I don't own any of this,,,,,,,,,,,,, and these characters are based on the ones in the 1982 movie version of Annie, and yes its very short, please enjoy anyway, and reviews are apprieciated.

After being threatened by Miss Hannigan to scrub the floors, Pepper, Molly, Duffy, Tessie, July, and Kate, had each grabbed a bucket full of water, and a sponge and started to clean.

Molly however, began crying, and stopped scrubbing to sob. The others let it go for a few minutes, but Pepper couldn't take it anymore, and threw her sponge back in her bucket.

"For crying out loud Molly, what are you blubbering for?!", she yelled, which made the others stop, because they wanted to know as well.

"I m-miss Annie!", wailed Molly, only to be greeted with splashes of water that were thrown by Pepper and Duffy.

"Well knock it off and get back to work, pint size, or Miss Hannigan will throw ya in the street", said Duffy. "Trust me Molly, New York isn't exactly the place for a little girl to be left on the street", she said, but shockingly this didn't stop Molly from crying her eyes out, which made the group of girls moan even more.

July, being the mother figure for all of them, gently dropped her sponge in her bucket and sat on the floor. "Here Molly, come sit next to me, okay?", she said in her usual calm voice. July was used to little kids, she had a little sister that lived at the orphanage with her, but she died a few weeks after the two of them got there.

And as Molly sat next to July and cried in her shoulder, July stroked her hair, in a serene matter. "Its okay Molly, I miss Annie, too", said July, who could clearly hear Pepper saying that she didn't under her breath. But she ignored the stubborn girl and went back to comforting the crying one next to her. "We'll see her again, she said she would come and visit us, remember?", she asked.

"Yeah, I remember", said Molly, finally wiping away her tears.

"I hope so", piped up Tessie, "I hope she brings us presents", she too stopped scrubbing to talk, and Kate (who could talk but just chose not to), nodded her head in agreement.

"Doubt it", said Pepper, only to be greeted dirty looks from everyone except Duffy.

"Don't listen to her, Annie will be back", said Tessie. "I know she will".

"I miss Sandy, too. I hope their having a good time", said Molly.

"I bet she is", said July as she started to tickle Molly, making her giggle, which wasn't a common thing to hear in the orphanage. Suddenly July, Molly, and Kate began tickling Tessie and Duffy, and even Pepper, who let a small smile creep on her face, only to have it turn into laughter.

That's what this place needed, anyway, especially in these depressing times. Everyone just needed to smile.