"What the hell do you mean Lucifer's grace is inside Stiles?!" Dean had let out more agitated then he wanted, but who could blame him. This shit was serious.

"I dont know Dean," Castiel had ended up saying as his own frown deepened. He had no real answer for him, and telling Dean anything now would only make him jump to conclusions and none of them could afford for that right now.

"Then who the hell was watching him?!" Dean had let out as he unknowingly started pacing the study. "How did this happen?" He said starting to eye everyone standing in the room with him.

"That's what we're trying to figure out. So calm down a little," Sam told his brother before looking down at Gabriel who had finally moved. His body had slumped against Sam's, and his body had only naturally wrapped around Gabriel's smaller form in attempts to comfort him.

Dean had only thrown a glare at him but seeing Gabriel down and even Cas had made him stop. They had all been through this once before, and it wasn't the easiest of situations to be with. They all had past traumas because of Lucifer and this was only tapping into those fears. Fuck…why did this have to happen to them again? "Faith, you're always with Stiles, right?"

Faith had just shaken her head as she said, "I'm not always with him Dean."

"What do you mean?!" He said furrowing his brows further. "You said that you are always at his side!"

"The bunker is warded, there was no need for me to be invading Stiles every second of the day. If he was in danger I would have been at his side," Faith had said to the enraged hunter. It was understandable that he was upset, they all were. This shouldn't have happened, she should have felt it, and she should have felt Lucifer present. They should have, but they hadn't and that was the most concerning thing to her. It had just slipped right out from under their noses.

"This doesn't make any sense. Lucifer was supposed to be locked up in the pit, how did he even get out?!" Sam said not being to make sense of it for the life of him. It wasn't and it shouldn't be possible for him to suddenly be inside of his nephew. It made no sense!

Balthazar and Uriel, even offered suggestions to keep a close eye on Stiles and perhaps even ward him from everyone. There was no telling what Lucifer could and would do so it was better to be prepared for it all.

"Uriel, the least of our concerns, that demon mentioned Michael too…" Hannah said a little panicked as he moved closer to them.

"She's right, we can't let Michael get to Stiles," Gadreel said stepping forward. One was bad enough, but having the two joined in one room, there was no telling what Michael and Lucifer would do together. They were all blinded of what was to come and for once they felt human. They all owed this family back and they wanted to protect it with everything they had.

"We have to figure out how Lucifer even got here. What was Stiles even doing?" Melissa said, trying to bring their attention back into focus. If things were as dangerous as they feared then they needed to find a way to stop it, right?

They had all been arguing, trying to make sense of it all before Gabriel was pushing away from Sam and saying, "Something isn't right..." he said quietly but then they all had felt it—the sudden shift in the air. That wave pushing through them like a strong gush of wind. "Sam!" Gabriel had said louder as he held onto the younger Winchester tightly.

"Michael..." Faith had said as the other angels had all shown themselves all looking in the direction Derek had taken their nephew.

"There was no way…" Raphael said gripping onto his blade. His brothers and sisters following his lead and all gripping onto their blade for security, even Castiel was gripping onto his while his other hand had reached out to grab onto Dean's hand.

"W-What was that?!" John had said when Ezekiel had placed his hand on his shoulder. The wave they felt push past them, as if it was a blade slicing them had left everyone going silent all waiting in the eerie silence that had fallen upon them.

It was quiet, too quiet, that all they could hear was the sound of everyone trying to breathe so quietly. Then, there it was again, that pulse pushing against them making the angels become even more tense.

"Dad?" it started as a low whisper echoing through the silence and slowly getting louder.

"D-Dad?" The suddenly heard again making them turn heads towards the voice.

"A-Allison?" Argent had said going wide eyed as he stumbled back on his feet. There was no way, his daughter was dead. What the hell was going on?!

"Dean? Sam?" Kevin had said looking at his hands before he was turning to the Winchesters' looking at them with this uncertainty and confusion. "W-What's going on?"

"Kevin?" Sam and Dean both said as they stepped closer to the boy, reaching a hand out towards him as he kept flicking in and out. The moment their hands touched his, he had stopped flickering and they felt the warmth in his grip.

"Dean!" Kevin had gasped as if in a break of panic.

"John..?" Another voice said making them turn to the woman in the white hospital gown. She too, was looking down at herself with uncertainty on why she was there.