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Wiess frowned, looking down upon her husband, as he passed out drunk at yet another party. While she was happy that would be to out of it to try and get her into bed with him tonight, it was still an embarrassment to Schnee industries when the so called CEO was yet again making a tremendous fool of himself.

Why was she fated to be nothing more than a tool for the SDC to gain more power? She ran the company from behind the scenes far better than her husband ever could. That was if he was sober enough to do it. She despised him. From his personality to his very touch. If it weren't his father building Vale's largest tech company, he would have amounted to nothing in life, of that she was certain.

The party was a large affair, almost 200 people, yet the ballroom that the SDC had rented out held more than enough room for each and every person. Even this party she organized without recognition.

"Mrs. Schnee," said one of the servants knowing that she still refused to be called by her husbands last name, to the point of ignoring anyone who called her as such. "The liquor stock is running short ma'am, what should we do?"

Wiess looked up at the servant from her seated position "well what do you think you fool? Simply go to the nearest pub and replenish the stock!" she said with a frown. Some people are such dol- she would finish that though. That name no longer held any negative connotation in her mind. It only made Wiess to think of her, the one person Wiess wouldn't, couldn't think about, because it still hurt so much.

"Mrs. Schnee?" the same servant reappeared after a short while. "Mrs. Schnee the owner of the only bar in town with enough liquor to fully restore our stock is rather insistent that she see you promptly ma'am."

"Well then send her to me at once! Let's get this over with so we can finally put this issue to rest." Wiess said with obvious annoyance in her voice.

"Of course ma'am. May I Introduce the Mrs. Yang and Blake Belladonna-Long." Wiess froze in place. Those names were ones she thought she would never hear again. She didn't even question the fact they were married, or that they owned a bar. They both seemed obvious, really. What concerned her, however, was the she may not be far behind if Yang and Blake were here.

Both anticipation and dread clutched at her mostly frozen heart as she saw Yang and Blake approach. Fear came into play when, as they came closer, cutting through the crowd, Yang's eyes turned red from their usual lilac. Blake's comforting hold on her hand seemed to be the only thing keeping her from charging Wiess.

But what was at the forefront of her mind was what she would say. Yang had every right to be angry. She had made a selfish choice and hurt her in the process. That was something she regretted every single solitary day of her life. She didn't have much time to think of anything to say as they finally reached her.

"Hello, traitor." Yang said with contempt dripping from every syllable. Blake, however, was far more calm and collected, but with a sad look in her eye. "Yang." she said, "if you're not able to calm down then please let me do the talking" Yang looked at Blake, anger plastered on her face, but as she looked into her eyes Wiess could see her eye color shift back to her usual lilac.

"I'm sorry Blake."

"I Know"

"If she was there-"

"I know"

"I miss her so much!"

"I do too, Yang." Said Blake, her voice breaking on the last part.

"Glad to know I'm missed." Said Wiess, being around her old teammates bringing out some of her old self.

"we weren't talking about you, Wiess" Blake said, the sad look upon her face worsening.

"then wh-"

"Wiess, my daughter, who are these people? They're not like our usual guests." Her father interjected, bringing himself into the conversation.

"Father! These are my old teammates from Beacon. Yang and Blake"

"I see. And what business bring you too this party." Said August, his interest genuinely peaked.

"They are here to-"

"Wiess, how many times have I told you, speak when you are spoken too!" her father near shouted at her.

"yes father." Wiess muttered dejectedly.

"Still your fathers lapdog, eh Schnee? You know if you were there for her where you belong then none of this would have happened!" Yang cried out, her eyes shifting back to red.

"what are you referring too?" Wiess said worry in her voice. She begged and pleaded internally that this wasn't what she thought.

"Wiess," Blake said. "Ruby's dead"

Wiess screamed.