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Chapter I

We are no more.

Sparks flew out where their lightsabers clashed, blue and green meeting blood red in a violent fight for victory. The sparks lit up her opponent's eyes, illuminating the unnatural gold irises.

We are finished.

She groaned in pain as he pushed down on her sabers, forcing her to bend backwards at an unnatural angle. Siphoning her pain into the soothing waves of the force, she pushed back at her enemy and engaged him in a flurry of attacks.

He has destroyed our culture, our way of life. He has destroyed our lives.

The force hummed in her mind as she twirled the double lightsabers she held in both of her hands. She pressed forward twirling them faster and faster in a lightening rotation, driving her opponent back to the edge of the platform they were both standing on. Beneath them, the fiery surface OF bubbled over in a raging inferno, waiting for the loser to drop to their death to be forever enveloped in its fiery embrace.

He does not deserve life.

The blood red saber was thrust forward into the rotation, catching the ends of both of her lightsabers and ending her rotation. She quickly drew her sabers back and flipped over her opponent, lashing out in another flurry of attacks.

He has taken EVERYTHING from me.

Her opponent easily blocked her attacks and retaliated quickly, easily gaining ground over her. He was driving her back along the platform just as she had done to him mere seconds ago. She could feel in her bones that she was losing this battle.

Everyone I love is gone.

She set her teeth in determination, grunting from the effort that kept her from sliding backwards towards the edge. She could not let him defeat her so easily. Drawing strength from the force, she pushed him back again so that she would be more easily able to defend herself.

He has turned him against me.

He slashed his double blade towards her, forcing her to jump back again in order to avoid having her stomach cut open. Another downward slash required her to quickly sweep her saber in front of herself to avoid having her hand cut off.

Does it really matter anymore, whether I live or die? I have lost everything.

She did not see the edge until it was too late.

So this is how it ends? Is this what death should be like?

The force screamed in her mind as she stared up at the platform from which she had fallen. The eyes of her opponent filled her vision, for they were all that could be seen underneath the darkness of his hood. He was laughing at her as he watched her fall towards her death.

Let the force take me. I wish to be with my family.

His golden eyes were laughing at her; laughing at her failure.

But he is right, I have failed them.

She wanted to scream at him to stop it, but she found that her voice was trapped in her throat. She was helpless as she fell, she could do nothing but watch as he laughed.

I do not deserve to be with them. I have failed them.

So instead she did the next best thing: she allowed herself to drift into the comfort of the force.

I do not deserve death; I deserve to live on in this hell that I failed to prevent.

She broke herself back out of the force with a jerk.

I cannot die now, not with the sins I need to atone for.

She screamed.

I WANT TO LIVE. Force help me, I need to live!

She screamed again as a burning pain enveloped every nerve in her body, and as a blinding light marred her vision.