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Pokémon Journeys-Kanto


Silence reverberated through the room with the only sounds of the gentle and steady breathing of Athear and Dash. The rise and fall of his chest were mimicked by Dash. She let out small short adorable snores with each inhale.

The sweet silence was ruined by a muffled screaming, Dash's ear twitched, one eye opens lazily as she slowly lifts herself up with a heavy and long yawn. Reaching full stance she started wiping her eyes of the sleep crystals that pervaded her eyes. The shrieks of terror filled the room as it got louder: the already broken silence was shattered by the loud screeching noise of tires.

Dash, now fully awake went up to Athear's face and gave him small little licks, causing him to bristle a bit and mumble something inaudible. She tried again only getting slight shrug for her gentle efforts, at this point Dash was getting annoyed and tried one more time, "Dash, enough I'm sleeping…" He turned his body, knocking her off balance and fall off the bed with a thud and a bump on her head.

"Pichu…" Her sacs were arcing electricity and with her annoyance at its end she let loose a large bolt of electricity and shocked Athear, launching him up with a scream. He landed back on his bed twitching every now and then with his hair all frizzed out and smoking, "Darn it, Dash. What was that for?!" He shouted as he stood up perfectly okay as if the jolt never hit him.

Dash stood their tapping her foot on the floor, pointing to the bed than the floor, "Pichu, Pi."

Athear's eyes widened a bit, "Sorry about that Dash, but what do you expect it's like 11 o'clock at night. Of course I don't want to get up. What do you need anyway?" He apologized profusely and walked towards the bathroom Dash following in suit.

"Pi, Pi, Pichu!" She explained what she heard to him.

"So you heard some screaming that sounded like Ash and then a screech?" He iterated and Pichu nodded in an affirmatory fashion.

Athear splashed his face with water and swiped the closest towel to clean it off, "Well, let's go see what's up down there."

He walked towards the door and slipped on his shoes that were situated right next to it and walked out only wearing a Red undershirt and midnight purple shorts.

A hallway and a flight of stairs later they arrived to an interesting scene of Déjà vu, "You could be more responsible." Nurse Joy scolded a smaller kid next to Officer Jenny.

"If you want to be a Pokémon Trainer Young man you don't let your Pokémon battle till it's in this condition."

"But you don't know what happened!" Ash defended fruitlessly.

Joy didn't even bother hearing his story. Instead she placed her hands on her waist, "What passed is past. Now we have to heal your Pikachu."

Ash dropped his hands to his side in defeat, "What can I do?"

Nurse Joy's stern expression softened and she smiled, "Just leave everything to me." She said in a warm tone that made Ash believe that everything will be okay.

Ash drooped, "Please…"

Nurse Joy paid him no mind and looked towards Officer Jenny, "It's in your hands! I know you will give the Pokémon excellent care." She said with a salute.

Nurse joy smiled and brought her hands together in front of her, "You got it here just in time."

Officer Jenny pointed at herself and enthusiastically said, "That's my job!' in a proud manner, but that was short lived when she realized something, "Oh my goodness! I left my motorcycle parked at the front desk."

Nurse joy giggled at her friend, "Next time use the driveway." Officer Jenny walked away passed Athear with a nervous chuckle, he simply waved at her as she walked by and got on her cycle and left.


"Yes, Dash, that is a thing." He said with an amused chuckle and looked towards Ash and Nurse Joy, who was waving bye at Jenny as well.

Nurse Joy watched Officer Jenny drive out of the Center before turning to Ash, "Ash, you have to go to the waiting Area."

"Wait can't I…" She walked away through the door without paying him any mind, just as Athear walked up next to him.

"Give it up Ash; you have no idea of the intricacies that involve Pokémon care." Ash was startled by Athear's sudden appearance forcing him to jump back and fall on his butt with yelp.

Athear couldn't help but chuckle at Ash's reaction, Dash skittered around Ash's position with a noise akin to laughter.

"Oh, Athear, it's just you." Ash said unexcitedly.

Athear raised his brow, "No need to sound excited it's just me." He deadpanned and held out a hand for Ash.

Ash looked at it only for a split second debating if he should grab, after all this guy left without him, but his better judgment told him to grab it. He grabbed Athear's hand as he pulled him up.

Ash now realized how short he is compared to his friend/ rival, Athear was several inches taller than himself. 'Stupid Athear getting the tall genes…'

Athear let go of his hand and dropped it to his side, Ash doing the same, there was moment of silence before Ash decided to break the ice with a question that's been bugging him since Pallet, "Why did you go in without me? You said you were going to wait for me."

"I did wait, for half an hour after the time we said we were going to meet up." He stated pointedly, Ash chuckling sheepishly at his incident and rubbed the back of his neck.

"Well you see… I had my alarm set to wake up, but uh… something happened to it in the middle of the night." He said evasively.

Athear wasn't buying it, "Let me guess, Pokebattle on TV."


"Mom came in."


"Oak's Show"




"Pokeball clock"


"Broken corner"


Athear sighed and face palmed, "Ash didn't I tell you get a clock not in the shape of a pokeball…"

Ash looked down dejectedly with a sigh, "Yup…"

Athear sighed, "What happen to your Pokémon Ash?"

Ash averted his gaze, "We were traveling through route one, when I spotted Spearow that looked like a pidgey and I wanted to catch it, but Pikachu wouldn't listen to me. He kept ignoring my orders and even when I tried being nice it refused to help and ran up a tree."

Ash took a quick breather, "So I thought 'if he wouldn't help I'll do it myself' so I threw a rock at it and apparently it had friends, lots of them I might add and they targeted Pikachu because according to Dexter they're jealous of Pokemon with trainers."

"As soon as I saw this I told them to leave him alone, he had nothing to do with this, but they ignored me and charged at Pikachu, but Pikachu already started running down the tree and down route one. I ran behind him so if they wanted to hurt Pikachu they had to go through me first, but they were faster and soon passed me by and started attacking Pikachu."

"One of them got a particularly good hit on him and exhausted the last of Pikachu's strength and he collapsed. The Spearow were still attacking him while he was down so I pushed my way through them and picked Pikachu up as they continued to try and attack him as I ran covering Pikachu to protect him from further getting hurt."

"In an effort to get away, I jumped off a small waterfall and into the river down below…"

"Wow, jumping off a waterfall, huh? You definitely got some guts if you have nothing else going for you." Ash glared at Athear for his backhand compliment.

Athear noticed this and brought his hands up in an apologetic gesture, "Sorry, sorry, I just thought I would lighten up such a heavy mood…" Ash glared again, "Shutting up now, continue."

"Anyway, I got… caughtonafishingline" He said quickly with a blush on his face.

Athear smirked, "What was that Ash? You got what, I couldn't understand you." he brought his hand next to his ear as if he was focusing his hearing on him and only him.

Ash crossed his arms and looked away, "I got caughtonafishingline that was cast by this girl and-"

"I still didn't catch that, mind repeating it?" His mirth clearly evident, Dash just rolled her eyes but small smile tugged the corner of her mouth, 'He heard him, and he's just messing with him now. I wonder how long it will take Ash to notice.' Dash asked herself.

Ash was fuming; he didn't want to repeat such an embarrassing moment, "I said I got caught onafishingline by a girl." He said that particular moment quickly underneath his breath again.

Athear was having difficulties keeping a straight face, "I'm sorry I can't hear you." He repeated.

Ash couldn't hold it anymore, "I GOT CAUGHT ON A FISHING LINE BY SOME GIRL WHO WAS FISHING WHERE I WAS! There! I said it! Happy now?" He huffed and puffed after yelling loudly.

Athear just stood there with a cheeky grin, "Yeah, I heard ya." There was a door hiss and Nurse Joy walked out with an angry look that was hard to take serious because of how adorable she looked, "and so did Nurse Joy." His mischievous grin still in play, Ash would have shouted something but Nurse Joy spoke first.

"Excuse me, this is a hospital and I expect to you to treat it as such. That means no yelling, there are sick and hurt Pokemon that need rest and your screaming does not help them recover faster." Her angry demeanor changing into her normal soft and caring one, "Please try to behave, these Pokemon really need their rest, so please try not to yell again."

Ash looked down, "Yes, Nurse Joy I will." A beautiful smile stretched across her face as she nodded before turning away and walking back to the emergency room.

Ash turned his head and glared at Athear trying to burn holes in him with his eyes, "You planned this didn't you? You knew what I said and you kept asking me to repeat it- you got me in trouble with Nurse Joy." Ash spoke in in a depressing tone.

Athear sighed, "Look I'm sorry, you just looked funny when you mentioned it, that I had to hear it again. To be fair you didn't need to scream like you did." Athear reasoned with him, hoping he would lighten up.

Ash looked up, "I suppose your right, and we're both at fault here."

Dash scuttled down Athear's body and looked directly at him directly in the eyes, "Pichu, Pi, Pi, Pichu."

Athear scratched the back of his head bashfully, "Yeah, I should have listened to you."

Ash giggled a little bit as Athear raised a brow at him, "What so funny Ash?"

Ash reigned in his laughter, "Oh nothing, I'm just questioning the relationship between you and Dash."

Athear was even more confused, Dash was in the same boat as her trainer, "What do you mean? We're friends, what is so questionable about that?"

Ash smiles a little, "I mean she has you whipped, she's always putting you in your place just like an older sister or Mother would. She's the only one you really listen to besides my mom or your sister Luka." Ash clarified with a triumphant smile, finally getting a one up on his longtime friend now, rival.

Athear was tapping his chin at his observation, "I suppose your right, isn't he Dash?" Dash laughed a little and gave a happy nod.

Ash deflated at the lack of reaction, "Better luck next time Ash. I already know she has me trained." He crouched next to Dash began rubbing her head in appreciation, "She keeps me in line when no one else can." Dash agreed whole heartedly.

Ash smiled at them, "I wish me and Pikachu were like that…" he said downtrodden.

Athear looked at Ash, "Trust me you will be, I can feel it. Don't worry, just believe in yourself and your Pokemon and you will go far… It's the last thing my Uncle said to me before he went back to Johto."

Ash saw the look of melancholy on his face before it was replaced with a smiling Athear, "Anyway, what happen after you got pulled ashore by this girl?" He asked bringing the subject back to Ash's dilemma.

Ash perked up at the call back, "We were pulled ashore and she told me to come here, but that wasn't the end of it the Spearow followed us all the way down the river and I told her to run and I uh… kind of stole her bike to get away." Ash said sheepishly.

Athear deadpanned, before he bursting out laughing, "That's rich! You see danger and you take her bike leaving her to escape on foot!" He continued laughing as Ash turned into a tomato from embarrassment. 'Good thing he didn't ask what happen to it afterwards.'

Unfortunately, his luck was non-existent because Athear stopped laughing, wiping his tear and ask the one thing he was hoping he didn't, "So where's the girl's bike?"

Ash froze; a myriad of excuses ran through his head, escapes plans, ways to avoid answering the question, "Um… uh… The thing is I…" His eyes widened, "I think it would be a good time to call my mom, to tell her how I am doing and stuff… I mean you know how she gets."

Athear raised eyebrow and sighed, "I know what you mean… Luka is the same way, go and talk to Delia, I'll keep in ear out for Nurse Joy just in case she has an update on Pikachu." Athear waved him off stating he was done with the conversation and sat down by the emergency room door.

Dash joined him and settled on to his lap, "Pi. Pi, pichu!" she dropped on her back with her head next to his stomach.

Athear looks down at her, "You want one now?" She nods with Athear sighing at her immediate response.

"Fine, if you want." Athear brought his hands to her electric sacs and begins massaging them in a circular motion.

Pichu sighed in bliss at his gentle hand movements it carried on for several minutes with her eyes beginning to droop. Beginning to fall back asleep, an action not missed by her trainer, "Still tired I see. It is pretty late anyway so I'm not surprised… go ahead and go back to sleep. We're going to be a while." He said softly as his gentle massage put Dash to sleep.

He looks over to where Ash is to see what he's up to and notice Delia was admonishing him for some reason. Laying Dash on the seat next to him he patted off his shorts and undershirt and walked up behind Ash.

"Are you changing your underwear every day?" Delia asked sternly with an equally stern expression that would make any boy or man tremble in fear if they said anything other than what she wanted to hear.

Ash was no exception, but held an amazing poker face, "Yes, mom."

Delia gave a proud smile, "Okay, good night son I love yo… Athear, is that you?" Her surprise unmasked by his sudden appearance before switching into a smile. Ash moved his head to the side a little to give his mom a better view of Athear.

Athear smiled as well and waved, "Hey Delia, I'm surprised you're up this late."

Delia smile turned into a frown, "Not by choice I assure you, but your sister Luka came over with Ahri after waking up after a particularly bad dream."

Athear was surprised by the revelation, "When we were talking she fall asleep peacefully I even waited several minutes to be sure. She was sound asleep when I ended the call… where is she?"

Delia stood up and turned the monitor to the sleeping form of Luka on her couch, "She's fine now, but she's not taking your time away well." She moved the monitor back to its original position.

"I see…" he said softly.

"She will be fine Athear." Delia assured him with a smile.

Athear smiled as well, "Hey Delia can you do me a favor?"

Delia smiled already knowing what he wanted, "Don't worry Athear I'll keep an eye on her. I'll visit her and keep her company and have her regularly come over to eat dinner with me as well."

Athear beamed, "Thanks Delia, we could always count on you to help us out."

Delia gave a sweet smile, "No problem Athear. Plus, I can use the company as well since Ash is traveling as well."

Delia let out a small yawn, "I'm going to let you two go I'm tired it's pretty late." She stretched her body before relaxing again.

Athear and Ash let out their own yawns, "We're pretty tired ourselves. We'll see ya later, Delia."

"Good night mom. I love you."

"I love you to son and Athear…" Delia called out catching Athear before he walked back to his previous seat.

"Yes, Delia?"

"Be sure to keep an eye on Ash for me, you know how he gets." Delia said sternly, but with a smile.

Ash turned red in embarrassment, "Mom!" He yelled in a hushed tone.

Athear was chuckling, "Will do ma'am. You have my word."

Delia beamed, "Thanks Athear! I love you Ash and change your underwear."

Athear and Ash smiled with a nod, Delia returning it with a wave before her screen blipped off.

Athear smiled and began ruffling Ash's hair, "It looks like I'm babysitting you for a while." His voice contained no small amount of amusement.

Ash swatted away Athear's hand with as the blood rushed to his cheeks, "I don't need anyone to watch over me. I'm old enough to watch myself!" Ash stood up from the chair and pushed Athear away in overly exaggerated embarrassment.

Athear stumbled slighty, but laughed lightly at his actions, "Sure. That's why Delia asked me to watch over you for a while." He said in between laughs as he regained his balance from the physical assault.

Ash turned away with an 'hmph' and said, "Well, I don't need you watching over me."

Athear was about to say something, but Ash's attention was pulled toward an old picture of a Pokémon behind the Nurse's counter. He's positive he's seen that Pokémon before. Athear followed Ash's line of sight to an image of a bird like Pokémon, he took a look at it and remembered reading about that particular Pokémon somewhere, but couldn't recall its name.

"Hey Ash, do you know what Pokémon that is?" Athear asked since Ash look so enthralled with the image of the still unnamed bird Pokémon.

Athear moved next to Ash grabbing his attention for moment as he shook his head in a negative fashion, "No clue, but I think I saw something like it on my way here. It was pretty hard to miss since it lit up night sky."

Athear quirked his brow, but gave no response because the nurse's phone went off. Not sure what to do Ash answered the call politely, "Hello, this is Ash, whose calling?"

An elderly voice was heard through the speaker, "Here, I'm over here." Ash turned around looking for the mysterious voice and recognized one of the pictures moved off to the side revealing the back of Professor Oak's head.

"Ash, I'm over here. Don't you recognize me?" Professor Oak asked, completely Oblivious to the fact that Ash and Athear could only see the back of his head.

Athear was silently laughing at this, "Sorry Professor, but I don't think anyone could recognize the back of someone's head, but then again, how many old people do we actually know?" Athear chuckled at the end of his statement, with an aggravated tick mark forming on the back of Oak's head.

He turned switching camera's so he was face to face with a smirking Ash and a grinning Athear, "Very funny, Athear. I'm surprised you're still in Viridian though. I assumed you were well on your way to Pewter City by now." Professor Oak was genuinely surprised that Athear was just barely in the next city over.

Athear sighed, "I actually would have been, but a huge freak storm hit and screwed up that plan. So I ended up crashing at the Pokémon Center and well, here I am."

Professor Oak hummed in acknowledgement as rubbed his chin with his eyes close, "That is unfortunate, well now you can keep an eye on Ash and help him out."

Athear grinned at Ash's indignant expression. He wasn't able to express that discomfort because Oak spoke again, "Anyway, Ash I called as soon as your mother told me you made it to the Pokémon Center in Viridian city, is that correct?" he asked.

Athear deadpanned. "We couldn't be talking to you if we weren't here." Ash said with a straight face.

"You couldn't be talking- oh, I see... " he iterated just before the realization hit him, "I dialed the number for the Pokemon Center in Viridian City and you were able answer." He surmised.

"Yeah, because that's where we are." Ash confirmed, his expression never changing.

'This is our great Prof. Oak… can't even put two and two together. I worry about him sometimes, might be his old age.' Athear thought.

Oak made a few hums of approval with his arms crossed and nodded his head as if he were telling himself. "I suppose that proves it."

Athear gave small chuckle at Oak's lack of common sense sometimes. "The other new Pokemon trainers made it there with no problem and I am pleasantly surprised you got there so soon." He said approvingly with a smile.

Athear noticed a small welling of pride in Ash's chest. "I admit, I had my doubts that you could handle your Pikachu, but when my grandson Gary said that 'you wouldn't have a single new Pokemon by the time you got to Viridian City', I bet him a million dollars that he would be wrong!" Oak voice rose exponentially in triumphant as Ash deflated continuously with each passing second.

Athear sighed, 'and there it goes… poor kid can't get a break.'

A sweat drop rolled down the back of the hat wearing prepubescent child, "Well, money isn't everything, right?" he said as another sweat drop began rolling down his cheek.

Professor Oak's face fell as a dark cloud floated above his head, "Why do I even bother?" He said crestfallen.

Athear was covering his mouth, trying to withhold his snickers. "Earth to Professor Oak, Earth to Professor!" he finally spoke up gaining some semblance of control over his laughter, but he just ignored him as he sulked in his losses.

Ash gave a half-hearted smile and recalled what he saw earlier that day, "But I did see a flying Pokemon like that one!" his finger pointing to the top right image on the giant portrait, "It flew right over the Rainbow!" His voice filled with awe and wonderment. He threw his hands in the air imitating a bird flying over the rainbow.

Oak gave him a skeptical look, but Athear had a different look more quizzical in nature. He looked at Dash with a look that conveyed a small message. If Athear knows Ash as well as he think he's does, then he knows that Ash has always had a wild imagination, but something in his tone said he wasn't making things up.

"Don't speak such nonsense you couldn't have seen this pokemon. Trainers have searched their whole lives for this Pokemon and never seen it."

"It sure looked like it." He defended.

Oak crossed is arms and shook his head, "You must be mistaken…" there was a small silence between the two until Oaks bells rang, "Ah, there is my pizza, coming!" with that Oak dashed off to his kitchen, anxious to delve into his pizza.

He peeked in front of the screen once more, "It was very nice talking to you Ash and good luck." With another wave he left, leaving his connection on. "Mm… Spinach, Anchovies, and pineapple pizza my favorite." With that the connection cut off.

Athear cut from his musings after hearing that grotesque excuse for Pizza, "Ew… people actually eat that? I always thought that flavor was a joke."

Ash opened his mouth, but his voice was cut off by a more high pitched and feminine voice that was unmistakably pissed, "Now I've got you!" she yelled.

The two friends head spun at the voice and saw belonged to a lithe redhead that was dressed in inappropriate attire for a young girl. She was panting, probably from her running.

Athear looked at what she was carrying, a burnt, disfigured remains of what used to be a bike. Athear eyes widened as he placed both of his hands on his mouth in an effort to stifle the maelstrom of laughter.

"I knew I'd find you here!" she exclaimed.

Ash pointing at the redhead in shock, "Hey, what happen to your bike?!" he asked oblivious to the damage he wrought.

The redhead is thrown off-guard at how oblivious the twerp is, "What happened to my bike? You happen to my bike you little loser!" her voice irate.

"This is what's left of it after you stole it to save your Pokemon!" she exclaimed in anger.

That was it, the final dam broke apart and Athear fall back with Dash jumping off onto the counter to save herself. Athear hit the ground with a thump, but he was too busy laughing to even register the pain that will undoubtedly be felt in the morning. He grabbed his gut as he continued his laughter. "I can't… believe…. That… you… destroyed… her bike! How does… one… even… manage… that?" he said in-between laughter."

She pivoted her attention to Athear, "And who are—waaa!" that proved to be a mistake as she started teetering back and forth several times before falling flat on her back and her scrap heap falling away from her.

Ash sprang into action first and running around the counter to give the redhead aid. Athear is too enthralled in the moment for his nice guy sense to kick in, but Dash gave him a look of annoyance before shocking him, "Pichu!" she yelled.

Athear immediately jumped up in realization "Thanks Dash!" and he rushed to her aid as well.

Getting their roughly around the same time Ash made his round about the counter. Athear looked over the redhead and saw her rubbing the back of her head. He had to admit the girl was cute, not to mention he had a thing for redheads. The thought didn't dwell much longer than a few short moments. As his instincts kicked in and offered his hand, "Here, give me your hand." He said.

He held out is hand, but instead of grabbing it she went to smack it, "I don't need your—" She was thrown for a loop when his hand clamped down on her upon collision and before she could protest some more she was yanked up by him and onto her feet.

Unfortunately, it was too quick and she had no balance so instead of landing upright like she should have, she ended up falling forward into him, reaching just a little higher than his pectorals, an entire inch taller than Ash. Her eyes met his which looked like an endless sea of violet to her with a neon emerald tinge calling to her. Her cheeks flushed at the gentleness in his eyes, realizing she was staring, she jumped back immediately, "I-I don't need your h-help, p-pervert!" For a moment, he didn't register her insult as he was still mesmerized by her beautiful Emerald orbs that were her eyes.

Athear shook his head, "Why you little-!" he cut himself off before he says something he will regret.

She looked directly at Ash, "But what I do need is for you to pay for my bike!" she demanded.

Athear took a calming breath. While he was doing that Ash was explaining his situation to the fiery one, "I'll make up for it, I promise I will, really, but I can't do anything about your bike until—"

"I don't want any of your lame excuses kid! I just want a new bike right now!" She yelled with her fist clenched in front her in a threatening manner and her face scrunched in fury.

Instead of stepping back in fear his head dropped sullenly. "If you must know, his Pikachu is in critical condition. So cut the kid some slack and stop yelling at him. He'll pay his dues… I'll make sure of it." Athear's voice was soft, but hardened when he spoke of Ash's emotional state.

He was still bitter at the pervert remark.

The redhead, looked angry for a split-second, but softened up as she understood the situation, "How critical, if I may ask?" she asked in a timid tone.

Athear sighed and cut her some slack as well, moving to the Nurse Joy's terminal to find the info she sought. "I am looking at their files right now, and it seems to be an extreme case of exhaustion." His fingers glided over the terminal on the counter picking out the most recent additions to the medical files.

Ash looked even more downtrodden than before, knowing this was because of his own lack of discipline. The redhead felt even worse because she was yelling at him for something that can be replaced easily when he was already beating himself up about something that won't be a simple fix such as buying a new bike or part, but the life of a pokemon can never be replaced, especially if it's your first.

Athear looked between the two and rummaged through some more of the medical files, "Cheer up, it maybe extreme but is curable. Pikachu will be fine as long as it gets enough rest and plenty of energy, it will just be out for a day or so, maybe less." He said much to the relief to the two trainers.

"The only reason Pikachu is listed under critical is because it took several hits in it exhausted state which halted the recuperating process. When the injuries are healed everything else will come into play."

Ash looked up at Athear in a bit of hope and slight awe, "How do you know so much about this?" Ash asked.

The redhead is curious to as she looked from Ash to Athear standing behind Nurse Joy's desk, "Unlike you Ash, I've studied on caring for Pokemon, not to mention I helped Professor Oak around his lab and his ranch every day of the week since we moved to Pallet. Plus, it also helps to read the medical files we have public access to." He explained.

Ash disappointedly rubbed his arm, since he didn't bother researching like Athear did. He looked over at Ash, "Don't beat yourself up Ash, just take some time out of the day every day and look up info on Pokemon through your Poke'Dex. It has massive amounts of knowledge that could help you in the long run." he said as he shut down the Medical Archive on the Nurse's computer.

Ash looked to him, "Where do I start?" he asked wanting to learn to take better care of Pikachu.

"How about your Pikachu? Start off with its Summary and follow the tabs it will give you the basic knowledge and you'll learn the other stuff as you go." Ash nodded and pulled out his Poke'Dex and accessed his Pikachu's Archive.

Athear looked over to the redhead who immediately looked away from him. He sighed, "You, redhead, what's your name? I am Athear Darastrix." He walked up to her and held out his hand.

She brought her head back around only for a moment and turned back, her hand clasping his in a soft grip, "I am Misty, don't try anything you perverted redhead." Unseen by anyone her cheeks flushed again.

Athear eye began to twitch, "I'm perverted, hah! Look at what you're wearing: your modesty is hardly covered! I mean come on, a high cut shirt barely being held down by straps and you call me the pervert." He fired back.

Misty's hand was no longer soft and gentle, but rough and somewhat painful, "Why you…"

Athear cut her off, "If anything you're the actual pervert here." She threw his hand away and spun around looking away from him.

"And to think I thought you had beautiful/gentle eyes." They said in unison, though neither noticed the compliment.

Dash's ears went flat against her head and a sweat drop down her forehead, "Pi… chu…" disbelief evident in her sigh.

Athear looked away from Misty and started walking back to Dash's side who is sitting on the counter with an irate expression. "What?" he asks oblivious to his feelings.

Dash is looking towards him with a blank face, "Pi, pi, pichu."

"Don't you start with me to- I've had enough sass for the night."

Dash is rolling her eyes in response, "Pi."

Athear raised his brow, "I have no idea what you are talking about. I would never fall for a rude, beautiful, arrogant girl with a temper problem."

Dash's face is never changing, "Pi, chu."

Athear looked away, "Whatever, Dash." Pichu shaking her head in disbelief.

Misty was observing the interactions between the two, noticing how he seemed to understand exactly what his Pokemon is saying. She looked over to Ash and saw that he is fiddling with his Poke'Dex a solemn look still etched on his face. Walking up to him she began to ask, "Does that stupid boy actually believe he could talk to his Pokemon?"

Ash looked up from his Poke'Dex, "Yeah, he's been able to talk to them as long as I can remember. He always had a knack with Pokemon. His connection with the Pokemon he meets becomes stronger, but when Dash…" Misty looked confused and Ash realized this "…Dash is his Pichu over there." He flipped his thumb towards Dash on the counter.

Misty is still skeptical, "So you think he can too?" crossing her arms in defiance, not believing it in the slightest.

Ash sighed, closing his Poke'Dex, he looked up to Misty, "I don't think, I know hecan." Misty rolling her eyes again, Ash shook his head.

"You wouldn't know you haven't known him as long as I have. He has proved himself more than once that he could. If you don't believe him I don't care and neither will he. He has nothing to prove to you." The heat was barely noticeable in his tone.

With his piece said he moved over to the seat closest to the ER and opened his Poke'Dex again. Misty tut and crossed her arms again. "Stupid boys…" she said under her breath.

There is a long and tense silence that hung in the air. Athear stood off to the side leaning on the counter holding the Nurse's terminal and Dash is laying down on the smooth surface, relaxing. Ash sat in the waiting area sliding through his Poke'Dex soaking in any and all knowledge he could about Pikachu. Misty stood silently -closest to Athear- sulking over her destroyed bike.

A small ding dissolved the silence and shattered the tension, a small 'swoosh' signaling the opening of the doors to the E.R. with Nurse Joy and two Chanseys emerging, pushing out a small gurney with Pikachu's small frame on it. Two curly wires connecting a small headband with a bulb attached to it blinking with two small devices- one used for measuring Pikachu's voltage output and another for charging Pikachu's electrical abilities.

The three of them rushing towards Pikachu's side, "Pikachu, are you alright?" he asked the barely conscious Pokemon.

The Electrical Mouse gave no response except for the small sounds of it relaxed and steady breathing, "Your Pikachu is resting. It's a good thing you got it here so fast, the procedure went well and it should be fine." Joy said with a genuine smile.

"Thanks to the Pokemon Center!" She said.

"Yes, thank you very much." Ash iterated.

Athear put on a small smile, "I told you it would be fine. The Joys are some of the best Nurses around."

Nurse Joy cheeks had a light shade of red, "You are too kind Athear, but we can't take all the credit. Our Chanseys are major help as well." The Chanseys next to Joy spoke excitedly at being recognized for their efforts.

Athear lightly chuckled, "Of course, I didn't forget them. Thank you as well."

"Chansey!" The two said in unison.

Nurse Joy looked back towards Ash, "Pikachu just needs a good rest in recovery, you should go in with it Ash." She said bringing the conversation back to its original roots.

Ash nodded, "Thanks again." Joy responded with beautific smile, Ash looked over to Misty solemnly. "Look, I'm sorry about your bike, but I am going to need some time to make it right."

"No way, I fell for that last time!" she shouted.

"Huh?" Ash was thrown off balance by the sudden hostility.

She released a small calming breath, "Well, you should take care of Pikachu now, we'll settle up later."

Ash was again thrown for a loop at her sudden softness. "Uh, okay?"

Athear looked towards Dash and spoke just loud enough just for her to hear, "You know, she may be rough around the edges, but she actually has a kind heart." His eyes locked on Misty as she stood next to Ash and Pikachu.

Pichu nodded. A peaceful silence once again blanketed the room until the speaker overhead went off, "Attention citizens of Viridian City: Our Viridian Radar Sensors have detected an aircraft belonging to a gang of Pokemon thieves. If you have a Pokemon in your possession: exercise extreme caution!"

As the PSA finished the skylight shattered and smoke filled the room.

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