Author's Note: Just some cute Jadina fluff. For my innocent readers. Enjoy!

The Staring Contest

"This is so stupid that I can literally feel the stupidity rubbing off on me." Idina commented, trying to stay completely still. James, her co-star, tried hard not to laugh, as he continued to stare.

"So give up."

"No way Star Dork, I'm winning this one." The Queen claimed, making sure not to blink.

It was their third staring contest of the day and James could practically feel his pupils burn from the lack of moisture.

Idina, envisioning every single funny scene her mind could conjure at that moment, tried hard to push past it and not give in. She was sort of a pro at this after having several with Walker, so she knew she could hold on for a while longer.

James, however, was on the verge of losing his sight.

After two wins from before (he cheated, to be fair), he felt like his eyes couldn't resist blinking this time.

"You know I'm going to win." He teased.

"Not if I blink."

"It's been a whole 40 seconds, Dee. C'mon."

"I'm perfectly fine. Are you?"

"Yeah, just peachy."

James didn't want to give her the victory, but in about 10 more seconds, he was going to.

"Do you feel that?" Idina asked, successfully keeping her eyes open and still, all the while admiring her co-stars handsome features. James struggled to keep his open as he replied.


"That burning sensation?"

"Uh yeah, that would be my eyeballs about to pop out of their sockets."

10 seconds passed and James gave in, feeling the sudden urge to blink.

So he did.

Idina laughed in triumph and raised her fist in the air.

"Woo! By the way, that's not what I meant." She continued as James wiped at his eyes.

"That burning sensation was the satisfactory in my soul of your expected failure. I winnnn! You owe me free coffee for the rest of the week."

James shook his head and smiled.

"How does it feel, Queen?"

"Feels greaaaat! How about you head out and get me one now?"

She gave him a charming smile and James couldn't help but reach out and kiss her on her nose.

"Your wish is my command." He whispered, before winking at Idina and walking out of the vacant theater. Idina sat in the very last mezzanine chair, where they met up before rehearsal every Friday.

The pair sought for some time alone so they could just talk and catch up on everything that had happened that week.

She felt a blush creep onto her face and smiled the goofiest smile she had ever smiled.

Idina sighed to herself then sat back in her chair, thinking and now awaiting her well earned chocolate chip frappe.

The End ~