"Come on kid, give me your cards," a bully said running. "Leave me alone," a boy said as he ran away. "Get him!" The bully's friends split up, so that they can cut him off. The main bully follows the teenager. The young boy jumps over a few walls with front flips and sprints when he gets back on pavement. He enters a courtyard, and is blocked by one of the bullies at the last second. "Looks like your cornered. Give me what I want," the bully said.

"I will never give you my deck," the boy countered.

"Fine, then how about this, I will duel you for your cards. And when I win, I will take them by force. Burt, Jesper, Kent, block the entrances. You are going to duel me whether you like it or not." The bully said. He had a messy blonde hairstyle that shot straight up. He had a grey leather jacket with a pair of white pants. He also wore a pair of grey leather boots.

"Got it Trey," the cronies said in response.

"Fine then, lets duel!" The boy said. Duel gazer are on and duel disks deploy. "I think I will let you start off," Trey said.

Boy: 4000 Trey:4000

"Okay then, I draw, then summon The Legendary six samurai-Kageki in attack mode," the boy announced. "What good will 200 attack points do you," Trey mocked.

"Not much, but its effect allows me to special summon Legendary Six Samurai-Kizan from my deck. But that's not all. Because I have a six samurai on my field, I get to special summon Grandmaster of the Six Samurai from my hand. I place one card face down and end my turn," the boy explained.

"Not Bad, but not good enough. I play the spell Dark hole, all monsters on the field are destroyed."

"You triggered my trap, Musakani Magatama. Because I have a six Samurai fighting for me, I get to negate dark hole's effect."

Trey sighed. "Fine then, I summon Goblindbergh, and activate its effect. By switching Goblindbergh to defense mode, I special summon Heroic Challenger Extra sword. I build the overlay network, and xyz summon Gem-Knight Pearl, and due to having extra sword as overlay material, my Gem-Knight gains 1000 attack points. I attack the Legendary Six samurai-Kageki."

Kageki is destroyed, and the youth is knocked backward, yelling as he hits the ground. He loses 1900 life points. Get back up, I'm not done with you," Trey taunted.

Trey: 4000 Boy:2100

The boy got up, his green trench coat dragging as he straightened his knees. "Ok, I draw, then set a monster face-down, and I set a facedown as well, and end my turn."

"I draw, then Activate the spell Magical stone Excavation. By discarding two cards, I add dark hole back to my hand. I once again activate Dark hole, and destroy every monster on the field. I set a monster face-down, and a face down to end my turn," Trey announced.

"I draw, and play six samurai united. Then I play my face down the warrior returning alive. I add Legendary Six Samurai-Kizan to my hand. I play another from my hand to add the Grandmaster of the Six Samurai back to my hand. I summon The Six Samurai- Zanji. I then summon Kizan back to the field. I allow grandmaster of the Six Samurai back to the field by its effect. Since I have 2 or more six samurais on the field, I get to summon great shogun Shien from my hand. I send Six samurai united to the graveyard in order to draw two cards. I set one card face down. Then attack with great shogun Shien," the boy announced.

"I activate Dimensional Prison, Your Shogun Is official banished to the different dimension," Trey countered.

"So be it, I build the overlay network with The Six samurai-Zanji and The legendary six samurai-Kizan, and xyz summon Shadow of the six samurai-Shien. I end my turn," the young boy finished.

"I set one monster face down, then I play card rotator, all of our monsters battle positions are shifted," he said. Treys Goblin attack force (2400 ATK) and Zombyra the Dark (2100 ATK) are switched to attack position, and the boy's monsters go to defense position. "Now I attack with Goblin attack Force and Zombyra the dark."

Grandmaster and Shien are destroyed. Goblin attack force goes to Defense mode per its effect. Zombyra loses 200 ATK points by its eff. "aarrgh, I banish two six samurai monsters from my graveyard, and special summon Enishi, Shien's Chancellor from my hand. I attack zombyra the dark," the boy declared.

"Because a monster I control was destroyed, I special summon Interplanetarypurplythorny dragon from my hand," Trey told the boy.

"I play swords of revealing light and three face-downs to end my turn." Someone please help me, the boy thought.

Trey:3800 Boy:2100

"No mercy, I summon marauding captain. I special summon Gearfried the iron knight. I play the spell star changer. I raise Marauding captain's level to 4. I overlay my two level 4 monsters to xyz summon rank 4 blade armor ninja. I place a face-down to end my turn," Trey announced.

"Oh no, any card but that one," the boy said as he started to faint.

"I think that's a forfeit. I'll take those," Trey said as he walked toward the boy.

"I don't think so," a voice said from one of the archway. A boy wearing jeans and a red blazer walked through the gate into the courtyard. A humming was heard as a duel runner leapt over the wall into the plaza. The rider wore a blue jacket and wore a duel disk on his arm. He had black hair with yellow streaks, as well as golden marks under his eye. "What's going on here," the man said.

"Yusei, long time no see," the brown haired boy said.

"Nice to see you Jaden, now can someone please tell me what's going on here?" Yusei asked.

"This bully is dueling this kid for his cards, and the boy fainted," Jaden summed.

"Jake, my name is Jake," the boy struggled to say.

"Alright Jake, let me take it from here," Yusei said. He relieved Jake of his duel disk and cards, and looked through Jake's duel gazer. He then looked at what he had to work with.

"Fine, either way, I'm going to have his cards," Trey sneered.

"I wonder how this will play out," a voice said behind Jaden. He turned back and smiled. Hey Yugi, I guess you were right when you said we would meet again," Jaden said.

"I draw, and activate the spell the A. Forces. Then I play the face-down backs to the wall. By reducing my life points to 100, I get to special summon as many Six Samurai monsters from the graveyard as possible. And now they come forward." The monsters return, and then Yusei continues. "I attack blade armor ninja with Grandmaster of the six samurai," Yusei announces. The ninja is now destroyed. "Then I activate Swift samurai storm. Because a six samurai monster destroyed a monster by battle, the others gain 300 attack points. I attack with the combined power of the rest of my monsters, and I win," Yusei announced.

He took off Jake's equipment and put it in a backpack Jake was carrying. He then walked over to Trey. "I think that Jake earned this card after you tried to steal ALL of his," Yusei said to the blonde. He picked up Blade Armor Ninja, and pocketed it away.

"That was ridiculous, what is so special about this archway," a voice said. A boy maybe thirteen years old walked through. He had black hair with a red streak through it, and wore a red sleeveless Jacket. He saw the group and a twinkle of curiosity entered his eyes. "Umm, what's going on here?" The boy asked.

This boy almost lost all of his cards to a bully who forced him to duel. We intervened before it was too late," Jaden told the young boy.

Oh, well one of the big guys blocking the doorway dueled me on the same conditions, and I won a card off of him. Oh, my name is Yuma Tsukumo" Yuma said. He held up a card called Shining elf

"I won this card from the bully I dueled, and I'm Jaden, Jaden Yuki, and this is Yusei, and this is Yugi" Jaden said. Holding up a gravity warrior while also reaching his other hand out. Yuma took it and they shook hands.

"Wait, as in legendary duelists Yugi, Jaden, and Yusei?" Yuma asked in disbelief. The three nodded.

Let's get Jake to safety, we can ask a few questions when he is awake," Yusei said as he looked at the unconscious teenager.

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