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It's been a while since Accelerator, and Mikoto had last seen each other. A week later, they had managed to meet up the weekend to get that coffee Accelerator offered to her. They had a chat about everything that happened throughout their life until now. From the DNA to the Sister project, to their childhood to now. Accelerator even told her how he met her mother much to Mikoto's disturbances. Mikoto wasn't the only one disturbed when bringing her up.

Accelerator even told her that she's the reason why he may now have a fear of drunk older women. He even told her that if he were to see her mother right now, he would feel extremely uncomfortable around her, hell, he might even run… If he could. Activating esper mode is still an option for him. Mikoto couldn't help but laugh at him, and his misfortune. Maybe some of Touma's misfortune rubbed off on him during their fight. Not the best thing to happen to anyone.

Even Accelerator's threats weren't as imitating as they used to be, she could tell he's holding back, and she would be lying if she didn't want to strike him down with a lightning bolt or two. He reminds her of Touma, minus the negation. Sometimes she gets lucky with a punch or two to Touma's face, but no more than that. Still, Accelerator's insults still sting like a bee. She's gradually getting used to them. They even started having more contests on who could think of better insults then the other, but the moment he end up calling her something involving Gekota… All hell broke loose.

She got her revenge. Maybe not physically because of his 'Reflection', but she ended up having him pay for not only the bill for the food they ordered, but the damaged that he deflected throughout the restaurant. Accelerator was pissed off because it was her fault for trying to turn him into a light bulb over a damn Gekota. Though, he secretly did enjoy seeing her angry. When she's angry, she tends to act like a child going through a temper tantrum. Her trying to shock him each time is proof enough, isn't it? Not to mention, he has a bit of a thing of her rage. It arouses him for some reason.

Even though they've been meeting up with each other more often, and sometimes even by 'coincidences'. They've never been able to admit to the other that they like each other… or that maybe they love one another. Neither one of them even bother to bring up the kiss they shared before. Accelerator didn't bring it up, but Mikoto did constantly think about it. And every time she did, her face would turn so red, that Accelerator thought she would faint any minute.

She wanted to know if that 'kiss' meant anything to him. She figured since he suddenly kissed her on the lips like that and taken her first kiss, then asking her out for coffee she thought this was his way of saying he liked her. Yet, not once during the date did he mention anything about the kiss. She was beginning to wonder if he really only kissed her just to steal something back from her. That was mean of him to do. Stealing a girl's precious first kiss. She couldn't bring herself to dislike him for that. She was... almost happy she stole it.

The worst-case scenario, Accelerator only did it just to steal it from her. Mikoto wasn't going to jump to conclusions just yet. Once Mikoto entered her dorm room later that night, after their recent date, Kuroko informed her about the upcoming Daihasei Festival. Mikoto had completely forgotten about it since she's been dealing with Accelerator and Last Order for the last few weeks. She had a feeling, that Accelerator may have not seen fireworks ever before.

Mikoto knew this could be a good chance for her to invite Accelerator as well as Last Order. This was perfect! All she got to do is make sure that her friends don't see them… And they have to avoid Kuroko at all times. Actually, if she remembers correctly Accelerator say he met her other two friends by accident… So doesn't that mean they sort of know each other? She shook her head, it'll be best to avoid all three of them if possible. And yes… maybe even 'him'. 'Him' being Touma.

Mikoto didn't waste anymore time. She picked up her phone and dialed up Accelerator's number. Why he's taking so long to answer her call was beyond her. She waited, and waited, then he finally pick up the phone sounding somewhat annoyed on the other line. What was his problem? She shrugged, and began to ask him a question about the Daihasei Festival. Like did he ever go to one before? With anyone...

Accelerator had raised an eyebrow at her sudden question. 'Festival?' He repeated out loud.

Mikoto nods. "Yeah. Kuroko told me not too long ago." She replied.

The male albino grunts in annoyances while rubbing his neck. 'You mean that teleporter girl?' He asked not wanting to bring Kuroko up. He still doesn't like her. The feeling is mutual between the two of them.

"Yeah." She giggles a bit. "She has a name, you know." Mikoto figured he was still considering Kuroko as nothing more than an annoying nuisances.

'Doesn't mean I have to acknowledges it.' He hissed, before he closed his eyes and leans back against he couch to relax. 'So why did you call? Is something wrong?'

Mikoto almost forgot. "Oh! Remember what I say about the festival?" His cheek started to redden. She rarely asked him out after all. "Well… Are you free that day?"

'When is it?' He requested, not that he has anything else to do.

"Tomorrow." She answered.

'I'll see if I can make it. I'll call you to let you know.' He replied. GROUP may call him in on that day for all he knows.

Mikoto was glad that it wasn't a 'No.' She started spinning a finger around a strand of her hair. "Are you going to bring Last Order with you?" She asked.

'Good question...' Accelerator stood up on his feet, opened up the door to his bedroom, and sees Last Order sleeping soundly on the bed. He watched her sleep. She's quite the annoying brat when she's awake, but she's asleep, she's peaceful. If he didn't know any better, it was like she's Mikoto when she's awake, and she's him when he sleeps. Wait… Did he really just think that? He huffed slightly.

"Are you still there? You better not have hanged up!" Mikoto shouted from the phone gaining Accelerator's attention, and almost waking Last Order up.

Accelerator hisses, then winced a bit from Mikoto's sudden increase in volume. Geez… She'll wake Last Order up if she keeps this up. He slowly closed the door behind him.

'Stop yelling. I'm still here. If you had yell any louder, you might have awoken up Last Order.' He deadpanned. If she had awoken because of her, he would've had to punish her for that one.

"Say something next time, then. Sheesh…" Mikoto lies down on the bed and spreads his arms out on the bed trying to relax. She began to yawn as she puts the phone back to her ear.

"Now like I was saying, are you bringing Last Order with you?" She reminded him again of her previous question.

'I'll ask her tomorrow, when she's awake.' He replied before sighing.

"Great!" She smiles happily. "You know how to get there, right?" She asked.

Accelerator smirked slightly. 'I'll just come pick you up, and you can show me.'

The young girl became to blush a bit. She forgot he knew where she lived, so he could practically come see her whenever he wants. "W-Well… I guess that makes senses."

The male albino groans slightly, as he rubs his neck. 'What exactly are we going to see?' She's been mentioning this festival, and yet hasn't once say what they're going to see.

"Fireworks." Mikoto replied with a smile on her face.

Accelerator didn't respond for a few seconds. Fireworks? Why the hell are we going to see fireworks? Is there any point in seeing explosion of lights in the sky? He's never watched fireworks before. He's mostly been a 'shut in' type of guy. Well, there's always a chance something interesting could happen. He hisses under his breathe.

"I-It's not like you've got anything better to do, right?" Mikoto pouts. She thought he was ignoring her again, which she hopes not after she gathered the courages to ask him out. Took a lot of courages...

'I could always go for a walk.' Accelerator suggested sarcastically, but that was hard to tell since he always had a stoic attitude, and tone.

"Accelerator!" She called out in irritation from his attitude. Why does he always tease her affection like this?!

Accelerator winced a bit from her sudden increase in volume. 'Alright, alright. Just stop yelling. Damn, even after all of these years, you still haven't changed.' Accelerator sighed.

"You're one to talk about changing! You're still a jerk!" She shouted still pouting. The jerk she may have fallen in love with…

'I only act like a jerk because you're so loud.' Accelerator explained. True, but at the same time, there's a reason behind it… Accelerator closed his eyes, and sighs. 'What time do you want me to pick you up?'

"Well the fireworks don't start until around 8:00pm. So 7:30pm should be okay. And um…" Mikoto wanted to get the two of them alone. But she didn't want to show any kinds of hints that she likes him. Not just that, but If Last Order is going, then she'll have to find some way to get him alone. But he seems too overprotective about Last Order's safety, so that may prove difficult. She didn't want to be selfish. "Well, I know of this spot that has a beautiful view of the fireworks." She rolls over on the bed, and lays her head on the pillow. "I'll show it to you, if you ask nicely." She smirked.

Accelerator already had an idea of where this could be going. His eyebrow twitches. 'Hey… I'm not that eager in seeing exploding lights, like you are.'

Mikoto pouted childishly before her cheek started to redden from her frustration. "But, I want to see them from a good distances!"

'Then why not just take me to this 'special' spot! Why do I have to ask nicely for it?' He asked yet again in his normal stoic tone. Now he's annoyed.

"Because that's what guys are supposes to do!" She shouted again causing Accelerator to wince.

Accelerator growled. He already knew where this is going. He could attempt to argue with her, but eventually he'll end up feeling a sense of guilt in his conscious, while talking to her, or trying to go to sleep. He sighs heavily. 'Fine…' He growls under his breathe already regretting in agreeing to go with her. 'Will you take me… to this good spot to watch the fireworks?' He finally asked through gritted teeth. It was harder than it looked to request something like that...

"What's the magic word?" Mikoto added triumphantly.

She was pushing her luck with him. He was thinking of just hanging up on her. His eyebrow began to twitch uncontrollably from her telling him to say the 'magic word'. He clenched his hand tightly into a fist, and crushes the remote in his bare hand. Shit, Aiho is gonna be on his ass about this remote. Accelerator continued to growl. 'You bitch…' He thought to himself almost saying it out his mouth. "…Pleases…?" He finally said the taboo.

Mikoto had a huge triumphant smile on her face. Luckily Accelerator wasn't seeing it, or he would lash out, and chopped her like he does to Last order. "See? Now was that so hard?" She asked little did she know she was pouring salt on Accelerator's open wound by asking...

'You have NO idea…' He replied with his eye still twitching.

"Well since you've asked so kindly, I'll gladly take you there." She was starting to sound full of herself.

'Right… Looking forward to it, Ms. Frog.' He decided to get under her skin before he hung up.

"P-Pervert!" She countered back blushing, even though Accelerator hadn't shown any signs in being a pervert.

Accelerator really did enjoy making fun of her. Actually, messing with her became a bit of a habit of his. It's her reactions, and her always wanting to get the last word in their conversations that are considered sometimes arguments. But they have fun in their arguments… almost like they were an old married couple. Accelerator huffed. 'I'll see you tomorrow.'

Mikoto nods. "Right…" She smiles seconds later. "Bye." He clicks the 'end' call button apart of her phone, and places it on the desk next to her. She closes her eyes feeling accomplished, and extremely happy about the results.

Kuroko was just now leaving from the bathroom after having taken a shower. She noticed the strange look on Mikoto's face. She was in a dreamily like state with a huge grin plastered across her face. Mikoto was unaware of the grin she had on her face. She couldn't wait for there date. Kuroko began to stare at her in disbelief, and shock. She was wondering, what in the world happened while she was in the shower? She hasn't smile like that since she was with that ape… Touma.

"Onee-sama!" Kuroko suddenly shouted.

Mikoto snapped out of her trances, and sat up as she heard Kuroko's voice. "Y-Yeah?" She asked hesitantly. What was she screaming about?

"You're grinning as if you had win the lottery just now. Does that grin have anything to do with a certain 'ape'?" She narrows her eyes, as she walks over towards Mikoto's bed.

"That idiot?" She waves her hand right under his nose shrugging it off. "No, of course not." She answered flatly.

Kuroko then bends over to Mikoto until she was directly in her face. "Then what about this new 'ape'?

Mikoto looks at Kuroko confused. "New 'ape'?"

"I'm talking about that albino looking male, Onee-sama." Kuroko deadpanned. She didn't forget about that one male that got away a while ago. There was something about their conversation before, that lead to her believing there maybe a slight chance in Mikoto knowing him.

"Oh… What about him? I-I don't even know that guy!" Mikoto stuttered still pretending not to know who she's talking about. She didn't want to deal with Kuroko firing question after question about how they met, what happened between the two, and if Mikoto were to explain. Things will not end well...

"But you electrocuted me." Kuroko reminded her with a serious glances, and a deadpanned tone.

Mikoto blushed slightly. "I told you before! I did that because you was scaring the guy!" Mikoto shouted averting her eyes away from Kuroko.

Kuroko wasn't fully convinced, but that was true. Though Accelerator would disagree with that statement. "True. Still you were having a conversation with him, as if… you two were acquaintances."

Mikoto turned away from her pouting. "He was so fragile looking. I felt sorry for the boy, and wasn't thinking when I struck you down with electricity." She mumbles under her breathe trying her best to convince Kuroko that she didn't intent to make it look that way. "B-Besides I wouldn't want to know a jerk like him."

Kuroko's eye widens as she covers her mouth dramatically. She desperately gasps at Mikoto's last few chosen words. "If you don't know him, then how do you know he's a jerk?!" Kuroko asked before teleporting herself a distances in front of Mikoto staring at her intensely. She wanted answers!

'Crap!' Mikoto became to feel a cold sweat roll down her cheek. She couldn't think of anything to save her at the top of head! "Uh…well…" Mikoto was scrambling to think of something to save her from Kuroko's interrogation. Mikoto wasn't good at lying for all especially when it's about a boy.

Kuroko narrows her eyes as she grabbed Mikoto by her shoulders. "You do know him don't you?! Are you dating him?!" Kuroko's eye were fixated on Mikoto's. She knew Mikoto was hiding something from her. She can't look anyone in the eye when she's lying. Kuroko looked in closer to get a better look at her eyes.

Mikoto eyes widens in shock at her beginning to panic now. No point in hiding it now. The cat's out of the bag now, and she tried so hard not to give herself away. Only to give in when back up into a corner. She waves her hands furiously from the close proximity that Kuroko was from her face. "What?! I'm not…!" Mikoto began blushing madly as she thought about him, and her dating. It's not a bad idea actually... Her entire face was completely red. Too much blood was rushing to her face. "Well… um… It's complicated okay?!" She felt like she may faint at this rate.

Kuroko released Mikoto from her tight hold, and sighs heavily. First that spiky haired ape, now a moppy haired ape? Mikoto sure does know how to pick them doesn't she. "Onee-sama… You've got such horrible taste in boys." Kuroko couldn't believe she's attracted to guys like... well, like THAT.

Little did Kuroko know, Mikoto has already asked herself that question numerous times. Even she wonders why she feels... attached to guys like that. Still... Unlike Touma, Accelerator had something more special about him. Once you get best how much of a jerk he can be, he's a pretty nice guy. Mikoto wants to exploit that side of him. A few times she's witnessed it, and she wants to see more. Mikoto then blinked at Kuroko's words. She raised an eyebrow. What did she mean by that? SHE has horrible taste in boys? Since when? "What's wrong with my taste?" She asked demanding an answer from her.

Kuroko backed up from Mikoto's bed, and stops right next to the front door. She then turns her back to Mikoto, pouts, and mumbles to herself. "I just wish, you had a taste for me instead…" Kuroko wanted Mikoto to see her as someone she could grow to like. Like more than just a best friend. The same way she reacts to Accelerator being brought up, she wants the same reaction when it comes to her. A perverted grin spreads on Kuroko's face. Sadly, Mikoto had no knowledge of it, and became to approach her unaware of what evil intentions her roommate has in store.

"Eh?" Mikoto stood up from the bed, and walks over to Kuroko. "Don't ignore me. Answer my question!" Mikoto shouted still approaching her roommate, but the moment Mikoto got within Kuroko's range, she spun into action. Kuroko then suddenly turned around, and jumps into the air diving directly towards Mikoto with her lust filled eyes. "Onee-sama~!"

Mikoto eyes widens in horror as Kuroko lunged herself at her. No way is she going to let Mikoto touch her! So, before Kuroko could make contact with her, she coated herself in electricity, and Kuroko landed directly on her only to get electrocuted. That caused Kuroko to scream out in agony and pleasure waking up some of the students in the dorm. It even caused the Dorm Manager to head straight to their room to tell them to keep it down 'or else'. Mikoto, and Kuroko cowered in fear at the 'or else' part, and decided to go to bed NOW, before the Dorm Manager loses her patience. Mikoto changed into her usual green Gekota pajamas to go to sleep. For tomorrow, will be her chance to go on a normal date with Accelerator. She hopes nothing ruins it. Just the two of them talking together.

The next morning, Accelerator woken up from his sleep. He wasn't expecting today to be all that much different from yesterday. The only difference is that now he has to go with Mikoto to a Festival. This would be his first time going to see fireworks. Well, he's seen them before, but now he'll be staring at them as they explode in the sky this time. And not alone either. He had told Aiho, and Kikyou that he was going, and that he might be taking Last Order with him, but they insist that he goes alone. That confused him, and he asked why, but they just say that it would be much better this way. They'll keep Last Order occupy while he goes on ahead, and enjoys himself along with Mikoto. Unlike Accelerator, the two women could tell when a girl is trying to make a move on a guy. But to think Accelerator was this oblivious about her advances. He shrugged it off and did what they say. He was about to leave, but his guardians called him back in once they noticed his outfit.

"You're not going out dress like that are you?" Aiho asked. She crossed her arms over her chest, and began scanning Accelerator's poor choice in clothing. This is a special occasion, and a special date, little did Accelerator know, this date was worth a lot more to Mikoto.

Accelerator was wearing his casual long-sleeve white shirt with the black V-patterns outfit, with gray pants. He doesn't have any other colors other than black, gray, and white. Is something wrong with that? "Yeah. What about it?" Accelerator asked.

"This is a special occasion, Accelerator. You're going to a festival with a girl, mind you. The least you can do is dress the part." Kikyou said with a stoic look in her eye.

Accelerator blinks still not understanding what she means. "Ah~?" Dress the part? What is Kikyou talking about?

Hours later. Mikoto was waiting in front of her dorm building for Accelerator to come pick her up. He was taking his sweet time coming to get her. Did he forget what time to pick her up? Did something else come up? Or is this his way of saying that he's changing his mind of going with her. She was wearing an orange colored yukata with an orange, and lime green sash around her stomach. She was also carrying a Gekota shaped kinchaku bag. She was beginning to feel angry and depressed at the same time. Maybe more depressed then angry at the fact that he wasn't showing up. Did he really just dump her?

"He better not even think about leaving me out here…" Mikoto hissed with her anger growing from the thought of Accelerator deserting her out here. He couldn't possibly just leave her here, after she's finally worked up the courage

She then heard a voice call out towards her from behind her. "Hey." That was Accelerator's voice.

The sudden voice actually caused her to jump a bit. But she hid it behind her attitude. "About time, you show up. You're not supposes to keep a lady waiting!"

Accelerator grunts. "For a lady, you don't seem to act like one."

Mikoto growls, as she turns around. She's had just about enough of his attitude. "Listen, you…!"

She stopped right in her track after witnessing the outfit that Accelerator was wearing. He was also wearing a yukata much to her surprises. She began blushing without even realizing it. He was wearing an all black yukata, with a white sash surrounding his waist. She was expecting him to come dress in his normal outfit. The color defiantly suits him, that's for sure, but to think he could look so good in a yukata. Accelerator notices that she was staring at him. Though this was to be expected since he rarely wears anything else especially a yukata. He was embarrassed slightly having to wear this for something as stupid as a festival. What was the point of buying this damn outfit if he wasn't going to wear it more than once? Unless they think his first experience at a festival might inspiring him to go more. He doubts that. Okay, enough with the staring Mikoto. You're starting to really creep him out.

"Railgun. Are you alright?" She's been staring at him this whole time, and it's still disturbing him. Even his stoic expression was showing off how annoyed he was with her stare.

"Y-Yeah. You… just look different. Like you've freshen up." She stuttered. She didn't expect him to look so… good. Never thought she'd see the day that he presents himself in such a way.

"Blame Yomikawa, and Yoshikawa. But I chose the color." Accelerator admitted. It wasn't his idea to come dress in a yukata. But his two guardians just wouldn't let him leave unless he looked damn well near perfect.

"You chose well." She smiles at him. "It suits you. I like it." Mikoto was liking his new look. It's cute, and she wouldn't mind seeing him dress like this more often.

Accelerator's eyes widen slightly before he huffed looking away. He doesn't reply well to compliments. "Thanks…" He clears his throat wanting to change the subject now. "Shall we get going?" He asked.

Mikoto's smile grew more happily, and she nods. "Yeah!" She turned away from Accelerator and was about to walk off.

Accelerator places a hand on his hip. "So where is this private place, you spoke of before?" He really just wanted to see the fireworks already. Not wanting to waste time here.

"Oh, yeah… Follow me." She motions her hand for Accelerator to follow her towards the festival.

Mikoto began to walk towards the festival, but then make a quick right heading through some trees. Accelerator followed after her a little surprised by her certain detour. He wonders if this place was as good as she says it is. It's probably a place near a store to get rare Gekota items from. He sighs heavily. It better not be something as stupid as that, or he may actually leave… Just then, Accelerator realizes something strange. It's familiar. This path does seem familiar. Where the hell is she leading him to?

"We're here!" Mikoto suddenly shouted to inform Accelerator on their location.

"Hm?" Accelerator looks around. The place wasn't anywhere special. It seems like a normal hang out spot. There's only one tree here. Not to mention there's a park nearby. Thankfully, there are no kids in the park. They must be gone to see the firework with their parents. Thank god… But Accelerator wasn't amused in the least. Well… at least the view of the sky is pretty good. They could see the fireworks clearly from where they are.

"Where are we?" Accelerator asked as he turns to Mikoto still a bit confused, of where they're at.

Mikoto looked at Accelerator dumbfounded. "Obviously, we're at a 'special' spot." Mikoto deadpanned before resting her hands behind her back.

Accelerator made a 'Tch' sound with his tongue before he started walking over to the tree. 'Why am I getting a serious case of déjà vu?' He thought to himself, as he stops in front of the tree, and looks up at it.

An image of his childhood suddenly flashed in front of him. He saw the image of his younger self, laying down on the grass below them, and an even younger girl sitting on the grass next to him. Accelerator stood there for a minute before he was finally to register what he was beginning to remember. This was where… they first met.

The young girl walks over next to him. "Hey… Do you remember now?"

"Heh…" He smirks slightly before closing his eyes. "You getting me all reminisce…"

Mikoto grins feeling a hint of accomplishment. "The great Accelerator is actually enjoying himself?" She teased playfully grinning happily.

Accelerator huffed as his smirk fades. "Don't be a smart-ass about it, Railgun." He turns to her a bit curious as to why she chose here out of all places. "But why did you choose this place?" Accelerator tilted his head to the side.

"The festival grounds are going to be crowded. Most people get their spots a week in advances. So all of the good spots in the grass are probably taken already. The fireworks look awesome here anyway! Besides…" She started but stopped mid-sentence. Her cheeks turn red as holds on to kinchaku with both her hands. Accelerator notices her face turning red but gotten used to seeing her blush. Though he's still clueless of what it means.

"I wanted to be alone with you…" Mikoto finally confessed in a muttered tone.

"…I see." Accelerator replied softly having barely heard what she said, but still understanding her methods in wanting to be alone with him.

One of the fireworks starts to go up from the festival grounds and exploded in the sky. The light brilliantly illuminates the dark night sky. Both Accelerator and Mikoto turn to the sky and watched the firework exploded in the night skies. It was definitely a beautiful sight. A romantic sight. "Oh, it started. A big one right from the start."

Accelerator nodded in agreement having not said a word. Mikoto looks at Accelerator and blushes slightly again. She was starting to stare at him again, but not as obvious as before. This time, she was watching him at the corner of her eyes wondering what could be on his mind. Accelerator was quiet. A bit too quiet. He looks like he has a lot of his mind right now. Maybe he's still reminiscing about the memories of his past. Or is he enjoying the fireworks? She was growing curious.

"Accelerator, aren't you being a bit too quiet?" She asked. He's normally quiet but not THIS quiet. He could talk to her about it if it's something to worry about.

He looks at Mikoto while raising an eyebrow. "Really?" Isn't he normally quiet around her? Isn't she the one normally doing the talking for the both of them?

Mikoto nods, and smiles a bit. "Yeah, you usually don't keep your mouth shut for long. Don't bring the tension down during a moment like this." Mikoto smirked letting out a sly remark.

Accelerator shot a glare at Mikoto for that comment. "Hey! I told you, I'm not into fireworks like that!" He looks away from her with a hiss escaping from his lips. The truth was that he wasn't expecting her to bring him to a place like this. This actually caught him off guard. Not to mention she's dress in a yukata. It… looks good on her. Is this festival really worth wearing these kind of outfits? Well, he's not complaining as much as he thought. Why did his heart jump when he thought about her in that yukata? His heart skipped a beat when he first saw her in it too.

Mikoto tilts her head innocently to the side. "Are you nervous or something? Tell me what on your mind." Mikoto leans in a bit closer to Accelerator leaning him an ear.

The first thing on his mind, huh? "That yukata… It looks pretty on you…" He said.

Another firework shot up into the sky and exploded preventing Mikoto from hearing Accelerator previous sentence. "Huh?" She blinked. She didn't quite hear him. "Could you say that again? The firework went off, and I didn't hear you."

Accelerator's eyebrow began to twitch. "… I say, you look pretty in that yukata!" He repeated but in a much louder tone.

This time she heard him. She became to blush madly from his last several chosen words. "E-Eh?!" She squeaked in surprises from the sudden compliment.

Accelerator groans under his breath. It's as he thought, whichever he's alone with her, he feels like he as butterflies in his stomach and his heart seems to beat faster as well. Damn it, what is this feeling that is developing within him? This attitude of his is completely unlike him. This always happens when he's alone with Mikoto only. Why? He didn't understand it at all. "This is completely unlike me…" He said.

Mikoto nods slowly still blushing madly. Definitely. Still... That didn't mean that she disliked it. "B-But… It was nice of you to tell me." A nervous smile spreading across her lips.

Accelerator grunts. "I guess." He looked away diverting his eyes elsewhere. "You're not being loud right now, so I've noticed how you're dressed." He added followed by him rubbing his neck, then began to adjust his choker around his neck.

Mikoto started to glare at Accelerator slightly. "Hey, can't you give a compliment without insulting someone after it?" Mikoto pouted, then let out a sigh.

"I can." He smirks slightly. "I just can't help messing with you." He gently pats Mikoto's head with a small smirk on his face.

Mikoto smiles a bit. "You jerk… I'm not a dog." She removes his hand from on top of her head, and giggles. "Kuroko's the one who helped me put it on." She cheerfully added with a huge grin on her face. He means well, despite his jerk like attitude.

Mikoto twirls around with the yukata elegantly flowing through the air. If Accelerator could blush as of now, he would because he was staring in awe of her elegantly. A small smirk spread across his face, but it wasn't like it normal one when he has evil intentions in mind. It was a genuine one. "And well… if you like it, then I like it too. I'm happy…"

Another firework shot off into the sky and exploded before Accelerator did hear with Mikoto was saying this time. Seem like fate is messing with the both of them. "Ah~? I didn't hear you over the fireworks."

"I said, if you like it, then I like it too! I'm happy!" Mikoto shouted at him blushing from the embarrassment of yelling.

Accelerator pretended to be unable to hear her a second time. "Could you say that again?"

"Stop messing around!" Mikoto cried out growing extremely irritated now! Why does he always make fun of her?!

Accelerator winces. "Okay!" He rubbed his ear, and turned to her. "I heard you that time!" But wait… He looks at Mikoto confused having finally caught on to what she had said. "But, you're happy?"

Mikoto giggles. "It doesn't need to be said, right? It means you see me as a girl!" She sounded pretty proud to be seen as a girl.

Accelerator's eyes widen slightly as he looks away from her again. "I-I guess…"

Mikoto pokes Accelerator's shoulder playfully. "You shuddered."

Accelerator shot an angry glares at Mikoto. "Shut up!" He hissed ignoring her pokes. Damn it, she's really starting to grow on him. More than he thought she could.

Mikoto couldn't help but laugh at Accelerator seeing him act shy, and nervous. It's her first time seeing him act like that, so she had to take advantages of that. Now that she's realizes that he secretly does see her as a girl, she knew her chances had went up. She would be lying if she didn't see him as a boy as well. So they're even. "But asking me to repeat the same thing, three times? You're a really cruel guy, aren't you?"

Accelerator looks up at the sky not showing so much as a care in the world right now. "That firework that blew up last time was pretty cool." He commented to himself, pretending to ignore her.

"Don't change the subject, damn it!" Mikoto cried out again. Come on, can't he give her a chance to enjoy teasing him. He's so unfair, sometimes. Scratch that... All the time!

Accelerator couldn't help but had one of his trademark smirks spread along his face at her reaction. She pouts feeling extremely fed up with his attitude. He's always like this! Sometimes she questions herself of how she had managed to even fall in love with such a guy. He's a tough nut to crack, but seriously… Mikoto had soon started to pout childishly. "Why does it have to be you, out of all people?" She asked unaware that she had say that out loud.

It had caught Accelerator's curiosity. What did she mean by that last line? 'Why does it have to be you'. He looks at Mikoto expecting an answer from her."What do you mean?" He asked.

Mikoto had realized what she had just say, and began to feel her cheeks burn from the blood rushing there. "Oh, it's nothing!" She waves her hands trying to play it off. She cleared his throat then attempted to change the subject. "J-Just that firework was pretty! Hahaha." She laughed nervously with a nervous grin on her face.

Accelerator looked at her suspiciously. That's strange... "That firework ended minutes ago." He reminded her with a deadpanned tone.

Mikoto clears her throat again unsure of what to say now. Accelerator stares at her awaiting for her to say something. Accelerator continued to stare intensely at Mikoto until she looked away blushing tremulously. She couldn't handle staring into his eyes for so long. While she looked away, Accelerator turned his attention back to the sky. The sky was filled with the firework's smoke.

'Idiot! I've got to think of something to talk about! This conversation is going to turn south unless I do something! If I want to know how you feels then, I've got to push forward!' Mikoto screamed in her head as she sneaks a peek at Accelerator at the side of her eye. It's now or never!

"Hey… Railgun." Accelerator called out for her suddenly.

She turns to Accelerator quickly. "Y-Yeah?"

"Do you have a crush on someone?" Accelerator asked in the most blunt tone possible.

Mikoto started coughing heavily. A big firework shot up, and exploded within the sky. If only it had come just a second sooner, Mikoto could have played it off like she didn't hear a thing. But Accelerator is smarter than that, so she couldn't play dumb with him. But he's so blunt! A bit too blunt in that question!

Mikoto looks away with her face turning red again. "W-Well… I have my eyes set out on someone."

"I see…" He leans on his crutch. "Is it that Level 0?" He asked curiosity.

"You mean him?" She shook her head. 'It used to be him. But it was only one-sided after all.' She thought to herself before she closed her eyes. Her expression softens as he mentioned Touma, and Accelerator noticed that. He didn't mean for that to happen. Guess bringing him into a conversation was a bad idea. He better continue on with the conversation quickly. He was about to, but then Mikoto continued on before he could.

"I do. But it's not him." She answered after reopening her eyes. She turns towards Accelerator. "Do you?" She asked.

He let out a small 'Tch' with his tongue. He huffed a few seconds later before he answered. "I don't know, if I would call it a crush…"

"It's strange, huh? We both have a crush on someone." Mikoto crossed her arms over her chest. It's more than just a random coincidence.

Accelerator nods in agreement. "What kind of person is he?" Accelerator rest his hand on his hip having grown curious in who she's talking about.

Mikoto smirks slightly as she became to describe the boy that she claims to have a crush on. "He's far away from my ideal guy, that's for sure. He likes to fight, and he's mean to me." Her cheeks began to redden slightly before she turned away mumbling. "I really don't know why I fell in love with him." She added still asking herself the same question even now.

Accelerator didn't know why but he felt like that was directed at him for some weird reason. He continued to growl but shrugged it off. "The girl, I'm interested in isn't anything like my type either." He looks at her at the corner of his eye, and gives her a smirk of his own. "She's a loud mouth brat and stubborn as hell." He scowled. "If 'love' is the word, then I don't know how I fell in love with this brat."

Mikoto glares at Accelerator, and almost let her emotions get the better of her for a second. Electricity was on the verge of flaring around her until, he mention the word 'love'. He loves someone. I-Impossible, h-he… Accelerator took a second to realize that maybe using the word 'love' was a little strong. Okay, not a little. That was very strong of a word to uses. Mikoto's eyes began to stick to Accelerator's face like glue, and her eyes soften as she tightens her grip on the strap of her kinchaku. "A-Accelerator… Would the girl you l-l-l-love by any chance, start with the letter 'M'?" She couldn't help but ask because despite how much she didn't want to admit it, that does sound like her. No, it did sound exactly like her.

Accelerator turned his attention away from Mikoto for the moment. "Good question." Now that he thinks about it, the way she describe the male that she has a crush on does sound like him too. It was making him grow curious, by the second to figure out if it is him or not. "Does the guy you love by any chance start with the letter 'A'?" Accelerator was hiding how interested he was in knowing about this guy with his normal stoic face.

"D-Do you want to say it together?" Mikoto suggested while stuttering.

"Say what?" He asked not completely following where this is going.

Mikoto puts three fingers up towards Accelerator's face. "On the count of three. We say the name of the person that we like. At the same time."

Accelerator groans a bit as he rubs his cheek. Leave it to Mikoto to suggests something like this... "Well, that makes senses. Guess we have a pretty good guess on who the other likes, huh?" Did he make it that obvious?

Mikoto nods hesitantly. He really did. They both did. So yeah, they most probably do have a guess on the other. "Okay… Then on the count of three!"

Both Accelerator, and Mikoto turned to each other. They could see the other was nervous. Mikoto's face was blushing brightly red as she looks up at Accelerator's face. She stared up into his crimson red eye. If only she knew she was blushing just as red as his eyes. She couldn't tell since her blush was camouflage with his eye's reflection. They're very beautiful. Her heart continued to beat faster. It's possible, that Accelerator heard her heart beating too. Accelerator had never actually notices Mikoto's real beauty. She was blushing so red, that it was literally impossible not to notices. She was extremely nervous, he could see that. He was nervous too, but was hiding it behind his face better than Mikoto. But even he couldn't hide the fact that Mikoto was pretty cute in her yukata. He took a deep breathe, and sees she staring at him. Why does she look so innocent…? Is this really Railgun?

"O-On the count of three." Mikoto repeated.

"Okay. Three…" Accelerator started the count down.

Mikoto waves her hand furiously in front of herself. She wasn't mentally ready yet! "H-Hold on, hold on. I need to prepare myself."

'If she keeps wasting time, it'll become that much more harder to say it!' He started growling from him being impatience. The sooner the better, right? Why does she have to take her time with this? Accelerator taps his foot on the ground while leaning against his crutch.

Mikoto takes a deep breathe to calm down her beating heart. It was beating like crazy in her chest. It felt like it was just about ready to burst right out of her heart. She swallows hard and then take yet another deep breathe just for safety measures. "All right! L-Let's do this."

"Okay. We're going to say who we like." Accelerator reminded her again, just in case she forget during her little hyperventilating on the side.

Accelerator, and Mikoto slowly began the countdown to their confession. "Three…"

"Two…" Mikoto continued.

"One!" Accelerator shouted. Accelerator was about to yell out her name, but then he stopped himself. He actually couldn't do it. It's not in him. It wouldn't be him, if he did. And knowing Mikoto, she probably couldn't do it either. She's a Level 5 after all. She has her pride, too.

"Hold on, I can't do it…" Accelerator stopped right before he could say the name. This is too embarrassing especially for him. To think that he would have seconds thoughts about confessing something like this. Confessing to someone out int he open isn't as easy as he thought.


He stand corrected… Mikoto has discarded herself of it.

"Oh…" Accelerator stood there quietly.

"Oh…" Mikoto's face was started to glow brightly. All of the blood began to spread out throughout her entire face. She was blushing so back, that her eyes began to whirl around from the blood. She was starting to feel dizzy. She was completely, and utterly embarrassed now.

This was awkward… "So you lo—"

"You're the worst! You ass!" Her electricity started flaring wildly around her body, as she cried out towards him. She couldn't believe he left her hanging like that! The least he could have done was try and stop her if he wasn't going to keep up his end of the deal!

Accelerator was on the verge of activating his choker to protect himself with 'Reflection' since Mikoto's emotion was flaring all over the place. "Calm down. That wasn't on purpose! Damn it, I feel the same about you!"

Mikoto's electricity started to die now that she started to calm herself down. Which she was having a hard time doing so, after what he did. She wasn't going to forgive him for that for a long time. "Still, why did you have to be off?!"

Accelerator turned away. "Look… I'm glad it was me." He sighs as he continued on. "I've notices my feeling for a while now. Ever since we started hanging out and getting to know each other. I've been noticing strange emotions developing within me." He then places a hand to his chest. It's still a strange feeling to him, but he knows what it is now. "I've never felt this feeling before. I was confused of what to call it." He looks down towards the ground. "Well, that was until you mention the word 'love'. That's when it hit me."

Accelerator looks back at her, and Mikoto then saw something she never thought she would actually see in her life. There was a small smile on Accelerator's face. She was beyond shock when she seen it. It was a genuine smile. She stares at him in awe, and quickly burned that image into her memories. "Accelerator…" Mikoto exhaled his name in a soft breath.

Accelerator's small smile fades from his face, as he began to stare directly into her eyes. "Mikoto…" He didn't know what else to say to her for the moment. The conversation grew quiet, as they just stared at each other. Mikoto had just one last question left before anything else happens…

"So then… When you kissed me back then, did it mean anything?" She finally managed to ask him the most important question that was lingering in her head this entire time.

Accelerator places a hand behind his head and scratches the back of his head while hanging his head over letting his hair cover up most of his face. Crap… He wasn't expecting that question to come flying at him out of no where. Why did she have to go, and ask that question? This whole time he was hoping she would forget about what happened that day. He cursed his luck, but right about now it would probably be best to answer it now, rather than later…

"Yeah. At first, I thought it didn't… but it meant a lot more than I figured. A whole lot more." Accelerator answered truthfully. He's not one to linger about what had happened in the past, but he has to remember, this is Mikoto he's talking to.

"Can we…" Mikoto paused with her mouth left open. She wanted to word this right.

"Ah~?" Accelerator raised an eyebrow. He was a bit worried of what she was going to say to him. After giving her such a crappy reason to kiss her, she's probably pissed at him, and she has every right to be.

"Can we… do it again?" Mikoto asked with her lips trebling slightly. Asking for him to kiss her again. What was she thinking?

Accelerator rubs his chin slightly, not seeing anything wrong with kissing her again, and this time she's asking him to do so. "I don't see a problem with that."

His eyes widens in shock. Mikoto leans in towards Accelerator's face, and before Accelerator could even prepare himself; Mikoto had already stand up on her tip toes, and locked lips with him, much to Accelerator's surprises. Another firework shot up into the air, and exploded, but Accelerator eyes were fixated on her sudden action. Mikoto's eyes were closes as she was slowly pulled away from him. She left Accelerator in shock of what had just transpired.

"What the hell?!" Accelerator had lost his composure just now completely.

Mikoto's face was still blushing. "Revenge from before." She stuck her tongue out at him playfully.

Accelerator shot a glare at Mikoto as he clenches his teeth angrily together. He couldn't believe she got him. "You little…!"

Mikoto then started to laugh at Accelerator's face. And surprisingly Accelerator couldn't for some reason stay mad at her. He sighs heavily, and then growls at her. They both take a seat under the tree, and relax themselves on the grass below them. Accelerator leans up against the tree, and Mikoto sat on the ground next to him, as the fireworks show started, and different flashes of light began to illuminates through the sky right in front of them. This was a precious spot for the both of them. Even though their time together when they were younger was short, it was still one of the greatest memories they shared together. Mikoto closes her eyes, as she leans her head on Accelerator's shoulder. She felt so relaxed in his presences. Accelerator looks at her, and then wraps his arm around her neck with a soften smirk on his face.

"I love you…" Mikoto suddenly confessed after a few seconds of being wrapped in his arm.

"I love you too..." Accelerator replied back in a soft tone…

Accelerator didn't think he would enjoy the fireworks festival. He never was a fan for them, but his first experience may have ended up being his best experiences. He listens in of Mikoto's soft breathing, and became to relax at the sound the fireworks exploding echoed through his ears. Maybe firework festival aren't really that bad, he'll have to come to another one when he gets the chance. He's not going alone, he'll have someone to take with him.

Mikoto smile softly as she leans in closer to Accelerator. She was close to falling to sleep on his chest. To think such cold guy could be so warm… and sometimes kind. She doesn't regret confession to him. Though she still secretly wishes they had confessed at the same time. She wanted it to be a little more romantic, but this will just have to do. She knows he's not going to want to do that, so she'll deal with this.

So, he's finally gotten himself a girlfriend at the festival. But, his girlfriend ended up being Mikoto Misaka herself. Now he has another Misaka to deal with. Though it's going to be a pain in the ass having to tell the two guardians, and Last Order about this. Wait. On second thought, Last Order doesn't need to know. He does not want her to bug him half to death on what he is planning to do with their 'Onee-sama' next. Or 'Mother', or what the hell ever. No, thank you, but other wises he wouldn't mind going on another date every once in the while. Especially if it's towards another one of these festivals.


Accelerator: "What if you…"

Mikoto: "Fell in love…

Accelerator: "With the one…"

Mikoto: "You're supposes to…"

Accelerator, and Mikoto: "Hate?"