Accelerator. 'The Boy Who Wields The Power Of God.' The Strongest Level 5 Esper in Academy City was resting at the house after his last mission with GROUP. He's been through hell, and back protecting Last Order as much as he could even in his weaken state. He finally got some time to himself. Neither of his guardians was home, but Last Order was, surprisingly.

Accelerator was thinking of going to sleep, but Last Order continued to bug him to no end, and he began to lose his temper. He was about to chop her in the head to shut her up, but that was until he heard the sound of a "click" from the door's direction. Just when he thought he could finally enjoy being alone for a while, one of his guardians just had to return. But little did he know that, it wasn't either of them.

It was a girl. A young girl, around his age, and height. She had chestnut color hair, and was wearing the Tokiwadai Middle School uniform, with white loose/slouch socks with a light brown vest sweater over a white blouse and gray skirt. It was a girl that Accelerator knew, and couldn't forget even if he wanted to. A girl he once hated for ruining his chances of being a Level 6. The girl's name was Mikoto Misaka. The Third Strongest Esper in Academy City. Her reasons for being here were still unknown to him. But he was dying to hear why she was here. Mikoto then turned around after locking the door, and finally notices Accelerator lying down on the couch. Whatever the reason she's here, he was the last person she was expecting to see here.

The young female Electromaster's eyes widened in shock at the sight of the Strongest Esper in the city. She, and Accelerator were still on bad terms after all. Is this some kind of set up? "Why the hell are you here?!" She shouted.

The young albino merely huffed at her question. He narrowed his eyes slightly at her rude question. "Shouldn't I be asking you that?" He countered with a question of his own. He sat up from the couch, and faces her direction with a suspicious look in his eye.

"This isn't your house." He added behind his earlier question with a deadpanned tone.

Mikoto soon found herself glaring at the Albino known as Accelerator. She places her hands on her hips, decided to answer his question. After all… He's right about this not being her house. But she has her reasons for being here.

"Yomikawa-Sensei asked me to watch the house while she was gone. She said she was leaving the city for a few days. She said something about a business trip."

Accelerator raises an eyebrow; as he mumbles under his breathe. Is she for real?

He let out a 'Tch' sound with his tongue, as well as let out an annoyed grunt. "And you agreed?" He asked.

Mikoto shrugs. "I wouldn't be here if I didn't."

The Albino male turned away from her, not liking where this conversation was going. "They didn't tell me anything about leaving the city."

He lies back down on the couch, and tries to relax himself, but the fact that Mikoto was here was making relaxing uncomfortable. His presences seem to disturb him immensely.

"Well, you can leave now. I can handle watching over the place myself."

Mikoto crossed her arms, and narrows her eyes slightly.

"So you're the boy that she kept on saying that was stubborn."

Accelerator smirked at her comment. She's one to talk about being stubborn. "Have you looked in the mirror lately?" He countered.

Electricity flews through the air towards Accelerator, but he turned on his choker on, activating his powers, and with a few calculations, his 'Reflection' deflected the electricity out of the window. Accelerator shot a glare at Mikoto. What the hell is her problem? If it didn't send that electricity out the window, they would have been in some serious trouble.

"Hey! Are you an idiot? This isn't my house!" Accelerator shouted with a hiss. Doesn't she understand that Yomikawa will be pissed at them if she see burned mark all over the place? But the electricity continues flaring a bit from off of Mikoto's body, but mainly just from her hair.

"Hey! I already know that! I'm not an idiot like you are!" She shouted in a fit of rage.

Accelerator stares at Mikoto completely dumbfounded by her answer. Did she really just say that? If she knew then why in the world would she take a risk like that?

Mikoto gasps.

"Oh…" She finally realized she have act merely on impulse just now. Her cheeks redden from the embarrassment building up on her face.

The albino male sighs heavily. "Idiot…"

Since Mikoto had almost destroyed Yomikawa's apartment, the two were just sitting there… Awkwardly… With nothing to do. Accelerator, and Mikoto kept on looking at each other for a split second before the other noticed. They didn't really have anything to talk about since they don't know what the other likes. That, and the fact that they don't like each other at all. But knowing Accelerator, he doesn't practically care about how she feels about him. So he decided to break the silence with a random question.

"So what are you doing here, Railgun?"

Sparks flew out of the young girl's chestnut color haired again. Just talking to him made his skin crawl to the point she wanted to vomit.

"Humph! What do you think, stupid? I said so earlier. I'm here to take care of Yomikawa-Sensei's apartment."

Accelerator began to lean back on the couch as he crosses his arms. Yeah, he got that part, no need to repeat that again.

"I know that. But right now, you're doing nothing. So… What were you even SUPPOSED to do, brat?"

Mikoto began to stuttered, trying to find the right answer, but could not find anything to say from the top of her head. Accelerator huffed in a victorious style, beating Mikoto at the petty little game of insults thrown at each other. Luckily, a tiny girl that looked just like a younger version of her came by them. Mikoto's eyes widens as she looks down at the little girl version of herself.

"Last Order?"

The young MISAKA looked up at Mikoto in awe of her. She didn't know that the original was coming over. Why wasn't she informed of this?!

"Onee-sama! Says MISAKA says MISAKA in surprises."

Accelerator made a small noise with his tongue as he looked at Last Order slightly annoyed by her presences. He's always so easily annoyed by... surprisingly, just Misakas in general. Blame Last Order for giving him bad assumptions of how Misakas normally act. Mikoto may not have notices, but she's helping Last Order in proving how annoying they can be.

"Hey, brat. I thought I told you to go take a bath, then go to bed."

"I was going to, but with all of the ruckus… Says MISAKA says MISAKA—

The male raised a hand up to cut her off in mid-sentences. He knew where this was going. "I get it." His eyes widen slightly, but then a small smirk had soon spread across his face. He just thought of a good idea.

"I just thought of something for you to do. Why don't you go help Last Order take a bath?" He suggested.

Mikoto had looked at Accelerator disturbed completely by the idea. Her eyes widens as she began to blush madly at him. "Huh?! Why would I do that?!"

Accelerator's smirks faded away as he turned away, and his tone of voice turned serious. "The other two adults normally do it. But since they're not here, you mind doing it in their place? At least you're being doing SOMETHING after all."

The young Electromaster couldn't help but blush even more, almost having her entire face turn red.

"…Why should I…"

The albino male leans his face on the palm of his hand as he explains as best as he could of why they should take a bath together. He's no pervert, so he doesn't want her to think that he's asking her to get undress so he could peek on her while she's naked. He's not interested in her in that kind of way.

"You're both females. And it's better than me washing her after all."

Since he's a guy, it's a little weird to be washing a girl, even if she's just a kid, and doesn't understand the differences between males, and females. He clenches his teeth slightly as he looks away. Reminiscing of that one time they did bathe together… Never again… He's never been disturbed by that brat's lack of modesty. Sure, he doesn't react to seeing her body, but that doesn't mean he enjoys to see it...

"I didn't enjoy having to deal with her while in the shower."

"Wait wh-…" Mikoto was about to ask he repeat what he had just say. She did what?

"Oh! I would love that! Yells MISAKA yells MISAKA as she agrees with the idea."

The young MISAKA took Mikoto by her hand, and pulls her towards the bathroom. This would be the perfect chance to ask her a bunch of question about her life choices. Mikoto followed after her, a bit forcibly thanks to Last Order pulling her along. "Okay. Okay. I'm coming!" She was scrambling after Last Order to the bath. She turned back to Accelerator and glares at him angrily almost with the intent to kill. This was a warning for if he were to even think of peeking on her, or Last Order. "You better not peek!" She warned him.

The young albino waves his hand nonchalantly not even bothering to look at her. "Yeah. Yeah." He replied in a bored tone of voice as he closes his eyes, and lays on the couch. It's not like she has anything wroth peeking for, not that he would even if she did. Half an hour later Accelerator began to wake up. He couldn't stay asleep for some reason. Then he began to wonder why the other two decided to just up, and leave without saying a word to him, and Last Order. And to tell Mikoto out of all people to stay over, and watch over them. Couldn't they trust him alone? Or is there another reason? Either way, he wasn't going to put too much thought into it. As long as they're alright, and they come back home soon. He doesn't know how much longer he'll be able to continue deflecting the electricity out the same window or out any window. The last thing he wants to deal with is an angry Aiho, or Kikyou, because of a pissed Electromaster named Mikoto destroying the place due to her rage towards him. He shrugged off the thought, then grunts in annoyances.


The whole apartment was quiet. A bit too quiet. It's never quiet when Last Order is here. Unless she is sleeping. And now that Mikoto is here, that makes it worse. He was beginning to wonder what was happening with them, so he continued to focus on listening to the sound waves throughout the house, but he couldn't hear a sound at all. He narrows his eyes slightly. A bit suspiciously, but then again, Mikoto didn't seem like the type to sneak attack anyone. He huffed as he sat up from the couch.

"Maybe they went to sleep." That had to be the answer. He stood up from the couch, and grabs his crutch from off the ground, and leans on it to balances himself. "If that's the case, then I'll take a quick shower."

He began to walk over to the shower room wanting to take a shower before heading to bed, but as he opened the door, he soon saw two naked figures in his sight. One was Last Order's, and the other was Mikoto. They both turned around, and saw Accelerator in the doorway; both of them began to blush madly at the sight of him. Accelerator had not thought that the bathroom was possibly soundproof, or they were for once being quiet... Either way, the situation had just turned dire. Accelerator knew he had just step on a landmine, but he didn't lose his composure like most males would under the situation. Mikoto on the other hand wasn't as calm as Accelerator was about it.

Last Order quickly hidden her tiny body behind Mikoto on reflex alone blushing. "Why didn't you knock before entering?! Says MISAKA says MISAKA as she tries to cover herself with Onee-sama's body."

It was Mikoto's turn to scream. She warned him not to peek! "You little pervert! I told you not to peek!"

Electricity began flaring wildly from her hair. She was on the verge of attacking him unless he attempts to explain himself. Well then again, that never worked for Touma now did it? Not that this has ever happened to him. Surprisingly, Accelerator hasn't lose his composure. He stood there staring at her with a blank expression on his face. He looked more disturbed then aroused despite staring directly at Mikoto's naked body.

"Why don't you women lock the door?" He asked. If you're in the damn shower, just lock the damn door... It's as simple as that, and things like this wouldn't even happen. He sighs. "Besides you two were way too quiet, and if you're quiet. That's not normal."

"You're one to talk about being normal!" Mikoto quickly shouted, while sending a blast of electricity heading right towards Accelerator quickly. He turn the choker on out of reflex, and quickly calculated his 'Reflection' to deflect the electricity out the window behind him. Luckily it was opened, but he feared if the window were closed, he would have destroyed the bathroom himself.

"You bitch!" Accelerator cursed out loud. This is the second she did this! IS she trying to destroy the house? He glared at the electromaster angrily. "This isn't my house!" How many times does he have to remind her so she wouldn't attempt to destroy the place? If she keeps up, the house is definitely going to get damaged. He clenched his teeth. "Fuck! Are you trying to destroy the place?" If she did, he wasn't going to take the blame!

"I don't care!" She let out a scream followed by more insults, and name calling. "Pervert! Sicko! Freak! GET OUT!"

For some reason, those insults hurt more then he thought they would. A few veins popped up from the top of his forehead. Then his eyes widens with rage. He slams the door with all of the force he had behind his one arm! Luckily he had turned his choker off beforehand or he would have rendered the door to pieces. "Like anyone would want to see your flat chest anyway!"

Accelerator walked off angrily that she would call him a pervert. He wasn't even interested in her body like that. Hell, he had never even thought of her in that way. He made another 'Tch' sound with his tongue. The male looked up at the ceiling, as he sat down on the couch. "That bitch calling me a pervert. She's got some nerve." He huffed angrily still feeling like he's being glared at. He didn't expect them to be in the bathroom. That was the last thing he was expected to see. He saw Mikoto's naked body. Fully shown. Though he didn't really care for the female body, he couldn't help but take notices to Mikoto. She's around his age. Only 2 years apart. But he hates her… Or… Is it just one-sided? After all, he did cause her nothing but pain in the past when it came to the Misaka Sisters. It was that damn experiment he participated in. His eyes began to close.

"That's right…" He reopens his eyes, then looks at his hand, and closes it into a fist. "I never did apologizes to her." His expression softens ever so slightly. He did want to make amends with her, if possible. Maybe apologizing to her would be a good start. But Accelerator wasn't the type to apologizing for any reason. The word 'Sorry' is taboo to him. The only time he said 'Sorry' was against Awaki, but that was for only letting her know that his path is a 'One way road'. He didn't care who got in his way. He would destroy anyone that was interfering with his path.

He drops his crutch down on the ground, and sighs. "But… The problem is…" He became to stare at the ceiling. He's been asking himself this question for a while now. "How do one apologizes to someone which they hate your guts?" That was the main problem with him, and Mikoto. She seems too stubborn to listen to him. But he has a few days to bring himself to apologize to her. Maybe before time was up, he'll be able to. She's seen Last Order, and didn't exactly react to seeing her like he thought she would. Maybe they've met before somewhere, though he really didn't care if they did. That just gives him less of a headache to explain about her. He notices the shower room door was opening up, and both Mikoto, and Last Order emerged from the shower room in their pajamas.

"That felt great! Says MISAKA says MISAKA feeling greatly relieved" The little MISAKA ran into the bedroom pretending to be an airplane. She was wearing clothes so she's not air-drying. Mikoto giggled, and follows, but stops at the entrances of the bedroom.

"You have a lot more energy than you show." She commented.

Accelerator's attention turned to Mikoto. He didn't know what to say. This was pretty awkward.

"Railgun…" He murmured to himself with his eyes on her.

She rolled her eyes over to Accelerator, and turned to him. He better not make a comment about the shower incident. She crosses her arms, and narrowed her eyes. "Well?" She suddenly asked.

Accelerator tilts his head slightly. "What?" He asked unsure of what she's talking about.

"Where am I going to sleep?"

Accelerator grew silent. 'Shit…' He cursed in his head. Accelerator could only think about one room. And that was his. Reasons why is because Aiho's, and Kikyou's bed would be too big for her, and judging form how tall she is, she could fit on his bed without too much of a problem. He sleeps right next to Last Order so he'll feel okay if she sleeps with her. Accelerator was just siting down staring at her with a lot of his mind, but Mikoto had yet to realizes what he was thinking. But his silences was starting to causes Mikoto begin to lose her patiences. Was it that hard of a question?

"I'm waiting…" She informed him letting him know she's starting to grow tired of waiting for a responses.

Accelerator turned away, diverting his eyes from her and mumbles something under his breathe. "My bed…"


He mumbled a little louder. "My bed."

"I can't hear you."

A vein popped up from his forehead. "MY BED!"

She winced a bit from his sudden burst in volume, but she heart loud and clear of what he has just say. "Huh?! W-Why would I sleep in y-your bed?!" She stuttered obviously misunderstanding his intentions.

"It's the only one that's close to your sizes. It shouldn't be a problem. You'll have plenty of room to move around."

She began to blush massively as her hair started to stand up slightly form the electricity flaring from her body, but this time from her thoughts. "Y-You can't be serious! W-W-W-Why would I sleep with you in your bed?!"

He stood there for a minute processing what had exited from her lips. Sleep with him in his bed?


"You don't think just because you're watching over Last Order that I'll just go on, and sleep with you!"

The room grew silent. Accelerator was so close to just lashing out at her. She was acting like a complete idiot. Accusing him of this, and assuming him of wanting to do that. That was irritating! But the only thing that was stopping him form lashing out, was the fact that if he was to harm her, then he hasn't changed. He doesn't want to do anything that may turn him back into his old self. Never again will he harm those unless they bring harm to him. Wait didn't Mikoto just do that already? Twice… Okay. She's not included.

He took a deep breath, and sighed heavily. Then he began to explain as calmly as he could trying his best not to yell back at out. "I'm not sleeping with you. You're sleeping in my bed, while I sleep on the couch here. That shouldn't be a problem, right?" He went back to laying back down on the couch, and soon found himself yawning. "That way, I can sleep alone, while you sleep in a comfortable bed, next to Last Order, mind you. Is that satisfying enough for you, Railgun?" He asked wondering if she's happy now.

She was a little taken back from what he said. He was willing to actually allow her to sleep comfortably while he slept on the couch. Though she wasn't too sure about sleeping in his bed, but if he's willing to sleep on the couch just for her then… "Yeah." She nods. She places a hand on her arm, and grip onto it softly. "It is. Will you be alright sleeping out here alone?"

He merely waves his hand. "I'm used to sleeping alone. I've been doing it for years." He closes his eyes, and turns away from her having his back facing her. "It's sometimes better than sleeping with others." He smirked slightly. 'Especially idiots…' He thought to himself quickly.

'Alone…? How long as he been alone for?' Mikoto thought to herself.

She shook her head. "If you feel that way, then okay. Thank you."

Mikoto turned around and started to walk away to leave Accelerator on the couch, but she stop right before she walked in Accelerator, and Last Order's bed room. She turned back around to sneak one last glances at Accelerator before she mumbled something. A small smile managed to appear on her face. "Good night, Pervert…"

She head for the bedroom. Little did she know that word 'pervert' stung Accelerator a bit, but not as much as it did when she called him one when she thought he was peeking on her. A smirk had appeared on his face as he mumbled to himself. "Humph… Night, Ms Frog."

Hours flew by almost like seconds. Accelerator was sleeping soundly on the couch. He was beginning to have a strange dream. A dream about his past, like when he was a kid. He was always alone, since he was born. He was used to the solitude, and couldn't give a damn about how everyone was looking at him. He used to start fights a lot because of his attitude, and the way he always looked down on them. They hated him for that, and tried to attack him, but failed miserably due to his 'Reflection' always knocking them back. He always at his usual hangout spot. The grass within the park with a tree standing right over him protecting him from the sun's rays, not that he needed it, but it the spot that much more durable. It was a place where he always went to be alone, the breezes felt good. It was soft, and peaceful, as well as quiet. Just how he likes it. Little did he know that he was stalked from behind by a little girl who was a somewhat shorter than him. He had no knowledge of this girl approaching him either. He heard the sound of approaching footsteps. The pace didn't speed up nor slow down, but it did catch the attention of him. The boy opened one of his eyes. He soon found himself coming face to face with a little girl, who was looking down at him on the floor. He had no idea who this girl was. But she just kept staring at him intently. Her hazel eyes meeting with his blood red eyes. It was a stare off. Almost as if she was staring at his soul. Silences continue to set between the two, until the girl had to ask one of the weirdest questions out of the most random of times. The young girl smiled at him. A childish one. Well… She is just a kid.

"Do you like Gekota?"

The young boy blinked at the question. What kind of ice breaker is that supposes to be? He didn't even know how to reply to that kind of question.

"Gekota. Do you like it? I think they're cute!"

'Gekota? What is that? Some kind of toy?' The boy continued to stare at her, unresponsive. Now that he thinks about, he's heard of Gekota for a while now, but he's never really paid it must mind, as he's doing to this little girl.

The girl then pouts. She knows he had heard her question just now. She was just ignoring her, wasn't he? "Hey, don't ignore me! I asked you a question."

'Maybe if I'm quiet, she'll go away.' The young male thought to himself as he closed his eyes, trying to ignore her presence now. Within a few seconds she's soon to disappeared. Just like the rest of them.

"Hey!" The young girl shouted at him, but he was continuing to ignore her.

He kept his eyes closed, and hoped that she would be gone by the time he reopened them. He didn't feel like dealing with some idiot trying to be pretend to be all friendly with him. Been there. Done that. He did not want to deal with that again. In the end they're all just walk away, and not bother trying to talk to him again. He heard the sound of movement in the grass. He knew she would get tired of waiting, and leave. The albino male opened his eyes, and the little girl was gone from his sights. He sighs in relief glad that she had left. She was very loud.

"Finally…" He exhales.

"'Finally' what?"

Accelerator jumped a bit, and spotted that same girl that was trying to talk to him, was in fact sitting right next to him on the grass. He growls slightly. He thought she would have left already. He didn't expect her to wait for him.

"Why are you still here?" He asked harshly.

"You didn't answer my question. I'm waiting." She replied unfazed by his harsh tone.

The male boy growls. She's starting to annoy him now… "It's just a toy…right?" He asked not really showing interests in this conversation about a damn toy.

"It's a popular mascot!" She shouted out, as she had pulled out a Gekota keychain that she had won, and holds it out in front of Accelerator.

"See? It's not just a toy!"

Accelerator winced a bit from her yelling. "Why are you yelling? You could cause someone to lose their hearing with a voice like that, brat."

"Oh." Maybe she is being a bit loud, but that's how she is. She blushes slightly in embarrassment. "Hey, don't call me a brat! You don't look much older than me!"

"…And you're still yelling." He reminded her. He huffed as he turned away from her. "Any louder and you'll scare the other brats away."

The last insult actually hurts a bit… The young girl's expression softens as she looks down sadly. "Why are you so mean to everyone?" She finally asked him. She's been watching him for a while now. He's always alone, and whenever another kid walks over to talk to him, they ended up walking crying, or get a bunch of guys to beat him up, only to be send flying back followed by crying, or whimpering. She can see why they ran off crying, but she's curious as to why he's this way to begin with.


Accelerator didn't know how exactly to answer that question. Maybe it was because he's been trick into being friends with too many people only to find out that they just wanted to take his rank. It's hard to trust anyone in this corrupted city. This city is filled with liars, and idiots that think they can do what they want. That's why he doesn't trust anyone. The only person you can trust in this world... is yourself. He learned that himself the hard way, many times.

"Please answer me…" The girl pleaded hoping he doesn't give her the silent treatment again. He can't stand being ignored for long, but she's willing to wait it out if it means he'll talk to her.

Accelerator sighs heavily, and replied to her question. "Because they're mean to me." He answered honestly.

The girl's eyes widens slightly. Mean to him? "What?" Why are they mean to him?

"Just leave me alone…" He doesn't feel like talking about his problems with a brat like her. He only met her again. Yet, she seemed to have gotten him to talk more than enough for one day.

But unfortunately, the little girl wasn't going to let him off that easily. She playfully tilts her head with a small grin on her face. She leans in closer to him. "If you tell me your name, I might."

He became to growl angrily. Accelerator was beginning to feel extremely annoyed by this little girl's persistences. He sighs heavily again, and cursed his luck for having to deal with her like this. She's offered him a solution. Just give her his name. But why should he? Still... it's an easy request. Unfortunately, he was desperate for her to leave at the moment, so he murmured his name to her. "Accelerator."

She looked at Accelerator confused by his answer. "Huh?"

Accelerator looked at her from the corner of his eye. "My name."

"Oh!" She smiles happily. "My name is…"

Accelerator's dream was cut short, as a flash of light shine on him. The shine of light was from the sun's light beam through the window landing of his face. Normally his "Reflection" would deflect the beams elsewhere away from his face, but since he can only used it for a limited time, he was forced to endure the sun beaming hot rays. The albino male grunts as he turns over on the couch facing the opposite way of the window. "Damn it…" He wanted to sleep a bit longer, but the fucking sun wasn't allowing him to sleep. Who the hell opened the curtains? He heard footsteps coming from down the hall, and they were getting closer to him. He examine where the noise was coming from at the side of his eye. He sees it was coming from Mikoto. She had just come from out of the bathroom from fixing her hair. His neck was bothering him. I guess the couch wasn't as comfortable as he had hoped. But he decided to take this chance to start a conversation with her. He sits up, and rubs his neck slightly.

"Ugh…" He tilts his head cracking his neck. "Hey." He said letting Mikoto know he was awake now.

Mikoto was in the middle of brushing her hair when she knew Accelerator's voice. "Hm? Oh. You're up too?"

She asked realizing he was sitting up from the couch. Judging from how he's rubbing his neck. Must have not been all that comfortable.

"Couldn't really stay asleep." He places his feet on the floor, then looks around. "Where's Last Order?" He asked realizing it's too quiet once again.

Mikoto goes into the bedroom as she spoken up. "She's in the bathroom washing her face. We're going out to get breakfast."

Accelerator raises an eyebrow- "Ah~?" He smirks slightly. "No breakfast in bed?"

"I wouldn't mind that." She closes the door, but spoken loud enough for him to still hear her. "I didn't know you could cook."

Accelerator leans back against the couch, and places his hands in his pockets.

"Do I look like the sort of person who would do that?" He places his feet into his shoes, then looks towards Mikoto with a deadpanned look in his eye, as he has to once again remind her of why she's here. "Besides, isn't that your job?"

Mikoto didn't want to tell him that she didn't know how to cook. She didn't want him to have another win under there little contest of arguments. She had a sense of pride too. So she decided to make up an excuses just so she wouldn't have to cook.


'Crap.' She thought to herself, but she quickly thought of a lie. "There wasn't anything good to eat. Actually the refrigerator was pretty empty. Why didn't Yomikawa-Sensei fill it up before she left?"

Luckily Accelerator didn't check the refrigerator this morning, so she got away with her lie. She wasn't the best at lying, but it looks like Accelerator was buying it. Accelerator shrugged his shoulders. "Like I say, she didn't tell me anything. Kikyou would have reminded her if she knew."

He stood up from the couch and grabs his crutch from off the ground. Just then, Last Order came out of the bathroom still in her pajamas. She had just finishes washing up, and ran over to Accelerator. She smiles up at Accelerator. "Where are we going to eat? Ask MISAKA ask MISAKA out of curiosity."

Another grunt escapes from his lips as he looks away from Last Order. "You'll see when we get there." He turns his back to her. "Get dressed."

"Okay!" As Last Order was heading to the bedroom, Mikoto came walking out of the bedroom wearing a black shirt with a yellow tank top underneath, with green short shorts, and green and white sneakers. Accelerator began to stare at her, this was his first time actually seeing her in such an outfit. He's used to seeing her in her Tokiwadai uniform. He suddenly went for the bedroom. "I'm going to put on a sweater."

Mikoto just watched him walk off, and stood there confused of why he just suddenly wanted to change now. She just shrugged it off. Last Order then came running out of the bedroom, and hugged Mikoto by her leg. "I'm ready! Say MISAKA Say as she holds on to Onee-sama's leg."

She looks around the house, and then notices they're down one Accelerator. She looks up at Mikoto. "Accelerator went ahead? Asks MISAKA ask MISAKA as she tilts her head."

Mikoto shakes her head. "Accelerator went to put on a sweater."

"Oh. Um… Onee-sama? Is it okay if I can ask a question? Ask MISAKA ask MISAKA waiting for permission."

Mikoto smiles. "Sure. What is it?"

"What is your relationship with Accelerator? Asks MISAKA asks MISAKA butting her noses in where it doesn't belong."

That question was unexpected. Her eyes widens in shock. "What…?!"

Mikoto wasn't expecting that question at all. She was so in shock that she didn't even know how to respond to the question that was asked. She was blushing as red as a tomato, and holding back the urge to let her electricity go out of control.

"Wh-What kind of question is that?!" Her cheeks became to redden madly.

She tilts her head in confusion. "It just one question. Says MISAKA say MISAKA clarifying her earlier question."

Mikoto doesn't even know what kind of relationship they really have. There're not friends, that for sure. They know each other, but they rarely talk to one another. "There is no relationship... We don't even like each other!" She diverted her eyesight from Last Order. "We hate one another."

"That can't be true. I don't believe he hates you, or that you hate him." Mikoto looks at Last Order. "What?"

"If you two really hated each other, would you really want to be under the same roof as that person?" She shook her head.

"MISAKA doesn't understand your relationship with him. You say you hate each other, but yet you two talk as if you're a married couple."

Mikoto was beyond shocked. Last Order was pushing buttons that most people would avoid pushing. Even Accelerator wouldn't have say something like that. His "Reflection" would save him, but he still wouldn't risk the chance of the house getting blown up. Puffs of steam arose from Mikoto's head, and out her ears. She was too close to losing her head from the stream clouding her mind. She couldn't even think straight anymore. "Y-Y-You… I-I-I…W-W-We…!"

Accelerator then came into the room wearing a purple hood with a white X symbol in the center of the hood going across the front, and the back of the hood. Accelerator looked at Mikoto, and saw her face as red as a fire truck. He then looked at Last Order, and saw she was just staring at her in surprises. "Hey brat, what the hell happened in here?" Accelerator asked.

"Onee-sama is having a critical meltdown! Yells MISAKA yells MISAKA worried."

Accelerator clenches his teeth slightly as he growls a bit. Seriously… What the hell happened while he was gone? Mikoto then struggled to turn to Accelerator with her face still completely red. A nervous smile soon spread across her face. Last Order got under her skin, but Accelerator has no clue why she was like that. And to be honest, Mikoto wouldn't want him to find out either. How would he react to hearing that she's blushing, and has steam coming out of her head from the thought of being seen as an old married couple. Wait… why did her heart skip a beat from the thought of that?

Accelerator puts a hand on his hip as he stares at her. "What's wrong with you?"

"N-N-N-Nothing!" She looks away from him placing a hand on her chest.

What was that just now? Her heart… Did it just? 'Why did my heart skip a beat just now from imaging that!?' She screamed in his head in a panic.

"Your face says otherwise." Accelerator shook his head slightly, than rubs his neck."Whatever." He turns to the front door. "Let's go." He walks towards the door using his crutch. She watches him walk to the door with Last Order, but she kept on feeling weird looking at him now. For some unknown reason she was having a hard time looking at him. After what Last Order say before, she didn't really understand why her heart was racing now.

'Could I…' She slowly began to follow after him. 'Could I be actually noticing him as a boy?' She shook her head furiously.

'No… It must be something else. It has to be.' She stares at Accelerator as she walks out of the house, and mumbled his name under her breathe. "Accelerator…"

Accelerator closed the door as Last Order, and Mikoto walks out of the house, and he locked the door behind them. He leans on his crutch, and couldn't help but notices Mikoto was staring at him for some strange reason. "What?"

Her eyes widens slightly as she looks away quickly. "Nothing…"

He raises an eyebrow. "Are you sure, you're alright? You're acting strange."

"Yeah…" She walks around Accelerator, and places a hand on her chest.

"At least, I hope so…" She whispered to herself.

"Onee-Sama!" Last Order shouted as she ran off after Mikoto.

"Humph… What's her problem?"

Accelerator soon followed after the two Misaka. This was going to be a long day. He mentally prepared himself for what may happen today.