Alright, I told you there was a double post, now the Fudo descendent will take on our hero. Sorry if formatting is crappy, word was being a pain in my a**.

"Alright, I accept your duel," Jake said. Jaden, Yugi, Yuma, and Yusei were watching by the door.

Jake: 4000/ Somaka: 4000

"Yusei, it might be a good Idea for you to watch from a distance, we don't want time to be disturbed any further," Yugi suggested. Yusei nodded.

"Alright, I think I will go first," Jake said as he drew a card. "I summon Future Samurai,"

Future Samurai: LV4 ATK/1600 DEF/1200 GEMINI

"I will then set one card face down ending my turn," Jake finished.

"A Gemini monster, I haven't seen one of those in a while," Somaka said.

"Can someone fill me in; what's a Gemini monster?" Jaden said.

"A Gemini is an effect monster, but it doesn't start out that way. It has to be summoned twice in order to gain its effect," Yusei said to the brown haired boy.

"Woah, that's pretty neat," Jaden said back.

"Yeah, but I don't know how he got his hands on one, not a lot of people can find them," Vess said.

"It's my turn, and I summon Wattbetta in attack mode," Somaka stated. An orange electrified fish appeared.

Wattbetta: LV2 ATK/100 DEF/0 TUNER

"Then I end with a couple face downs. Two to be exact," He finished.

"Then it's my turn. I will Gemini summon my future samurai so that I can have its effect for later. I now attack your monster," Jake said.

Jake: 4000/ Somaka: 2500

"I end my turn," Jake said.

"Alright, I summon wattcobra," Somaka said.

Wattcobra: LV4 ATK/1000 DEF/500

"And now I activate my call of the haunted trap card, which allows me to special summon wattbetta from my graveyard. And now I attack with wattcobra," he added.

The snake coiled, then leaped over future samurai, biting Jake.

"What the… How did it do that?" Jake asked in disbelief.

"Shocking, isn't it? Wattcobra can attack directly, and when it does, I can add a watt monster to my hand from my hand, and I choose wattdragonfly," He stated with a chuckle.

"I will stop the battle damage with my defense draw, which makes it zero, and lets me draw a card," Jake countered.

"Now, I will tune my level four wattcobra with my level two wattbetta. A force as bright as a shining idea, a shocking myth, Synchro Summon; Reveal Wattchimera," Somaka chanted.

Wattchimera: LV6 ATK/1400 DEF/1200 SYNCHRO

"I end my turn by activating Attraffic control, which keeps you from attacking if you control 3 or more monsters," Somaka finished

"I will activate Shien's dojo, then summon Hand of the six samurai," Jake started.

Hand: LV3 ATK/ 1600 DEF/1000

"Now I summon Legendary six Samurai- Kizan," Jake added.

Kizan: LV4 ATK/1800 DEF/500

"And now I can summon my grandmaster of the six samurai" he said.

Grandmaster: LV5 ATK/2100 DEF/800

"Now I can activate the effect of Shien's dojo. I have summoned 3 six samurai monsters since I played it, giving it 3 bushido counters. Now I can tribute it to summon a Six samurai or Shien effect monster to the field whose level is less than or equal to the amount of counters on this card, and I choose my Kagemusha of the six samurai," He said.

Kagemusha: LV7 ATK/400 DEF/1800 TUNER

"Now I tune my Kagemusha with my hand of the six samurai. Like a faded memory returns to the forefront, a legend returns. Synchro Summon, Legendary Six Samurai-Shi en," Jake chanted. A red samurai with a notched katana appeared. "Now, because I control two six samurais other than Kizan, it gains 300 attack," Jake added.

Shi en: LV5 ATK/2500 DEF/1400 SYNCHRO

Kizan: ATK/2100

"Now, I can't attack quite yet, but I can stop your defenses from building. I activate Future samurai's ability. I banish Hand of the six samurai in order to destroy your wattchimera, future blade, "Jake declared. The blue robed samurai disappeared, then appeared behind the watt Synchro while sheathing its blade. The monster fell through a vortex. "And now I end my turn," Jake finished.

Jake: 4000/ Somaka: 2500

"Alright, now I summon wattdragonfly in defense mode," Somaka said.

Wattdragonfly: LV2 ATK/900 DEF/100

"I end my turn," he stated.

My draw, and I activate my reinforcement of the army. I get to add a level four or lower monster to my hand, and I choose The Six Samurai- Nisashi, and now I summon it," Jake said.

Nisashi: LV4 ATK/1400 DEF/700

"Now I overlay my Kizan and Nisashi in order to build the overlay network. XYZ summon shadow of the six samurai, Shien,"

Shadow Shien: R4 ATK/2500 DEF/400 OLU: 2

Now I activate Future Samurai's ability. By banishing Kagemusha from my graveyard, I will destroy my Shadow of the Six, Future blade" Jake said.

"Why would he destroy his own monster, that's going to hurt him," Yuma said. Astral appeared beside him.

"Not necessarily, He is trying to get around attraffic control, and further fuels his samurai's ability. It is actually quite smart," Astral told him.

"I agree with the glow guy next to you," Jaden said to Yuma.

"Wait, you can see Astral?" Yuma asked amazed.

"We all can, except for Vess and Berne," Yugi said.

"Cool," Yuma said as he turned back to the duel.

"I end with two face downs," Jake finished.

"Then it's my move. I will end with a face down," Somaka stated.

"So be it, my move," Jake said as he drew his card. "What could you be planning, whatever it is; I think I can stop it. I activate future samurai's effect again, this time banishing my Shadow of the six to destroy your wattdragonfly, Future blade" Jake said.

"You activated its effect, when wattdragonfly is destroyed by an opponent's card, then I get to special summon a watt monster from my deck. Please welcome Wattaildragon," Somaka countered.

Wattaildragon: LV6 ATK/2500 DEF/1000

"Alright then, I end my turn," Jake said.

"I activate Kaiser colosseum, now if you would control more monsters than me, you can't summon. Now I activate recycling batteries. I can add two thunder-type monsters from my grave to my hand as long as their level 4 or lower. I add wattbetta and wattdragonfly to my hand. Now I summon wattbetta, and now I tune my level six Wattaildragon with my level two wattbetta. Clustering stars shine together to bring a new hope, Synchro Summon, Take flight Stardust dragon," Somaka finished. The electrified dragon morphed into six stars, which the charged fish swam through the ring the stars made. Stardust dragon leapt through the portal the ring made, taking flight.

Stardust: LV8 ATK/2500 DEF/2000

"Woah, it's so cool to see up close, but that also means I'm in trouble if I can't get rid of it," Jake said.

"Yeah, and now I attack your Grandmaster of the six samurai," Somaka said, pointing his fist at Jake. The dragon shot a beam of light from its mouth and it pierced the grandmaster, and hit Jake. "I end my turn," Somaka finished.

Jake: 3600 /Somaka: 2500

"Alright, this is my last chance, I draw," Jake said as he drew slowly. He looked at the card and smiled. "I activate future Samurai's effect, by banishing Nisashi from my graveyard. I can destroy your stardust dragon, future blade" Jake said.

"You should ask the Fudo in the house to tell you more about Stardust dragon. I can negate that effect, and destroy future samurai, Victim Sanctuary," Somaka countered.

"How did you know Yusei was up there," Jake asked.

"I saw the criminal mark, and also the fact that I look just like him, word has been going around that deceased duelists were appearing, and that would explain my ancestors appearance here," Somaka said.

"Now that your Future Samurai is gone, what are you going to do?" Somaka asked with a smirk.

"I'm quite aware of what Stardust dragon is capable of, and you fell for my plan. Now that stardust dragon is gone until my end phase, you are wide open. Shi en, Attack with Legendary blade cut," Jake said. The red samurai leapt up in the air, and cut right through Somaka.

Jake: 3600/Somaka: 0 JAKE WIN

"That's game," Jake said. He pointed at Somaka, then turned it into a thumbs up. "Good duel," he said to Somaka. As Jake walked over, he collapsed, clutching his right arm. Everyone came running to him.

"Are you okay?" Vess said as he knelt next to Jake. Jake revealed his arm, and on it was the dragon head of the Crimson Dragon.

"So you are the next head signer," Somaka said.

"Let's get him inside," Yusei said to them. "He already knows of my presence, so if something would have gone wrong, then it already will,"

"Okay," The group carried him inside. They laid Jake on the couch, and he listened to Somaka.

"At the end of the Original Signers lives, they decided to ask the crimson dragon to bestow his powers upon those he deems worthy through the generations to come," Somaka explained. "I am one of these chosen, and by decree of the Crimson dragon, Jake is now their leader, and the new bearer of Stardust dragon. Also, if you need our help, then you can always find us using this," Somaka said handing him a small circular object. "This is a distress beacon, it can only be activated by the power of your mark, and it also shows the locations of the other signers," Somaka explains. "I must tend to other matters at the moment, so I bid you farewell for now," Somaka said leaving through the door.

"This is interesting, but it kind of makes sense. If the Crimson dragon thinks I'm fit to wear his brand, then so be it," Jake said. "Oh, I almost forgot, Berne, how about that duel," Jake asked.

"I believe in your abilities now, so I am just interested in helping you at the moment," Berne said. "I have to go look into something, I'll see you around," Berne said, as he walked out the door.

"Umm, Okay, that was weird," Jake said. "Yusei, do you think you could explain to me more of the strengths and weaknesses of Stardust Dragon?" Jake asked. Yusei nodded.

"Well, the bad part is that you have to…" Yusei started explaining.

In one of the nearby alleys…

Berne walked down to the end of the alley, his back against the wall. "I know you're here, come on out," He said. A figure jumped out of one of the upper stories, and landed in front of him.

"I don't appreciate stalkers, what do you want?" Berne said. The figure was cloaked, and had a hood over his face.

"I need assistance in a… project of mine. You could be the one to lend it," the figure said. The voice was deep, but wasn't threatening.

"And what if I say no?" Berne asked.

"Hmm, there is always that option, but if you do, then I will be forced to hurt your friends," The man said.

"Grrr, fine, I guess I have no choice. What do you need my help with," Berne conceded.

"I need you to destroy Jake Thomas."

The mysterious man has finally made a move, and has wrapped up Berne in the process. Jake is the new head signer, and the next chapter will hold a nasty surprise. Thanks again to my nuttybuddy for tips to make this fanfic better. If you haven't checked his work out already, then you really should. On another note, R&R guys, they help this story get better. And I am also still accepting OC's, so don't be shy. See you guys and gals next chapter.