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Chapter 1 – Ninja to Devil

The Valley of the End was the last place the First Hokage Hashirama Senju and Madara Uchiha had last fought it had a waterfall was in between two giant statutes of the for mentioned men at their feet where two boys both aged around thirteen.

Well one didn't look like a boy. He had grey skin and had large leather wings shaped like hands, in his hands was what looked like black lighting. The sound of many birds could be heard all around the valley.

On the other side has a blond hair boy, whisker like marks on his face and wearing what looked like an orange jumpsuit. There was an aura around him that was shaped like a fox. In the boy hands was an orb of energy that was spinning in every direction at once, it was called the Rasengan a move made by the Fourth Hokage.

Then the two charged at each other. The monster flying while the other one jumped and glided at him. Their arms held back ready to use their attacks, each shouting at the other.



The two charged at each other and met in mid-air as the attacks clashed with each other. The energy of the two attacks mixed and caused it to flare up blinding all around the area. Naruto soon was pulled into a rip in the world and the blonde knucklehead was no longer in the element nations

Another Dimension

Place Unknown

Currently we find two young girls around thirteen and a young girl around ten sitting in a garden of a grand estate the two thirteen year old girls were playing chess whilst the ten year old was eating a plate of cookies

The first 13 year old girl had long red hair with a pair of turquoise eyes and a higher bust size then most girls her age and the second girl had longer black hair that reached down near to the floor and had a pair of light purple eyes, her bust size was slightly higher than her red haired friend.

The ten year girl had shoulder length silver hair with a cat hair clip, pair of golden yellow eyes, she was also flat chested.

"Checkmate Akeno" the red haired said with a satisfied smile

"Ara-Ara looks like you win again Rias, What's that the 29th time?" Answered Akeno to the now named Rias.

"31st time, she beat you Akeno" the golden eyed girl said in an emotionless voice as she munched on her seventh cookie.

Rias giggled "Thank you Koneko"

The three were devils:

The red hair was Rias Gremory a pure blooded devil and the Heiress of the Gremory family one of the remanding families from the 72 pillars of the underworld as well as the younger sister to Sirzechs Lucifer the current leader of the Four Great Satan's

The girl with long black hair that reached down near to the floor was Akeno Himejima a half devil / half fallen angel hybrid. And was Rias Queen in her Peerage

The youngest girl was Koneko Toujou who was a Nekomata turned devil, she was also Rias first Rook in her Peerage

Before anything else could be said they saw a person fall through what looked like a tear in the sky. The three girls rushed to the location of the person which was outside the front of the Gremory estate they saw a Blond hair boy with whisker like marks on his face and wearing what looked like a blooded stained ripped orange jumpsuit. He had a large hole in his chest located near his heart, He opened his eyes and they saw that his eyes were turning pale blue and in a raspy voice "Help me". He then slipped back into unconsciousness.

Rias did the only thing she in her 13 year old mind could think in panic to help. She resurrected Naruto as a Devil in her Peerage as her second rook.

Soon her mother and several servants helped Rias take the blonde boy to a room to rest.

Unknown to the other people in the manor, from being reborn as a devil Naruto's body was now being healed from all the malnutrition he had suffered from eating only ramen. Inside the seal the nine tailed fox was being absorbed into Naruto's body and his chakra system shut down due to the extreme intake of extra power.

Three days later

It took Naruto three days to wake from the rebirth, he felt groggy and tired. Then the memories of the Valley of the End hit him.

Jumping out of the bed he was in, he then looked in a nearby full length mirror and saw that he now had a scar on both sides of his body were Sasuke had shoved the Chidori through his chest, he also noted that his body was more filled out no longer skinny from only eating ramen and his muscles were larger. He noticed that his eye colour was no longer bright blue but was more a dark blue like the bottom of the ocean and that he only had his orange jumpsuit trousers on.

"Ah, your awake I see" a voice said behind Naruto.

He turned around and saw a girl around his age; she had long red hair with a pair of turquoise eyes. She was wearing a black jumper with a long black skirt. All in all Naruto thought she was very cute.

"Who are you?" Naruto asked the red haired girl

She smiled "I'm Rias Gremory and I'm also the one who saved you"

Naruto was shocked and bowed to her "Thank you"

She blushed slightly "it's no problem, but to save you I needed to turn you into a Devil"

Naruto's blood turned cold "What"

She knows that humans being turned into a devil could sometimes go into shock "I said that to save your life I needed to turn you into a devil…"

But before she could continue Naruto ran passed her and jumped through the window, not caring that he was on the third floor.

He didn't know how long he had been running for but he final stopped and kneelt on the floor of the forest, tears were falling from his eyes as he was now in he was feeling scared, angry and lonely.

Scared because he didn't know what to do, Angry that he was now something the village called him and that he could no longer prove them wrong, but he was mostly Lonely since he didn't have any of his friends around to support him, no one to turn to for advice. He was alone again like he was back when he was a kid and it scared him.

He was broke from his thoughts when he saw a red glowing circle and stepping out of it was Rias

Naruto glared at her "What do you want"

Rias flinched at the venom in his tone but pressed on and shocked Naruto by bowing to him "I sorry for the pain I caused you, but I needed to do it to save your life"

Naruto subconsciously rubbed his new scar and said to Rias in a soft voice "I forgive you"

The two sat in the quiet for a bit before Naruto moved forwards with his hand out and a foxy grin on his face "Hi I'm Naruto Uzumaki, Who are you"

Rias giggled at what he was trying to do "I'm Rias Gremory, nice to meet you Naruto"

The two sat and talked about random topics until it was late when they walked back to the Gremory Manor.

Four Weeks Later

It had been four weeks since Naruto had started to live at the Gremory estate, at the moment Naruto was being tutored by one of the estates tutor's. After Rias and her family learnt of Naruto being sabotaged from a young age in his education, Rias had asked the tutors of the house to help Naruto after protesting a bit Naruto gave in to Rias's request and found out he enjoyed learning and reading, he had become more level headed and would think before acting. He had also learnt that his chakra had gone and the fox had seemed too disappeared. So he decided to focus on Taijutsu and Kenjutsu until he could find out what happened to his chakra.

After his writing tutor let him go he went to the garden where his swords master Souji Okita was waiting for him to arrive for his lesson he had learnt he was a prodigy in Kenjutsu which was rare since not many people could feel natural with a sword in their hands.

Later That Night

Naruto was sitting on the rail on the small balcony that was outside his window, his room ironically was the same one he awoke in.

"Can't sleep Naruto?"

"No I can't Rias, I thinking of my past"

"Why is that Naruto?" she asked as she sat next to him

Naruto signed and looked at Rias and told her his past from the fact he was from another dimension. To the beatings, how most of the shops over pricing stock when selling to him. To his missions and his friends and surrogate family.

Rias hugged Naruto and promised him that she would help him find a way home if he wanted to return there.

He promised her that he would protect her with his life as her Rook. His dark eyes changed from deep blue filled with loneliness to electric blue eyes filled with purpose.