Author's Note: This is my first fan-fiction piece ever. What if Suze had died during the barn scene in Twilight/Heaven Sent? What if, years latr, Jesse was reincarnated and moved to Carmel California, and Suze was haunting his bedroom? Flame if you like, I probably need the help.



Once upon a time ago, I saw dead people.

Then I fell in love with one.

His name was Jesse de Silva, and he haunted my bedroom. He saved my life over and over again, so I decided to save his. With another mediator named Paul Slater at my side, I went back in time. Jesse was incredible alive, and he fought off the man trying to kill him, but the barn where we were staying caught fire. Jesse tried to save me.

He survived. I did not.

Now, 150 years later, I am back in my own time. I am a ghost, but I am back in the 21st century. A new family is moving in. maybe, finally, someone will see me.

Maybe there is another mediator coming.

The dreams are stronger here.

The dreams are of the girl, Susannah, the girl that fills my head with insanity.

I hate these dreams, but I love the girl.

My name is Jesse de Silva, and I dream of dead people.