rolling the unlit smoke in his mouth and turned from the boys, replying bluntly "Ya get chased by a bunch of parents, don't come crying ta me."

The duo frowned at his turned backside but Emily merely giggled at the mental picture; Logan smirking and ruffling her hair affectionately. At that time Emma came in to join the group going out; wearing a lavishly fitting silver white dress, her soft blonde hair lying elegantly around her shoulders and studded pearls decorated her neck and ears. The good 'White Queen' had decided if she was to dress up, she was not going in some boorish American costume. Why wear some creature on your skin when you could be as beautiful as the Queen you are so named? Apparently her strategy had worked for the brutish feral in the room began to stare at her as if she was a prime rib being dangled above his drooling canines. Emma smiled towards him and winked; trying not to laugh when the muscled brute seemed to choke on his unlit cigar in his mouth. The poor brute was not the only one who could play the game dirty.

Logan glowered at her, munching on his cigar and looked to say something back, when Kitty asked curiously "Are you not wearing a costume, Logan?"

Logan grunted back in reply; rolling his plain t-shirted shoulders that look unusually surrounded by the mismatched monsters. Before the feral could smart something back, Emily's voice piped up among the shadows leading them to the car, the little voice saying proudly "The Wolverine doesn't need a costume!"

Logan chuckled deeply again, removing his cigar to peck a kiss on his daughters cheek climbing into the van. He ruffled her hair, replying proudly back "That's right, Half-pint."

Emily smiled through her whiskered face and Logan knew he could bet money that she had to be the cutest kid on the block trick or treating tonight. Though some would say he was kind of biased. As the group readied into the separate vehicles to go towards the first block to trick or treat, Logan managed a smirk towards Emma as he paused to light his cigar in the open air. The feral eyed her outfit up and down, lighting his smoke, smarting "Nice outfit, Frost."

"Yes…." Emma replied calmly; picking at her sequenced collar. She grinned darkly towards the feral, smarting dryly back "It would have looked lovely with your blue and yellow spandex."

Logan was dead silent for a moment, giving her the darkest glower that made most men weep but only sent her dark grin higher. The feral sucked a long drag of his cigar, watching the smug Emma walk away with a click of her heels and pulled himself into the van with a slam of the door. Logan wouldn't allow himself to dare think nor say the words Touché in reply to Emma. Once again, it seemed, Emma was back in the lead for their ever entertaining game of wits.

xxx xxxx xxx

The trick or treating went as normal as one would expect; only a few people gave Bobby and Forge odd looks as they came to the doors with bags hanging out as well. Yet the boys had no shame….because as long as they passed out the free candy, they would hand out the bags. Logan had thought maybe the two teenage boys coming with the girls to the door would keep away the creeps. Sadly, one particular odd ball with rimmed glass had tried to get a little too close, but one savage growl had scared the poor bastard back into his little hole. Emma had chastised that scaring the poor idiot might have caused problems but she couldn't give much of a reprimand as she stood trying hard not to laugh.

Eventually, the trick or treating had been done and Bobby and Kitty convinced Logan somehow to let them take the girls for ice cream before coming back home. However, Kitty paused in her scooping of her banana split when seeing the dark unlit suburb passing by the car window. She looked over at the smug looking eighteen year old male, asking suspiciously "Where are we going, Bobby?"

Kitty was given her answer as the van slowly rolled up to a stately middle class household, complete with a picket fence and flowered mailbox. The brunette leaned over to read the letters on the mailbox and glowered towards Bobby when reading the letters 'Kelly' on the side. The eighteen year old male beside her broke out into a wide smile as the little girls in the backseat paused in eating their ice cream cones. Kitty started to frown darkly towards Bobby.

"No." Kitty chipped pointedly, reaching for her ice cream. Bobby smiled wider, replying back "It's tradition."

"What's tradition?" Tildie asked curiously from the back and Kitty sent another glower towards the beaming Bobby. She pointed roughly to the large house, hissing low "We are not teeping and throwing eggs with the girls here!"

"We did it all the time when we were Tildie's age!" Bobby laughed back; unclipping his seatbelt. Kitty shook her head violently, trying hard not to smile, correctly hotly "When we like, had Kurt to teleport us out in case of trouble!"

"Kurt did this?" Emily's voice piped up instantly from the back. Kitty wanted to face palm herself for letting that little information slip as the ten year old got very excited, pulling up to the front seats, exclaiming "I wanna do it too!"

"Me too!" Tildie added in, pushing her costumed head besides Emily's. Kitty gave Bobby a dirty look but the teenager beamed a wicked smile; suddenly unlocking the doors to all the passenger sides and climbing out of the van. Kitty gasped as the teenage male crept out in front of the car, and saw the little girls go tumbling after him with fits of giggles. She struggled to unclip her belt to go after them, whispering hoarsely "No! Wait!"

Sadly her calls went on deaf ears as Bobby motioned the girls to hunker down and creep slowly along the nicely timed lawn, avoiding the statures and signs of 'Vote Yes on Mutant Registration!' plastered in several places on the lawn. Kitty huffed irritably as she caught up to the no gooders, pausing to stare up at the huge foreboding house up ahead. She sighed, glowering towards Bobby who started ruffling in a bag he had carried over, she pointing to the house hissing "This is Senator Kelly's house, Bobby!"

"Which makes it even better." Bobby whispered back; giving back a dry smirk as the little girls giggle beside him. Kitty threw up her hands as the teenager started pulling out toilet paper from the duffle bag, whispering as she turned "I am so not doing this…."

She motioned towards the girls eagerly waiting by the teenager boy, whispering in a moan "Logan would totally kill us if he found out!"

"Come on, Kitty…" Bobby teased back, reaching into the duffle. He pulled out a large roll of plush white toilet paper and wagged it back and forth, coaxing "I got the two ply kind."

Kitty paused, her hands slowly lowering and she eyed the white paper skeptically. She looked to the smirking teenager and rose an eyebrow up, asking slowly "With the extra large rolls?"

"Yep." Bobby replied, grinning, tossing the roll to Kitty. The young mutant caught it in her hands and gently felt the rolls soft touch. She squeezed the toilet paper, looking back up at Bobby, asking quietly "And did you bring…"

Bobby pulled out a large carton of eggs as Kitty spook, a smug grin on his face. He gently shook the fragile eggs inside, coaxing "The big ones."

Emily and Tildie looked over to see Kitty clearly fighting internally with the idea, her eyes looking back and forth between the bag, Bobby and the house. Finally, she sighed and pointed, whispering "The second their lights come on, we're out of here!"

A mad man wouldn't have given a more splitting smile on his face than Bobby Drake at that second; the teenager silently whooping as he tossed another roll to one of the little girls beaming beside him. Emily snatched up the tossed toilet paper in a flash, grabbing up her costume tail to run over to the nearest tree. She idly glanced over to watch Bobby unravel his toilet paper, watching the way the teenager tossed the roll into the air over a tree, the fabric gently draping itself along the spindly bare limbs of the tree.

Emily turned back to her task, gently unraveling the roll and threw it up just as Bobby had…but was disheartened when her roll merely fell to the ground with a soft plop….nowhere near the tree. She glared at the dirt covered roll of paper and heard Kitty giggle softly next to her in the dark; picking up the roll. She knelt down next to Emily, showing the little girl how to hold it, whispering "Throw it like this, Emily…"

Kitty showed how her wrist flickered up before releasing the toilet paper to its fate and the roll soon was strung in several directions on the tree. Kitty turned back to Emily, smiling, adding "It goes farther that way, see?"

"How do you know that?" Emily whispered; taking an egg that was handed to her. Kitty tossed a dark smile to Bobby, who mirrored the expression, before looking back at the curious child. Kitty replied ominously "I've had some practice."

Emily quirked her head curiously at her babysitter but Kitty merely smiled wider; she would know when she was older that it was much more than practice under the teenagers belt…much more like expertise. It seemed pranking still ran deep in the veins of the X-men children no matter what the age.

The little troublemakers continued on their task of decorating the loathed Senators yard in a blanket of white paper and a few smears of egg to go along with the barks décor. They had just paused to grab more incriminating supplies from the duffle…when all of the lights from the back-house turned to on. Kitty looked to Bobby with a half-panicked and half gleeful expression, whispering "Time to go!"

Quickly both little girls were grabbed by the hand by Kitty, with Bobby snatching up the duffle and the troublemakers kept low as they ran back to their car. They had just made it to the vehicle when a blaring loud alarm went screeching in the sky; followed by yard lights coming on and voices shouting in anger. Bobby didn't even check to make sure anyone was belted in before he floored the gas and took off down the suburb street, cursing under his breath as he laugh was drowned out by the alarm blaring in the neighborhood. Kitty smacked him roughly to quite but soon the girls were giggling madly in the back as they made their getaway; Kitty groaning as soon neighboring lights down the street began to turn on.

A few minutes of silence followed after Bobby raced down to the next street and slowed the car to normal speed. It would not be a good idea to get pulled over after what had just happened. Kitty kept giving him an icy cold glare that could have chilled the devil to the bone…when suddenly…Emily started to giggle. Tildie looked at her bewildered by the little girl kept giggling, she still on a high from experiencing her very first wild prank. She looked over at Bobby in the rear-view mirror, exclaiming "That was fun! Let's do it again!"

Bobby tried to hold back his laugh but slowly he started to snicker again at the child's proclamation…followed by Tildie. Kitty slapped Bobby upside the head to make him stop but the teenager only snickered harder. Finally, Kitty broke down into giggles and leaned back on the chair to cover her face. She only prayed to anyone on high that what had happened wouldn't appear on the ten o' clock news.

xxx xxxx xxx

A few hours later Logan walked into the kitchen where Ororo, Scott and Emma were sitting down to share a hot drink, and glanced again out the back window. He turned to the group with a frown, asking "The kids back yet?"

Emma clicked her tongue at Logan's question and replied "Relax, Logan."

Ororo, however, grinned gently at the semi-worried father and brought out a cold beer from the fridge and set it in Logan's hands. She then gently directed the muscled feral to sit down at the table, and soothed "Emily is fine."

Logan obediently sat down in the chair, snorting out as he grabbed the beer and gave a nod of thanks to Ororo who patted his shoulder reassuringly. He could admit that the closer he kept getting to Emily the more he was….concerned….when she wasn't near where he could keep a close eye. Call it being protective, or a backlash of not being able to protect her in Mojo's psycho game. Logan liked to think of it as keeping his daughter safe and sound.

Thankfully, Logan's worries were over as his heightened ears picked up the sound of tires pulling in along the graveled road. He quickly abandoned his beer on the table, sitting up and grinned to see his little girl come walking up the drive. However, Logan did not the guilty looks on Bobby and Kitty's faces as they entered into the doorway; the feral narrowing his eyes at them suspiciously. Both gave audible gulps at his menacing stare but managed to smile. The feral decided to put his questioning to the back-burner as his daughter came running up smiling at him. Logan knelt down by her, grabbing her costumed little self into a hug, asking "Ya have a good time, Half-pint?"

Emily paused, looking over to Bobby and Kitty; a mischievous smile on her face. She looked back at her father, smiling sweetly, replying "I had a really good time, daddy!"

Logan only chuckled and grabbed her into a hug again; the teenagers giving heavy sighs of relief. Sadly, the sound of sniffing echoed through the quiet kitchen and the teenager's hearts leapt to their throats. The feral untangled from his embrace, giving his little girl a hard stare, then to Tildie and finally focused that menacing look up to the teenagers. Logan then slowly stood up to his full intimidating size, his graveled voice rumbling suspiciously "Why does Half-pint smell like eggs?"

Kitty paled and looked to Bobby for an answer but the teenager merely babbled "I…Uh…"

Logan narrowed his piercing blue eyes further and the feral crossed his massive arms in waiting for an answer. What he got was Scott's radio on the counter suddenly broadcasting "And in other news…the Kelly's are up in arms tonight after a few individuals decided to vandalize their home with the traditional teeping and egg tosses…"

Logan's ice blue eyes widen at the guilty looking party, the vein in his neck rising up as his muscle stiffened; Kitty and Bobby giving another audible gulp while Emily and Tildie were the epitome of pitiful. The other adults gave hard disapproving glares as the radio continued with a humored voice "Despite the Senators obvious…outrage….the Kelly's have decided not to press charges and the police have no leads in searching for the suspects."

Scott then turned off the radio with a snap, knowing there was no need to hear anymore. The party of troublemakers fidgeted under the feral father's blazing hot glare which made all of them turn their heads down. Finally, Bobby couldn't take anymore of the silence, trying to squeak out "We can expl…"

"Upstairs." Logan's harsh feral voice growled. His nostrils inhaled and exhaled roughly, the muscles on his skin bulging as he growled darker "Now."

The party of troublemakers nearly collided into each other as they rushed to obey the enraged fathers command. Logan watched them go with piercing narrowed eyes as they each ran out toward the foyer to the stairwell. The sound of choked humor filled the tense airspace and the feral turned darkly around, only to be surprised it was Ororo and Emma who ducked their heads from his enraged view. Scott bravely looked at him, the corners of his mouth tugging up with a knowing smug smile. Logan growled darkly at him, hiding his own humor, snarling "Don't say a damn word."

Scott fought his smile more and nodded; staying still as Logan began stalking out of the kitchen. However, as the feral had just passed the doorway, Scott raised his cup to pretend to drink, adding nonchalantly "It's amazing how close those apples just seem to plop right beside the trees….you might even say the chips didn't have a very hard time falling off the old block either…"

Ororo and Emma started couching back laughter as Scott began to grin, the ladies dabbing at their mouths with napkins. Logan's voice could be heard doing a half-growl, half-laugh, as he snapped back humorously "Shut up, Boy Scout…"

xxx xxxx xxx

Two hours later, after punishments had been handed out and costumes put away for another year, the guilty ten year old finished brushing her hair while looking over at her father in the mirror. Emily grinned at him slightly, the feral doing the same and the little girl started the conversation by saying softly "I'm really sorry, daddy…"

"I know that, Half-pint." Logan said gently back; helping her off her little stand. He gave her a raised eyebrow, though, asking a little firmer "But do ya remember what I told ya?"

"Actions have consequences." Emily quoted back, her little Pj's ruffling gently as she made her way to bed. Logan raised his eyebrow more, asking "And?"

Emily sighed and climbed into her bed, adding gently "Just because someone is mean or nasty, doesn't make it right to hurt their stuff or them."

"And?" Logan again asked with now a narrowed look. Emily looked to him with a placid look, replying "If I do it again, I'll get my sketchbook and books taken away for a whole week."

Emily slightly smirked up at her muscled feral father, smarting dryly "And never, ever, ever, trust any idea that Bobby has until he is thirty…."

Logan quietly chuckled at his daughter's snark and ruffled her hair, smarting back "Exactly, darlin."

The feral ended his nightly routine with his daughter by turning off the light, tucking her small little body in one last time and gently petting his daughters forehead. He grinned down gently at her, whispering "Goodnight, Lil' Half-pint."

He turned to leave, expecting for Emily to murmur her goodnight while snuggling under the covers, but instead a frantic child's voice called out "Wait!"

Logan turned to her with a raised eyebrow, but Emily gave him a pleading look, begging "Can't I stay up for a little bit more?"

Logan shook his head to her, saying in a gently firm voice "Darlin, it's time for bed."

The feral, once again, turned to leave and immediately picked up the scent of fear pouring into the room. Emily's eyes were large and sharp in the darkened shadowy room and she whimpered as a creak in the floorboards sounded to her right. She fidgeted in her bed, fighting the frightened tears, exclaiming "Wait! Don't go!"

Logan jerked around to see his daughter's eyes filling with tears, as she proclaimed "I don't want the Hairy Woolly Mouth to get me, daddy!"

Logan snorted out in surprise, asking "The what?"

"The Hairy Woolly Mouth!" Emily hiccuped, her father gently sitting down by her bedside. She sniffled as he reached for a tissue and motioned her to her feet, explaining "I don't want him to get my toes!"

"What are you talkin…" Logan started but stopped. He softly growled and cursed under his breath, muttering darkly "Bobby."

The feral shook his head and reached over to gently sooth his frightened child, saying calmly "It's alright darlin…"

Logan rubbed her back and fought the cringing in his voice, as he grunted "Popsicle was just messing with you."

Knowing as Emily continued to reek of fear, the feral gave in with a heavy sigh, soothing gently "I'll stay here till ya fall sleep."

"Thank you, daddy." Emily whispered, hiccuping one last time as Logan softly tucked her back into bed. As the little girl watched her father's intimidating and large shadow cast over the room in search of the chair to scoot to her bed, Emily could her hear father growling under his breath, muttering irritatingly "Hairy Woolly Mouth…huh…that damn boy…"

The little girl listened to her father's soft gripping, her eyes slowly fluttering shut and soon she went deep into dreamland where creatures of the night were not permitted to go. Logan looked over to her as he sat down in the lay-z-boy and grinned tenderly to her; reaching over to pet her cheek. Yet, underneath, Logan was still extremely irritated.

That 'fun' story had been Logan's bane since coming to the Mansion. The children that Logan mentored before Emily, each and every one of them had been terrified of the made up monster. That stupid made up creature had caused the feral a lot of sleepless nights with children sneaking around the halls in search of it. Logan lost count of the times he accidentally snuck up on a duo searching in the dark; still to this day he could remember how their shrill screaming in fright caused his ears to ring all night long. Logan growled under his breath and rubbed his daughters arm soothingly beside him.

Popsicle was defiantly going to pay in the Danger Room session this week for ever bringing back that stupid prank story. He thought the Hairy Woolly Mouth was a good story to scare people with? How about the tales of a pissed off feral father who just so happens to be the Wolverine? And who also has you locked in the Danger Room with him for a whole two hours…and he can 'train' you in anything he wants. Yeah, those stories would be legendary compared to the Tales of the Hairy Woolly Mouth. Logan was going to make sure of that.

Poor little Bobby. I wouldn't want to be in the Danger Room that week. Haha : )

Also….yes, once upon a time I believed in the Hairy Woolly Mouth and reacted the SAME way Emily did the first night I had to sleep after hearing the story. My Uncle Jack made it up on a weekend we kids were going to sleep over at our grandparent's cabin…but instead it lived in the attic…..the SAME finished attic we grandchildren were so 'happening' to be sleeping in that night. Haha Now when I think of the story, I just laugh and laugh and thought maybe you might find it funny too! XD

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this and I am working on the main story as we speak!