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Later that night, when Weiss was preparing for bed, she heard a light knock at her door. Opening it, she was surprised to see Ruby standing there, eyes cast downwards. "I um… I was wondering if… if you wanted to… I can't sleep. Could you maybe stay with me? Like last night? I just feel like someone's watching me."

"Of course. I'll stay till you fall asleep, but next time, you should go to Yang and Blake. I'm sure they wouldn't mind."

"Oh… ok Weiss." She said with a downtrodden look in her eye. With one last sad glance at Weiss, she began to make her way back to her bedroom. As she followed Ruby, guilt was once again eating away at Weiss. She knew she had to distance herself from Ruby enough to make Ruby understand they couldn't be together, but she had to do it in a way that wouldn't hurt Ruby. She'd caused her enough pain. Catching up with Ruby, she caught her wrist as they neared her room.

"I didn't mean to be rude Ruby. I'm sorry. If you really want me to stay with you every once in a while, I suppose I could do it."

Ruby beamed at her, a smile lighting up her face as she embraced Weiss in a tight hug.

"Thankyouthankyouthankyou!" she practically shouted, crushing Weiss in the process.

"Ruby I can't breathe"

"Sorry Weiss oh my gosh I'm so sorry!"

Later that night, Ruby lay in her bed, as Weiss once again sat beside her, watching her sleep, not able to bring herself to leave. she dosed off sometime during the night, sleeping better in that chair than in her own bed.

The next day, Weiss awoke before Ruby and slipped out of the room before she awoke. Making her way to the kitchens, she saw Blake, Yang, and Yin were already seated, chatting amongst themselves. As she drew closer, Yin turned to her.

"Mrs. Weiss! Good morning!" she shouted, showcasing a combination of Yang's exuberance and Blake's good manners.

"We were just discussing today's lesson plan."

"More like Yin is trying to weasel her way out of doing her math homework."

"Math is SO boring though! I wanna hear about more of your adventures!"

"She gets that from you, Yang."

"Meh, It's part of our charm! Right Yinnie Cat?"


"She only agrees with you so much all the time because you encourage her like this."

"I am shocked Kitten. I deny any responsibility." Yang said feigning hurt.

"As usual. Remind me why I married you."

"OH I know, Momma! Its acuz you love her!"

"I guess that's true"

"You guess? Love is an important thing to be sure about!" Yang said, in mock surprise.

"You're right. I love… that you're like my own personal heater. I hardly ever need any blankets!"

"Oh I just might get a cavity by being in the same room as you two." Coco said as she entered the dining area.

"Oh Coco, don't be jealous of our perfect relationship! You'll get the courage to ask Velvs out someday!"

"Don't even bring that up please! Can we just talk about something, ANYTHING but my love life?"

"She's right, we should be focusing on getting Yin to do her math homework."

"You know, I might be able to get Yin a tutor. Might make things easier." Weiss spoke up.

"You kidding? What else will we do now that we're basically stuck here?

"Yeah! I want my Moms to teach me. No one's a better teacher than Mommy!"

"Really Blake? I would think you would be the better teacher." Weiss said.

"Yang is just more patient. She can explain things better. She basically raised Ruby, so it makes sense she'd be more experienced. I just help when neither of them understand the subject matter."

"Which is all the time!" A new voice cut in.

"Auntie Ruby!"

"How's my best little niece?"

"Momma won't let me leave. We're doing math but Mommy and I don't get it."

"You know Yin, Ruby's pretty good with math. Why not let her take a look."

"Oh yeah, bring on the math!"

Ruby took the book from Blake, staring for a while at the pages before her eyes watered, tears building up. "I can't read" she whispered.


"I can't read! I'm staring at the page, but the words aren't coming back to me. I thought it would get better!"

"You were like this before?"

"A month after Cinder took me. Reading books was Cinder would let me do. One day I woke up and the words were all mixed up and they just didn't make any sense. I told Cinder, and she just got angry with me. She thought I was trying to get her to stop drugging me."

"I'm so… damn it! How many times have I had apologized to you now? It seems like every day I learn another way I screwed up your life Ruby! Is there anything else Cinder did to you? I'm sorry for it all! Please tell me everything and I'll make it up to you!"

"Weiss, this is it. And you have nothing to apologize for. Remember, you saved me from Cinder. You took me away from her, so please, stop blaming yourself." Ruby reached up and stroked Weiss' cheek.

"I can find a way to read again, and if not, then maybe I can just learn brail or something. This isn't your fault. The only thing you did was save my life. And I'll never forget that."

"Then why do I feel so guilty? I must have done something wrong. I left you. We were both happy together, but I was selfish. If I hadn't left you because of some stupid notion I could be enough for my father, then I would have been there. Even Yang said so."

"Yang can be an idiot sometimes, and you might not have been able to stop Cinder anyways. We've been over this Weiss. This wasn't you fault. You just wanted to be happy. I can understand that, and I'll never blame you for it." Ruby then leaned forward, and kissed Weiss on the cheek with a small smile.

"Call the doctor. While we wait, lets just eat, ok? We all make mistakes Weiss. We can't be perfect, but for the record, you were always perfect to me. Flaws and all.

"You dolt, that makes no sense." Weiss said with a smile, which Ruby reciprocated.

"Of course it does, and you know it. Now come on. Let's eat. We can worry on everything else later. Besides, I like it when you read to me."

Seeing Weiss blush, Yang couldn't help herself "I guess from now on she'll call you Weiss Schnread!"

Yin snorted as the rest of the group groaned. Weiss smiled, a small feeling of long lost happiness growing slowly inside her again.

After breakfast, the group dispersed and Ruby and Weiss went about contacting the doctor. A quick scroll message was rewarded with a recommendation for a specialist who could hopefully help Ruby read again. After they scheduled an appointment for the next day, they found themselves alone with each other. An awkward silence soon fell upon them as they soon found they were both unable to think of something to say. Weiss spoke first, her inexperience with small talk between herself and a person she actually cared for not stopping her from trying to break the silence.

"What books did you read? While you were with Cinder, I mean. Not that I meant to bring up any painful memories, I'm sorry, I didn't mean-"

"No Weiss, its fine… I liked fairy tales, but not the ones about heroes making the world a better place, like when I was a kid. The stories that I loved the most were ones where someone is locked away in some far off place, but manages to escape. I guess I needed a knight in shining armor to help me get out of my tower."

Weiss blushed furiously at the implication. "That's ridiculous, I'm no knight. I was just the first one there."

"You were there. That's what matters. You came for me when I needed you. Thank you"

Weiss gave a small nod in response, a smile filling her face as she moves to leave the room.

"I've got to get some work done Ruby. The company's about to be under new leadership, and I have a lot of paper work. I'll see you tonight, however."

"You sure you'll be there?"

"Absolutely" The smile Weiss was rewarded with carried her through the stresses of the following several hours, till at last, after the first day of many in her new position, she was ready to head to bed. Looking at the clock, she was shocked to see she had worked till one o'clock. As quickly as she could, she got up and made her way to Ruby's room. As tired as she was, even the desk looked comforting to her, but she quickly shook that thought away. She had made a promise to Ruby, and she was going to keep it, no matter how tempting it was to just fall over onto the floor and sleep there till morning.

When she arrived at Ruby's bedroom, she found that Ruby sitting in the chair Weiss had occupied the night before, a book in her hands she was poring over. Looking up at the noise of the door opening, her signature bright smile appeared once again. That damn smile. Weiss loved that smile so much. It never failed to make her smile right back.

"Did you wait for me? You didn't have to do that." Weiss asked, concern evident in her voice.

"Oh I didn't mind. I get that you're super busy Weiss!"

"It doesn't matter how busy I am. I promised to be here tonight. As a Schnee I must keep my word."

"Really, it's ok Weiss. I don't mind waiting. It gave me a chance to read." Ruby replied as she pulled the covers back, gesturing to the book in her off hand. Weiss, too tired to change into her pajamas, merely pulled her coat off, kicked of her shoes, and climbed into the bed. Ruby soon joined her, a smile on her face

Ruby threw an arm over Weiss, pulling her close and wrapping her in a tight hug. Weiss lay there, shallow breathing the only thing she could do, lest she wake up from what surely was a dream.

"G'night, Weiss. I love you."

Weiss new Ruby was only saying this because she was tired and still in pain from the horrors Cinder inflicted on her, and in desperate need of comfort, but that didn't stop her from uttering an "I love you too, Ruby" back to her bedpartner. She smiled as she felt Ruby press a sleepy kiss to her cheek. Ruby was here, and for the first time in her life, she was not alone. She no longer cared about her family name, or what her father wanted. Someone cared about her, unconditionally. That was all that mattered. She pulled Ruby tighter to her with one arm, stroking her cheek with the other. It hadn't been her fault. It was Cinder that hurt Ruby, and she couldn't blame herself for it. What she could do, was make sure every moment of Ruby's life was a happy one. She could make Ruby forget the pain. And I'll do it because I love her. No more guilt. was her last thought before sleep overcame her.

Weiss awoke the next morning, wrapped in warmth, and feeling a slight pressure on her chest. Looking down, she saw that Ruby had shifted in the night. Her head was now resting on her chest, using he collarbone as a pillow, and she was laying on her elbow. Her arm was falling asleep, tiny pinpricks in her hand telling her Ruby had been laying in that position a bit too long. "I should wake Ruby" was the first thought on Weiss' mind, but as she looked at her, she found that she just couldn't do it. Ruby looked more at peace right now than any other time she'd seen her since their reunion. Hesitantly, she reached up to brush a small amount of hair from Ruby's eyes. Her fingers brushed against the side of Ruby's head, and at the contract Ruby snapped awake, her hand reaching behind her, eyes darting around the room, before finally focusing on Weiss.


"I've never known you to be a light sleeper Ruby. Are alright?"

"Oh yeah! It's just a trick Blake taught me in case I go on a hunt by myself, and I camp out in a cave, or under a tree, or a hut. This way, if a Grimm sneaks up on me, BAM! I sneak up on him instead!"

At that… ridiculous statement, Weiss burst out giggling.

"What? Is my hair funny or something?" Ruby, slightly panicked, began flattening her hair with an childlike air of concentration, complete with her tongue sticking out of her mouth, making Weiss laugh harder.

Once her laughing died, down, she pressed a kiss to Ruby's nose, uttered a quick, lighthearted "dolt", and went about getting ready for the day.

After breakfast, while waiting for the specialist to arrive, Weiss pulled Blake and Yang aside and sat them down in her private office.

"I asked you here for a rather sensitive matter… Ruby."

"What about her, are we supposed to guess what you're talking about just by how you said her name?" Yang asked lightheartedly.

Weiss shot her a glare. "Last night, Ruby and I became… involved. I just wanted to assure you I have the best intentions. I will make sure-"

"No." Yang said

"I'm sorry?" Weiss responded, shocked at being shot down so quickly.

"I said, no."

"Yang be reasonable." Blake interjected.

"I am being way more reasonable than I should be. You saw her and Ruby yesterday. For all that "I don't deserve to live!" guilt talk of hers, she didn't question it when Ruby kissed her, did she? If she really felt guilty she would stay the hell away from her! Ruby-"

"Was worse off without Weiss than with her." Blake interrupted. "You saw what she was like after Weiss left Beacon. Maybe this could be good for her. For both of them. At least give it a chance." Blake said

"But how do we know she won't just take off like she did before. She's just like Raven! She left and just expects us to take her back like all the years she was gone don't matter. Well they do! I'm tired of people just up and leaving!" Yang shouted.

"Yang, I'm sorry I left. If I could take it back, I would in an instant. I thought I needed to do it. My father's approval was as important to me as finding your mother was to you."

"But I would never abandon my friends. That's the difference between us. Our priorities. You're too focused on what you don't have you never looked around you and saw what you DID have. A family. We all loved you Weiss. We loved you and you just left us like we didn't matter. Like Ruby didn't matter. It crushed her, and I won't let you do it to her again!"

"I know. Believe me, I know. I have a lot to make up for. But please Yang, believe me, I'm trying to make up for it. You need to see that. If not for me, but because Ruby want's this just as much as I do."

"… I'll try. If Ruby really wants you, then I can at least try for her."

"I also think that… I think you should give Raven a chance. She's trying just as much as I am to make up for leaving you. Just give her the chance you gave me."

"Don't push it Schnee. Just because you and me are ok-ish doesn't mean I'm ready to forgive her too."

"Just think about it."

"Drop it Weiss. It's gonna be a long time before I'm ready open that can of worms."

"Fine. If you really want to I'll back off, but you'll need to talk to her sooner or later. Don't forget who saved Yin and Velvet."

"… I know. But it's not that easy to forget, y'know?"

"I do. I understand what it's like too fight as hard as you can for a parent your whole life, just to be disappointed by them in the end."

"Yeah, I guess you would. So, Ruby's gonna see the doc today, right?"

"Yes-" Weiss paused as her scroll chimed the text message tone "That should be her right now"

Looking down to read the text, her eyes shot up quickly, looking to Yang, giving her a suspicious gaze, before going back down to her scroll, typing a reply.

"Hi weiss! XOXOXO"

"Yang? Why are you texting me?"

"It's not yang, it's ME!"

"Yes, because that absolutely gives away who's texting… It's you Ruby, isn't it?"

"YUP!:) I swiped yangs scroll while she wasn't looking. She never changes the password on this thing. Howdya know it wuz me?"

"Your texts radiate a certain particular type of 'Dunce-ocity'"

"UR so silly. Thats not a word weiss. Whos the dunce now?"

"Still you, now get ready, the specialist should be here any minute now."

"Can do! Be down in a sec ;)"

Just as Ruby's final message appeared, the doorbell rang, swiftly followed by her butler's footsteps racing to answer it. After ushering her inside to the dining area, where Weiss was waiting, the butler took his leave, leaving Weiss alone with her, as they both waited for Ruby to come down, after 10 minutes of small talk, Weiss got up and excused herself to check on Ruby. As she reached Ruby's room she noticed a strange smell wafting from the room. Almost like smoke. Panicking, Weiss, yanked open the door to see Cinder in the room, holding Ruby in a tight hug. As Cinder noticed Weiss in the room, she released Ruby and gave her small smile.

"Well hello there Mrs. Schnee. I'll try not to disrupt your schedule for the day too much, but I've got some missing property to retrieve. Did you really think you could keep her from me? You left her the first chance you got and broke my Rose's heart."

"Weiss, help me." Said Ruby, who was shaking in fear, tears streaming down her eyes. Once again, Weiss was reminded how much she hated Cinder. Ruby fought Beowolves and other abominations of Grimm for a living, yet she was so timid in the face of this woman who had tormented her. Weiss shook with rage imagining the pain Ruby must have endured, and here Cinder was, ready to begin Ruby's torment anew. She would have stabbed her already, if she had Myrternaster with her. Oh well, She'll get more satisfaction tearing Cinder apart with her hands anyway.

"Shush my little Rose, it will all be ok. I know I hurt you, but I had your best interests at heart. If you just stopped fighting everything would be ok."

"I won't let you turn her into some perverse doll for your enjoyment. She's not a pet, and she's not a plaything. Ruby is a kind caring person. She's the best human being I'll ever know, and I love her more than anything. So if you try to lay one hand on her again, I'll ensure that you suffer a thousand times worse than what you put Ruby through. Now Ruby, come over here, get behind me."

A flurry a rose petals shot out as Ruby darted behind her. Cinder merely smiled.

"While you were gone, my Rose, I often wondered why you clung to Weiss so. She abandoned you. She left you behind. Used you for your affections and when she got tired of you she just went running back to daddy. She left you, just like your mother did when she died, just like Blake and Yang did when they had a child, leaving you behind. The story of your life, really. It's what drew me to you. I saw how sad you were and I knew I needed to make it better. Because I knew I would never abandon you. So come on, Ruby, come here, and if you promise to be good, you won't get hurt, you'll be rewarded. I'll make sure to be there whenever you need me. You and me, happily ever after, just like in those stories you liked to read back when we were together. You know, I read those stories while you were gone. They reminded me of you, you see. I know why you liked them. All those fairy tales about a person saving themselves from imprisonment. As I read them I knew that you were the girl who saves herself from the tower she was locked in. and I knew that you wanted to be saved. From that miserable life that She and all of her little cohorts dragged you back into. I knew you read them because you were happy that I'd saved you from your own tower, so come on, let me save you again."

As she approached Ruby and Weiss, Ruby began to back away, tripping over herself to try and escape her. Cinder finally lost her smile at seeing Ruby's fear.

"Fine. We'll do this the uncivilized way then." Charging Weiss she easily threw her to the ground. Shoving a high heeled boot over her throat, she looked to Ruby once more. "Come with me right now, or I kill her."

There was no hesitation. With a sad nod she approached Cinder. Weiss, seeing the defeat in Ruby's eyes, began to fight and struggle, only to be picked up and thrown against the wall by Cinder, now holding a remote. "Tsk tsk tsk. I would think the safety of your friends and family would be far more important to you. Oh, didn't I mention this? It's a remote to a specialized dust infused explosive device hidden under your mansion. Oh, it won't destroy the whole house, but I made sure it would incinerate a few people you've only just reconnected with. They're such a lovely couple, the Belladonna-Long's. And their little girl! Such a cutie. And for that life to be cut short all because of your selfishness… it would be such a tragedy."

Weiss fought against Cinder's grip to get the remote, but she was pinned. Realizing she was beaten, she took one last look at Ruby. Looking into her eyes, seeing the fear there, she found new resolve. She made one last attempt to break free, bringing her fist into Cinder's gut. Cinder merely shrugged of the blow and threw her into Ruby's bed, where Weiss saw Yang's scroll laying on the floor. Quickly a plan formed in her mind, but she would have to act fast. It was now or never.

"Enough games Schnee. Give it up."

"Fine. But I'm coming for you. I will get Ruby back Cinder. Just as soon as I get everyone to safety, away from Blake and Yang's room, I'll hunt you down."

"I'd like to see you try."

"Nothing will stop me, you came into Ruby's room, you terrified her. You hurt her. I'll make you pay. You're an absolute monster, and what's worse is that you're a deluded one. And that's where you fail. You'd never risk killing Ruby. That bomb, if it even does exist, can't pack that much firepower can it?"

"Do you really want to find out?"

"No, I just wanted to let you know you're slipping. The old Cinder I fought when I was at Beacon wouldn't relent to save just one person. You've gotten easy to read."

"Blah blah blah. Can we just get this over with? Ruby, I know you're scared but you need to come over here." Cinder said approaching the window, clearly her planned escape route. "Please, you need to come with me little Rose."

"like hell she will."

Heat flooded the room as Yang and Blake entered Yang's eyes almost glowing red.

"How did-?" Cinder sputtered.

"I can answer that." Weiss interrupted, holding up Yang' scroll. She looked to Yang. "Is everyone safe?"

"I think so. We didn't have a lot of time to get what your call was all about, but everyone is getting to safety now."

"What about Yin?"

"Raven's got her. I don't like it, but she's safe."

"We'll see." Cinder said, a vicious grin on her face. She raised the detonator, and clicked the button.