When the cookies were in the oven, Robin looked around the kitchenette, which was still covered in cookie dough. "So… we should probably clean up our mess now."

Starfire sighed. Despite her bubbly disposition, Starfire had always despised cleaning. Especially on this scale. "I suppose you are correct."

"I'll get the scrub brushes," Raven drawled, and floated off towards the broom closet.


Robin dunked his rag into the soapy water and continued scrubbing at the cookie batter on the fridge. Above him, Star was tending to the ceiling (apparently cookie dough could go far when it wanted to), and behind him Raven cleaned the island across from the oven.

Robin grumbled to himself while he worked. They'd let the cookie batter sit too long where it had splattered, and it had started to solidify, which made it hard to get off in some places. Still, he couldn't complain too much. He'd never admit it to Cyborg and Beast Boy, but making those cookies had been pretty fun. Making the mess had even been fun! It was the clean up that was hard.

He felt something wet and bubbly plop onto his forehead. He looked up and saw what had hit him. Starfire's rag was dripping, and some of it had fallen on him. The next time the cloth dropped, Star realized what was happening. She gave a little gasp and looked below her and noticed that Robin's hair was white with soap bubbles. She blushed in embarrassment.

"Oh Robin!" she yelped, "I fear I have gotten the bubbles in your hair!"

Robin looked up at her and smiled. "It's ok, Star. I don't mind." Star drooped her head, obviously still embarrassed. Robin got a great – no, evil – idea in his head. "Want a hug?" he asked Star, holding out his arms.

Star smiled weakly and flew down to him and into his arms. Robin grinned and scooped some soap bubbles from his bucket into his hand. He then brought his hand up to Star's face in a supposedly comforting gesture, smearing the bubbles all over her face. Star gasped and pulled away from the hug, touching her hand to her cheek. She looked up at him with big, imploring eyes that were glistening with tears. "Robin…" she sniffed, "Why would you do that?"

Robin felt a sudden pang of guilt. He hadn't thought Star would be so hurt by having bubbles on her face. "I'm sorry Star," he apologized, "I was just trying to have fun. Here, I'll get it off." He approached her with a dry towel and lifted it towards her cheek.

Now it was Starfire's turn to grin. When Robin got close enough, she smacked him in the face with her sudsy rag, leaving a dumbfounded expression on his soaked face. Star beamed.

"Why you…" Robin teased, reaching his hand into the bucket again. Star eeped as Robin flung more bubbles at her. They went back and forth like that for a while, giggling and smashing bubbles in each other's faces, until Robin's aim failed. His bubbles missed Starfire, flying past her to Raven, who had been trying to ignore the ruckus and continue working. They hit her on the temple, right next to her eye. The empath looked over at Starfire and Robin with black eyes, doing her best to snarl menacingly.

"Oops…" Robin muttered. "Sorry Raven, I didn't mean to, I –" Robin could not finish his sentence because just then, more bubbles landed right in the middle of his face. Raven smirked in satisfaction, and lifted all of the sudsy water out of her bucket.

"Oh no. Raven, don't –"

Robin decided not to finish that sentence either. The giant mass of bubbles and water was coming straight at him and Star, and they ran. Raven followed them with her weapon of mass destruction. Every once and a while, Raven would dislodge a handful of bubbles from her hoard and fling it at one of her friends. Of course, Starfire was giggling the whole time, so she couldn't run. She bobbed up and down in the air as she and Robin tried to escape their bubbly fate, but eventually she bumped into Robin, who tried to regain his balance but couldn't because of the wet floor underneath him. They fell to the floor in a tangle of arms and legs, and Raven, unable to stop at this point, barreled right into them, bursting her bubble barrier and sending a wave of bubbles and warm water all over the trio.

They sat there in a kind of stunned silence for a minute, blinking water out of their eyes and brushing the bubbles off of them. Robin chuckled as Star studied the rainbows swirling inside the bubbles on her hand and gave a startled jump when one popped. At that, the three glanced at each other silently, like, what now?

Raven broke the silence, "Well, the kitchen's clean."

It was true. When Raven's mass of bubbles had burst, it had coated the room in a shiny, wet coating of soap water. Starfire and Robin murmured agreement. "That was a... surprisingly efficient way of cleaning the room." Robin noted. Again, the other two nodded agreement.

"Now I suppose we must dry it up?" Starfire suggested after another minute of silence. Raven moaned. They got to it. This time, Star made sure that no bubbles fell on her friends' heads. When they were done, Robin said, "Woah."

Raven turned her head to see what Robin was talking about. She narrowed her eyes. "And now the room's all sparkly. Great." She left Robin and Star to stand staring at the clean wall, which probably hadn't been clean since they had built it.

After a minute or so, Robin left Starfire in her fascination over the wall and went to go dry off. The wall might be clean, but now Robin (and the others, for that matter) was soaked and uncomfortable. Especially his hands. He took off his gloves over the sink and wrung them out over the sink. He considered putting them back on afterwards, but decided against it. His hands still felt weird from wearing the wet gloves, and now that they were off, he realized how good it felt to have them off.

Raven, who had been next to Robin at the sink wringing out the towels, glanced over at Robin. She did a double take when she saw his hands. "Robin!" she said, her eyes wide, "What happened to your hands?"


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