I saw on YouTube people using Google translate for weird things, so this is what happens when you put Starkit's prophecy through Croatian, Zulu and Welsh.

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Chpater Lamb prouloge Cats gathered around the lake. Everyone looked at her impatiently. Dark shape appeared over. Blue is looking cat. His eyes are bright. "There is a prophecy!" Said. "From the darkness, the stars will come and solve the bad and tiger oak." "It is high StarKit!" He said the white tom. "It does not save the forest" tom BlueStar receive golden. "There is no power of reasoning." The tom gold. "Do I have to tell JayFeather?" He asked. "Yes." Bluestar said. "You have to understand." He walked away from the lake to say about JayFeather prophcy. I do not like it? plz tell me the review Urm!