This is set after Trouble in Tokyo. Enjoy!


In the early hours of the morning, in the middle of a sleepy bay, was a dark and quiet tower. This tower was the home of the Teen Titans, a young group of superheroes who looked over the nearby city and kept it safe from those who would do it harm. However, being superheroes didn't mean that they had escaped the problems of civilian life. These were teenagers after all, and teenagers tend to have problems of their own, even if they're responsible for a city.

On this night, the outwardly confident and optimistic leader of the Titans, Robin, was having intense problems. Behind his mask of confidence and optimism, Robin struggled with depression. It was hard leading a team of rowdy teenagers, and if he were to be honest with himself, he had no idea what he was doing. He messed up a lot, as everyone does, and sometimes he felt very, very low about himself.

Tonight something had finally cracked. He had failed again to catch Red X, and the anti-hero had made off with ten pounds of Xenothium. Being as dangerous as Xenothium was, ten pounds could vaporize everything in a thousand mile radius, and Robin felt completely responsible. Bad enough that he was the one to have created Red X, but the fact that he couldn't even catch his own creation was very upsetting. Red X probably wouldn't cause an accident with the Xenothium – he certainly had had enough experience with the stuff by now – but Robin couldn't help imagining what would happen if something were to go wrong at Red X's hideout. Robin knew that he was completely responsible for anything that happened with Red X, and the pain and hatred he felt for himself burned him inside, demanding to be felt.

The incident that day was not any worse than any other loss against an amateur villain, but emotions being what they are, that didn't matter. Piled on top of everything else that had gone wrong in Robin's life, it was just too much.

Carefully, Robin peeled off his eye mask. Behind it, his blue eyes shone with self-loathing and bitterness. It was a shame, because his eyes were known to be described as a beautiful summer's day sky, and they did not deserve to wield such pain.

A single tear rolled down his cheek as Robin stood atop the roof of his home, looking down at the jagged rocks of the island below. They looked like teeth in the pale moonlight, ready to swallow the Boy Wonder and all of his sadness. Robin had picked this way to go because it reminded him of the night his parents died. That night was the night that his life began to slowly unravel and spiral into the horribleness that he felt right now. In his pain, he was unable to see that in those years, he may have made mistakes, but he also helped countless people. Those years were no waste.


Starfire lay awake in her bed. She turned to look at the clock and groaned. Two o'clock in the morning. She had been trying to fall asleep for four hours now and her efforts seemed in vain. She climbed out of bed slowly, as to not wake the sleeping Silkie at the foot of her bed, and headed up to the roof. Maybe a little stargazing would help ease her into slumber.

She was surprised to see Robin standing at the edge of the tower, looking down. Normally when she joined him on the roof he would hear the door open and turn around to smile at her, but tonight he seemed lost in his thoughts. She was about to call out to him when he took off his utility belt and jumped from the tower towards the island below.

Starfire went into panic mode. She ran off the building, following Robin in his decent. Then, using her power of flight, she caught up with Robin and scooped him up by the waist. A gasp escaped his mouth as something hard broke his fall and he felt himself being pulled upwards. He looked up to see Starfire with and intense look of determination on her face. In a spit second he realized that his girlfriend must have seen him and thought he was in trouble.

As soon as she set him down, he scurried back over to the edge of the tower and put his hands on the ledge, preparing to spring himself off the tower again. He couldn't bear to look her in the eyes and tell her what he planned to do that night. He didn't have to, anyway. He had left a note in his room for the others to find once he was gone, and that would explain everything. He couldn't back out now. He wouldn't. But as soon as he sprung off the ledge again, Starfire grabbed his legs, pulling him back onto the roof and into her arms. Robin struggled to get free, still avoiding eye contact with the beautiful princess.

Starfire felt herself choking up. She didn't know why Robin was acting this way, but she understood now what he was trying to do. As he struggled to free himself from her embrace, she whispered, "Robin… no." She could feel that she was close to tears. Apparently Robin heard it in her voice, because his struggling stopped and finally, he looked up to see the woman who had saved his life.

"Starfire…." He was at a loss for words. His beautiful girlfriend looked so lost. He knew that she understood what his intentions were, and he could tell that it hurt. He had been sure that the team would be relieved at his departure – one less mistake to take care of – but he could tell that Star didn't see it that way.

They just sat there for a minute, looking into each other's eyes, unsure of what would happen next. Finally, Robin spoke.

"Star, you have to let me go." He dropped his gaze.

"Why? Robin, why do you feel so strongly about this? What is wrong?"

"Everything's wrong!" Robin growled, pounding his fist on the floor, "This…. everything's just messed up, okay? My life's a mess. I'm a mess!" He squeezed his eyes shut and felt his lower lip quiver. "Please, you have to let me go. It'll be better for everyone."

"No…." Starfire whimpered. She was crying now. They were both crying. "Robin, why would you say that? You are our leader! We need you!"

"No. You don't. All I ever do is mess up, Star! Ever since the beginning. With Slade, with Red X, with the Brotherhood, everything! All I ever do is put you guys in danger. I take us down the wrong path and someone gets hurt. I need to stop endangering the people I care about." He took in a shaky breath and wiped his eyes.

Starfire was speechless. How long had Robin, who she cared for so deeply, been keeping this from her? She had believed that she knew everything about her boyfriend. He had even trusted her with seeing his eyes. But apparently there was much more the Boy Wonder than she had ever realized.

"Robin… we all make mistakes. And besides, you fix your mistakes. When Slade injected us with his probes, you were the one who risked your life to make things right. When we faced the Brotherhood, you were the one who prevented them from tracking us by destroying our communicators. You are a hero, Robin!" and after a second's thought, she added, "You are my hero."

"R-really?" Robin looked up at Starfire with wide, imploring eyes. "Why?"

Starfire smiled despite herself. "Need I answer, dearest Robin? You are my boat-anchor to this world. Without your help and companionship, I would be lost. You help me when I am the 'down.' It seems only right that I should return that favor to you now, does it not?"

Robin gave a small smile. He still did not feel completely at peace with himself, but Starfire always had this effect on him. She could take his hurricane and make it a light drizzle. He rest his head on her shoulder, relaxing a little.

"Robin, do you feel…. this way…. often?"

"Y-yes, Starfire," he said weakly, "I do."

And he cried. He cried long and hard into her shoulder – his rock, his anchor – and told her about all the nights he stayed up worrying that one day he would go too far and kill someone, and how many days he spent stressing over a mistake he had made in battle that could've resulted in a disaster. How some times he felt completely useless. He cried, and she cried with him, because she also doubted herself sometimes. She told him how hard she tried to be more normal, and how out of place she felt most of the time.

And then it was done. They sat, holding each other in comfortable silence, until they heard the door to the roof open and close. The two turned their heads to see who else could possibly be up at this hour. It was Raven.

"Raven!" Robin called, "What are you doing up here?"

Raven rubbed her eyes and let out a small yawn, "I woke up to a pain in my head. I knew someone must be upset, and I could tell they were on the roof. Was I not supposed to investigate?" she crossed her arms.

"Oh," Robin said, "Sorry for waking you. But thanks for, well, you know." He shrugged.

"Yea," Raven mused, "So, mind telling me what emotion was so strong that it woke me up in the middle of the night?"

Robin and Starfire looked at each other, and then back at Raven. Hesitantly, Robin told Raven what had happened, and Starfire chimed in from time to time to add things that Robin had conveniently forgotten to mention, like the fact that she had caught him attempting suicide, and that they hadn't just come up to talk. When they were done, Raven looked the couple over, furrowing her brow. Then in an act completely against her character, she walked over, knelt down, and gave both of them tight hug. Robin looked over at Starfire with a raised eyebrow as if to say "Ok. What happened to the real Raven?" Raven caught the surprised feeling off her friends and explained, "You two helped me a lot when I was having problems like that. You're good people. Both of you. You deserve to feel good about yourself. Got it?" She put an air of finality in her voice that made her hard to deny. When neither Titan in question responded, she looked at them both pointedly, as if to say, "If you don't agree with me, I will send you to another dimension." Robin and Starfire nodded slowly. "Good," Raven said, putting out of the hug, "Now, it's cold out here. We should get inside."

"I am not very tired, Friend Raven," Starfire said, realizing that in her efforts to get some sleep she had actually woken herself up more, "perhaps we could do the 'hanging out' for a while?" She looked from one Titan to the other, hoping she would not be shot down.

"Sure, Star," Robin said, smiling a little and putting a hand on her shoulder, "I'm not very tired. Are you, Raven?"

Raven sighed, trying to appear apathetic, "I guess a couple hours less of sleep wouldn't kill me."


Woke up this morning with a sudden urge to write this story. The second (and probably final) chapter to this one will be up later this week, most likely Thursday. The next chapter is going to be fluffier. They're gonna hang out and comfort each other. Stay tuned!