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Chapter 11 – The Arrival Of The Phoenix

Naruto looked up into his girlfriend's eyes and saw several emotions swimming around her large turquoise eyes, the main the two he saw was love and worry.

He realised why she might be doing this since they hadn't been able to find any way for her to brake the engagement to Riser Phenex.

"Risa-Chan, are you doing this because of the Contract?" Naruto asked her rhetorically since he already knew the answer.

Rias smiled sadly and lent down giving him a soft quick kiss, "Naruto, I'm not doing this because of Riser, I'm doing this because I love you"

With her reasons stated she removed her gown and throw it to the side of the room.

Naruto could only look up at her while he had seen her naked multiple times before but some reason she was more breath taking this time.

"So Naruto-Kun will you make love to me?" Rias asked with a seductive smirk

Naruto sat up and gave his answer via a deep kiss on her lips that held enough passion to get his love across to her, as they kissed he moved his hands down her body and grasped her hips.

Breaking their kiss, they looked deeply in to each other's eyes, he softly answered her question "Yes I will I will"

The pair of young lovers for the rest of the night showed each other how much they loved each other.

Next Morning

When the young couple woke up the next morning both looked into each other eyes with a soft smile but they then felt something was off within the house. Naruto quickly put on a pair of pajama bottoms and Rias pulled on her dressing gown.

They walked into the kitchen and saw Akeno and Koneko sitting with them to their shock and surprise was Grayfia in her maid outfit sipping a cup of tea.

The silver haired woman looked over to the couple, "Morning Rias-Sama, Naruto" she greeted them both.

Dreading why her brother's wife / queen was visiting them, sighing slightly Grayfia gestured the pair to sit.

Clearing her throat "Rias-Sama due to your actions with Naruto last night, you have breached the marriage contract between House Gremory and House Phenex" Grayfia informed everyone present, Rias felt both Akeno and Koneko eyes glaring at her in jealousy knowing what she did last night.

Narrowing her own eyes at her sister-in-law "That doesn't explain why you are here, any of the other servants of House Gremory could have come to inform me that but instead they chose to send the Strongest Queen" Rias accused Grayfia.

Not even blinking at the accusation, Grayfia finished her tea and sighed "I've been sent to tell you even with your actions. Riser is still willing to marry you but as a consequence for your actions, he wishes you to remove Naruto Uzumaki from your peerage and that both him and his pieces to be banished from House Gremory" once she finished the devils in the kitchen were in shock.

Rias growled, her power radiated off of her, standing up from her chair she slammed her hands down on the table, "For the last time I will not marry Riser" Rias yelled at Grayfia "If my parents won't see that then I will fight him to break this contract"

Not being fazed by Rias's power or her outburst, Grayfia nodded "Very well Rias-Sama, I shell inform Lord and Lady Gremory as well as the Phenex family of your decision, I will return within one week"

She then stood up and summoned a teleport circle as she was about to entered the circle, Naruto called out to her, "What is it Naruto?"

Rubbing the back of his neck "I was wondering why you didn't try and stop me and Rias last night since I thought that you would"

Grayfia looked him dead in the eyes "It was my day off" with that she teleported back to the underworld.

After she left, Naruto sighed and turned to his friends "Come on let's get dressed, we need to check on Issei before we head to school"

As everyone moved about their house to get dressed, Rias turned to Akeno and asked where Viser was.

"She left already to Issei's" Akeno informed her King / Best Friend, Rias nodded in understanding "Rias" turning to her queen, she saw a twinkle in her purple eyes "How was Naruto-Kun last night?"

Rias's face blushed remembering how it felt last night, her only answer was a dreamy sigh, making Akeno pout in jealousy.

One Week Later

Hyoudou Residence

Currently the Pawn of Rias Gremory was currently standing in front of his full length mirror, he saw that he had gained some muscles since he became a devil. He also saw that he had a circler scar on his stomach as well as a horizontal scar on the side of his neck, sighing Issei finished getting dressed for school.

As he started to walk to school his mind started to wander about everything that had happened during the last week, The Followers had been finished off causing the group to separate and many of them had their memories of being a member erased from their minds.

Issei felt his right arm tense as his mind moved to Freed, Naruto had told all of them in the ORC and the Student Council what had happened to Freed. While he knew the mad man was now truly dead, the memories of the pain and torture were still fresh in his mind.

Shaking his head from his memories, Issei realised that he was near the gates of Kuoh Academy as he walked in to the schools courtyard Issei saw both Matsuda and Motohama being chased by a group of angry female students and it made him realised how surreal it was to seeing everything in his school acting like nothing had happened, it caused him wonder if anything else like the Followers had happened before and he was just blissfully unaware of it happening.

Issei was broken from his thoughts when he heard a pair of chipper voices call out his name, turning he saw it was the newest devils in Kuoh.

"Moring Murayama, Moring Katase" Issei greeted the Kendo Pair with a smile, since when he woke up from his trauma he found out the pair had become Devils to help save him and Saji, it made him happy since to him it proved he was changing for the better.

As the three started walking towards their class, "How are you feeling?" Murayama asked him since she remembered the stat he and Saji were in after they were rescued.

Knowing what she was talking about "I'm ok now Murayama" He smiled at her causing her and Katase to blush at his smile "Thank you for asking"

As they sat down, Issei couldn't help but smile since it seemed for once since becoming a devil his life was becoming a bit more normal.

After School

When school ended, Issei meet up with Naruto since it was their turn to buy some drinks for the ORC.

On their way back to the Club Naruto decided to ask how Issei was handling. "How have you been doing Issei?"

Issei let out a sigh while with some of his friends he could put up a brave face, he knew that Naruto could tell if Issei lied about how he was doing.

"I'm ok most of the time" Issei paused and rolled his shoulder in slight remembrance of the pain of his arms being held above his head "but some nights I wake up in a sweat luckily when Raynare stops over or I've stopped at yours I feel a lot better since I know that I'm safe and the nightmares are lessened"

Nodding in understanding since things like this took time to heal from, "If you want, we could see if we can get some protection put over your house" Naruto told the younger teen

Issei smiled at Naruto "Thanks, I think that would help"

"No Problem, we'll ask Rias when we get in the Clue Room" Naruto replied to Issei as they walked through the main door for the Old Building.

When they entered the main club room, they saw that everyone was already gathered in the Club Room and to Naruto's curiosity he saw Grayfia was standing in the room just behind Rias.

Issei was confused who the beautiful silver haired maid was but luckily Kiba explained to him that she was known as the Strongest Queen in the Underworld and she was also Rias's brother's queen. He looked at her in shock and awe since she was to his knowledge the strongest woman in Underworld.

Once everyone was sitting down, Naruto looked at Grayfia in realisation and said "So what's the responded?"

With a straight face Grayfia answered him "Yes" she then looked at Rias "It's been decided that Riser-sama will come here and discuss terms with you"

Rias sighed "Very well when will he arrive" Rias asked her sister-in-law since knowing the son of house Phenex he would arrive at an inconvenient time to make things more difficult for her.

"He will arrive in a few minutes" Grayfia informed Rias, she then turned to Naruto and let her eyes soften as she looked in his eyes "Naruto please restrain yourself from attack Riser"

Naruto could see that at the moment she was asking him not as Grayfia the Queen of Sirzechs Lucifer but as Grayfia Lucifuge the woman that treated him like a younger brother.

Sighing and crossing his arms, the blond Rook answered her "I will only act only if he attacks me first"

Grayfia nodded "That's all I ask"

Everyone started to lounge on the sofas waiting for Raiser to arrive in the ORC.

A few minutes passed when suddenly they saw a large orange circle with the House Phenex symbol, stepping out of the circle was Riser and his whole peerage.

Issei was stunned at seeing so many different beautiful woman surrounding Riser, he had to admit that while Riser was handsome he could tell the man was arrogant just by the look on his face.

Riser took in a deep breath of air and gained a look of disgust "I haven't been in the human world in years" he paused and gained a smirk that screamed arrogance "it still smells disgusting"

His comment made all the members of Rias's Peerage frown in anger since many of them were former humans.

Everyone moved around to accommodate the newly arrived group, on one sofa sat Rias with Naruto sitting to her right and sitting opposite them were Riser, with his queen and sister either side of him.

With everyone else standing behind their relative masters and Grayfia was standing between the two groups to act as a mediator.

Akeno handed Riser a cup of tea with a forced smile, she then sat down on the other side of Rias.

Riser took a sip of the tea "Ah, this is a lovely cup of tea" he raised the black haired queen, Akeno gave him another forced smile with a nod of acknowledgment.

Once he finished the tea and placed the cup on the small table in between the sofas. Riser then looked at Rias with a smug smile and eyes filled with lust, "Rias come sit on my lap, like a good girl" he told him as he patted his lap.

Rias looked at him with a mask of indifference and bluntly told him "No"

Not fazed by her refusal, he just kept smiling at her "it doesn't matter, soon we will be married and you will have to obey me" he then reached across the table to grab Rias's thigh.

Seeing Riser reaching for Rias's leg, Naruto snapped and shot his arm forward grabbing the third son of the Phenex Household wrist growling out "Back off you oversized chicken"

Riser glared at Naruto remembering him as the man that had defeated Yubelluna and as the man that took what was his 'How dare this reincarnation think he is allowed to touch me a Pure Blood!'

Riser started to release his power making the rooms occupants begin to sweat from the heat, Naruto in turn raised his own power making a pressure fall over them.

Grayfia face was a mask of indifference as she watched the interaction between Rias and Riser. Inwardly she sighed in not understanding why her In-Laws were obsessed with marrying their daughter off to Riser since Rias had always protested the Marriage Contract

Slightly feeling both Naruto and Riser flaring their powers, flashing her own power making everyone freeze from the Queen's power. "Either you calm down now or I will bring both of yours actions to the Satan's"

Smirking once more Riser answered "It would be foolish to fight against the word of the strongest queen", Naruto just nodded to Grayfia, his eyes never leaving Riser.

After the two blond males calmed down, the two groups sat in silence until Riser chose to open his mouth and started to go on about how he and Rias would be wed soon.

Finally losing her nerve with her forced fiancé "Enough Riser!" Rias stood up "I will not marry you and I will fight if need be" deciding to finally end this once and for all.

"Very well Rias" Riser also stood up looking down into Rias's eyes "We will have a Rating Game and when I win, you will be my bride" he then looked over to Naruto and continued talking "and Naruto Uzumaki and his Servants will be banished from House Gremory"

Hesitating slightly Rias nodded in agreement "Fine but if I win, the engagement will be terminated"

The pair shook hands sealing the agreement, as they were about to leave, Riser called over to Rias "Oh Rias, you can use Uzumaki and his pieces as well" smirking he continued "It's not like it will help you anyway" after getting the final word in, Riser and his Peerage travelled back home to the Phenex Estate.


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